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Best Free Web Hosting Services That Are Really Free

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Building a website requires a lot of money.

But if you’re in the testing phase or can’t afford the cost, it’d make a lot of sense to look for free web hosting sites.

Several platforms allow you to host your website at no cost, so you only need to choose the one that suits you.

However, you should expect limitations in terms of bandwidth, disk space, monthly traffic, and downtime.

Also, some free website hosting companies will place ads on your site because they have to find a way to make money.

These shouldn’t deter you as you can easily migrate to paid web hosting when your site grows.

In this article, we’ve selected the best free web hosting services to help you make the right choice.

Free Website Hosting Services Compared

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1. 000Webhost

Why We Suggest This

000Webhost has a fully functional free plan with hosting services and an inbuilt website builder.

  • Best For: Those looking for free web hosting services
screenshot of the 000webhost homepage

Hostinger owns 000Webhost and it’s completely free.

You can set up your website and get a free subdomain name in the form of “yourname.000webhostapp.com” without inserting your credit card details.

Also, there’s no limitation to your free account; you can use it for as long as you desire.

However, if your site has outgrown the free web hosting service, 000Webhost offers cheap web hosting, starting from $1.99.

The free web hosting provider has an in-built website builder, Zyro, which is an advantage for people without coding skills or experience.

Zyro empowers you to design your website without hassles by providing professionally designed mobile-friendly templates.

These templates include blog posts, events, resumes, portfolios, landing pages, and e-commerce.

So, whether you want a website for your small business, review site, or e-commerce store, 000Webhost is a great place to start.

Other features you can get on Zyro include a library of texts, videos, images, and other elements that you customize to suit the theme of your website.

It also has an AI writer for automated content creation.


  • In-built website builder
  • 300 MB disk space and bandwidth of 3 GB
  • DDoS protection
  • Access to one active website
  • Supports MySQL and PHP
  • Custom control panel
  • WordPress auto-installer

Bottom Line

If you want a really free web hosting service, you should expect unsolicited ads from the host. However, 000Webhosting is ads-free.

Despite its limitations in terms of disk space and bandwidth, it provides a functional web hosting platform for websites with low to moderate traffic.

2. Freehostia

Why We Suggest This

Freehostia offers a free hosting platform as well as services such as VPS hosting, and semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting.

  • Best For: Those on a budget
freehostia homepage screenshot 1

Freehostia runs a load-balanced cluster technology, an architecture that allows many servers to run as one, leading to enhanced performance and productivity.

Compared to shared web hosting setups, Freehostia’s free offering is faster and more reliable.

Besides free hosting, the platform offers various hosting services, such as VPS hosting and semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting.

Its data center is located in the United States, a physical environment for round-the-clock monitoring to prevent downtimes and potential cyber threats.


  • One-click application installer
  • 5 hosted domains
  • 250 MB disk space
  • 6 GB bandwidth
  • 3 email accounts
  • Supports Joomla, WordPress, and OpenCart

Bottom Line

Freehostia is ads-free and offers 24/7 customer support and video tutorials, which makes it beginner-friendly.

However, you can’t upload heavy files, considering the limited disk space.

But you can upgrade to one of its paid plans, starting at $6 per month, to get more storage space.

3. FreeHosting

Why We Suggest This

FreeHosting has a site builder that allows you to create a stunning website with a few mouse clicks.

  • Best For: Lightweight sites like WordPress
freehosting homepage screenshot 1

FreeHosting is a suitable web hosting provider for lightweight sites like WordPress blogs and forums.

It has a site builder that allows you to create a stunning website with a few mouse clicks.

FreeHosting doesn’t offer free subdomains or custom domain names.

So, if you already have a domain name, you can host it on the platform when you sign up; otherwise, you’ll pay FreeHosting to register a new domain name.

The platform is 100% free for life, but if you want to extend the features of the account, you’ll pay a one-time fee for add-ons.


  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Compatible with MySQL, Apache, PHP, and Linux
  • 10 GB storage space
  • 1 email account
  • App installer
  • cPanel
  • Site builder with over 170 templates to choose from

Bottom Line

Although FreeHosting offers unlimited bandwidth, if your site has malicious content or goes against its Fair Use Policy, it may be archived or removed.

It’s also important to know that the platform doesn’t serve users from Brazil, Vietnam, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, and Iran.

4. AwardSpace

Why We Suggest This

AwardSpace has Zacky which allows you to create a website within 30 minutes without writing a single code.

  • Best For: Those interested in free web hosting
screenshot of the awardspace homepage

AwardSpace is a pioneer in the free web hosting industry.

