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15+ Best Travel Blogs For Any Type Of Travel [Ranked]

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Can you imagine seeing the world through the eyes of someone else?

From visiting historic places and trying out adrenaline-triggering experiences to eating at the most luxurious restaurants worldwide, you can experience all these without leaving the comforts of your home.

But how?

Travel blogs, of course!

While the travel blogging industry wasn’t promising years ago, it’s now a full-fledged business and a high-competition market.

Now, everyone looks for travel tips from bloggers before boarding a plane to a new country, which has given the industry unprecedented fame.

However, with fame comes an abundance of successful blogs that you’ll never have time to check before traveling, making it challenging to benefit from their tips.

And that’s why we’re here!

We’ve made a list of the best travel blogs you can find.

From adrenaline seekers to luxury lovers, you’ll definitely find travel bloggers that have the same interests as you.

The Best Travel Blogs in a Nutshell

An Overview of Travel Blogs

Before we jump right into our best travel blogs list, we’ll give you a brief overview of travel blogs and why they can help you on your traveling adventures.

What Is a Travel Blog?

Do you know how when you come from a fantastic trip, you want to write down every detail you want to remember?

It’s called keeping a travel journal, and it’s similar to having a travel blog.

A travel blog is an online travel diary.

Bloggers document their trips through photographs and articles and then share their experiences online to benefit fellow travelers.

Travel blogs often include travel tips, resources, plans, and news.

Some blogs focus on one type of traveling, like solo female traveling, backpacking, luxury traveling, sustainable traveling, and more.

Meanwhile, some travel bloggers share their personal experiences without focusing on one type.

Why Travel Blogs Are Important

Travel blogs are essential for both the tourism industry and you, and let us tell you why.

First of all, travel bloggers are honest about their experiences.

They aren’t only promoting hotels and restaurants.

Instead, they embark on unique adventures and share stories with you, both the good and the bad.

So you don’t need to worry about following a recommendation and ending up with a different experience than you expected.

Second, travel blogs boost tourism in many underrated countries and hidden gems around the world.

They’re an excellent marketing tool for many places that you would’ve never known even existed.

Third, travel blogs are diverse as every blogger travels to a different country.

From the Arctic region and the Schengen area to the Middle East and Islamic countries, these blogs bask you in various cultures, languages, and traditions.

Saving the best for last, travel bloggers share aesthetically pleasing photos from every place they visit.

So not only will you read about their terrific experiences and exciting stories, but you’ll also get to see the place where it happened.

The 18 Best Travel Blogs in 2022

Here’s our compilation of the best travel blogs you can find on the internet today.

1. Nomadic Matt – Best Overall

screenshot of the nomadic matt homepage

Nomadic Matt takes travel blogging to a whole new level with its detailed stories, helpful travel tips, excellent destination guidebooks, and friendly narrative.

From Central America and the Caribbean to Europe and Asia, Matt, the travel blogger, takes you on adventurous trips all around the world.

His blog has diversity like no other, and he gives each place honest reviews to ensure you get the complete picture.

Not only that, but Matt also writes travel guidebooks for many cities, each including detailed experiences and valuable tips.

While they aren’t free like the rest of the blog, they can be of great help if you’re visiting a city for the first time.


  • Includes stories and tips from all continents
  • Has destination guidebooks
  • Writes honest reviews


  • Destination guidebooks aren’t free

Our Take

If you can’t decide where to travel this year and want to read about many diverse places to reach a decision, Nomadic Matt is your go-to travel blog.

2. Y Travel – Runner Up

screenshot of the y travel homepage

Do you know how people say that traveling is more challenging with kids?

Y Travel debunks this myth with interesting family travel experiences.

The blog is owned by a family who has been traveling for 13 years with two daughters.

They lived in five countries and visited more than 50.

The blog includes detailed experiences from all around Australia and the US, along with brief stories from other destinations around the world.

But what makes Y Travel shine is the family travel advice it gives to reluctant people.

Whether you want to hike, go on a vacation, or go on a road trip with your kids, you’ll find relatable stories and tips on this family travel blog.


  • Includes family travel tips
  • Has detailed travel guides for Australia and the US
  • Tells traveling stories from over 50 destinations


  • Photography skills can handle improvement

Our Take

Y Travel makes family travel look easy with detailed guides, helpful tips, and exciting stories from over 50 destinations.

3. Drink Tea Travel – Best for Sustainable Travelers

screenshot of the drink tea travel homepage

Drink Tea Travel delivers some of the best sustainable travel stories from the perspective of Oksana and Max, a Canadian couple who has been on the road since 2015.

