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Cheat Sheet to Create Catchy and Attention-Grabbing Insurance Slogans

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Are you trying to create an insurance slogan and don’t know where to start? Are you having writer’s block?

The Financial Services industry is quite boring, and many people find it hard to create slogans just as you are right now.

Thankfully, with a set of examples and practical tips, you’ll be churning out insurance slogans in no time.

In this article, we provide the types of insurance slogans, tips on writing taglines, examples of great and popular ones, and how slogan generators work and how to use them. 

What Is an Insurance Slogan?

A slogan is part of a company’s brand identity. Like its colors and logos, businesses choose slogans that resonate with their audience and how they can help.

Insurance companies typically use slogans to inspire confidence in the brand and grab the audience’s attention. The primary purpose of a slogan is to aid brand recall.

Brand recall is the ability of consumers to remember or think of a brand even when they may not need the business’s solutions or services. Growing brand recall is essential for all companies and for marketing a startup company.

Most slogans have anywhere from three to twelve words. Although, some insurance companies have more.

For example, Amica’s slogan is “Amica. We keep our promises to you. We make our customers’ problems our problems.” 

What Types of Insurance Slogans Are There?

There are different types of insurance slogans, including creative, descriptive, persuasive, business, and emotive.  

Creative slogans may be funny or incorporate wordplay. Descriptive slogans describe the benefits of using the brand and its services.

Persuasive slogans try to convince consumers to try a brand’s product or services. Business slogans typically convey the brand’s core values.

Lastly, emotive slogans try to evoke an emotional response from consumers.

What Makes a Good Insurance Slogan?

The insurance industry is a crowded field. One way companies can differentiate themselves from the crowd is to create a unique brand identity.

A good slogan is part of a brand’s unique identity, but what makes a slogan great? From our experience, four factors make a slogan great. A good insurance slogan can incorporate one or more of these factors. These factors are:

1. Understanding of Target Audience Needs and Pain Points

A good slogan captures the consumer’s needs in ways that resonate with them. When the audience hears the slogan, they think: “That speaks to me,” or “Wow, this product is for me.”

Slogans created on this factor answers questions such as:

  • Why would a consumer or user need our product?
  • What problems are they trying to solve?
  • How severe and sensitive are these needs and issues?
  • Are there others solving the same problems?

It’s best if the answers to these questions come directly from the market you’re trying to address. You can use surveys and focus groups or leverage existing industry research.

2. Inclusion of the Benefits Your Company Provides

Now that you understand the users’ pain points and needs, where do your product and service come in? Some good slogans communicate the biggest benefit of their product.

To do this well, you must answer questions such as:

  • How well does our product or service solve the consumers’ needs and pain points?
  • If a consumer uses our products or services, what is their gain? Examples of insurance company benefits include savings in time or money, convenience, comfort, environmental sustainability, superior experience, promptness, etc.

What Sets You Apart

It’s worth reiterating that the insurance market is overcrowded. You must be deliberate about differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Asks questions like:

  • How well do we solve consumer needs and pain points more than our competitors?
  • Why should a customer choose us over the others?
  • What is the number one takeaway you want users to have when they use or consume your products or services?

Something Catchy and To-The-Point

Now it’s time to tie everything together with a phrase or sentence that’s catchy and concise. Try to keep the slogan to less than 12 words.

Be wary of being overly clever. There’s no point if users don’t get what your phrase means or if they find it superficial.

What Are the Most Famous Insurance Slogans?

Let’s look at some of the most popular insurance slogans across different segments..

Car Insurance Slogans

We have provided popular examples of car insurance slogans below.

What is the Liberty Mutual Slogan?

Liberty Mutual’s slogan is “Only pay for what you need.”

What is The General Insurance Slogan?

The General Insurance’s slogan is “Auto insurance for less, the General says Yes!”

What is the Progressive Insurance Slogan?

Progressive Insurance’s slogan is “People who risk, learn, and grow.”

What is the Allstate Slogan?

Allstate’s slogan is “You’re in good hands.”

Why Did Allstate Change Their Slogan?

Allstate did not change their slogan. That said, the company has used many variations of the slogan in different marketing campaigns.

Some of the iterations include: “It’s good to be IN good hands” and “Now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?”

Health Insurance Slogans

Examples of insurance slogans from the health segment include:

What is the Aflac Slogan?