It offers ad-free web hosting and continues to improve its services to ensure a 99.9% uptime.

Its website builder, Zacky, can build your website in under 30 minutes without typing a single line of code.

Zacky comes with premade designs that you can customize to get a befitting website.

Also, you can install a content management system like WordPress and Joomla with a single click.

AwardSpace offers a subdomain name in its free web hosting account.

But you can sign up for its paid hosting plans, starting at $4.99 per month, to get a free domain name and other features.

The free hosting has a transparent bandwidth usage that allows you to monitor your monthly traffic on the custom control panel.

This implies that you can see when you’ve almost exhausted your bandwidth quota, including how major changes on your website affects your traffic volume.


  • Hosts up to 4 websites
  • One-click CMS installer
  • 100% ad-free
  • Access to customer support
  • 5 GB of bandwidth
  • 1 GB disk space
  • Supports MySQL and PHP

Bottom Line

AwardSpace has provided free web hosting since 2003 with data centers in Bulgaria, Kiel, Sofia, and Germany.

The platform is secured with a firewall to prevent unauthorized access.

You can also monetize your website with ads or affiliate marketing.

5. InfinityFree

Why We Suggest This

InfinityFree provides a completely free website hosting service and you can host an unlimited number of websites.

  • Best For: Those with multiple websites
screenshot of the infinityfree homepage

As the name implies, InfinityFree is completely free.

There’re no hidden charges or time limits, and you can host an unlimited number of websites.

The platform guarantees a 99.9% uptime and promises never to place ads on your site.

InfinityFree offers a free subdomain name, such as “yourname.epizy.com” or “yourname.rf.gd.”

It doesn’t offer domain registration services, but you can bring your own domain name if you’ve already purchased one.

You can also install over 400 applications, including WordPress using its Softaculous installer.


  • 5 GB disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free subdomain names
  • Supports MySQL and PHP
  • Free SSL
  • Auto-installer
  • Free DNS service

Bottom Line

Although InfinityFree offers unlimited bandwidth, your site is limited to 50,000 daily hits and small server power.

Also, you can’t send emails from your website on InfinityFree unless you upgrade to its premium hosting service, which starts at $3.99 per month.

This service is powered by iFastNet, the sponsor of InfinityFree.

6. ByetHost

Why We Suggest This

ByetHost isn’t only a free website hosting company but also a free reseller hosting and premium hosting provider.

  • Best For: Those on a budget
byethost homepage screenshot 1

ByetHost offers a completely free website hosting service that runs on a load-balanced clustered network.

This allows the provider to spread traffic across various servers, thereby, improving speed, reliability, and uptime.

ByetHost offers a subdomain name, but you can easily add a registered domain name from the VistaPanel.

You can also check the statistics of your website, including traffic usage, disk space, and things that may be slowing down your website.

With a single click, you can host over 300 scripts on your free website using the Softaculous script installer.

Some popular scripts include WordPress, Joomla, social networks, online shopping carts, and photo galleries.

In addition to 24/7 customer support, ByetHost has a community forum with active members that are willing to offer support when you need it.


  • 1 GB disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Supports MySQL and PHP
  • Ad-free website hosting
  • Access to free tech support and an online community
  • Free subdomain names

Bottom Line

ByetHost isn’t only a free website hosting company but also a free reseller hosting and premium hosting provider.

With over 1 million websites hosted on its platform, you’re assured of quality service.

7. GoogieHost

Why We Suggest This

GoogieHost offers a cloud-based control panel and has a drag-and-drop option that allows you to easily create a website.

  • Best For: Students, non-profits, and e-commerce store owners
googiehost homepage screenshot 1

GoogieHost is a free website hosting service that offers a hundred percent cloud-based control panel.

You can easily create your own website with its free website builder.

You don’t need coding skills since it offers a drag-and-drop option that allows you to choose from over 500 free website templates.

You can also add widgets, such as an image gallery, video/image slider, Google map, and Rich Text.

GoogieHost has a Softaculous installer that allows you to install over 380 scripts within a few minutes.

Since the service is free, you shouldn’t expect to get a free domain name.

However, you’ll get unlimited free subdomain names, which implies that you can launch several websites at no extra cost.


  • Hosts 3 websites
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • 1 GB storage space
  • 1 business email account
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Ad-free web hosting
  • Cloudflare protection
  • Auto installer
  • WordPress manager
  • 24/7 support and access to tutorials

Bottom Line

GoogieHost is suitable for students, non-profits, and e-commerce store owners.

