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The Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2021

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Travel blogging is one of the most exciting and rewarding niches. Travel writers can fund their travels through brand collaborations, explore their love for authentic food and adventure in faraway destinations, and build a lifestyle around their passion.

If you want to find out more about the community before you start your travel blog or you feel stuck and want some motivation to grow your existing blog, this list of the best travel blogs to read is for you.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning travel blog by Kiersten Rich, and American who loves to travel. The blog features travel tips, packing guides, and thoughts on travel as a female traveler — all complemented with beautiful lifestyle photography.

As well as blogging about travel, Kiersten also has a blog shop and sells presets for Lightroom to help your photos look amazing on Instagram. This is a great example of how you develop products or services around your blog.

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond is an adventure travel and photography blog written by Matt, a digital nomad. On the blog you’ll find inspiration and motivation to travel more, as well as photography tips to help you capture memories better.

If you want to improve your travel blog photography, this post on the best travel cameras is a helpful guide on what to look for and which are the best cameras to invest in.

The Blog Abroad

Gloria is the creator of The Blog Abroad, a blog with a goal of inspiring others to book a new adventure and “book the next flight out to anywhere.” This enthusiasm for travel shows through in her posts, with travel blogs from all around the world.

To share her story further, Gloria has created an ebook on how she started traveling the world. A book, in digital or printed form, can help to introduce your blog to new audiences or educate your current audience on a topic that they’re interested in.

Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads is a food-focused travel blog by Jodi Ettenberg, who quit her job as a lawyer to travel. On the blog you’ll find travel tips and resources, a gluten-free guide, and advice on how to work from anywhere.

Something that Jodi does well is create content for her audience. Legal Nomads has a page dedicated to alternative careers for lawyers and those in a corporate job, which speaks directly to an issue that her readers face. If you know your readers well, you could create a page or blog post that helps them work through a problem.

The JetSet Family

The JetSet Family is a family travel blog that’s home to travel experiences, insights, and trends from Nicole, Jamie, and Coco — a.k.a. The JetSet Family. The blog is home to luxury travel and lifestyle content including destinations and travel guides.

If you want ideas on how to integrate shoppable posts or affiliate links into your blog, this giveaway collaboration is a great example of how you can create a visually attractive shoppable widget for your blog posts.

The Adventurists

The Adventurists is a fun, engaging travel blog with a goal to “make the world less boring.” The blog features outdoor adventures and extreme travel stories including horse races, air races, and traveling 1/3 of the Earth in a tiny car.

For bloggers with a mission to give back to the community, The Adventurists’ approach of working with charities is well worth a read.

Local Adventurer

Local Adventurer is a unique travel blog that sees the team moving to a new location every year to share hidden gems and travel guides. You can browse the blog by city or country to read city-specific destination guides, including New York City.

A popular way to share your travel must-haves and affiliate links is to create a resources page, like Local Adventurer. Here you can talk about your favorite products, travel sites, and equipment.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a popular travel blog written by a New York Times bestselling author that helps people plan and enjoy travel adventures. The blog is full of useful advice on how to travel, where to visit, what to pack, and how to make the most of your next vacation.

If you want to invest in a travel blogging course, Nomadic Matt offers an online course — Superstar Blogging. Another thing he does well is travel guides for cities or countries, including Canada, India, Japan, and Australia.

Amateur Traveler

The Amateur Traveler blog and podcast was created by Chris Christensen, focused on travel destinations and motivating people to travel more. On the blog you’ll find content on a range of travel topics like budget travel, traveling with pets, and travel photography.

Amateur Traveler features a Travel 101 guide on how to get started traveling, which is a great idea for their audience. Could you create a similar guide or resource for your readers in your niche?

Two Scots Abroad

Two Scots Abroad is a travel blog by Gemma and Craig Armit with a goal to help make travel happen. The blog is centered around helping readers to plan and make travel a possibility, with content organized by the different stages of travel planning. There’s also a frequently updated bucket list to inspire travel adventures.

The categories on Two Scots Abroad are set out in a useful and organized way. The travel gear section features links to posts by interest, as well as the duo’s favorite travel gear. If you want to promote certain products on your blog, this is an effective way to showcase the best of them to your readers.

Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse is a resource for solo female travelers, written by Kristin, an award-winning travel expert. The blog features travel resources, tips, and advice for solo female travelers, as well as Kristin’s own experiences.

Like some of the other travel blogs in this list, Be My Travel Muse is also home to products that readers can purchase — in this case ebooks and courses to help them travel and improve photography. If you plan to launch a product through your blog, it always helps to research what’s already available in the market and how it’s promoted.

Follow the Boat

Follow the Boat, styled as followtheboat, is a travel blog featuring Liz and Jamie’s travels around the world aboard their sailing boat, Esper. The blog acts as a travel diary of the adventures of the British couple, inspiration to explore different experiences in Europe and beyond, and also offers tips and advice to others.

This blog is a great example of how you can become a standout in your niche — in this case traveling by sailing. Niche fans can be some of the strongest supporters, so you may be able to grow a community that contributes to support your costs as a travel blogger.

Roads and Kingdoms

Roads and Kingdoms is focused on a simple idea that “the more you know, the better you travel.” This ethos is present in the way they create and share content from local travel experts and the weaving in of food, politics, and music to tell the story of destinations like Columbia, Barcelona, and Morocco.

Many popular travel bloggers go on to create digital products or services off the back of their blog. Roads and Kingdoms has done something more unique, and created a production shop to create content for brands. If you have a passion and talent for storytelling, this could be an interesting route for you.

Dan Flying Solo

Dan Flying Solo followed the adventures and road trips of Dan as he traveled for 1,467 days and countless miles. Dan shared the places he visited, the experiences he had, and the people he met. Through his blog he wants to inspire others to travel and shares helpful tips to help his readers do just that.

The travel features on Dan Flying Solo are full of high quality, bright imagery — which is something you could work on whatever your travel blogging niche. If you combine your passion for travel, your own unique experiences, and beautiful photography your blog will stand out.

Part Time Traveler

Part-Time Traveler is a travel blog that follows the life and travels of Annie, who splits her time between traveling and her home in California.

Her unique take on travel and the belief you can enjoy travel and staying at home too has helped Annie carve out a niche in the crowded travel blogging world. She has also created a blogging retreat for fellow travel bloggers, which is a positive way to bring a community together.

Do You Want to Grow Your Travel Blog?

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this list of travel bloggers to watch in 2021. There’s a lot that we can learn from other bloggers in our niche, and reading blogs is also a wonderful way to find new friends and network as well as inspire us to create new content for our travel blogs.

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