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Calendly Discount: Promotions Offered, Current Promo Codes and How To Claim

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Calendly is a calendar application that makes scheduling events and meetings much easier, but its paid accounts offer even more features and benefits and can be expensive.

This article explains how to get a Calendly discount and the many promo codes available to save money on a purchase today.

Free accounts could be enough if only one user exists, but more than one may require a paid account to get the full benefit.

Does Calendly Ever Offer Discounts?

Calendly occasionally offers discounts for its product and associated services in the form of promo codes, discount plans, and website sales.

These promo codes vary in amount but are usually valid for a percentage off of all the products online or may be limited to specific products in hopes of boosting sales.

In addition to products, Calendly may also offer promo codes or discounts that you can use to reduce the price of a monthly or annual membership for their product.

As stated on their website, Calendly also occasionally offers discounts for certain groups like nonprofits on a case-by-case basis through email.

How Do You Get a Calendly Promo Code?

Calendly promo codes can come from a number of places online.

Sometimes Calendly puts the promo code out themselves as a reward for purchasing their product or advertises it as part of a sale.

They may also work with another company or seller to offer a Calendly discount if you buy their product.

Quick Reference: Current Calendly Promo Codes

These current Calendly promo codes were operational in 2022 when this article was written.

Each offers a set percentage or dollar amount off the item when purchasing.

One promo code provides a discount on the total cart amount.

  • FAR15: 15% off any core products at Calendly.
  • SPRING22: $25 off storewide at Calendly.
  • CALIVA30: 30% off all orders placed at calendly.com, which includes purchasing products or subscribing to their memberships.

How Do Calendly Discounts Work?

Calendly discounts are phrases or combinations of letters and numbers that the store sets that tell the online store to apply a discount if you meet all the conditions.

These conditions may be a minimum spend, a specific product, or with required proof that you have purchased another product.

When the store finds all the necessary information, it gives a discount.

Can You Use More Than One Discount on Calendly?

Using more than one discount at the same time, also called stacking, is not permitted by Calendly.

The store only has the ability to accept one promo code per order so if you have two different codes, choose the one that will return the greatest Calendly discount and save the others for another time.

However, Calendly will accept a promo code in combination with a sale, so if they are running a sale and you have a promo code, feel free to put it in during checkout for a more significant offer.

How To Use a Calendly Promo Code

Using a valid Calendly promo code is easy, provided you meet all the necessary conditions before you type it in.

Make sure to read the small print with the coupon or code, so you purchase the right software or membership to go with it.

  • Find a Promo Code: Use this article to find a valid Calendly promo code that hasn’t expired.
  • Check Conditions and Restrictions: Read the fine print and ensure you understand everything required to receive the discount.
  • Create an account: Go to Calendly.com and create a free account if you haven’t already, using the “Getting Started” button at the top. Keep the promo codes’ restrictions and conditions in mind when choosing a type of account.
  • Upgrade with billing: Choose billing from the account menu in the top right-hand corner. Ensure that the correct type of account is selected for the promo code and click select.
  • Enter Promo Code: On the payment page, choose the type of billing you wish to use and enter the promo code in the spot provided. Then you just have to checkout.

Types of Discounts Offered by Calendly

Calendly offers a limited number of discounts at any one time, mostly promo codes and percentage off offers.

However, for short sales, they occasionally provide different types of deals throughout the year.

Their nonprofit discount and free trial offer continue to exist year-round.

Keep searching even if you don’t find the type of discount you need in this list.

Calendly sometimes has promo codes for a percentage off or a dollar amount off of the final sale price to make up for it.

Calendly Discounts for Education

Calendly doesn’t offer education discounts.

However, promo codes exist for up to 30% off a paid account.

Does Calendly Offer a Teacher Discount?

There are no teacher-specific discounts or discounts designed for teachers to take advantage of, but teachers can join and make a free account and then try out the paid professional version for two weeks free of charge.

After 14 days, the account becomes a free plan with many of the same features.

Does Calendly Have a Student Discount?

Calendly doesn’t have a student discount or plan, but students wishing to start using Calendly can still benefit from the free plan.

Promo codes for $25 or 25% off are available if a student wants to upgrade.

Consider speaking with your college or university about a deal with Calendly if enough students are interested.

Calendly Discounts for Volume

Calendly offers a limited number of discounts for a larger volume of accounts, including a reduction in yearly pricing if you pay for the account annually.

They provide more straightforward ways to renew plans.

Does Calendly Offer a Volume Discount?

Calendly doesn’t offer a volume discount, but they offer plans to accommodate multiple users or seats under one account.

Large organizations can choose a Team or Enterprise account, designate multiple people per account, and pay less per month.

Does Calendly Offer Discounts on Yearly Pricing?

