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Jon Dykstra: How He’s Become So Successful

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Blogging and niche website operation is a tough industry to break into, especially nowadays.

If you dream of generating enough passive income to retire, you need to emulate the best of the best – that means learning about and learning from Jon Dykstra.

But who is Jon Dykstra, what does he do, and how did he become so successful?

Let’s look at this successful entrepreneur’s career, examine his stellar blogging course, and see if that course is right for you.

Who is Jon Dykstra?

Jon Dykstra is an online entrepreneur and niche website builder.

Since 2012, Dykstra has successfully published niche websites for a variety of topics and for many different audiences.

Dykstra began his efforts in 2009 by publishing entertaining and informational content through different sites to generate ad revenue.

Over time, he built up his knowledge of the niche website and advertising industries.

More recently, Dykstra released a primary site called Fat Stacks to share his knowledge and techniques with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

What Does Jon Dykstra Do?

Dykstra owns and operates a variety of niche sites for different markets and target audiences.

Many of these earn thousands of dollars each month through ad revenue, affiliate partnerships, link building, and other methods.

In addition, Dykstra regularly adds content to his Fat Stacks blog and mini-courses.

How Jon Dykstra Makes $50k Per Month

Dykstra is perhaps best known in the web entrepreneur arena because he makes truly staggering amounts of money each month.

He says several of his websites pull in tens of thousands of dollars individually.

Though exact numbers are necessarily hard to come by, many estimate that Dykstra makes approximately $50,000 per month (on the low side).


According to Dykstra himself, it’s through creating effective, high-ranking niche websites for specific audiences or target consumers.

He then makes money from advertisements to those audiences on his sites.

Notably, Dykstra does not rely on many other niche website income-generating techniques, like link building.

What is Fat Stacks?

Fat Stacks, put simply, is a blogging class broken down into several “mini” courses.

It also includes access to the Fat Stacks forum, where you can collaborate and communicate with other niche website owners and operators, as well as Jon Dykstra himself from time to time.

The broader Fat Stacks site behind the blogging class is Dykstra’s personal blog, which he regularly updates with tips, tricks, and successful website strategies.

What’s Included in the Jon Dykstra Bundle and Forum?

The Jon Dykstra Fat Stacks Blogging Course includes access to:

  • The Jon Dykstra Bundle, which includes 13 mini-courses
  • The Jon Dykstra Bonus, which includes forum access

Let’s start with breaking down the Bundle.

It includes 13 distinct classes, covering topics such as long-tail keywords, display ads, niche potential, a natural link-building formula used by Fat Stacks, and more.

Courses are fairly easy to work through from start to finish, especially if you begin with the newly added “Start Here” module: perfect for beginners.

Helpfully, the Bundle includes a timeline and logical order in which you should proceed through the courses.

That said, the Bundle includes classes that may not be immediately relevant or helpful to you depending on where you are in the website building process.

However, throughout website ideation and creation, odds are you’ll find every class at least somewhat useful.

For example, the “Niche and Domain Selection” course is more useful at the beginning of the process.

The “On-Site SEO Deep Dive” course, on the other hand, is better after you’ve already chosen a niche and begun website creation.  

The other half of the Fat Stacks offer is forum access.

Fortunately, the forum is extremely popular and active; you don’t need to worry about running into an empty forum post list when you access this part of the site.

It’s a fantastic resource for newcomers to website ownership and operation.

On the Fat Stacks forum, you can encounter:

  • Successful business owners with many years of experience
  • Newcomers to niche website creation
  • Everyone in between

The forum is a top-tier opportunity to get to know people who have the same goals as you and brainstorm with others on the same journey.

Is Jon Dykstra’s Blogging Course Worth It?

an image showing a cutout of jon dykstra against a background with the blogging tips logo on it

The million-dollar question, of course, is whether Fat Stacks is truly worth it in the long run.

That depends on your goals and what you’re looking for in an educational experience.

Dykstra’s blogging course is a perfect fit if you want to know the ins and outs of operating a successful niche website.

Furthermore, it’s a great place to learn more about related topics like search engine optimization/SEO, website creation and design, and everything in between.

But it’s important to remember that the blogging course is not a one-stop-shop for every possible blogging question you may have.

For example, it doesn’t teach you how to start a successful blog from scratch or how to get results quickly.

Yet even with those limitations, Dykstra’s blogging course is a worthwhile and highly valuable resource from start to finish.

If you’re looking to get into niche website operation and passive income generation, Fat Stacks could be just the ticket to success you’ve been looking for.

Pros of Jon’s Blogging Course

  • Dykstra’s advice is practical and to the point, and he doesn’t sugarcoat his strategies by claiming you’ll make millions of dollars in a year.
  • Dykstra regularly updates the courses with new modules and materials. Many of his newer insights come from his modern business endeavors.
  • The forum, as mentioned, is highly valuable and perfect for asking questions or seeking a deeper understanding of module topics.
  • Dykstra offers a 30-day guarantee if you want to try the course.
  • Dykstra responds to emails fairly quickly, and he seems to be quite personable and friendly.

Cons of Jon’s Blogging Course

  • The course can seem a bit too advanced from time to time.
    You may need to go back to previous modules every once in a while to refresh your memory.
  • Some of Dykstra’s techniques require you to have some income or success to implement properly.
    Many of his strategies in the Affiliate Marketing module, for instance, require you to purchase software that costs many hundreds of dollars.

Is it Worth it or Not?

At the end of the day, Dykstra’s Fat Stacks blogging course and forum are ideal if:

  • You’re a beginner to niche website operation and want to know how to make a passive income.
  • You’re already an experienced blogger but want to know extra techniques or greater SEO mastery.
  • You want to build up to a sustainable passive income model like Dykstra.

How To Build a No Link Building Site

Many of Dykstra’s tips come from the perspective of creating a successful niche site without relying too much on link building.

You can create successful no link building sites by:

  • Producing a ton of compelling, high-converting content, like blog posts, guides, and tutorials
  • Targeting low competition keywords so specific users find your site instead of more generalized competitors
  • Avoiding or ignoring social media marketing in favor of directly engaging with the Google algorithm
  • Monetizing your site with advertisements over time

Wrapping Up

Jon Dykstra has made a major name for himself in the website building and advertising space, and for a good reason.

He’s mastered niche website creation, operation, and optimization – and you can learn how he did all that by taking his blogging course.

If you’ve already tried the course, let us know what you thought and comment below!

Or contact us today for further advice and course recommendations.

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