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23+ Best Website Templates in 2022 (Free and Paid)

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The reasons for building a website can vary, covering any need, from blogs to non-profit organizations and retail stores.

Although some individuals have the education and experience to complete this task from scratch, using existing website templates can save you time and money.

One main benefit of using templates for this task is that website builders are efficient.

The choices for website templates will range from free to paid options, depending on your needs.

For example, many free templates will have basic features, while paid options include more complex structures and landing pages.

I’ve done the hard work for you by compiling this comprehensive guide of the best website templates in the market.

Best Website Templates (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

The Best Free Website Templates

  1. Organic Vegetable Gardening
  2. Pet Care Provider
  3. AweSplash
  4. Squad Free
  5. TravelAir
  6. Conceit
  7. Boxus
  8. iPortfolio
  9. Jessica
  10. Beverages
  11. Wedding Planner
  12. Newspaper-X

The Best Paid Website Templates

  1. Madrasa
  2. Shopify  
  3. Context
  4. Poket
  5. Cash4Junk
  6. Winesip
  7. eMarket
  8. Rhythm
  9. Kreme
  10. Avone
  11. Beauty Care
  12. PathSoft

Why Use Website Templates?

A website template will help you create an attractive and functional website in less time.

Pre-existing templates will have matching font styles, color options, and all built-in elements.

These features provide a seamless, professional look without additional time manually building it.

It’s easy to know the website content you want to display.

The hard part is putting that information into a digital form and making it accessible on a website.

A template can help you avoid common design mistakes, which can hinder the website’s readability to your visitors and success overall.

In addition, a professional-looking website will help build your authority on the internet and gain more visitors.

Therefore, the more people that click on your site, the higher the chance of residual income you can earn.

As a result, if the design of your blog doesn’t work correctly or looks unprofessional, you will lose potential visitors, costing you prospective income.

What Does a Website Template Do?

A website template is an existing layout that allows users to click and drag elements to design their web page quickly and effectively in less time.

Often, templates sit in categories called themes.

These themes allow you to use preset elements that align with a basic website, including navigation bars and e-commerce features.

One popular choice for users is the WordPress platform.

Here, you can learn how to install a WordPress theme and get your website looking sharp and professional.

This option also includes great WordPress themes for beginners to make your website functional sooner and look polished.

This way, you can maintain a consistent style throughout the website and appear more professional.

What Are the Best Website Templates Online?

Several free and paid website templates I list here are terrific platforms, depending on your specific needs.

These 23+ best website templates are broken down between free and paid choices to make it easier.

However, even though some website templates are free, they may offer paid upgrades for additional elements.

Therefore, it’s vital that you explore what each choice has for options and if they require an upgrade to access extra features.

Free Website Templates

1. Organic Vegetable Gardening

organic vegetable gardening homepage screenshot 1

The FreeWebsiteTemplates.com platform has entirely free templates you can download to your computer and modify to your liking.

They offer hundreds of options, from fitness and health to science and marketing.

If you want to create a basic website to start a blog, you may find a terrific template here to use.

One excellent template available is the Organic Vegetable Gardening theme.

If it’s your dream to start a blog surrounding your green-thumb adventures, this option could be ideal.

The landing pages include a photo gallery, a blog spot, tips, and external links to suppliers.

Many bloggers will generate residual income from affiliate links on their page, and this template can fit that need.

2. Pet Care Provider

pet care provider homepage screenshot 1

Wix.com is an excellent resource for all things related to your new website.

In addition to their paid online services, they have dozens of free website templates you can alter to suit your needs.

Each template includes vital elements, such as About Us landing pages, Contact forms, and more.

If you want to turn your pet grooming hobby into a side business, the Pet Care Provider template is a perfect choice.

The layout allows for many photos and directs visitors to your service options and how to get in touch.

Additionally, the built-in Testimonial banner is a terrific way to showcase your happy clients that endorse your services.

3. AweSplash

AweSplash homepage screenshot 1

AweSplash is a free HTML5 Splash Screen template through the ThemeWagon platform.

This option provides four separate demo pages that all have unique features. You can use one, two, or all different pages to suit your website.

These options include a single image, a slider image, a colored background, and a video background.

AweSplash makes it easy to alter the template so it is ready for you.

In addition, AweSplash is SEO friendly and uses plug-ins for YouTube, JavaScript, jQuery, and a built-in video player.

4. Squadfree

squadfree free homepage screenshot 1

The Bootstrap platform offers dozens of free website templates for various purposes.

A Squadfree HTML5 template is an excellent option for anyone who wants to start a blog specializing in creative interests.

You will be impressed by the modern look and fully customizable features.

