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Shopify Plus: How It Works, Pricing and Download 2023

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As we already know, Shopify is one of the largest WordPress alternatives on the market.

Shopify Plus is a package being offered as a reliable eCommerce platform that provides customers with the convenience and flexibility of online shopping instead of in-person shopping.

By providing advantages over physical stores, such as ease of paying for goods and a versatile selection of products,

Shopify Plus is a feature-heavy and personalized option for businesses.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an online eCommerce platform that helps businesses run, operate, and stock an online store to sell products to the public.

Instead of opening a physical store, which makes it harder for global customers to access, online e-commerce stores provide ample flexibility and convenience for customers around the world.

Not only do eCommerce stores help with the flexibility of purchasing items online, but they can help reach a wider audience without having to re-work an advertising plan or marketing strategy.

Shopify takes advantage of the perks of an eCommerce platform – this online application uses a Point of Sale app that makes it easy to purchase and use Shopify to pay for goods in physical locations.

This subscription platform allows Shopify to manage, sell, and distribute products to global consumers.

Now that you know what Shopify is, you might be wondering – what is Shopify plus?

What Is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an upgraded version of the basic Shopify.

This option costs $2,000 per month in exchange for an unlimited number of features.

By creating personalized and tailor-made choices that make it possible for businesses to adhere to their specific business model, Shopify Plus boasts a wide variety of benefits.

These include higher conversion rates, faster checkout speeds, AR video options, 3D media product pages, and multiple currencies and languages for B2B sales.

Shopify Plus Features

Understanding the plethora of Shopify Plus features can be helpful for businesses in determining if the initial Shopify payment is worth the long-term gain.

vector graphic showing an illustration of Shopify Plus

1. Merchant Success Program

Shopify Plus offers a merchant success program that allows business owners to increase the likelihood of potential business over time.

By collaborating with a Shopify partner in the same field, businesses can use a Merchant Success manager for seamless integration tools, manage new launches, implement data migration strategies, utilize 3PL integrations, and heed third-party recommendations.

2. Account Manager

Shopify and Shopify Plus use account manager options so business owners can remain in control of their accounts, strategies, and consumers.

Using this feature helps provide business owners with a comprehensive Shopify review, customer service analysis, and snapshot of their Shopify Plus customers.

3. Access To Liquid

Shopify Plus offers a liquid layout.

This theme editor makes it possible for companies to personalize their appearance and aesthetic for a unique look.

4. Access To Apps

Shopify Plus offers exclusive apps and channels that can only be used by Plus members, such as Wholesale channels, Launchpad Script Editor, Transporter app, and the Bulk Account Invite in the Shopify app store.  

5. Wholesale Option

Shopify Plus offers a Wholesale channel that helps businesses expand their business by creating a secure and password-protected add-on.

The wholesale store is based on the online presence, offering wholesale buyers similar services or products as you would for your online customers, but at reduced rates.

Plus, the wholesale option has a different aesthetic and layout, offering a varying storefront that makes it unique and personalized.

The wholesale store lets the customer see products that are not available at the same price on the regular Shopify online store.

By offering customized pricing, businesses can offer their customers flat prices for certain products, percentage discounts, volume-based pricing, and different pricing altogether.

How Much Does Shopify Plus Cost?

Shopify Plus, which is advanced Shopify, comes at $2,000 per month – but for this high price, customers can expect a whole host of features.

The Shopify Plus pricing is $2,000 per month or a variable fee for businesses that have higher volume and more customers.

However, with the offerings in store, the price comes down to a fair deal.

vector graphic showing the shopify fees that the platform charges customers

With typical eCommerce platforms, selling typically takes over a year, with benefits only coming between 12-18 months after the initial start.

However, with Shopify Plus, businesses can see the immediate benefits only 3-4 months after they start working with this eCommerce store.

Included in the Shopify Plus plan are the following:

  • 18% higher conversion with the Shopify store
  • 60% faster checkout
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Local shopping experiences
  • Multiple currencies and languages for B2B sales
  • Customized checkout options
  • Advanced discounts
  • Built-in AR and 3D media
  • Manage numerous stores from one location
  • Automating processes and campaigns
  • Rapid integration with other tech tools
  • Migrating customer data into one location
  • Integrate with other apps

Shopify Plus Pricing Plans

The Shopify Plus plan begins at $2,000 for businesses that use standard setups.

However, more complex businesses, high-volume entities, and already-established companies may have a higher price per month.

The transaction fees come to 0.15% to cover the security needs for this enhanced Shopify plan.

Shopify Plus Vs Shopify

There are critical differences between Shopify Plus and Shopify.

Understanding the key aspects is essential to see what plan you should choose for your specific business.

Main Differences Between the Two

The main differences between Shopify Plus and Shopify are the prices, features, and customization possibilities.

