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Best Leadership Podcasts: 15 Examples [2022]

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The best types of podcasts help you grow and evolve as a human.

Leadership podcasts give listeners something to strive for and guide them into a position that better suits themselves, their followers, and their business.

Whether you need help managing a team, a family, or yourself, you’ll want to check out the best leadership podcasts in this article.

What Is a Leadership Podcast?

Before getting into the best podcasts, you should understand what a leadership podcast provides to its listeners.

Whether that’s being the best manager, salesperson, or parent, leadership podcasts will offer you something valuable.

What Does a Leadership Podcaster Talk About?

Leadership podcasts talk about various methods, strategies, and examples that help paint the ideal image of what it means to be and what you must do as a leader.

You’ll hear quotes to inspire a team and advice that will inspire you.

What Is Included In a Leadership Podcast

There are various things included in leadership podcasts and podcasts as a whole.

For example, you’ll find first-witness accounts and testimonials, stories, and multiple things sprinkled within.

  • Interviews: You’ll find helpful interviews with other leaders to give you an idea of what they’ve done to become the leaders they are today.
  • Concepts: When you’re listening, you’ll encounter new concepts and terms to help expand your understanding of sales, management, and parenting.
  • Testimonials: These leadership podcasts like to provide you with testimonials from other listeners to show you what works and what doesn’t for other people.
  • Professional opinions: The main reason to listen to these leadership podcasts is to get insight from professionals and how they deal with leadership issues.

Other Things You Can Find on a Leadership Podcast

In addition to the main show, you’ll get product recommendations via affiliate links, as sponsors and affiliate links are how podcasts make money.

Some of these products may be useful to you.

Courses, books, and other educational resources are common products and services in leadership podcasts.

Types of Leadership Podcasts

There are several leadership podcasts, and it’s important to remember that podcasts aren’t always free.

These types of podcasts provide you with entertainment and insight into being a leader.

  • Leadership Podcasts for Management: These podcasts focus on people in management roles and how they can better manage themselves, their business, or their teams.
  • Leadership Podcasts for Sales: These podcasts provide methods and strategies to improve sales and build confidence in your selling abilities.
  • Leadership Podcasts for Families: These podcasts focus on the skills you need to raise and cultivate a family as the head of your household.

Best Leadership Podcasts: 15 Examples:

While everyone has different methods for finding podcasts, we chose the ones that will directly impact you.

Additionally, you’ll get the best experience if you listen to podcasts on your mobile device.

If you want to know how to listen to a podcast on an iPhone or how to listen to a podcast on an Android, they have dedicated podcast applications you can access.

How Many Leadership Podcasts Are There?

Since podcast popularity has boomed, there are countless leadership podcasts.

It’s impossible to get an exact number, but only a few are the best leadership podcasts.

Podcasts that repeatedly offer value to the listeners are the ones that rise beyond the rest.

Leadership Podcasts for Management

Managing skills are important in all walks of life, regardless of your career.

Whether it’s managing employees or your personal life, these podcasts will help you on your quest to better yourself.

Coaching for Leaders

coachingforleaders homepage screenshot 1

Dave Stachowiak believes one thing, leaders aren’t born. Leaders are made.

Through this podcast, you’ll gain insightful wisdom from other leaders.

Listen to meaningful conversations about leadership struggles and expert experiences on how these leaders persevered through hardships to become powerhouses in their industry.

No Bullsh!t Leadership

Leadership homepage screenshot 1

Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be an effective leader.

Martin G Moore provides an informative, factual podcast with real-world statistics and leadership examples.

You should consider this podcast if you want to expand your business career to a leadership position like management.

Coaching Real Leaders

coaching real leaders homepage screenshot 1

Leadership coach Muriel Wilkins helps his listeners take the steps toward progressing their leadership careers.

This podcast provides practical knowledge that you can apply right away.

This podcast teaches managers how to adapt and develop a leadership style that fits them and their profession.

Manager Tools

manager tools homepage screenshot 1

For managers that want a clear method of improving their managing skills, Manager Tools is the perfect podcast.

Manager Tools is a weekly podcast that provides effective advice that helps managers improve their fundamental managing skills.

Instead of teaching theory, they provide a real guide on what works, what doesn’t, and how to execute.

Beyond the To-Do List

beyondthetodolist homepage screenshot 1

Not all managers want to live by a schedule, and this podcast offers an alternative to the most common productivity strategy we know.

Erik Fisher helps provide an alternative to managing your life off an itinerary.

Within this podcast, you’ll explore all forms of productivity to better manage your work and personal life.

Leadership Podcasts for Sales

While there are plenty of books on sales, there’s nothing like the real-world experience and stories from other leaders in the industry.

You may want to consider these podcasts for those who have a keen interest in sales.

The Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling

the brutal truth about sales selling homepage screenshot 1

Brian Burns hosts this podcast and adds a real take on what it’s like being in sales.