Its business email offers a touch of professionalism irrespective of how small you’re starting.

Additionally, GoogieHost offers a free landing page and email marketing services to help you grow your business.

As you scale up, you can switch to its premium plan, costing $2.50 per month.

8. Wix

Why We Suggest This

Wix comes with cool backgrounds, e-commerce tools, and animations for building a website creatively with minimal effort.

  • Best For: Blogs, online portfolios, and e-commerce stores
screenshot of the wix homepage

You can’t talk about building a website without mentioning Wix.

It’s not only a modern tool but also a complete solution for free website hosting.

Wix features are outstanding as it comes with cool backgrounds, e-commerce tools, animations, and more for building creatively with minimal effort.

When you sign up, you’ll access over 900 free and highly customizable website templates that fit into any industry.

You can also start on a blank canvas and set up your website with the smart editor.

You don’t need FTP or programming knowledge to get started because the editor has a drag-and-drop interface and AI technology to help you create things your way.

Wix is built with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind, so you’ll get a site that can be found on search engines.


  • 500 MB cloud storage
  • 500 MB bandwidth
  • Automatic backup
  • Automatic set up
  • Enterprise-grade reliability
  • Free subdomain

Bottom Line

Wix free website hosting is ideal for blogs, online portfolios, and e-commerce stores.

But you should know that it isn’t ad-free unless you sign up for its premium plans.

9. Weebly

Why We Suggest This

Weebly has all the tools you need to create a functional website without any technical expertise. These include a drag-and-drop editor, custom fonts, video backgrounds, and an image editor.

  • Best For: Online stores
screenshot of the weebly homepage

Weebly is a popular free website builder that offers free website hosting services.

It has all the tools you need to create a functional website without any technical expertise. These include a drag-and-drop editor, custom fonts, video backgrounds, and an image editor.

Also, the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files are customizable. So, if you’ve got basic coding skills, you can tweak the website design.

Weebly guarantees users of site speed and safety through its DDoS mitigation and round-the-clock monitoring.

If you’re in need of technical support, the company has an online community where you can find several helpful topics.


  • 500 MB storage space
  • Free SSL
  • Free subdomain with Weebly branding
  • Community forum
  • Chat and email support
  • Search engine optimization

Bottom Line

Although Weebly offers a subdomain, you can buy a custom domain from the company or transfer the one you already have at a cost.

Also, if you want to get rid of Weebly ads and access a free domain and e-commerce tools like a shopping cart and inventory management, you’ll have to migrate to a paid hosting account.

10. AccuWeb Hosting

Why We Suggest This

When it comes to monthly traffic and emails, AccuWeb performs better compared to other free web hosting providers.

  • Best For: Creating online portfolios and company websites
screenshot of the accuweb hosting homepage

With over 19 years of experience in the industry, AccuWeb provides free web hosting for people who want to own a complete WordPress site.

It offers the latest PHP version and promises no ads or banners on your site.

When it comes to monthly traffic and emails, AccuWeb packs a punch compared to other free web hosting providers.

You can get up to 5000 hits and 25 free email accounts to add a touch of professionalism to your website.

Additionally, AccuWeb has an ultra-fast loading time because its servers run on pure SSD drives, which translates to a user-friendly website.

The company offers free backup and multi-layered DDoS protection to keep your website safe.


  • Hosts one website
  • 2 GB disk space
  • 30 GB bandwidth
  • 25 free emails
  • Supports MySQL
  • Free domain name
  • cPanel control panel
  • Ads-free
  • WordPress installer

Bottom Line

AccuWeb is generous with its offering.

Although you can’t host multiple websites on the platform, you’ll get a free domain name, which most free web hosting companies don’t give.

11. Free Hosting No Ads

Why We Suggest This

Free Hosting No Ads guarantees you quality and speed as the company utilizes clustered hosting for improved performance.

  • Best For: Students or someone testing out web hosting services
freehostingnoads homepage screenshot 1

Free Hosting No Ads isn’t a cliche but a description of what you’ll get when you sign up.

But you’re free to add your own ads and monetize your site.

If you don’t have coding skills, the host provides a free website builder and CMS app installer to get your website up and running within a few minutes.

Although free hosting sites have limited features, you’re guaranteed quality and speed as the company utilizes clustered hosting for improved performance.

If you already have a domain name, you can host it for free on the platform, and if not, you’ll get free subdomains to choose from.


  • 1 GB disk space
  • 5 GB bandwidth
  • Supports MySQL and PHP
  • Free email address
  • No forced ads
  • Access to FTP and file manager
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Free tech support

Bottom Line

Free Hosting No Ads is a good playground if you’re a student or testing out things.

