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How To Create A Beautiful Instagram Aesthetic For Your Brand

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With more than one billion active users, Instagram has become one of the world’s most widely used social networking sites.

Nonetheless, standing out in such a busy environment can be difficult. Creating an Instagram aesthetic becomes necessary in this situation.

An aesthetic is a visual theme or style that permeates all of your content. With this technique, you may make your profile visually appealing to your followers and more unified.

But how can you develop a brand- or personality-appropriate Instagram aesthetic?

This post will go into more detail about some strategies for developing an Instagram aesthetic that reflects your style and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Instagram Aesthetic Mean?

Instagram aesthetics refer to the uniform appearance, tone, and general perception of a feed.

You can integrate your brand with your intended audience and hence increase visibility by delivering a seamless aesthetic aligned with your business’s core principles.

What Are Popular Instagram Aesthetics?

Some of the popular Instagram aesthetics used by influencers include black and white themes, minimalistic aesthetics, bright colors, singular colors, pasters, warm, boho themes, and transition.

How To Create A Beautiful Instagram Aesthetic: Step-By-Step Instructions

These days, your Instagram feed essentially serves as a combined CV, portfolio, and website.

A compelling Instagram aesthetic may make the difference between a visitor clicking follow or clicking away when you only have a few seconds to establish yourself and explain your worth.

Do you want to know how to expand your community and leave a lasting impression? Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1. Establish your brand identity

People should be able to tell who you are by your Instagram aesthetic just by looking at it. It is crucial to establish your brand personality up front for this reason.

Who are you as a brand? What distinguishes you from your rivals?

Since this phase requires developing your unique brand, it is significantly simpler for content creators.

Since you already have a strong understanding of who you are, the main challenge is choosing how to communicate it through your Instagram feed.

Below is a list of questions and concerns to assist you in this process:

  • Who is your intended market? Creating your brand’s design becomes second nature when you know the audience your content is intended to reach.
  • What are your main principles? The varied priorities influence the general appearance and feel of many brands on Instagram. It doesn’t have to be overt; instead, it can be seen in the colors chosen, the topics covered, and any messaging communicated through stylized text posts.
  • What does the brand image covey? Does your company prefer to maintain a joyful, relaxed atmosphere? Or elegant and minimal? Do you speak informally or in a prepared, official tone?

These questions can all define the “feel” you’re aiming for.

Screenshot 2023 03 15 at 6.12.54 PM

For instance, the bright, bold, and playful attitude of Colorpop Cosmetics is evident in the brand’s Instagram design.

Photos with vivid eye makeup, close-ups of the lips, and attractive background colors highlight the brand’s playful and inventive personality.

Step 2. Establish a visual identity that reflects the brand

It’s time to decide which visuals convey your brand’s personality most effectively.

This doesn’t have to be a meticulous process, but having a general notion of the visual identity you want to uphold can help you develop your Instagram aesthetic.

For instance, you may match your brand’s sophisticated and understated style with a simple, bright, and clean visual identity.

Nonetheless, a rich and opulent visual identity may be more appropriate for a classy and exclusive brand personality.

IMG 7778

A colorful and strong visual identity sometimes defines a vibrant and creative brand personality. However, you could more effectively link a calm and pleasing visual design to a soothing and balanced brand personality.

IMG 7766

With the help of these visual concepts, establish an overall description of the visual identity that would best represent your brand.

As a result, you’ll be better able to choose the colors and other visual components you want to use for your Instagram aesthetic.

The ultimate aim is to establish a connection with your target market and customers. So, understanding the content, your audience most closely associates with is a crucial component of aesthetic development.

IMG 7764

To understand the direction of your theme, do some research on your rivals and the accounts that the members of your demographic now follow.

Create a Pinterest board to get ideas and start developing your theme visually. You can enter terms that pertain to your brand into Pinterest, which functions like a Google search engine.

Step 3. Make smart color choices

The single most crucial element in developing a distinctive Instagram look for your brand is color.

The appropriate color scheme can faithfully convey your brand’s visual identity on Instagram, just as the right colors assist in establishing your brand. Thus, it’s crucial to choose colors carefully.

IMG 7774
IMG 7770

Often, firms’ Instagram aesthetics can use their logo’s color scheme. If your brand’s colors already embody its personality, choosing this option is simple.