Squadfree is cross-browser compatible and includes a clean, easy-to-use layout.

In addition, their extra features require payment if you choose to upgrade, but that isn’t necessary.

Therefore, you can still have a terrific website that won’t cost anything.

5. TravelAir 

travelair homepage screenshot 1

If you want to make a living as a travel agent or share in your many adventures, the TravelAir website template from Bootstrap is ideal.

This free design is responsive on any device, making it functional on computers, mobile tablets, and smartphones.

You will have access to several features, including Google fonts, Owl carousel, and a sticky header, just to name a few.

In addition, the eye-catching layout encourages visitors to click on your other landing pages, book tours, read your blog, and see what previous clients say about your services.

6. Conceit

conceit homepage screenshot 1

Another free option for an attractive corporate theme is the Conceit template.

It provides a modern look for a professional multi-page website.

Users can customize this template easily to reflect their products and services through multifunctional pages.

This 100% responsive HTML5 website from Bootstrap is the perfect choice for many online professionals.

It includes many popular landing pages to modify, such as an about us page, contact and services pages, and testimonials.  

Conceit adjusts on multiple devices, giving your viewers the responsiveness you want for a functional website.

Therefore, its adjustable features allow a small hobbyist or a professional to build a website that reflects their needs.

7. Boxus

Boxus homepage screenshot 1

Boxus is a one-page template for creative and artistic businesses.

This minimalist theme provides a sleek and edgy look.

Boasting bright colors and large icons, it also includes ten unique sections with two distinct portfolio styles.

This website theme uses an excellent responsive layout with user-friendly elements.

In addition, Boxus is compatible with the latest Javascript plug-ins, making it simple to customize.

8. iPortfolio 

iportfolio homepage screenshot 1

If you need a free website template to show off a digital portfolio or CV, iPortfolio is an excellent choice.

The basic version is free and is one of the best choices for personal projects.

There are upgrades to this template, each with separate features, but if you only require a one-page professional website, the free version will do just fine.

iPortfolio uses a fresh, modern Bootstrap design that’s simple to customize for a polished look.

It’s SEO-optimized, highly responsive, and compatible with multiple browsers.

In addition, all versions come with a resume template to craft the perfect way to show off your skills.

9. Jessica

jessica homepage screenshot 1

Jessica is an excellent option if you want a free HTML website template.

This simple design allows you to design a page that is easy to view and navigate.

This Bootstrap theme suits anyone needing a website for a side gig as a dietician, nutritionist, or personal trainer.

However, its simple appearance can also work well with foodies or travelers who regularly blog about their passions.

Jessica uses Owl Carousel and includes Font Awesome Icon and Google fonts.

There are upgrades to the basic version to access additional content, but it isn’t necessary. Many users are happy with their free Jessica template.

10. Beverages

Beverages homepage screenshot 1

Beverages is a fully responsive and customizable website template from the Bootstrap framework.

It uses HTML5 and CSS3 code and allows full design customization.

Naturally, Beverages is best suited for companies that involve food and drink options.

Pubs, restaurants, and bars needing a classy theme will find it with this template.

You don’t have to worry about digital devices when using Beverages.

It’s compatible with computers, smartphones, and mobile tablets, by scaling its design to fit the viewing screen correctly.

In addition, Beverages allows users access to Google web fonts.

This way, it’s simpler to change fonts on your website.

11. Wedding Planner

Wedding planner homepage screenshot 1

If you are starting a wedding planner business or love to plan parties for other people, using the Wedding Planner theme from Wix is a terrific choice.

The Wix platform allows easy modifications to preset menus and stock photos with the click of a button.

This website template is terrific for showcasing your portfolio, focusing on large photos, and generating leads.

The simple fonts and clear lines give the pages a minimal but sophisticated look.

As a free template, Wix includes ads on the page, but users can select a paid upgrade and remove ads.

12. Newspaper-X

newspaper x homepage screenshot 1

Another free WordPress website theme is the Newspaper-X design.

This template is best suited for online newspapers and magazines.

The layout is flexible enough for various industries, including automotive, fashion, culinary, and more.

If you need a template that requires significant text-heavy pieces with engaging photos, Newspaper-X is a terrific choice.

So whether you have a gaming company or want to start a lifestyle blog, this WordPress template can fit all your needs.

Sometimes the budget is not a drawback when searching for the best website templates.

Premium website templates can be an alternative option for individuals and businesses who require executive features or additional support.

  • Madrasa
  • Shopify  
  • Context
  • Poket
  • Cash4Junk
  • Winesip
  • eMarket
  • Rhythm
  • Kreme
  • Avone
  • Beauty Care
  • PathSoft

1. Madrasa

madrasa homepage screenshot 1

If you want the best website for your education business, Madrasa is a paid theme that offers the professional look you want.

