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How To Get Sponsors For A Podcast: Your Guide To Improving Revenue

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Do you find it challenging to find sponsors for your podcast?

Don’t worry; most podcasters want sponsors, but finding the first one is always difficult.

Fortunately, if you use the right strategy, your chances of landing a sponsor increase substantially and that’s what we’re going to teach you today.

We’ll explain if you should wait to be contacted or if you should contact the sponsors directly; how to be sponsored on Spotify; and we’ll list several techniques you can try to achieve this goal.

How Do Podcasts Sponsorships Work?

With podcast sponsorships, you usually must mention the sponsor’s company at some point during the broadcast.

They may give you a script and points to address and let you know when they want it mentioned.

This process may vary from company to company.

How Many Listeners Do You Need To Get Sponsors on a Podcast?

While you don’t have a set amount of listeners to get a sponsor, you should aim for 5,000 plays in the first 30 days of your post.

The number indicates you have a good-sized following where the sponsor will make the process worth it for the company.

However, you may need more or fewer listeners based on the company.

How Much Do Sponsors Pay for Podcasts?

The amount you receive from a sponsor depends on the deal you strike with the podcast.

You could look at a few hundred dollars, but you could also get thousands of dollars.

The amounts vary based on the company, your podcast, and your negotiation skills.

If they initially reach out to you, you can negotiate more money to see if they’ll go for it.

How To Get Sponsors for Podcasts

You’ll find it to be a similar process as getting blog sponsors, so go into the mindset of letting them contact you while reaching out to potential options as well if necessary.

Do Sponsors Reach Out to Podcasts?

Yes, sponsors reach out to podcasts since they know they have large audiences, increasing their odds of finding new customers.

As such, the best sponsors will reach out to the best podcasts since doing so will help them maximize their profits while benefitting the podcast.

Some will establish consistent deals with podcasts to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship.

However, smaller businesses may reach out to smaller podcasts since they don’t want to spend much on the most prominent options.

If you want people to reach out to your podcast, ensure you create a contact us page.

Doing so will make it easy for them to email and reach out, so they can give you offers.

Ensure you check your email daily to look for these opportunities and respond to their requests.

How Do You Find a Sponsor?

If you have a small podcast in terms of reach, you can’t expect to be contacted by sponsors.

You’ll have to do all the legwork: research and get in touch with potential companies.

Here are some tips to be successful in this endeavor:

  • Look for businesses with similar goals
  • Think about your target audience
  • Look up keywords
  • Look at sponsors of conferences and events in your industry
  • Network
  • Advertise on marketplaces

Ultimately, you want to find a sponsor who’ll benefit from your podcast.

If they see your podcast as a source of revenue, they’ll want to work with you.

That means understanding your audience, looking for similar businesses, and finding keywords to search for them.

You can achieve this by networking and advertising.

Spend time contacting and interacting with people to determine which sponsors work for your business.

How Do You Get Your Podcast Sponsored on Spotify?

Spotify allows people to publish podcasts, but did you know you can set up a partnership with Spotify?

Doing so lets you get your podcast advertised by Spotify, so you increase your odds of finding new listeners as they come across the ads.

If you believe you have a high-quality podcast that’ll get tons of views, you can take advantage of this program.

However, you’ll need to put money into it if you want to succeed, so ensure you want to go through with it before you commit to the prices.

Putting money into your podcast can help you make money in the long run.

As you appear in more ads, people will discover your podcast and want to check it.

From there, you’ll get more listeners and increase your odds of securing sponsorships in the future.

Reach Out to Sponsors Directly

If you have a good following but find it difficult to get sponsors, try to reach out to them directly.

As you understand what’s needed to start a podcast, you’ll realize how reaching out to sponsors can help you secure more options.

The reaching out process can work for any stage of your podcast.

Whether you have a small one or grow into the most prominent in your industry, you’ll get more opportunities by talking with those who you feel will work with you.

Most of them have an easy way to contact their support team.

Just send them an email or call to see how they respond to the offer.

From there, you increase your odds of getting a sponsorship since a company may say no but remain open to the option in the future.

Use a Hosting Service

Creating a podcast and hoping people find it online won’t get you many listeners.

After all, you don’t have good odds of people looking up the right keywords online, finding your podcast, and listening to it, so you must utilize a hosting service to boost your audience and gain sponsors.

Hosting allows you to post your podcast to a different website, benefiting it in various ways.

  • Saving storage space
  • Getting more traction
  • Keeping everything organized

Since you don’t have to design the website independently, you can make it easier for yourself.

Not only does it make your podcast more presentable, but you also increase your odds of securing sponsors as you make your brand more appealing.

Join a Network

As you review different approaches to getting a podcast sponsor, you’ll want to utilize a network when possible.

A network means a group that meets together to work with each other.

In this situation, a network would help you find sponsors while letting sponsors find podcasters.

Networks vary based on what you need.

On top of that, not all networks focus on getting you sponsorships, so you’ll want to work with them and forge relationships.

As you do so, you’ll find more people to work with you while collecting information to help you succeed.

For example, if you join a network that doesn’t have sponsors, you can learn about them by interacting with others.

As you do so, keep reaching out, building your relationships, and finding ways to identify potential sponsors in the future.

Use a Directory

A directory also helps you find people in the same industry as you.

Go through the directory, find people who talk about similar topics, and see if they can offer sponsorship advice.

Ensure you see which ones work the best for your podcasting topics, so you’ll receive relevant information.

Tons of people in the podcast industry want to help each other since they can crossover with their potential customers.

You can help them gain new customers as you build a following, and they’ll do the same for you.

Focus on helping each other out and going through the directory to contact different people.

You can find plenty of digital directories, so review the information and see which people you can contact for assistance.

Podcast Sponsors List

Getting rejected consistently by potential sponsors can be demotivating, so you may want to reach out to the top sponsors.

Whether you go with sponsored posts or YouTube videos, you can talk with them to see how you can receive a sponsorship.

Top Podcast Sponsors

If you want some suggestions for sponsors you can seek for your podcast, you should try some of the leading options.

  • BetterHelp
  • ExpressVPN
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Blue Apron
  • Squarespace

Not only do these sponsors work with multiple people, but they offer a wide range of services.

For example, ZipRecruiter focuses on jobs, ExpressVPN on internet safety, and Blue Apron on food ingredient delivery.

See which ones apply the most to your podcast and reach out to them.

Even if they say no, you should ask them what you should do to be considered for a sponsorship in the future.

Wrapping Up

Getting sponsors for your podcast can seem challenging, but you’ll make it easier as you understand what steps to take.

Ensure you grow your podcast, reach out to sponsors, and focus on getting more viewers to help you succeed.

If you have questions on how to get sponsors for a podcast and the necessary steps, ask in the comments.

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