It gives you all the information you need about traveling in a van, from how to choose the best van to the essential accessories you’ll need along the road.

Drink Tea Travel helps you explore Australia, Costa Rica, and Canada in detail without stepping a foot outside your place.

It includes information about each city’s currency, safety, electricity plugs, language, and transportation.

On a side note, there are stories from different destinations like Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The Middle East is also briefly mentioned as Oksana and Max visited Jordan years ago.


  • Includes travel guides for Australia, Costa Rice, and Canada
  • Tells sustainable travel stories
  • Has detailed information about each country visited


  • Lacks rich traveling material from the Middle East

Our Take

Drink Tea Travel is your go-to blog if you want to read about sustainable traveling in detail and learn about the best vans and accessories to buy.

4. The World Travel Guy – Best for Hikers

screenshot of the world travel guy homepage

The World Travel Guy takes you on adventures to cities from all around the world, with premium content about hiking.

Whether you’re planning a hike up Mount Everest, the Stairs of Death, or the Stairway to Heaven, David will tell you what gear to take, how to get there, and what to expect in terms of safety.

Besides the hiking content, the adventure travel blog also has articles on snorkeling, waterfalls, volcanoes, wildlife, and more.

In short, The World Travel Guy satisfies all tastes when it comes to traveling.

However, it doesn’t focus on one type of traveling, so the content might confuse some people.


  • Excellent hiking material
  • Ideal for adventurous travelers
  • Includes image gallery


  • Content is too diverse for some people

Our Take

The World Travel Guy will be your best friend while planning your upcoming hike.

It includes valuable tips on what gear to buy, what places to go, and what to expect when you arrive there.

5. Anna Everywhere – Best for People Pursuing a Traveling Career

screenshot of the anna everywhere homepage

Do you want to make traveling your career but don’t know where to start?

Anna Everywhere will tell you everything you need to know, ranging from how to take good pictures of yourself to how to learn a language in a few months.

More so, the blog includes a myriad of articles about traveling with kids.

So whether you’re too afraid to travel alone with your little one or want to know which stroller to take on the plane, you’ll find detailed guides and tips.

Although the website can use some spicing up, Anne Everywhere is an excellent travel blog with articles from around seven continents.


  • Includes helpful content about traveling with kids
  • Posts travel articles from all around the world
  • Tells tips for pursuing a traveling career


  • The website is a bit plain

Our Take

Anna Everywhere is the right blog to read if you want to pursue a professional career in traveling and know more about traveling with kids.

6. We Seek Travel – Best for Exploring Hidden Gems

screenshot of the we seek travel homepage

The world is alarmingly large, and the media is focused on only a few popular, photogenic places worldwide.

So how can you know about all the hidden gems waiting to be discovered?

We Seek Travel, of course!

The travel blog takes you to unusual sites like black sand beaches, underground cities, thermal pools, etc.

It also includes a van journal where Olly and Haylea, the blog owners, share their whole experience of living in a van.

On top of that, you’ll find a detailed guide on camera gear for travel if you want to pursue professional travel photography.


  • Includes a van journal
  • Has detailed guides on camera gear for travel
  • Has travel guides from over 20 countries


  • Not for conventional travelers

Our Take

If out-of-the-public-eye places and hidden gems appeal to you, We Seek Travel is the ideal travel blog to check.

7. Nomadasaurus – Best for Couple Travelers

screenshot of the nomadasaurus homepage

Want to embark on unforgettable adventures with your soul mate?

Follow Alesha and Jarryd as they share their traveling experiences in a friendly narrative on their blog, Nomadasaurus.

The Australian couple has been to over 70 countries, and they share detailed information about each one, from the language they speak to their electricity sockets.

They also have a travel photography blog where they share some of the most iconic photos they’ve taken over the years.

While the travel blog site can use some organizing, it’s one of the most successful travel blogs nowadays.


  • Includes travel guides for over 70 countries
  • Has a travel photography blog
  • Tells stories in a friendly narrative


  • The website should be more organized

Our Take

If you plan on traveling around the world with your loved one and want to read about similar experiences, check Nomadasaurus.

8. Lost With Purpose – Best for Female Backpackers

screenshot of the lost with purpose homepage

Lost With Purpose follows Alexandra as she backpacks and embarks on dangerous adventures on her own.

The solo female travel blog includes posts about more than 20 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Colombia, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Afghanistan, and more.

For females who want to pursue traveling but are hesitant, Alexandra shares her reflections and tips on how to stay safe on such travels.

On top of that, she provides tips about packing, saving money for traveling, photography, and more.

