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How To Grow Your Instagram: 12 Simple Methods for 2023

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How To Grow Your Instagram? Best Tips You Should Follow

Are you wondering how to grow your Instagram? Increasing your Instagram following is essential for obtaining awareness and developing a loyal audience, whether you are a budding influencer, a business owner, or a content creator.

Given the platform’s large user base, it can be challenging to stand out and gain new fans. Fortunately, there are tried-and-true methods that might assist you in expanding your Instagram audience and achieving your objectives.

We’ll look at some of the best strategies for boosting your online presence and expanding your Instagram following in this article.

How Can I Grow My Instagram Consistently?

Do you want to increase your Instagram following steadily? In any case, it’s easier than you might imagine.

Optimize your profile first so that it is visually appealing and interesting. Your bio should be short and clear, and a high-quality profile photo is ideal.

Create content that appeals to your readers and is pertinent to your niche next. To ensure that the proper people see your material, use pertinent hashtags.

Since consistency is important, post frequently and at useful times, moreover, interact with your followers and others by leaving comments, like photos, and answering their messages.

Finally, consider collaborating with other brands or influencers to increase your reach. With the help of these suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to steadily and successfully increasing your Instagram profile.

What Are the Benefits of Growing Your Instagram?

Having a sizable Instagram following is essential if you want to develop your brand or expand your business. Increasing your Instagram following has a lot of advantages and can have a big impact on your company.

Wider Reach

First off, a bigger audience means your brand will be exposed to more people. You can expand your audience and improve your chances of closing a deal with each post.

Also, greater credibility comes with a larger following. People are more likely to trust your brand and take you seriously when they notice that your account has thousands of followers.

More Engagement

Increased engagement is a significant additional benefit of building your Instagram following. Your posts will get more likes, comments, and shares the more followers you have.

Screenshot 2023 04 09 at 1.03.49 AM

This raises awareness of your brand and fosters a sense of community among your fans. You’ll be able to develop meaningful relationships with your clients and engage your audience on a deeper level.

More Opportunities

Gaining collaborations and partnerships with other brands is another benefit of having a sizable Instagram following. Businesses will be more eager to work with you if your account has a sizable following.

Your brand may benefit from additional chances as a result, and you may be able to reach more prospective clients.

Why is it So Hard to Grow on Instagram?

Whether you use Instagram frequently or if you’re a business owner attempting to establish a brand there, you may have discovered that increasing your following and engagement rate might be difficult. So, why is it so hard to grow on Instagram?

Changes to the Algorithm

The algorithm of Instagram is always changing, which is one of the main causes making it tough to grow on the platform.

Based on several variables, including engagement, relevancy, and timeliness, Instagram’s algorithm decides what content and in what order it displays on users’ feeds.

Users find it challenging to stay current with the most recent modifications and optimize their material due to the algorithm’s frequent updating and tinkering. This may result in lower visibility and engagement, ultimately impeding growth.

Lack of Engagement

The lack of followers’ engagement is another issue hindering Instagram’s growth. Many users struggle to encourage their followers to interact with their content—through liking, commenting, or sharing—despite having a sizable following.

There are many potential causes for this, including generic or uninteresting content, a lack of a personal connection with followers, or simply a market that is oversaturated with similar information.

Inconsistent Posting

Another element that can make it difficult to expand on Instagram is inconsistency. Creating consistent, high-quality material to share is crucial for growing your platform audience.

Yet, many users have trouble staying consistent, either for lack of motivation or time. Since users are less likely to follow accounts that do not post frequently, it may be challenging to acquire traction on the network.

Not Using Hashtags Correctly

Instagram growth can be difficult for several reasons, one of which is that users frequently misuse hashtags. The use of hashtags is essential for boosting visibility and expanding your audience.

Many users, however, use generic or pointless hashtags that do not appeal to their intended audience. As a result, their material may get buried among the daily millions of posts uploaded on Instagram.

Users on Instagram must look up and use hashtags pertinent to their business and target market to get beyond this obstacle. Also, they should refrain from overusing hashtags, which could make their content seem spammy.

Not Using Stories or Live

Instagram growth can be challenging for various factors, including users’ ineffective use of stories. Instagram stories are an effective method for connecting with fans and raising brand recognition.

Yet, a lot of users make the error of publishing irrelevant or low-quality items that do not benefit their audience. Their engagement levels may decline as a result of their story being disregarded.

Users must produce high-caliber stories that are interesting to and relevant to their audience to overcome this difficulty and also go on Instagram Live regularly. Also, they should use tools like polls, quizzes, and questions to promote engagement and feedback from their audience.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

It’s hardly surprising that many people are looking for strategies to increase their following, given that there are over one billion active users.

But the answer to this issue is not to purchase Instagram followers. It can hurt your brand’s reputation.

They May Be Bots

The possibility of bot followers is one of the greatest problems with buying Instagram followers. Bots are fictitious accounts made by automated software to look like actual people.

