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15 Of The Best Educational Podcasts For Continued Learning

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Educational Podcasts for Kids

Below are five of the best educational podcasts for kids. These are sure to spark their curiosity and imagination.

But Why? A Podcast for Curious Kids

A screenshot of the but-why hompeage

But Why? is produced by NPR. Each week, it answers questions sent in by kids. Questions range from why popcorn kernels pop to why we feel pain.

Most episodes are 20-30 minutes, so the hosts do a thorough job of helping kids find answers to life’s most interesting questions. The episodes typically revolve around a single theme, with multiple questions answered by expert contributors.

The Past and the Curious: A History Podcast for Kids and Families

screenshot of the pastandthecurious homepage

This history podcast helps kids learn about unsung people and moments from history. Kids will love the entertaining anecdotes and interesting information they can take from every episode.

The hosts are humorous, while the podcast is filled with jokes, music, and quizzes. Kids and adults alike will enjoy it. At the end of every episode, the podcast fields a test to see if the audience has been listening intently!

Wow in the World

Wow in the World is a different type of science podcast. The show focuses on current events, like new scientific discoveries. It also covers innovations in technology and other interesting things that happen. Each episode has a free downloadable activity guide alongside the episode’s topic.

A Kids Book About: the Podcast

a kids book about the podcast homepage screenshot 1

Not all educational podcasts cover academic topics. A Kids Book About focuses on social and personal issues that kids face daily, such as body image, racism, and LGBTQIA+ matters. This podcast is ideal for parents and kids because it’s an opening for each other to start having those difficult but important conversations together.

Stuff You Should Know

stuffyoushouldknow homepage screenshot 1

Stuff You Should Know is an offshoot of the website HowStuffWorks.

It covers a wide range of topics, from serious subjects to an examination of the innocuous.

Most center on things people should know but often don’t have in-depth knowledge of.

With more than 1,000 episodes to check out, you’re bound to find something to enjoy, whether it’s politics, current events, history, or science.

Not all topics are suitable for kids, so be sure to select ones appropriate for your child’s age.

Educational Podcasts for Students

Educational podcasts for students include crash courses and recorded lectures.

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

grammar girl homepage screenshot 1

Grammar Girl’s podcast is associated with a website of the same name.

Each episode focuses on a topic related to grammar or writing, usually common errors that get made.

This podcast is helpful thanks to the easy-to-follow tips and tricks that make learning about the intricacies of the English language that much more accessible.

College Info Geek

collegeinfogeek homepage screenshot 1

The early years of college can be tricky.

Students are often out on their own for the first time.

Many experience stress managing their studies, lives, and finances.

College Info Geek gives people essential advice with insightful and witty hosts who’ve been there and done that.

Topics include study tips, adulting, and staying organized.

You’re Wrong About

yourewrongabout homepage screenshot 1

College is a time to open your mind, expand your thinking, and challenge what you know.

Each episode of You’re Wrong About takes something that most people think they understand and gives them a different perspective.

You’re Wrong About covers topics as varied as medieval torture to Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch.

Hardcore History

hardcore history homepage screenshot 1

Students often leave high school with a fractured notion of history.

Whether you’re a history major or just need to pass World Civ, Hardcore History has you covered.

Host Dan Carlin takes on an event like World War I and then spends hours doing a well-structured deep dive.

You’ll come out with everything you need to know and then some.

Science Vs

science vs homepage screenshot 1

Science is one of the most challenging college subjects.

Thankfully, Science Vs is a witty and fact-filled podcast that takes on science’s biggest myths and fallacies.

Each episode takes on a trend or topic like veganism and smoothly navigates the world of science to separate fact from fiction.

Educational Podcasts for Teachers

Teaching is one of the most demanding jobs you can do.

A teacher podcast gives educators a space to learn from their peers, celebrate victories, and commiserate through bad days.

Cult of Pedagogy

screenshot of the cultofpedagogy homepage

Cult of Pedagogy is one of the best sites online for teachers.

The podcast offers the same in-depth knowledge on every teaching topic it touches on.

Host Jennifer Gonzalez shares teaching strategies, classroom management tips, and her thoughts on education reform.

She also invites other teacher experts to share their knowledge.


mindshift homepage screenshot 1

Most teachers agree that we need serious educational reform.

MindShift delves into how kids learn and the changing landscape of education.

This podcast is an essential listen for any educator wanting to learn better ways to reach their students.

House of #EdTech

House of edtech homepage screenshot 1

Technology is progressing faster than many teachers can keep up.

Most don’t have the time to research the latest tech trends to implement in the classroom.

House of #EdTech does that for you by sharing the latest and greatest educational technology.

The Creative Classroom

Creative classroom homepage screenshot 1

The Creative Classroom comes out each Monday and lasts 10-15 minutes, making it ideal for starting your week.

Each episode takes on a teaching topic and advises listeners on creative approaches to education.

Teachers will learn new teaching strategies and classroom management tips.

School of Talk

school of talk homepage screenshot 1

School of Talk features interviews with teachers and other education leaders.

They share their insights into a range of topics concerning education. It’s a great way to learn about what’s going on in the world of teaching.

Similar Podcast Types to Check Out

If you’re interested in education, you might also want to check out these types of podcasts:

  • Interesting podcasts:While often irreverent, you can learn about things you otherwise wouldn’t know. Some podcasts take on little-known topics with a unique spin.
  • History podcasts: Some cover relatively obscure events and people you probably didn’t learn about in history class. Others deep dive into well-known historical moments.
  • Political podcasts: Helps listeners keep up with the ever-changing world of politics. While some align with a party, others, like Pod Save America, don’t have an avowed bias.

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