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Nike Affiliate Program: How It Works, Payment Details, and More

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Do you shop at Nike a lot or simply just love their products?

You may be eligible for the Nike affiliate program!

If you love social media, have a business, or run a website, you may be a perfect candidate for to promote their products and receive a commission in return.

Keep reading to learn more about promoting Nike’s products.

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What is the Nike Affiliate Program?

The Nike affiliate program is a performance-based incentivization model for people looking to promote Nike products to their audience, and receive a commission in return.

The model is a standard affiliate marketing one.

Nike’s affiliate programs consist of a few different benefits and requirements.

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How Does The Nike Affiliate Program Work?

The Nike affiliate program works in several different ways.

Most commonly, Nike will compensate an eligible website for advertising its products.

Typically, the advertisements are ads or banners on a participating affiliate marketing member’s website.

Nike does not have its specific affiliate program, so users must sign up using third-party programs.

After you have acquired sales through your advertisements for Nike products, you will receive commission-based compensation from Nike.

Who Can Join the Nike Affiliate Program?

Not just anyone can sign up for this opportunity.

You must meet a particular set of requirements to advertise for Nike.

Most importantly, you must have a following or be related to Nike and its products in some way.

Appropriate Website Owners

Those who own or run websites related to Nike and its products may be eligible to run affiliate ads on their site.

Popular sites that may be great candidates for this program include:

Websites that discuss or promote related products to Nike like shoes, athletic gear, and accessories are popular candidates for the program.


Another similar option would be blog owners.

Those who run blogs that cover topics like shoes, running gear, athletic gear, and more are common choices for the program.

Like websites, blogs must be established and be likely to gain attraction from their ads to be a good candidate for the affiliate program.

Small Businesses

Small businesses can be affiliate members as well.

Being an affiliate member of a small business is a great way to build revenue and excel your business to the next level.

It is even better if your small business sells athletic and Nike-related products.

What Can You Promote?

The things you can promote as a Nike affiliate member vary widely.

They can also be tailored to your specific site, blog, or business!

vector graphic showing an image of people promoting the nike affiliate program


Nike has a wide variety of clothing, from leisurewear to athletic gear.

Popular options include:

  • T-shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Sweatshirts
  • Sweaters
  • Socks
  • Running gear

Nike offers many different options when it comes to clothing.

Most of their selection ranges from casual leisurewear to athletic gear.

Nike typically produces clothes for running, basketball, skateboarding, soccer, and more.


Nike also offers a wide line of athletic shoes to buy or advertise.

They produce many different styles of shoes such as running, slides, basketball shoes, sneakers, and more.

Nike also has many different brands or celebrity collaborations that are widely known.

Some of the most popular styles of Nike shoes are:

  • Nike Air Jordan
  • Nike Air Huarache
  • Nike Air Max
  • Nike SB
  • Nike Slides


You will also have the opportunity to advertise many different accessories.

Nike makes products for sports and daily activity.

Nike’s wide variety of accessories include:

  • Hats. headbands, and hijabs
  • Backpacks, totes, and waist-packs
  • Gloves
  • Water bottles

No matter what type of accessory you would like to have, Nike likely has it ready for you!


Since Nike is a sports brand, it is no surprise that they have many different options for sports and exercise gear.

They have equipment for running, basketball, football, soccer, yoga, and more.

Some of Nike’s most popular athletic equipment are:

  • Yoga equipment
  • Running gilets
  • Protective gear
  • Jump ropes
  • Sports balls

Regardless of if your site is clothes, sports, shoes, or accessories related, Nike has plenty of items to advertise.

Benefits of The Nike Affiliate Program

Of course, as with all affiliate programs, after advertisement comes compensation.

Nike offers plenty of benefits after you have secured sales through affiliate ads.

11% Commission

Nike will reimburse you up to 11% commission with each sale your affiliate advertising makes.

This rate is quite competitive when compared to affiliate partnerships.

Only certain products contain a commission rate of 11%, but the rate at which Nike typically compensates is worth the membership.

The commission period is active for 30 days after a customer uses your affiliate link.

So, as long as a customer purchases a product from Nike within the 30-day timeframe, you will be compensated.

Gifts for Promotion

Nike will occasionally offer competitions or promotional periods for its affiliate marketing members.

These competitions are largely based on sales and revenue.

Typically, Nike will award members of its affiliate program with a gift such as a gift card to their store.

These will be won by competition winners or given out during promotional periods.

These types of promotions are held exclusively for affiliate members.

Benefits For Customers of The Nike Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is good not only for its members but also for those who purchase through affiliate links.