These bots are made to follow accounts, like posts, and write comments, but they don’t really interact with the content. The implication of this is that even though the number of followers on your account may rise, the engagement rate will stay low.

They Won’t Engage With Your Posts

The prominence of your posts on Instagram is determined by an algorithm that heavily weights engagement. Your content will rank higher in the algorithm and gain more exposure and audience the more engagement it receives.

Nevertheless, if the majority of your followers are bots or inactive accounts, they won’t interact with your posts, which will impact your engagement rate.

Your Metrics Will Be Skewed

The fact that purchasing followers might skew your analytics is one of the biggest problems with doing so. It can be difficult to tell which of your posts are engaging your real audience when you have a lot of phony followers.

Your reach might not be as significant as you believe it to be, and your engagement rate will be lesser than it ought to be. This may result in incomplete data and a misleading impression of your platform performance.

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagram growth is not covered in a step-by-step manual. But following some guidelines will help you gain more followers and reach a bigger audience:

1. Say in Your Bio What You Post About

Start making the most of those 150 characters by including information about you, your brand, and the action you want visitors to do after viewing your profile in your Instagram bio.

Include the following in your Instagram bio:

  • A quick description of your work
  • Links and a call to action
Screenshot 2023 04 09 at 12.47.51 AM

Use your in-bio link judiciously because it’s the only clickable link you have on Instagram. While some companies provide a consistent link to their website, others frequently update it to reflect new postings.

2. Choose an Easy to Remember Handle

You can be recognized and set apart on social media by your handle. It’s critical to stand out on Instagram, where there are over a billion active users.

Screenshot 2023 04 09 at 12.59.37 AM

Also, having an Instagram handle gives you a vital tool for creating a memorable brand for your audience. Imagine it as a distinctive company name. The more unique you are, the more likely people will remember you.

3. Make it a Business or Creator Profile

Based on how you want to use Instagram, there are two alternatives for account creation: personal accounts and commercial accounts.

If you regularly post on Instagram on a daily basis, you presumably have a personal account. On the other hand, only creators and businesses are permitted to utilize Instagram business accounts.

With the added advantage of being able to view Instagram analytics for your posts, stories, reels, user demographic, and more, you have all the same tools and possibilities as a personal account.

You may learn more about your target market and, more crucially, what they want to see from you with the aid of the analytical tools accessible on an Instagram business account.

4. Use All the Different Post Formats

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, declared that the network would prioritize video content at the end of 2021.

There is a learning curve involved with creating Instagram Reels. Having others watch Reels all the way through is the best way to create them.

Screenshot 2023 04 09 at 1.00.25 AM

Make sure your Reel has a compelling narrative, whether it lasts a minute or just a few seconds. Another technique to increase the number of views on your Reels is to use trending audio.

Instagram Stories allow you to produce content in real-time and keep up with current events. These can be used to share a peek into your daily life, start a conversation, or even ask your audience directly what they want to see from you.

5. Consistently Publish Helpful Content

It takes more than just being open, truthful, and friendly to other accounts to gain followers on Instagram. Influencers with limited experience usually downplay the value of consistency.

Organizing your planned posts in advance can help you post frequently and keep your followers from getting impatient. The visibility of your posts is also determined by a number of factors taken into account by the Instagram algorithm.

This includes post recency, which refers to how recent your content is; post engagement, which deals with how well the initial few viewers receive your post; and past interactions, which show how well the specific follower reacted to your earlier posts.

6. Engage With Followers

If you want people to discover your content and engage with you and your content, you need to invest the time and effort required to start dialogues.

You could leave comments on other people’s profiles, appreciate their posts, and answer questions about their experiences. You benefit your community by doing this and receive more exposure and followers.

If you see that your followers are not truly interacting with your content, look into what can be the reason. Maybe it’s the quality of your pictures. Maybe you should try to add some topics in your captions.

7. Optimize Your Account

You can take a few key steps to ensure your profile is attracting the right audience and showcasing your brand in the best light possible.

First, ensure your bio is complete and includes relevant keywords describing your business or personal brand. Next, choose a profile picture that is recognizable and on-brand.

Be sure to post consistently and use relevant hashtags to help your content reach a wider audience. Finally, engage with your followers by responding to comments and direct messages, maintain your Instagram aesthetic, and consider collaborating with other accounts in your niche to expand your reach even further.

Screenshot 2023 04 09 at 1.01.46 AM

By optimizing your Instagram account, you’ll be well on your way to growing your Instagram presence and reaching new audiences.

8. Team Up With Other Creators and Brands

Collaborating with other influencers can help you grow your following as you’ll be exposed to a wider audience.

You can team up and create new hashtags, post reels together, create new challenges, and participate in the newest trends.

9. Run Promos or Giveaways

Each social media post, not just those on Instagram, benefits greatly from comments that include friends’ names.