Calendly offers a 20% discount for all users who choose yearly pricing over monthly.

This annual discount pricing is shown in the comparison chart and applies to all three plan tiers, essential, professional, and teams, and you can compare them and their features by using the toggle on the pricing page.

Does Calendly Offer Renewal Discounts?

While Calendly doesn’t offer a monetary renewal discount, it does make renewing easy by automatically continuing at the end of the subscription period for the same amount of time.

Any discounts that are in effect at that time are automatically applied.

Other Calendly Discounts

Calendly offers discounts of up to 25% through promo codes and custom discounts which you can obtain from nonprofit organizations as part of fundraising sales.

Does Calendly Offer a Military Discount?

Calendly doesn’t offer a military discount, but veterans and military personnel can apply for a free account that offers many of the same benefits as a paid account.

Does Calendly Offer a Nonprofit Discount?  

Calendly offers a discount for nonprofit organizations on a case-by-case basis with terms tailored to the organization’s needs.

To discuss prices and receive a nonprofit discount, the support liaison or organizer should contact [email protected] with information about the nonprofit.

Details such as what they do for the community, how many volunteers they currently have, and why they require a discount on the software and memberships are all beneficial for Calendly to make a decision.

Does Calendly Offer Discounts on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Calendly offers 10% discounts and longer free trials on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

New users can try a three-week trial of the Calendly paid accounts if they join within the 48-hour period.

In 2021, existing users could benefit from a 10% discount on their future renewal using code BLACKFRIDAY while Calendly offers the discount. It’s uncertain if they will do the same in 2022.

Does Calendly Have a Free Trial?

Yes, the Calendly Free Trial is a 14-day trial of their Teams account available to all new users that begin when you first sign up with the application.

It allows you to try out all the features they don’t include with a free account, such as up to six calendar connections, unlimited events, and integration with other products.

After the free trial expires, the account becomes a free account unless the account holder pays for a higher tier.

Troubleshooting: My Calendly Discount Isn’t Working

Calendly discounts sometimes don’t work, which can be due to a number of factors, including the promo code expiring, the code not being typed exactly as it was written, or the conditions to use the code haven’t been met yet.

Promo codes that trigger a discount can be particular in phrasing.  

1. The Promo Code Is Expired

Most promo codes will have an expiration date, and sometimes it’s the end of the month or the end of a particular season.

Check the small print with the code; if the code has expired, discard it and look for a new, up-to-date code.

Look for [Month Year] next to the code and choose the ones that have the current date.

2. The Promo Code Is Typed Incorrectly

If your Calendly promo code is delivered to you in a newsletter or as part of a promotional email you have subscribed to, the new promo code will autofill the coupon box when clicked to avoid typing errors.

However, if you must type in the code yourself, double-check every letter and digit. If the code fails the first time, check to see if it’s caps sensitive.

3. The Required Item Isn’t in the Cart

Promo codes, like coupons, only work for the items the company has designated them for.

If your promo code is good for $25 off a Teams membership, it won’t work if you select an Enterprise membership.

Double check the fine print and look for promo codes that work with the product you want to buy.

Companies With Similar Discounts

If you enjoy Calendly and other applications that help you to learn how to discipline yourself and clean up your time management, you may be interested in discounts for these different tools for productivity.

  • Grammarly: This spell and grammar checker offers multiple promo codes throughout the year. Grammarly discounts for educational groups and institutions are provided during the back-to-school time and many other discounts. In November each year, they offer extreme discounts of up to 60% off their paid personal account.
  • DocuSign: They price their plans affordably and use reduced rates for educational and student programs instead of giving out promo codes. Other DocuSign discounts change throughout the year.
  • Zoom: Promo codes for Zoom discounts of up to 40% are easy to find on their website or through advertisements. New customers can receive 50% off if they subscribe to a Zoom Pro plan. Volume and educational discounts are available at sign-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Calendly and Calendly discounts.

Can I upgrade my Calendly account at any time?

Upgrade your account anytime during Calendly discount your free trial.

To change subscriptions, choose billing at the top right of the website and then change which account type you want.

To downgrade a paid account to free, follow the same steps but choose the free version and click submit.

Does Calendly offer customer support?

Calendly offers multiple avenues for customer support, including email, phone, and an instant messenger function that operates 24/7.

You can funnel questions regarding specific departments such as marketing, sales, or recruitment to them through a designated link on the website under Contact Us.

Wrapping Up

Calendly helps to save time and reduce headaches, so it’s no wonder the company has made it easy to reduce the price of their paid subscriptions.

Claiming a Calendly discount or using a promo code to save money on a paid account is easy.

From nonprofit discounts to free trials, different promotions are waiting for you throughout the year.

They are just waiting for someone to claim them.

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