Nike offers many different benefits for its affiliate members’ customers as well.

vector graphic that helps illustrate the answer to the question,

Free Delivery

When users order through an affiliate link, they may receive free shipping on their items.

This is just one of the many perks given to users who purchase from affiliate members.

Free delivery on eligible orders is as simple as clicking the ad or link on an affiliate partner’s website.

Once you have chosen your items, free shipping will be automatically applied to your order.


When you shop through an affiliate member’s advertisement, you have the opportunity to receive exclusive sales.

Some promotional periods are extended for affiliate members’ customers.

These sales can vary in terms of discounts and eligible items but can save you some money regardless!


You also will occasionally have access to promotions as a customer.

These promotions can be limited edition items, increased sales, free shipping, buy one get one deals, and more.

Typically, these promotions come in the form of a promo code.

To receive the benefits of a customer promotion, you must use the affiliate’s link or apply a promo code during checkout.

With these benefits, you will be sure to save money on your next order.

Is Nike’s Affiliate Program Worth It?

Figuring out if it is worth it to join the program may be the top thing on your mind.

If you are still deciding on becoming a Nike affiliate member, let’s break it down.

Keep reading to see the pros and cons of joining Nike’s program!

Pros of the Nike Affiliate Program

Nike offers many benefits ranging from compensation to promotions for its affiliate members.

Breaking down the benefits of their affiliate program includes the following:

  • Up to 11% commission on orders
  • Promotional periods
  • Gift for promotions
  • 30-day commission period
  • Wide variety of items to advertise

All of the benefits highlighted above can benefit any online presence.

Nike makes it worth their member’s efforts by compensating and regarding generously.

Cons of the Nike Affiliate Program

Of course, with positive comes negative.

Nike’s affiliate program can be a good option for many site owners, but it does have a few downsides.

Some reasons to consider are:

  • Low commission
  • Must have an established presence
  • Lots of competition

Although the commission rate is relatively high compared to other affiliate programs, you must consider that 11% is a low rate.

Also, Nike is a well-known brand, so it has gained many different affiliate members already.

Do not let this deter you, however.

The downsides of Nike’s program are relatively small when looking at the risk-benefit analysis of the program.

Nike is sure to make the benefits worth the trouble.

The downside of having an established presence is a definite deterrent for smaller websites.

But, Nike’s affiliate program can also help you build a following since they are a beloved brand.

There may be competition, but this opportunity can give your site, blog, or business a chance to grow.

If your site needs an affiliate link, look no further than Nike’s affiliate program.

How To Join The Nike Affiliate Program

Joining an affiliate program may seem hard, but Nike makes it easy for the members.

Nike does not have an affiliate program directly on-site, so the company will direct you to an affiliate network.

screenshot of the application page for the nike affiliate program

If you navigate to Nike’s affiliate page and click apply now, you’ll land on a page named AWIN.

AWIN is an affiliate network that may allow you to begin promoting products through Nike’s affiliate program.

As Nike operates its program in over 160 countries, you may be directed to a different affiliate network depending on your location.

Regardless of the network, the steps are relatively similar.

AWIN will ask you to create an account with your business and personal information like name, location, and email address.

After you have completed your account setup, it will then move on to applying to the program.

First, the network will ask you what promotional type you are applying for.

You will choose the type of promotion you wish to give Nike in this program.

Next, you will then supply information about the promotional space you own.

This will be your website, blog, or small business website.

Finally, you will provide verification information and await the results of your application.

If approved, you will be able to begin Nike’s affiliate program and promote its products.

How To Promote The Nike Affiliate Program

If you are looking to promote the program, there are a couple of ways you may go about doing so.

Promoting the program will allow Nike to expand its program and for more benefits for its members in the future.

Your Own Website

By using the website you already promote Nike products on, you build credibility with your audience.

You can create a post, article, or blog about the program to inform your readers of your use of the program and its many benefits.

You can begin to spread the program’s benefits and show your users that you utilize the things you share on your site.

Social Media

If you have a following on social media, it may be worth it to share the program with your followers.

Many people look to social media influencers for the latest brands, trends, and news.

By using your platform to spread the program, you can help the program grow.

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Wrapping Up

If you are thinking of using Nike’s affiliate program, it may be a good option for you and your site.

With many benefits, it is clear why one would want to join the program.

The only real downsides to the program are a low commission rate, competition within the brand, and having to have an established presence.

The risks of the program are completely overshadowed by the benefits, including compensation, rewards, promotions, sales, and consumer benefits.

Choosing Nike’s affiliate program can be a great way to boost your revenue and reputation online.

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