The platform has free templates for various industries, such as business, fashion and beauty, pets and animals, and food and drinks.

12. 100WebSpace

Why We Suggest This

100WebSpace is a great choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly free website hosting provider.

  • Best For: For hosting a portfolio website and blogging
screenshot of the 100webspace homepage

100WebSpace is a budget-friendly free website hosting provider.

Even its paid plans are affordable, starting at $0.99 per month with a 30-day free trial so that you can easily switch when you want more features.

To help you get started, the company offers an app installer, which is integrated into the control panel.

You’ll also access video tutorials and online documentation that’ll help you find your way around the platform.

But if you experience technical issues beyond your control, you can submit a ticket or send an email and expect a response within an hour.

100WebSpace protects your website with a firewall and other security features such as IP blocking and JailHost.


  • 100 MB disk space
  • 3 GB monthly traffic
  • 3 email accounts
  • 5 subdomains
  • Multilingual control panel
  • One-click apps installer
  • Free website templates
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Supports PHP and MySQL

Bottom Line

100WebSpace is great for hosting a portfolio website, considering its small storage space.

But if you’re considering blogging, it won’t cost much to upgrade to the paid plan.

Also, the hosting isn’t ad-free, as the company positions a banner ad on your free website.

13. x10Hosting

Why We Suggest This

x10Hosting is a powerful tool for hosting high-traffic websites because of its unmetered bandwidth.

  • Best For: High-traffic websites
x10hosting homepage screenshot 1

x1oHosting is an industry veteran that has been offering free and unlimited cloud hosting.

It has a website builder and over 150 customizable templates to help you set up your free website.

Since the hosting infrastructure is cloud-based, you’ll enjoy unmetered bandwidth with access to a complete cPanel or DirectAdmin control panel.

Also, you’ll get a storage space of 512 MB, with an option to get more if you abide by the company’s Terms and Conditions.

If you get stuck while building your website, x10Hosting has an online community of experienced webmasters who’ll hold you by the hand until the problem is resolved.

The company also offers free WordPress installation with complete features and plugins.

And when you think it’s time to expand, you can migrate to its premium plan, which gets cheaper if you sign up for a 3-year package.


  • 512 MB storage space
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free website builder
  • 3 email accounts
  • 3 domain names
  • One-click software installers
  • Supports PHP and MySQL

Bottom Line

Because of its unmetered bandwidth, x10Hosting is a powerful tool for hosting high-traffic websites.

Also, your free website is hosted on an SSD server, which you’ll get if you sign up for the premium plans of other providers.

14. WordPress.com

Why We Suggest This

WordPress has free and paid web hosting plans with a custom dashboard for managing your website.

  • Best For: Beginners and freelancers who want an online portfolio
screenshot of the wordpress.com homepage

WordPress.com is a website builder with self-hosting features.

Automattic, Inc. launched the service in 2005, and it’s been serving users with its free and paid web hosting plans.

The free plan offers an easy setup with a number of customizable themes.

You’ll also access a custom WordPress dashboard for managing your website.

You can monetize your free website by placing affiliate links or activating WordAds, the ads program of WordPress.

WordPress.com sites run on high-frequency CPUs, enabling them to load faster.

The free hosting provider has over 28 data centers across six continents to ensure that your website is safe and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Every WordPress.com site comes with a subdomain, but you can connect a custom domain on the paid web hosting option.


  • 3 GB storage space for media
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Pre-installed SSL certificate
  • Free themes
  • Spam protection
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media sharing
  • 24/7 expert support

Bottom Line

WordPress.com’s free hosting is great for beginners and freelancers who want an online portfolio.

But if you’re a technical user, you won’t be able to install your own plugins or access the server directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Free Web Hosting Safe?

Free website hosting is safe but data backup is complimentary.

Unlike paid plans, there’s no guarantee of support and stability. As a result, you have to devise a means of saving your data.

However, if you’re serious about growing an online business, you shouldn’t rely on free hosting for a long time.

Is Google Cloud Web Hosting Free?

Google cloud web hosting isn’t free, but you’ll pay for only what you use.

However, all customers will access 20 free products, such as Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Compute Engine, within a specified monthly usage limit.

Also, Google offers a 90-day free trial with free $300 Billing Cloud credits for new users to pay for resources while learning about Google Cloud.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a free hosting platform, you should read the terms of service carefully to find out the limitations of the account.

We compared 14 of the best free website hosting services, and we hope you find one that’s suited to begin your internet journey.

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