Not only do these comments increase the engagement of your post, which benefits the Instagram algorithm, but every tag also introduces you to a new audience member who found you through a referral and who you might be able to convert into a follower.

You may promote this habit by publishing relatable information that asks for 1:1 sharing. However, hosting a giveaway that invites people to follow your account and tag a friend is a more effective strategy for getting your audience to do this.

You should also abide by Instagram’s marketing rules and any legal specifications for holding a contest that may be relevant to your place of operation.

10. Use Hashtags Correctly

One of the simplest ways to stand out on Instagram is to use relevant hashtags.

Your photo will appear with a particular hashtag if you use it on Instagram. The folks scanning through this hashtag feed might engage on your profile if they find your image appealing. Once people discover that they enjoy all of your stuff, hopefully, they’ll follow you.

Screenshot 2023 04 09 at 1.02.23 AM

One of the most frequently asked questions is how many hashtags you can use, and the answer is that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post and up to 10 hashtags each Instastory.

11. Share Your Content on Other Platforms

Cross-promotion of your profile on other networks like TikTok is a wonderful place to start if you’re looking for additional strategies to increase your Instagram following.

Connect your Instagram and TikTok accounts, then make a few TikToks that entice viewers to visit your Instagram page.

Suppose TikTok is not part of your marketing plan; in that case, you can point people toward your Instagram account by promoting it on your website, email newsletter, Youtube, podcasts, or other social media channel.

12. Analyze Data and Adjust Your Strategy

You’ll get access to metrics that reveal the peak times of your audience’s activity if you create a free Instagram business account. Use that information to restructure your growth plans, optimize your publishing calendar, and figure out an ideal time for posting on Instagram.

Instagram also provides you with information about the age, gender, and geographic distribution of your audience, which can serve as a jumping-off point for your consumer persona study.

How to Grow Your Instagram Business

Instagram users that follow you are part of your community, not just a number. To that end, expanding your Instagram following is essential for driving traffic and even improving transactions.

Focus on User-Generated Content

Leveraging user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to promote your company and generating leads on Instagram.

Also, it’s quite easy for fans to find UGC since they may either use the hashtag or tag it with your brand’s name.

Consider Knix, which saves user-generated content (UGC) photos and videos to an Instagram Stories Highlight named #YouInYourKnix.

Screenshot 2023 04 08 at 9.58.28 PM

The outcome? Anyone who comes across a user-generated image can easily find Knix’s Instagram account.

Bring in Guest Posters

In the early days of the internet, guest postings were the most effective way to expand a blog. If you don’t have a significant marketing budget, they’re nonetheless effective and most likely your best option.

Creating a post for a guest post on another person’s page is straightforward. Ideally, you should incorporate a follow button.

Their audience is one that you would like to have, thus the objective is to offer value to that audience. Some of their following will follow you if you provide such value.

Partner With Influencers

A key growth hack is to collaborate with brands and influencers who share your goals.

You’ll gain from brand association and get access to a new group of potential supporters. You don’t necessarily need to collaborate with major influencers to have an impression.

Screenshot 2023 04 09 at 12.58.30 AM 1

In general, Nano and Micro-influencers have lower pricing for sponsored articles and higher audience engagement than Macro influencers.

In order to reach the same viewership as a macro influencer, you will need to collaborate with micro-influencers, thus the most efficient strategy will rely on your connectivity and budgetary needs.

Try Ads

You might be asking why advertisements are a wise tactic for gaining followers. For starters, you can connect with a much wider, more specific audience.

Screenshot 2023 04 09 at 12.56.56 AM

You can also estimate how much you are spending on that audience. Cost per acquisition is one statistic that may be used to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising.

Simply divide the entire cost by the number of new consumers acquired through the same promotion or channel to determine your cost per acquisition. This framework can be used to calculate your Instagram cost per follower.

Measure Your Progress

If you aren’t doing any data crunching, all of these hashtag methods and publishing to Instagram stories won’t mean much.

To determine the performance of each post, use Instagram’s analytics tools. To see who sees your material, how it performed, and who clicked a link in your bio, click “view insights” beneath each post.

The foundation of digital marketing is analytics. Make sure to keep track of your statistics and allow them to perform the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Reach 1k Followers on Instagram?

Everyone’s Instagram experience is unique; while some can gain 1000 followers in a matter of weeks, it may take others months or even years to develop their profile to that point.

Nonetheless, it will often take a few months for someone to surpass the 1000-follower threshold on Instagram.

What is the Fastest Way to Grow Your Instagram?

The fastest way to grow your Instagram is by creating a content plan, optimizing your bio, using hashtags correctly, scheduling posts, and engaging with your audience.

Wrapping Up

Contrary to what you may have heard, there is no magic bullet to increase your Instagram following instantly. Instead, you must work hard to gain more followers.

You can lay the groundwork for a natural following that interacts with you by using the advice provided above.

With the aid of a robust publishing and analytics tool, putting these suggestions into practice is made significantly simpler.

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