As far as personal travel blogs go, Lost With Purpose is definitely among the best.


  • Includes blog posts about more than 20 countries
  • Gives tips for solo female travelers
  • Provides tips on saving money and packing


  • Content is focused mainly on Asia

Our Take

Lost With Purpose is the best travel blog for females who dream about backpacking through different countries but are too scared to pursue it.

9. The Blonde Abroad – Best for Solo Female Travelers

screenshot of the blonde abroad homepage

With an organized website, personal stories, and travel guides from over 50 countries around the world, The Blonde Abroad shines among travel blogs.

The travel and lifestyle blog speaks to all aspiring female travelers worldwide as Kiki, the blog owner, shares her experience.

On top of that, the solo female travel blog includes a photography guide where you can learn about the gear Kiki uses and how she edits photos.

She also provides Lightroom presets that you can purchase, but it’s fair to warn you that they’re on the pricier side of the market.


  • Organized website
  • Includes travel guides from over 50 countries
  • Includes photography guide


  • Lightroom presets are a bit pricey

Our Take

If you want to join solo travelers around the world but are hesitant because traveling is deemed unsafe for females, check The Blonde Abroad.

10. One Mile at a Time – Best for Travel News

screenshot of the one mile at a time homepage

Do you want the latest news from all airlines and hotels worldwide?

One Mile at a Time gives you that and more among its website pages.

It tells you how to earn miles and loyalty points with various airlines using credit card deals, which is ideal for people who travel a lot.

While the blog lacks personal stories from the owner, who traveled more than four million miles on different airlines, it focuses on unique content that you won’t find anywhere else.

After checking it, you’ll know how to land the best flying deals when frequently traveling.


  • Provides info on credit card deals and loyalty points
  • Has unique travel content that focuses on flying
  • Includes reviews about airlines and hotels


  • Lacks personal travel experiences

Our Take

Do you travel a lot and want to benefit from your flying miles?

Check One Mile at a Time and learn how to use credit card deals and travel loyalty points to your advantage.

11. Andre De Mello – Best Luxury Travel Blog

screenshot of the andre de mello homepage

Andre De Mello takes you on tour through the most luxurious hotels around the world.

From Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi to Four Seasons Private Island in the Maldives, the blog owner shares personal experiences with aesthetically pleasing photos from each place.

The website also has a travel photography page where you can see photos of the blog owner in different areas around the globe.

While the blog doesn’t have much for beginners who want tips on traveling, it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes.


  • Has a luxury travel photography page
  • Includes luxurious hotel reviews from all around the world
  • Provides aesthetically pleasing content


  • Not ideal for beginner travelers

Our Take

Andre De Mello is an amazing travel blog for luxury lovers who like to unwind in a five-star hotel and eat in fine dining restaurants.

12. Wandering Earl – Best for Travel Resources

screenshot of the wandering earl homepage

Can you imagine traveling for over 20 years nonstop?

Derek, the travel blogger behind Wandering Earl, has been on a non-ending trip since 1999.

He went to India about 30 times, got kidnapped in Bangladesh once, lived in Romania, and embarked on many once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

The years of travel made Derek a travel expert, and he uses his knowledge to benefit fellow travelers by sharing tips and resources.

Wandering Earl might be the best blog in the travel industry when it comes to traveling resources.

It tells you where to work as a travel blogger, what travel gear to use, how to get travel insurance, and where to book flights.

So not only will you read exciting stories, but you’ll also benefit from the knowledge in case you want to embark on an adventure.


  • Includes interesting stories and adventures
  • Blog posts are written by a travel expert
  • Provides excellent travel tips and resources


  • Website posts aren’t organized by destination

Our Take

If you want to solo travel for a long time but don’t know how to begin, check Wandering Earl for words of wisdom from a man who’s been solo traveling for over 20 years.

13. Migrationology – Best for Food Bloggers

screenshot of the migrationology homepage

Migrationology combines two passions many people have, food and travel.

Mark, the blog owner, dives into diverse cultures and connects with different nationalities through their cuisines.

The cultural travel blog focuses on personal experiences, leaving no room for media-driven content.

It includes food travel guides from some of the best culinary capitals worldwide, like Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, and Singapore.

While it doesn’t offer much content for beginner travelers, it’s an ideal website for food bloggers who want to take up traveling as a hobby.


  • No media-driven content
  • Includes food travel guides from many cities
  • Tells exciting travel stories


  • Doesn’t offer much for beginner travelers

Our Take

Migrationology shares stories about each country through its cuisine, proving ideal for people who are passionate about both food and travel.

