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AccuRanker Discount: Promotions Offered, Current Promo Codes and How To Claim

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Are you interested in buying AccuRanker at a discount?

If so, you’re in the right spot.

In this article, we’ve broken down the details about whether AccuRanker offers discounts or if it releases promo codes to help you save on your purchase.

AccuRanker offers a quality rank tracker tool to help you improve your organic traffic.

Let’s see if any AccuRanker discounts exist as you get started using it.

Does AccuRanker Ever Offer Discounts?

AccuRanker doesn’t offer as many discounts on its standard rates as some other tech firms do.

To save money on AccuRanker’s plans, check for specific offers and discounts periodically.

Otherwise, you’ll need to use its normal pay plan prices to start using the SEO tool.

How Do You Get an AccuRanker Promo Code?

You can try visiting AccuRanker’s website to see if the company runs any special promotions.

However, you should know that AccuRanker doesn’t officially release promo codes to purchase its software.

Instead, it uses a pricing model to help you save based on the number of keywords you want to check each month.

Quick Reference: Current AccuRanker Promo Codes

Unfortunately, AccuRanker does not generally have promo codes available for its customers.

Even when you go through the ordering process, you won’t notice special discounts or offers popping up to help you save money.

How Do AccuRanker Discounts Work?

When purchasing from AccuRanker, you will not need to recall a discount or promotion code.

Instead, when you go to the order page, AccuRanker encourages you to select one of its annual plans and focuses on that method of discount.

Can You Use More Than One Discount on AccuRanker?

AccuRanker only allows one type of discount: its annual pricing plans.

If you decide to pay annually to save money against the month-to-month plans, you can continue using those savings each year.

As you renew, you will still receive the same opportunity to pay annually and save on your purchase price.

For example, if you select the 1500 keywords per month plan, you can save $19 off the month-to-month plan by paying the annual total of $2040.

Otherwise, you will pay $189 per month, which comes to $2268 per year.

How To Use an AccuRanker Promo Code

A discount from AccuRanker is available if you follow the required procedures throughout checkout.

Here is how to access the best AccuRanker discount.

Pick the plan you want from AccuRanker’s pricing page.

The company gives you an option of paying a monthly rate or an annual rate.

Let’s say you need to research up to 3000 keywords every month.

When you toggle back and forth between AccuRanker’s pricing details, you’ll see these two options.

  1. $369 per month
  2. $332 per month

The first option of $369 per month represents what you’ll pay by selecting the month-to-month plan.

The second option reveals a monthly savings of $37 if you purchase the annual plan.

You will, of course, pay $3984 upfront for the year to access this monthly discount.

Types of Discounts Offered by AccuRanker

Let’s see if AccuRanker allows for price cuts based on specific kinds of people.

AccuRanker Discounts for Education

To date, AccuRanker hasn’t decided to offer any specific discounts to the people who work in the education field.

Does AccuRanker Offer a Discount for Teachers?

AccuRanker does not offer any type of teacher discount on its website.

Does AccuRanker Have a Student Discount?

No, you won’t discover any discounts targeted directly to students.

AccuRanker encourages students to select from either its monthly plans or its annual plans.

AccuRanker Discounts for Volume

Yes, you can obtain volume discounts when ordering from the AccuRanker website.

Does AccuRanker Offer a Volume Discount?

AccuRanker bases its entire pricing model on volume discounts.

The more keywords you need access to each month means you will pay less overall per keyword search.

For example, you will pay approximately 11 cents per search with the 1000 keywords per month plan.

On the 25,000 keywords per month plan, you will pay about five cents per search.

Does AccuRanker Offer Discounts on Yearly Pricing?

Taking advantage of the company’s yearly pricing plans is one approach to saving money long-term while benefiting from an AccuRanker discount.

For example, you might opt to pay $129 per month for the 1000 keywords per month plan.

Or, you can go with the annual plan and pay $116 per month instead.

The more advanced the plan you pay for, the greater your annual savings.

If you go with the 5000 keywords per month plan and pay annually, you will save $61 per month.

Paying annually for the 10,000 keywords per month plans saves $85 per month.

Or, you can save $157 per month by opting to pay annually for the 25,000 keywords per month plan.

Does AccuRanker Offer Renewal Discounts?

AccuRanker doesn’t offer any official renewal discounts.

Instead, you can get the same deal you received when you first signed up for the SEO optimization tool.

Unlike other companies where you only get a break on the annual plan for the first year, AccuRanker lets you keep renewing with the same price discounts.