He brings in guests and helps provide insight on what you need to do as a salesperson and what separates you, someone inexperienced in sales and the other who is a hotshot in their sales department.

If you want to learn about the brutal truth of sales, this is your podcast.

The Art of Sales with Art Sobczak

the art of sales with art sobczak homepage screenshot 1

This podcast is so popular because it gets right to the point.

Most podcasts go beyond forty minutes, but Art’s podcast sticks to what’s important and doesn’t fluff it up, usually only lasting about seven to fifteen minutes.

If you don’t want to listen to lengthy podcasts but want to talk about sales, The Art of Sales with Art Sobczak is a perfect choice.

Conversations with Women in Sales

conversations with women in sales homepage screenshot 1

Lori Richardson hosts this podcast and does a fantastic job presenting and sharing what it’s like for women in sales.

This podcast showcases and interviews women leaders in sales and provides excellent career advice for other women trying to break into sales.

The Sales Hunter Podcast

thesaleshunter podcast homepage screenshot 1

The focus of Mark Hunter’s podcast is to help his listeners sell with confidence and integrity.

Through short-form podcasts, Mark gets right to the point in providing important knowledge of sales terms, concepts, and strategies.

This podcast is for you if you want a deep dive into real sales knowledge.

Sales Influence – Why People Buy!

sales influence why people buy homepage screenshot 1

This podcast brings in industry leaders to give insight into modern trends and sales.

Victor Antonio helps question his guests for his listeners to get the most out of each sales leader he brings in.

For those looking for more mentor-based sales podcasts, you should consider this one.

Leadership Podcasts for Families

Parenting and leading a family can be difficult, so naturally, we turn to others for support and guidance.

These podcasts provide insight into family lives, insight from parents, or direct knowledge and help from licensed physicians.

Focus on the Family Broadcast

focusonthefamily homepage screenshot 1

This podcast is extremely helpful for newer families trying to stabilize their family life.

You’ll get insight into how to lay the foundation of your family with boundaries and rules that are fair and healthy for everyone.

There are regular guests on the podcast to give their take on what’s helped them cultivate a healthy family life.

Raising Good Humans

raising good humans homepage screenshot 1

This podcast is by Dr. Aliza Pressman, a developmental psychologist, and a parent.

She has amazing insights on how you can raise your kids through the most effective approaches.

She regularly brings in other guests who provide direct insight through their professions.

For parents who want professional guidance, this podcast is your best bet.

Risen Motherhood

screenshot of the risenmotherhood homepage

This podcast is for mothers curious about how the modern mother differs from previous decades.

Risen Motherhood is for mothers curious about how other mothers handle being a mother.

This podcast is extremely perceptive, and both Emily and Laura provide a solid foundation for the modern mother.

The Just Enough Family

the just enough family homepage screenshot 1

Liz Lange provides insight into the impressive rise and fall of the Steinbergs, an extremely wealthy and successful family.

Through this podcast, you’ll get insight into what went wrong in the lives of this high-profile family in hopes that you don’t make the same mistake.

This podcast is extremely entertaining and insightful for parents.

Family Drama

familydrama homepage screenshot 1

Similar to Just Enough Family, this podcast provides an entertaining yet intuitive perspective on the lives of other families.

In the hopes that other families learn from the tragedies that occurred in the past, Amber Preston researches each family case and provides her take on what went wrong and how things could have been different.

Similar Podcasts Types To Check Out

Leadership podcasts aren’t the only podcasts that can help you better yourself as a leader.

These other types of podcasts help motivate, improve your leadership abilities, and better yourself.

  • Motivational Podcasts: These podcasts focus on inspiring you and your team through motivational quotes and stories. Like leadership podcasts, motivational podcasts will boost your confidence and performance.
  • Self-Help Podcasts:The focus of self-help podcasts is to boost your independence and confidence to feel better about yourself and your place in the world. Similar to leadership podcasts, you’ll finish listening feeling more apt to take charge of your role in life.
  • Management Podcasts:These podcasts focus on managing yourself and your time to increase productivity. Leadership and management podcasts alike will give you a clear vision of your duties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about leadership podcasts.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a person demonstrating leadership with the words

What is the #1 rated leadership podcast?

Depending on where you look, the #1 rated podcast is different, but overall How I Built This with Guy Raz is the highest-rated leadership podcast, at least on Apple’s podcast app.

For Spotify, it’s the Jocko Podcast.

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching, at its core, is leadership training.

Executive coaching creates functional executive leaders to advance their company or team beyond their current position.

Wrapping Up

It would help if you had a foundation to become an effective leader.

These leadership podcasts provide that foundation and help you to become the best leader possible.

Whether you need help in sales, parenting, or managing, there is a podcast for you.

Most of the podcasts listed are free, and maybe they’re not for you, but they’ll at least open the door for your search in other leadership podcasts.

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