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Starting a blog is exciting because you have an outlet to share your passions with the internet.

Many people create a blog for the fun of it.

They want a hobby that helps them find a like-minded community.

But you can get something more out of a blog—income!

Monetizing your blog means you earn a passive income every time someone visits your page or clicks through your links.

Some people monetize their blog using a partnership with their web host.

This option is quick and easy but doesn’t pay off much.

Instead, learn about partnering with Mediavine.

Mediavine at a Glance

Market Segment: Blog monetization

Best For: Lifestyle bloggers

Plans & Pricing: No enrollment fees—only profits

What Is Mediavine?

Mediavine is a way to streamline your monetized ads online.

They take over the work so you can work on generating content that drives traffic to your site, allowing you to earn a passive income.

Mediavine is a management company for blogs and websites that lets creators make ad money without needing to input the work themselves.

What Is Mediavine Used For?

Bloggers and content creators use Mediavine to make money from their passion.

Instead of needing to partner with brands individually or contact people to host ads, creators let Mediavine take care of everything.

How Mediavine Works

Mediavine is an innovative way to include ads on your site or blog.

Instead of letting your blogging platform run any ads they see fit, Mediavine researches your audience.

They pull data and find ads that suit your audience’s needs, wants, and income levels.

This approach makes the ads seem curated, making your users more likely to click through and earn money for you.

Notable Features of Mediavine

Mediavine is a unique ad service, so you want to know all about the features it offers.

Understanding what you get out of this partnership will make your decision easier.

1. Ad Management

Mediavine is an ad management platform, not a network like AdSense.

Networks require creators to input a lot of effort.

It’s also not affiliate marketing, which is another key way to monetize your blog.

In contrast to those options, Mediavine does all the work of choosing ads for your topic and audience, changing them as necessary so you make the most income.

2. Positioned for Success

When you partner with Mediavine, you know you’ll make passive income.

The company doesn’t help just anyone, so you’re positioned for success as soon as you’re accepted.

They check your site statistics to ensure you’re going to make money from the ads.

They ask that you have 50,000 sessions in the past 30 days, which sets you up to make at least $500 a month from Mediavine.

3. No Codes Necessary

If you’ve worked with ad networks like AdSense, you understand the work that goes into the process before making any money.

The company gives you a code to put on your blog that generates auto ads that rotate randomly according to the network’s partners.

These ads can make your site look messy because many won’t match your niche.

Mediavine doesn’t give you a code, and you don’t have to do anything to your blog’s template or layout.

Simply install the related WordPress plugin, and they manage everything from their end.

This procedure ensures the ads fit into your design and relate to your content.

4. Helpful Community

While you don’t need to interact much with ads or Mediavine to use this service, there’s a community there when you want it.

You can reach out for help and talk to a real person.

They’ll understand what you’re going through and can walk you through the steps to troubleshoot any issue.

They also have a comprehensive blog with plenty of tips and information.

5. Industry Experience

Mediavine has experience in the blogging and ad industry.

They started in 2004 as Mediavine Publisher Network and have partnered with 7,500 publishers.

The company changed its name and rebranded to show how they’re determined to help other bloggers and content creators.

To prove their dedication to helping others, Mediavine never runs a new ad on their clients’ sites until they’ve tried it themselves.

This process ensures they iron out all the details and won’t put buggy, annoying, or incompatible ads on your site.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use Mediavine?

Yes, you have to meet their standards for acceptance.

According to Google Analytics, your site must get 50,000 sessions in the past 30 days.

You have to be in good standing with Google AdSense, which might seem counterintuitive since you’re partnering with an ad management program.

But they want to ensure your site has a solid reputation.

You also need to produce engaging, long-form content.

This content can include how-to articles, blog posts, and informational posts.

Mediavine is primarily interested in lifestyle bloggers because they want audiences that stay on the same page for a longer time, generating more ad revenue for you and the company.

Niches that Mediavine looks for include:

  • Crafts and DIY
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Travel

How Much Does Mediavine Cost?

You don’t have to pay a penny to enroll with Mediavine! If you’re accepted as a blogger, there’s no fee for a subscription.

This fact might surprise you and make you wonder how they make a profit.

Well, while you won’t directly pay Mediavine anything, they do take a cut of your profits.

For all the income your site generates, you earn 75% of the total, and Mediavine takes 25% for its efforts.

This division of assets is very fair, considering they do all the work behind the scenes, freeing you up to create content.

Mediavine is a valuable service because you don’t have to pay anything upfront.

They’re not taking money out of your pocket, so all the money you get from Mediavine is pure profit.

Does Mediavine Have an Enterprise Version Available?

Mediavine doesn’t work with companies large enough to need an Enterprise option.

They prefer to partner with lifestyle bloggers that generate a certain amount of traffic each month.

Mediavine Promotions & Savings

So many companies ask for a setup or installation fee on the front end that you might wonder why Mediavine doesn’t.

And if they’re not asking for a subscription fee, then there must be a catch, right?


Does Mediavine Have a Free Trial?