Whether you run an online school, tutoring business, or other education-based services, the features of this theme are sure to suit your needs.

It offers a simple, easy-to-navigate menu that works on various devices and is highly responsive.

The built-in layers use an exceptional layout, making it straightforward for visitors to search for folders, groups, and more.

2. Kalles

kalles homepage screenshot 1

If you want an online retail website, Shopify also offers themes perfect for this niche.

This premium website-building platform focuses on virtual stores and online shopping.

One of the popular Shopify choices for many small and medium businesses is the Kalles theme.

With over 600 5-star reviews, it is sure to suit your online shop. It is easy to edit and maintain consistency throughout the multiple pages.

You will love the shipping bar notification for clients, the built-in smart filters, and product upsell opportunities right on the main product page.

Furthermore, Kalles offers a classy yet functional look as a great multi-purpose website template.

Kalles is optimized to display on any mobile device, making shopping simple for those potential customers on smartphones and tablets.

In addition, the video thumbnails and 3D graphics help present your products realistically, helping to boost sales.

3. Context

Context homepage screenshot 1

For construction or architectural companies searching for a WordPress-specific website design, Context is an excellent choice.

The versatile layout offers one-page or multi-page options to modify any page to suit your goals.

In addition, context uses the Bootstrap platform for optimal viewing and responsiveness on mobile devices like other similar themes.

This theme includes multiple color and style selections for the headers and footers.

You don’t need any previous coding experience to use Context, making it simple to create a professional website that adequately reflects your brand.

4. Poket 

Poket homepage screenshot 1

Poket is a great theme for beginners in the real estate industry.

This paid website template uses the Elementor Page Builder.

This way, you can easily create your website through the frontend and backend drag-and-drop features for simple and quick construction.

The built-in WordPress multilingual layout allows online translations.

So, your options are unlimited if you have a real estate business that reaches clients far and wide.

Customers can translate your website into their native language and explore your services with understanding and ease.

5. Cash4Junk

cash4junk homepage screenshot 1

Cash4Junk is a car wash website template from Bootstrap that allows multiple customizations.

If you have an auto detailing business or are an auto enthusiast, this theme can provide an excellent site for showing vehicles and services.

This paid template includes various associated pages common to the auto industry.

You can easily modify the built-in booking and contact forms, gallery photos, blog posts, and available service details.

The layout is clean and uncluttered, with a simple and professional look.

6. Winesip 

winesip homepage screenshot 1

Another terrific Shopify theme available as a paid option is Winesip.

This responsive template is perfect for building an online wine retail outlet, liquor store, or bistro website.

It offers minimal embellishments for a simple, clean design you get from the Bootstrap collection.

In addition, Winesip supports multiple languages and currencies, which is ideal for an online beverage retailer with a specialty collection.

Finally, its drag-and-drop Shopify builder makes it easy to create the design you want for your virtual business.

7. eMarket 

emarket homepage screenshot 1

If you need an eye-catching eCommerce platform that is easy to design, eMarket is the answer.

This versatile website template makes shopping easy for your visitors by simplifying product searches, offering powerful menus, and featuring sticky side menu bars.

The eMarket theme comes pre-built with Purpletree and Webkul plug-ins for simple product organization.

Additionally, you can integrate Facebook Messenger Livechat to connect visitors to your support desk.

This feature provides a personalized user experience that can help boost sales.  

8. Rhythm

rhythm homepage screenshot 1

Rhythm is a fully responsive template used to create one-page and multi-page websites.

It is compatible with Bootstrap 5 and multiple browser options.

Although it is a paid template, it still is quite affordable for anyone on a budget.

This cost-effective option includes over 175 different HTML files, more than 40 portfolio page choices, and multiple shops and blog pages to use.

In addition, this fully responsive website theme has easy-to-change background designs with a simple click.

One element to consider when thinking about Rhythm is that it’s an HTML template and won’t work with WordPress.

However, it allows for smooth animations and parallax sections and includes layered PSD files.

9. Kreme

kreme homepage screenshot 1

If you own a pet store or pet-related business, Kreme, from ThemeMarket, is a flexible flat WordPress theme for your website.

The organized layout provides multiple options for displaying products and services without looking overly crowded.

Kreme is compatible with multiple browsers and allows you to use widgets for an interactive user experience.

In addition, it uses color layer groups to help make editing straightforward and is a responsive theme for use on various platforms.

10. Avone 

avone homepage screenshot 1

Avone is one of the cleanest and most sleek Shopify website templates available.