If you purchase the 20,000 keywords plan for $1,196 per month on an annual payment plan, you can renew in year two and beyond for the same pricing deal.

Or, if you pay $1,844 per month on the 35,000 keyword plan through an annual plan, you can continue with the same discount during future years.

AccuRanker will also do the same on its month-to-month plans.

You can start a 2,000 keywords plan for $249 per month and pay that month-to-month for as long as you desire.

The same applies to any plan you choose to use with AccuRanker.

Other AccuRanker Discounts

Below, we’ll break down whether AccuRanker gives any special discounts to other groups of people.

Does AccuRanker Offer a Military Discount?

AccuRanker doesn’t offer any special deals for people in the military or first responders.

Instead, you will need to use one of its typical annual savings plans to get a price break.

Does AccuRanker Offer a Nonprofit Discount?

Once again, you won’t discover a special discount in the category of nonprofits either.

However, if you’re about to start a nonprofit and need to conduct keyword tracking and see what competitors are up to, you can use one of the AccuRanker annual plans to save on the amount your nonprofit invests monthly.

Does AccuRanker Offer Discounts on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

No evidence exists online that AccuRanker provides special offers on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

The company doesn’t run promotions throughout the year like so many other companies tend to do.

Instead, AccuRanker focuses more on its features and benefits to encourage sales.

Does AccuRanker Have a Free Trial?

AccuRanker uses a 14-day free trial to encourage its customers to try the software.

You can set up a free account without providing any credit card information.

Use the tool for a total of 14 days.

Make sure the software meets all of your needs and expectations.

If you aren’t happy with AccuRanker for any reason during your free trial, you can cancel inside your dashboard.

To continue using the software after 14 days, you will need to provide a credit card and start paying for the plan that makes sense for your business.

Troubleshooting: My AccuRanker Discount Isn’t Working

You shouldn’t run into any situation where your AccuRanker doesn’t work.

Remember, you don’t need any special discount codes to save on the SEO software.

Instead, you will automatically see your savings when selecting an annual plan over a month-to-month plan.

However, this doesn’t mean you might not run into problems when you’re looking at third-party websites that advertise different AccuRanker discounts.

Coupon Websites

Watch out for unscrupulous websites advertising high AccuRanker discounts.

You might find these sites telling you that you can save up to 50% discounts when buying AccuRanker.

When you click to get the false promo code, you’re typically redirected to a popup offer telling you about discounts on other SEO ranking tools.

These coupon sites target keywords related to AccuRanker discounts to pull you in.

Then, they try to direct you to other competitors where they can earn money as affiliates.

In essence, it’s a bait and switch tactic because you won’t find a 50% promo code that works on the AccuRanker website.

Affiliate Offers

AccuRanker offers an affiliate program, too.

Some of the coupon sites we mentioned above send you to AccuRanker through their affiliate links.

Even those the affiliate website tells you that you can get a 50% discount, for example, the affiliate marketer is trying to “code” your purchase to them.

Even though you can’t get the promised discount, the coupon site owner gets a commission when you decide to buy using AccuRanker’s normal fees.

Companies With Similar Discounts

While AccuRanker doesn’t offer promotions and specials, many other companies do provide various savings.

1. Semrush

Similar to AccuRanker, Semrush doesn’t run many promotions during the year.

Unlike AccuRanker, it will sometimes give you a deal here and there.

With that said, Semrush relies more on its 7-day free trial than price discounts to close sales.

Learn more about Semrush discounts here.

2. Pressable

Pressable typically offers a 10% discount all year round on its WordPress hosting services.

You can also use its annual pricing plans to save money.

If you happen to start a Pressable account during Black Friday weekend, you might find discounts that go as high as 30%.

More information about Pressable discounts.

3. DocuSign

The best way to save money on DocuSign is to choose one of its annual plans.

You will save on a per-month basis by doing so.

Discover more about DocuSign discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might still have a few questions about AccuRanker.

Let’s answer two commonly asked questions about the rank tracker.

Can I upgrade my AccuRanker account at any time?

It’s easy to upgrade your AccuRanker account.

Inside the dashboard, select “Account.”

Go to “Subscription” and then you can make any upgrades you want to in that area of the account.

Does AccuRanker offer customer support?

You can access the Accuranker customer support staff via phone, email, and chat support options.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the best rank tracker tool isn’t always easy.

Pricing always remains one of the most important considerations when making this decision.

AccuRanker offers over 15 pricing options.

Use one of these possibilities to find the plan that best fits your budget.

Don’t forget that you can save money by selecting an annual plan over a month-to-month plan.

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