14. Along Dusty Roads – Best for Aesthetically Pleasing Photographs

screenshot of the along dusty roads homepage

In addition to helpful travel blogging content and an organized website, Along Dusty Roads has some of the most aesthetically pleasing photos in the travel industry.

You can fall in love with a country just by checking the photos taken by Andrew and Emily, the blog owners.

The English bloggers share their experiences and tips from nearly 40 countries and tell you about the resources you need to travel.

They make travel blogging seem easy with their friendly narrative and rich content.

As a bonus point, they have an online print shop where they sell their beautiful photographs.

However, they can be pricey.


  • Organized website
  • Includes experiences from nearly 40 countries
  • Has rich content and a friendly narrative


  • Printed photographs are a bit pricey

Our Take

Along Dusty Roads shines among other travel blogs with its rich content, aesthetically pleasing photographs, and friendly narrative.

15. Going Awesome Places – Best for Trip Planning

screenshot of the going awesome places homepage

Planning is perhaps the most challenging part of traveling, but Going Awesome Places helps you do it with various trip itineraries from many places around the world.

Whether you want to travel to the Smoky Mountains, Istanbul, or Costa Blanca, you’ll find a solid plan that includes what places to go and how to reach them.

Not only that, but the travel blog also provides packing lists to help you know what to purchase before boarding a plane, along with travel tips and hacks.

In short, Going Awesome Places is the best travel blog to check if you struggle with planning.

However, it lacks photography tips.


  • Includes trip itineraries from various places around the world
  • Includes packing lists
  • Provides smart travel tips and hacks


  • No photography tips

Our Take

Want to plan an unforgettable trip but feel overwhelmed with the details?

Going Awesome Places will help you with its trip itineraries, packing lists, travel tips, and more.

16. Passport to Eden – Best Flight Hacks

screenshot of the passport to eden homepage

Passport to Eden is a travel and lifestyle blog that focuses on the US.

The blogger, Anshula, shares travel stories and provides some of the most helpful flight hacks on the internet.

The lifestyle blog also has a book club that Anshula updates weekly.

It keeps visitors engaged with her content and pleases bookworms who like to read books while traveling.

While the one country-centered content doesn’t appeal to everyone, Passport to Eden proves worthy of a spot on our list.


  • Has a book club and personal journal
  • Includes travel guides for all around the US
  • Aesthetically pleasing and organized website


  • Limited content

Our Take

Do you want to try solo travel around the US?

Take a look at Passport to Eden and enjoy the blogger’s flight hacks, exciting stories, and travel guides.

17. The Broke Backpacker – Best for People on a Budget

screenshot of the broke backpacker homepage

The Broke Backpacker is undeniably the best budget travel blog on our list.

It offers travel tips from many countries, including Costa Rice, Iceland, Egypt, Turkey, Japan, India, Morocco, and more.

Not only that, but it also provides tips about what resources you should get and what gear you need for backpacking.

As a bonus point, the website is organized and helps you scroll through different pages quickly.

That said, it lacks content about travel photography.


  • Gives budget travel tips and hacks
  • Includes information about resources and backpacking gear
  • Has blog posts about many countries


  • No travel photography content

Our Take

Want to travel the world, but your wallet is stopping you?

The Broke Backpacker delves into all the necessary details regarding budget traveling and gives you a motivational push toward trying it.

18. Adventures of Empty Nesters – Best for People Over 50

screenshot of the adventure of empty nesters homepage

Adventures of Empty Nesters debunks the myth that traveling is best suited for young people.

Suzanne and Craig, the blog owners, embark on multiple adventures, refusing to succumb to the quiet mid-life that people experience after their kids leave home.

They indulge in unique culinary experiences and write blog posts and itineraries in a heartwarming tone that’ll make you fall in love with traveling.

That said, the blog lacks tips for beginner travelers, so it might not be your best option if you haven’t been around much.


  • Includes itineraries
  • Provides heartwarming content for older travelers
  • Includes unique culinary experiences


  • Not ideal for beginners

Our Take

Adventures of Empty Nesters targets older travelers who need extra motivation to go on unforgettable trips and indulge in scrumptious plates from all around the world.

To Wrap Up

Do you want to take up traveling as a hobby?

Take a look at our picks of the best travel blogs in 2022.

Nomadic Matt takes first place because of its honest and diverse content.

It provides information about various locations around the world in a friendly, relatable narrative.

But if you’re interested in family travel, you should check Y Travel.

It follows two daughters and their parents around Australia and the US, along with other briefly mentioned places.

So what are you waiting for?

Check our list, and plan your next adventure now!

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