No, Mediavine doesn’t have a free trial.

There are no expenses associated with this program, so you don’t need to try it for free.

Once you’re accepted into the partnership, you start making money right away.

Does Mediavine Offer Coupon Codes?

Mediavine doesn’t offer coupon codes because all the money associated with this company is revenue.

You don’t have to pay them a cent.

They’ll take a cut of your ad revenue, but you’ll never have to pay them out of pocket.

Does Mediavine Have a Lifetime Deal?

There’s no lifetime deal with Mediavine.

However, once you’re accepted, you can maintain your partnership as long as your site performs well and meets all requirements.

If you keep it up, it could turn into a different type of lifetime deal, paying out passive income for years.

Who Are Mediavine’s Main Alternatives?

Mediavine isn’t the only way to monetize your blog.

Check out these three competitors.

1. AdSense

AdSense is part of Google, so it has a bigger name recognition compared to Mediavine.

However, they pay less, so you won’t make as much.

There are no hoops to jump through with AdSense, though, so it’s easier to start using.

2. AdThrive

AdThrive has a higher page view requirement than Mediavine, asking users to have 100,000 in the past month.

That removes a lot of bloggers from the running.

They also ask that your traffic comes from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

3. Ezoic

Ezoic only asks for 10,000 pageviews each month, which is attainable for most bloggers.

If your audience is too small for Mediavine, Ezoic might be the best monetization option for you.

How Does Mediavine Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Mediavine’s biggest differences are how much they pay for RPM and how easy they make monetization.

They pay close to twice as much compared to other ad networks.

Instead of having to spend time finding sponsors and partners, they do it all for you.

Who Is Mediavine Best For?

It’s hard to monetize a blog because you’re already juggling so many tasks.

You have to come up with innovative content, write posts, find engaging images, and update your site.

That’s not even addressing all the promotions you have to do on social media.

Handling monetization on top of that can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Why Is Mediavine Best for Bloggers?

With Mediavine, bloggers don’t need to worry about the financial side of things.

They can work on the front end of their blog and know that Mediavine professionals are handling the ads and revenue.

It takes a lot of stress off content creators to have this option.

Is Mediavine Easy To Use?

Yes, Mediavine is easy to use.

All you have to do, once accepted into the program, is install a WordPress plugin to manage the ads.

You can then check the status of your ads and revenue on your Mediavine dashboard.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Users love the sense of community at Mediavine.

They have an active Facebook group where you can make friends, learn tips and tricks, and get help with any blogging issues.

In addition to that community, the Mediavine employees are also fantastic.

They’re always available to help, often responding to emails within hours.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Mediavine’s new eligibility requirements frustrated many users.

The guidelines used to be 25,000 sessions in 30 days, but that number recently doubled.

That’s tough for some bloggers to achieve and maintain.

Some bloggers also don’t like that you have to commit to Mediavine.

You can’t have any other ads running on your page when you partner with this company.

If you already have ads on your site, you have to remove them all before you can work with Mediavine.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve learned a lot about how Mediavine works and the ways they’ll monetize your blog or website.

In case you want a little more information before committing, check out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

vector graphic showing a handful of standard banner advertising sizes

How much can you make with Mediavine?

The amount you make with Mediavine depends greatly on your traffic.

There’s no limit to your possible ad revenue, so you could make a lot of money every month.

You can make $10 per 1,000 pageviews, so you can easily make hundreds or thousands of dollars from your blog.

How do you qualify for Mediavine?

Mediavine has set qualifications for users.

You need to have original content as a lifestyle publisher.

The content needs to be long-form and engaging so visitors spend time on your site.

You need to be in good standing with Google Adsense and get 50,000 sessions over the past 30 days.

These stats show Mediavine that your site is going to generate an income.

What is RPM on Mediavine?

RPM refers to the revenue per 1,000 pageviews.

On Mediavine, this amount is at least $10.

That means having 20,000 pageviews each month will earn you $200.

The more traffic you get, the more you can earn.

Some users have higher RPMs—up to $40.

This value is much more than AdSense, which has an average RPM of $2 to $5.

Wrapping Up

It used to be a struggle to monetize your blog.

Creating and posting was already close to a full-time job, but adding financial layers made it even more time-consuming.

When a management option like Mediavine comes along, you have to take advantage of its services.

Streamline your passive income by letting Mediavine help your audience see the ads they need.

Have you worked with Mediavine? Leave a review about your experience so other readers can learn if this partnership is worth it.

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User Reviews

Gregg Witt
Overall 5
1 Jun 2022
5.0 Ease of Use
5.0 Customer Service
5.0 Value for the Money
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I was skeptical about using an advertising network like Mediavine because I didn't want to get into any kind of long-term contract. But, I decided to try it anyway. Within two weeks, I had made at least $100 per day more than when I was using Google Adsense. And, I haven't looked back since!
Things rarely go wrong, but when they do, I get quick support and always get the answer I need from the Mediavine team.
I can speak highly enough about this company - they are great!

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