Aflac has multiple slogans tailored to different insurance segments, including:

  1. “We’ve got you under our wing.”
  2. “Ask about it at work.”
  3. “Without it, no insurance is complete.”
  4. “When life gives you setbacks, Aflac is here to help you make a comeback.”

Catchy Insurance Slogans

Here are some catchy insurance slogans below.

  1. “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” by State Farm Insurance Company.
  2. “The Quiet Company” by Northwestern Mutual.
  3. “Think easier, think Progressive,” by Progressive.
  4. “Our Plans Are Based on Yours” by Assurant.
  5. “A Business of Caring” by Cigna.

Catchy Life Insurance Slogans

Examples of catchy life insurance slogans include:

  1. “Guarantees for the if in life” by MetLife.
  2. “Keep good going” and “Helping people act on their love” by New York Life.
  3. “A better way of life” by the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company.

How Do I Write a Tagline for an Insurance Company?

Slogan creation can be tedious, especially for an industry like insurance.

Notwithstanding, following the steps below will bring clarity to the process and help you create slogans that strike a chord with your audience.

Research Your Target Audience

Who is your average target audience or ideal customer? What are their demographics and psychographics?

Any good business book will recommend that you start by honing in on your target audience because it is key to your business’s survival and growth.

Demographic information describes variables like age, family background, gender, race, education, employment, ethnicity, and income.

Psychographic information describes your audience’s interests, needs, pain points, values, beliefs, attitudes, and goals.

From the above information, you may be able to cluster your potential customers into segments, ideally not more than four. Each customer cluster will have average characteristics that define them.

A target audience example for a life insurance company may be: Male, married, 35-45, living in urban areas, with a bachelor’s degree, monthly income above $5,000, and passionate about family and leaving a legacy.

You can define your target audience using surveys, industry market reports, Google Analytics, and social media analytics. 

Understand What Value Your Insurance Company Provides

What benefits does your product(s) offer your customers? You should be able to describe and itemize all the benefits of all your products and services.

Some questions you can use for inspiration include:

  • What does your product or company do better than the competition?
  • Why will a customer choose us over others?

Are you getting many quotes related to sales but not closing any deals? The problem may be your value proposition. 

Think of the Most Important Words to Include

Pick out the most important words from the benefits and values you listed above.

For example, your insurance policy may provide more coverage with affordable deductibles and copays. You can circle “affordable” and “more cover” as the main words in that sentence.

You may also transform an inspirational quote into a slogan. Typically, such quotes come from the founders. 

Use an Insurance Slogan Generator

You can fast-track the slogan creation process by using an insurance slogan generator. You don’t necessarily have to adopt the suggestions, but they can jumpstart your creativity.

For example, we plugged the word “affordable” into a generator, and two of the slogans we got were “The future is bright. The future’s affordable” and “Don’t be vague. Ask for Affordable.”

If you adopt any suggestion, do thorough research to confirm another business hasn’t used it yet.

Free Insurance Slogan Generator

There are many free slogan generators powered by artificial intelligence. Examples include Oberlo and Shopify.  

Most free insurance slogan generators are powered by artificial intelligence. You must enter a term or two into the generator and click “generate slogan.”

You’ll get over 1,000 options. Beware, most will not make sense, but you’ll find some diamonds in the rough.

Paid options like Copy.ai are more advanced and provide space to describe your product in 1,000 characters or less. You can also choose the tone of voice representing your brand, such as friendly, luxury, relaxed, professional, witty, and persuasive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve answered more of your burning questions on insurance slogans.

What is the Best Insurance Slogan Generator?

Copy.ai offers one of the best insurance slogan generators. The web app requires you to enter your brand name, provide a brief product description, and choose your brand’s tone of voice.

Copy.ai then provides multiple slogans for you to save in your workspace.

Is Insurance Motto and Slogan the Same?

Mottos and slogans are two different things. A motto is closer to a mission statement, while a slogan is a catchy phrase used in marketing campaigns.

A motto may define a business’s core ideals, principles, or purpose, while a slogan is a captivating expression to gain attention. 

Wrapping Up

A short, brilliant, and unique slogan is a big part of having a great brand recall.

Create a unique slogan by researching your target audience, understanding what value(s) you provide, and highlighting the most important words that represent your brand.

In an overcrowded market like the insurance industry, capture more customers with a great slogan that grabs attention.

When customers think of insurance, they should think of your business.

Do you have additional questions on insurance slogans? Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll reply ASAP.

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