The benefits of choosing Shopify Plus are the higher conversion rates, personalization, faster checkout, media pages, multiple languages, advanced discounts, lower shipping rates, and unlimited transactions.

However, the downsides are the higher price (coming in at a whopping $2,000 per month).

The main benefit of Shopify, also known as Basic Shopify, is the low price of just $29 per month, making it a smart choice for entrepreneurs and new businesses who are just starting out.

Basic Shopify costs just $29 per month, whereas Shopify Plus costs $2,000 per month.

However, the downsides include the lack of features compared to the Shopify Plus option and the 2% transaction fee.

Key Difference: Account Management

Shopify makes it easy to manage your Shopify account.

The basic version and Shopify Plus lets users visit the Settings page to manage their store type, status, and subscription plan.

Key Difference: Accounts

Shopify offers three types of accounts – store owners, organizations users, and staff.

Store owners can use the online Shopify help guides to find out how to manage their Shopify account, manage staff in this store, manage billing, enhance account security, pause their store, or freeze Shopify stores.

Key Difference: Integrations

Shopify uses multiple integrations that allow users to customize and personalize their customer experience.

Some of the most common integrations include Shopify Inbox, Shopify Email, Shopify Flow, Shopify Local Delivery, Facebook channel, Google channel, Point of Sale, Product Reviews, and Geolocation.

Shopify Plus offers integrations possible in just minutes to enhance the sustainability of this eCommerce platform.

ERP or CRM systems can be integrated with Shopify Plus to facilitate quicker eCommerce automation and speed up daily tasks.

Integrations make it possible for businesses to do the following:

  • Creates personalized storefronts
  • Connect your brand to a personalized ERP, CMS, IMS, or OMS
  • Get unlimited test environments
  • Use predictable Shopify API tools

Key Difference: Analytics

Shopify offers analytics to help users understand their store’s activity, sales, customer insight, store operational speed, and transactions.

The Basic Shopify option offers an analytics page, finance reports, product analytics, live view, acquisition reports, 5 of 7 inventory reports, 5 of 6 behavior reports, and 1 of 5 marketing reports.  

Shopify Plus offers all of the above (including ALL of the inventory, behavior, and marketing reports), order reports, sales reports, retail sales reports, profit reports, customers reports, and custom reports.

Is Shopify Plus Worth It?

Businesses need to know if paying for Shopify PLus per month is worth the upfront costs.

Will businesses get their initial cost back?

In short, yes.

However, knowing the pros and cons of this plan is essential to making an intelligent business decision moving forward.

When is the right time to migrate to Shopify Plus?

Some Shopify Plus experts believe that it makes sense to transition to Shopify Plus one business reaches between $1 and $2 million in its annual revenue.

Although the annual revenue is not the end-all-be-all decision-maker, it can still help guide businesses as to the right time to make the jump.

Pros of Shopify Plus

There are numerous benefits of choosing Shopify Plus over the Basic plan or other options for eCommerce platforms.

One of the main perks of Shopify Plus is enhanced customer support.

For those who have millions of dollars in revenue, customer support issues, site malfunctions, necessary customer queries, and other concerns that acquire top-notch help, the Plus account helps resolve any problems and questions in no time.

In addition, Shopify Plus offers checkout personalization and customization, making it easy for consumers to pay for their products and check out in no time.

By simplifying the entire process, it increases the likelihood of customers returning in the future.

Plus, Shopify Plus leaves enough room for growth.

Although small businesses may be content, Shopify Plus offers bigger-sized businesses with higher projections the chance to continue to grow over time.

Cons of Shopify Plus

There are only a few drawbacks of choosing Shopify pLus over the fee or lower-cost options on the market today.

One of the main “cons” of switching to Shopify Plus is the initial startup cost.

If you are a new business or entrepreneur that does not have $2k lying around, it can seem like an exorbitant amount of money to pay per month.

In addition, Shopify makes it more difficult to switch platforms if you are considering switching to another company.

Of course, this is done to influence businesses to stay with this eCommerce platform, but for those who like flexibility, this makes it a limited choice.

Lastly, Shopify Plus does not allow takeaway payments in certain countries.

Unlike other eCommerce platforms that are available worldwide, this platform is not compatible globally and can cause unforeseen fees and chargebacks.

Wrapping Up

Although there are some main drawbacks to using Shopify Plus, the overall upsides outweigh the negatives.

Despite the initial startup cost of switching to $2,000 per month, which can seem hefty for new business owners, the long-term projected benefits of this plan are smart for growing businesses.

Shopify Plus is an advanced eCommerce platform that helps businesses reap the benefits of online shopping vs. in-person shopping.

Although physical merchants are still a staple in society, taking advantage of digital and online stores is essential to keeping up with the times.

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