How to Change Twitter Account Usernames

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I’ve been on Twitter for many years now and I first signed up when it wasn’t the huge trend it is today. I was able to secure to name @moneyreign, which is my company name and a “name” I go by on many social networks and many other sites. I was also able to secure @zacjohnson around the same time. I ended up sticking with @moneyreign and grew my following to around 17,000 followers.

I never really got that active with Facebook and Twitter until the past few months. I’m actually now more active on Twitter than Facebook. I had been thinking about switching over to my @zacjohnson account, but I didn’t want to have to build it up to where my @moneyreign account.

I was then talking to my friend and he said it was actually pretty simple to swap account usernames, it’s just a little risky!

The process is actually quite simple and if you own two Twitter accounts and want to swap usernames, while still keeping all of your social followers, here’s how you do it.

The first thing you need to do is login to your account and go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

This is where you will see your current USERNAME.

Without making any changes to your account you can see if a new username that you want is available. Twitter will say “Available!” or “Not Available”. This doesn’t really matter in this example because we are talking about swapping accounts.


Now here is the risky part to swapping accounts between usernames. You are going to need to temporarily change the name of your one account while you are swapping on from the other.

Example: @moneyreign would become @moneyreign2 (this way @moneyreign is available for @zacjohnson to change to)

You would then quickly log into the @zacjohnson (your other account) and change it to the other username, and then do the same thing under your account. It may sound complicating, but it’s really just swapping usernames for accounts.

The risk is that while your username is “Available” while you are swapping names, that someone might register it. It’s extremely unlikely… but a risk if not done quickly.

The result! Yay… my @zacjohnson account has all of my followers and is now branded with the new username!

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