This theme is an excellent choice if you want to sell premium items like furniture, fitness equipment, or fashion items.

It is a fully responsive premium Shopify template with eCommerce solutions.

Its optimized design ensures fast loading on any device, providing the best user experience possible.

You can also choose from additional features, like custom popups, sticky menu bars, and a built-in live search.

In addition, the auto currency switcher is beneficial for customers browsing outside the local area.

Avone also allows videos and galleries and offers premium support for users.

11. Beauty Care

Beauty care homepage screenshot 1

The Beauty Care WordPress theme is an attractive template for showing off a beauty care business, health spa, or retail skin products.

Additionally, a blogger looking to make residual income from affiliate links in the beauty industry can find a lot of benefits from this template.

This option allows for simple customization, including various service packages, products, and high-quality photos.

It has over 13 unique home layout choices and supports built-in premium widgets from Elementor.

Additionally, Beauty Care includes plug-in compatibility to get the most out of your website.

12. PathSoft

pathsoft homepage screenshot 1

PathSoft is a versatile WordPress website template suitable for dozens of different uses.

So, whether you have a grocery store or an IT business, you can easily customize this theme to suit your brand.

In addition, it’s compatible with WooCommerce, MySQL, Apache, and Njinx.

This theme is fully responsive and is viewable on multiple browsers for various devices.

PathSoft also offers over 15 different pre-built sites, and premium support is available for users.

How Do I Find the Best Website Template?

Finding the best website templates can be overwhelming.

Many factors can affect your choice of a theme.

The market is full of wonderful options for every possible use.

Therefore, knowing what elements to consider when deciding on a template can help narrow your choices.

Consequently, the best website template for you may not be the best choice for another business.

Therefore, exploring these factors can help you with your search.

1. The Website’s Purpose

One of the most important elements of selecting a website theme is considering its purpose.

For example, if you are a travel blogger, you may use different eCommerce features than an online retailer would with their website.

Your website can quickly expand as your business grows.

Therefore, you can start small and add more pages later as you add more products or additional gallery photos and blog posts.

You don’t need to overwhelm yourself by trying to complete every aspect immediately.

Consequently, a website with dozens of pages that are empty won’t come across as professional and polished.

However, a four-page website that contains the necessary elements your business needs for its clients can easily attract new visitors.

2. Necessary Elements and Preferences

What necessary elements does your website have to have to be successful?

For example, will you need a way for visitors to purchase products?

How will potential clients get in touch with you?

Start a list of critical features you want for your site and narrow your search for these items.

In addition, your website should be a digital space you love to use and share with others.

If you prefer sharp, clean lines, choose a template that offers this design.

3. Your Brand and Online Presence

The website template you choose should reflect your brand and online presence.

For example, if you are a law firm and your website theme uses fonts like Comic Sans, your business will not appear professional.

You should find a template that matches your existing brand and helps reinforce your online presence.

4. Support From the Provider

For those new to building their website, having proper support can make a huge difference in a good page and a successful one.

Only some providers will include customer support with their templates and products.

If you need help deciding on a theme, selecting one with exceptional customer support is usually the better option.

Of course, there may be various free and paid support options out there to choose from.

Knowing what comes with your download will ensure you get the help you need.

5. Opt for Responsive Features and SEO Choices

Only some website templates will offer responsive features and SEO elements.

These critical factors can significantly affect how visitors find and view your webpage.

Therefore, selecting a theme that includes responsiveness and SEO attributes is beneficial if your budget allows it.

Should I Use a Template for My Website?

vector graphic showing an illustration of website templates arranged side by side

Choosing to use a template can be overwhelming.

There are dozens of solutions, making this decision challenging, especially if you are new to this option.

If you are trying to decide if using a template for your website is the best choice, this information can help.

Explore the advantages and drawbacks of website templates with this simple comparison.

Pros of Website Templates

  • You can create your website effortlessly.  
  • The cost is less expensive than hiring a professional web designer
  • Templates are user-friendly
  • They will have several critical elements available, such as contact forms
  • They provide a uniform design for every landing page  

Cons of Website Templates

  • There may not be much variety or customization
  • Using a popular template won’t set you apart from your competition
  • The template may not reflect your brand adequately
  • Support is not often free
  • It may be more work than you planned

Wrapping Up

There are hundreds of free and paid website templates to help showcase your business or hobby to the world.

However, the most challenging part about building your website is selecting the best option for your needs.

Have you heard of these templates previously? Leave a comment below if you have any others to add to this list.

Remember that not all websites will suit everyone.

The best website template for you will be one you can modify easily and bring you the success you want in a webpage.

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