Apply the colors you’ve chosen to your content after choosing them; choose a specific tone or color scheme to adhere to.

You’ll see how your Instagram feed begins to look more unified once you start doing this. A consistent color scheme is visually appealing and unifies your page, even if the content of each post differs slightly.

After 90 seconds of first sighting a brand, consumers make a judgment about it, and color can account for up to 90% of that judgment.

Verify that your brand’s colors influence the tone of your overall brand.

It’s time to get a color guide for your brand if one doesn’t already exist.

Select a limited palette of colors—six or fewer—that you can use consistently throughout your material.

IMG 7773
IMG 7772

While creating content, whether it takes the shape of a picture, a video, or a text piece, always keep this palette in mind.

To maintain a consistent style across Instagram posts, make sure at least one of your chosen colors is visible in your post.

The grid structure should be mapped out as another key component in your style guide for Instagram aesthetics.

You can keep a unified visual style immediately apparent to visitors to your website by planning how your Instagram grid will appear. Your postings will remain structured and consistent with your brand’s visual style thanks to the coherent look it creates.

You have many options for grid styles, whether you want something straightforward like a checkerboard or something more intricate like a jigsaw pattern.

Choose a design element that works for your brand, and include it in your style guide.

Step 4. Establish Templates for consistent design

It may be difficult to strictly adhere to all the rules even with a good brand style guide.

Moreover, variations from your brand’s aesthetic can cause your Instagram aesthetic to be inconsistent.

For better design consistency, it is advantageous to have a template that you can quickly follow and modify.

IMG 7768
IMG 7769

Your text-based posts and Instagram Stories should all have themes already created for them. By doing this, you’ll be able to make original visuals and text posts that look the same across your Instagram profile and Stories.

Step 5. Expand beyond your feed

Your Instagram look isn’t just determined by your main Feed, even though it might be the most conspicuously apparent.

Your profile photo, Stories, and even Highlights should all reflect your aesthetic, which should go beyond your Feed.

While templates should cover you for Instagram Stories, don’t pass up the opportunity to make Highlight covers that neatly match your brand’s designs.

You could have various Highlights to categorize your Stories. Make sure the covers for each category match the others visually.

3 Best Tools To Help You Create Engaging Instagram Aesthetics

Having a design tool on hand will help streamline your workflow when you’re revising numerous posts every week that adhere to the same theme.

Preset filters, color schemes, and visual elements are only a few of the capabilities these programs use, but if you have a complex theme to uphold, some of these applications also come with more sophisticated functions like video editing and layout previews.

The following are our top three picks for photo editing for Instagram themes.

1. Canva

You may be familiar with Canva as a simple and cost-free way to make graphics, but it also has the potential to be a potent picture editor for creating your Instagram aesthetics.

Add forms, textures, and text to your photographs for more artistic themes that combine graphic art and imagery.

With the help of the picture editor, you can import your image and alter it by changing the levels, adding filters, and other special effects to give every piece of content a style that is distinctively your brand.

2. Adobe Photoshop

The most popular photo editing program, Photoshop, is very effective at producing Instagram themes.

Photoshop is excellent for quick batch processing identical edits over several photos due to its infinite editing, filter, and adjustment possibilities.

You’ll also improve your workflow by using Photoshop to adjust an image’s arrangement, backdrop, and other unnecessary elements without using a different editing program to add a filter.


Due to its powerful editing capabilities and lack of the need for Photoshop’s full arsenal of tools, this program is one of the most popular photo editing tools for photographers.

You can help yourself to the plethora of VSCO’s templates to rapidly create an Instagram aesthetic if you’re in a rush.

The same presets can be used for the video if it will be part of your Instagram content schedule so that every square of material, regardless of format, flows into the next.

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Wrapping Up

Instagram marketing involves more than just data.

Due to social media being the most visually appealing channel available today, the content you upload and how it appears directly impact engagement, subscribers, and how your company is perceived online.

Your brand can better advertise a product, communicate a business model, or carry out a campaign using a consistent Instagram theme.

In addition to using colors and filters to create stunning themes, you can also use a fun, cohesive style to halt your followers’ scrolling.

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