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Jon Morrow: Writer, Blogger, and Global Inspiration

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Have you come across Jon Morrow’s articles and courses while researching making money online?

Are you curious about who he is and what he does? We had many users send us the same questions.

Jon Morrow is one of the most popular influencers in the writer-blogger-make-money-online domain.

There’s no way you’ll research any of these niches individually or together without coming across some of his works.

So your curiosity is understandable.

In this article, I shed more light on who Jon Morrow is and other pertinent information about his works. 

Who is Jon Morrow?

Jon, aka Mr. Blogger, has gained prominence throughout the last few years, not just for his skills but for his ability to inspire hope.

He’s one of those “Jack of many trades” personalities with mastery in many domains, including construction, blogging, software development, and online marketing.

Jon is an entrepreneur at heart, though. At 12 years old, he was creating video games. He also partnered with his dad to build a real estate portfolio worth $50 million. He lost most of his money in the real estate crash of 2008.

Though he doesn’t write specific blog posts for entrepreneurs, you can pick many business and sales strategies from him.

He’s now focused on helping people achieve their dreams through writing and his courses. He has worked with some of the biggest online platforms and companies as a writer cum editor, including Kissmetrics and Copyblogger. 

What Does Jon Morrow Do?

Jon Morrow is the owner and chief executive officer of Smart Blogger (SB). SB is one of the most popular websites teaching people how to get paid to write and generally make money online.

Asides from writing blogs, he hosts different webinars every month. He also has a series of courses, such as Freedom Machine and Guest Blogging by Jon Morrow.

SB has over 300k email subscribers and about 4 million monthly readers. The blog earns him more than $100k every month.

Jon also takes on some public speaking engagements occasionally. He brands himself as a specialist in four major domains: online marketing, social media, blogging, and creating viral content.

What is Jon Morrow’s Story?

Jon’s story is truly astounding, inspiring many to be a blogger. It’s a story that embodies perseverance, grit, vision, and not bowing down to adversity.

Jon was born with a sickness, spinal muscular atrophy, with no cure. The doctor pronounced that he was going to die soon. In true prophetic style, Jon’s life has been a story of overcoming health issues that should have otherwise ended his life.

Over the years, he has gotten pneumonia 16 times and has come through every single time. In 2016, he had a serious accident, which left him on the treatment table for over a month.

Working at Copyblogger for Free

His condition requires regular medical attention. In the United States, this cost him about $120,000 per year. Medicaid covered his hospital bills.

There was a caveat, though. He could not earn more than $700. If he did, he would have lost his medical coverage. A benevolent jail, if you ask me.

Jon sought to fix this by working. He eventually got one with Copyblogger but asked to work for free so that he did not earn above the $700 Medicaid limit.

After two years at Copyblogger, he started a consulting practice for online content.

As a favor for not earning a salary during his time at Copyblogger, the company helped him to fill his client list by allowing him to reach the website’s 50,000 readers.

Within a month, he was earning $10K per month.

Moving to Mexico

He hasn’t looked back since then. He initially moved to Mexico after setting up his own company to reduce his health expenses.  

Since moving to Mexico, he has started and failed at three blogs before SB’s success. What a story! Now, he lives in Austin, Texas.

Jon Morrow Course

Jon runs his courses on SB. Some of his courses include Guest Blogging, Freedom Machine, and Freelance Accelerator. We’ll review two of his below: Freedom Machine and Freelance Accelerator.

Freedom Machine

The Freedom Machine by Jon Morrow promises to show buyers how to start making at least $1000 monthly in passive income from blogging.

The course is perhaps the best way to learn blogging from Jon Morrow.

In particular, you’ll learn how to use the same system Jon used to generate over $100k monthly in passive income and get solid leads without spending a dime.

Thinking of starting a blog? This course is for anyone who wants to generate passive income for themselves through blogging.

Freelance Accelerator

If you’re interested in building a freelance writing career, then the Freelance Accelerator course is for you.

It promises to help you earn between $2-5K monthly. According to SB, more than 1,500 new freelance writers are earning this amount.

While the first part of the course is free, you must make an accountability deposit of $250 and complete the course challenge to get a refund. The challenge involves writing three unplagiarized pieces of content. Easy, yeah?

What is Jon Morrow’s Net Worth?

There are conflicting reports about Jon Morrow’s net worth. Some say he’s worth $18 million, and others put his net worth around $5 million.

He says he earns $100k per month. That’s about $1.1 million per year. We have no insight into how much he’s paid for speaking engagements.

Then you also have to factor in the value of SmartBlogger and all his other assets, like his beachfront condo.

So, give or take, I can see it being around that $5-8 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I’ve answered some additional questions regarding Jon Morrow.

How Old is Jon Morrow?

His date of birth is not exactly public, but the Yahoo Life story published about him in 2019 puts his age at 36.

From then to now, it has been about four years. Therefore, Jon Morrow is about 40 years old.

Is Jon Morrow Disabled?

Jon Morrow is disabled. He has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This condition has left him unable to move any other part of his body except his eyes and mouth.

As such, he has to produce all his written content with the help of speech recognition software. 

Wrapping Up

Jon Morrow is one of the biggest personal brands in the blogging freelance writer online niche. He’s popular first because he produces engaging and helpful articles, webinars, and courses.

His ability to embed and use his life story to educate and inspire people is another reason he’s well-known. He’s unconventional, but his story resonates with most people.

If there’s anything to learn from him, it’s to use storytelling to your advantage. Tie your story to your personal brand.  

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