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Best Medical Podcasts: 15 Examples [2023]

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The medical field is constantly evolving, changing, and growing.

Whether you are a seasoned medical professional, a medical student in training, or have a keen interest in the medical field, these 15 best medical podcasts are sure to fill your prescription for an outstanding listen.

What Is a Medical Podcast?

Medical podcasts can cover various topics and issues like any other podcasting genre.

Depending on what you want to learn and know about the medical field, there will surely be a perfect medical podcast.

To be regarded in the genre of a medical podcast, the listener can anticipate hearing from medical experts about their experiences, research, or concerns.

An excellent medical podcast can help the listener stay up to date with the advances in the industry, provide excellent related stories and serve in supporting others.

What Does a Medical Podcaster Talk About?

Medical podcasts focus on issues and concerns connected to the medical field.

These topics might include enlightening podcasts that cover helpful tips for running a practice, guidance on wellness approaches, or even personal anecdotes podcasts concentrating on unique stories.

What Is Included On a Medical Podcast?

Above, we discussed briefly what a medical podcaster might talk about, but now we are going into more detail about the main features of a medical podcast.

There are several ways podcasts make money, and many times medical podcasts can do this through sponsorships.

The price of a podcast can be significantly lowered with the help of sponsors.

Many medical podcasts partner with specific medical products and manufacturers to feature on the podcast.

Sponsorships are just one thing a medical podcast would include; read on to learn more.

Other Things You Can Find on a Medical Podcast

  • New ideas and discoveries in the medical field: Some medical podcasts delve into the world of research and will supply you with all the latest knowledge available. These medical podcasts, hosted by a medical journal or experts in specific medical fields, are packed with relevant and newsworthy information for medical professionals.
  • Discussion on health insurance or government-related issues: While health insurance policies may not sound like the most compelling podcast to listen to on a commute, they are vitally important to medical professionals. These medical podcasts help keep medical professionals abreast of all the legal aspects of their world.
  • Ideas for growing and expanding your medical business: No matter if you are experienced or just beginning to grow a business in the medical field, medical podcasts that concentrate on the business side of healthcare are perfect. These podcasts help you navigate, maintain and grow your practice.
  • Stories from doctors and practitioners: Medical podcasts can also bring a remarkably human component to stories. These podcasts typically feature doctors, patients, and healthcare workers’ narratives that range from heavy and descriptive to dark and frightening to even witty and light-hearted. There is a story for everyone.

Types of Medical Podcasts

No matter your curiousness about medical podcasts, you can undoubtedly find the perfect sub-niche for your listening enjoyment on your commute or to listen on an iPhone on an Android device.

Medical Podcasts for Students

Med students live some of the most hectic, stressful lives imaginable.

Between going to classes, studying for exams, interning with rounds, and just trying to be a person, med students have a lot to cram into a short 24-hour day.

Medical podcasts for students can cover anything pertinent to a student’s life, be it the best medical colleges to attend, how to build healthy connections with patients and shareholders, or narratives to remind you why you wanted to go into the medical field in the first place.

Medical Podcasts for Doctors

Being a doctor means you know everything about medicine at all times, right?

But in reality, that is just not possible. However, medical podcasts for doctors can offer some help.

Doctors can find stellar podcasts covering medical research issues, the newest prescriptions or treatments, and even podcasts to help navigate insurance and big pharma companies.

Medical Podcasts for Paramedics

The paramedics and EMTs are typically the first on the scene in a crisis.

EMTs can find awesome podcasts that can help them stay updated with the latest news in the EMS world.

There are podcasts about training updates, leadership advice, and even podcasts that can help emerging paramedics work on interviewing and job-finding skills.

Best Medical Podcasts: 15 Examples

Now that you know the basics of what a medical podcast covers, it’s time to dive into some of the best ones available for each category listed above.

How Many Medical Podcasts Are There?

According to a research study by the National Library of Medicine, over 200 medical podcasts are available for listening.

That is nearly 14,000 episodes ready for the curious medical guru to download.

Medical Podcasts for Students

Medical students will find sympathetic ears when listening to these five outstanding podcasts.

2 Docs Talk

screenshot of the 2 doc talk homepage

Two fabulous superstar woman doctors co-host 2 Docs Talk; Kendall Britt, MD, is a practicing hospitalist, and Amy Rogers, MD, is from Dallas and is a medical writer.

These doctors offer a “15-minute check-up” that examines the issues relating to healthcare policy, building relationships with patients, and current medical concerns.

They offer well-research solid opinions but deliver them in a light-hearted manner.

The Undifferentiated Medical Student

screenshot of the undifferentiated medical student homepage

Even though the final episode of The Undifferentiated Medical Student aired in 2019, the podcast nonetheless offers fantastic listening for the medical student.

Developed expressly for the swamped medical student to help with supplying answers and guidance for picking their medical specialty.

The Undifferentiated Medical Student, hosted by Ian Drummond, features over 70 episodes.

Bedside Rounds

screenshot of the bedside rounds homepage

Hosted by Adam Rodman, Beside Rounds started in 2014 and features fascinating stories about how contemporary medicine came into reality.

Rodman defines himself as a medical educator and loves to take a more in-depth look into the social and cultural events from medical history and how the human connection drove those events into influential medical history markers.

Sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, but always honest, Beside Rounds is educational and entertaining.

Surviving Medicine

screenshot of the surviving medicine homepage

Medical students and residents created Surviving Medicine as both a voice and a resource in the medical community.

The podcast conducts in-depth, introspective interviews with influential people in medicine.

They honestly act on the concept that the medical field can attain levels it has never achieved by having open conversations and always remaining patient-focused.

The Short Coat

screenshot of the short coat homepage

Lab coat length matters; until a medical student becomes a licensed physician, they sport a short lab coat.

The podcast The Short Coat bills itself as “What They Don’t Tell You About Med School, But Should.”

Medical students will find this podcast genuine, uncomfortable, and eye-opening.

Host Dave Etler and the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine students help coach and guide medical students through the absurd sojourn of their medical school experience.

Medical Podcasts for Doctors

Any physician will love these five fabulous medical podcasts created for doctors.

The #HCBiz Show!

screenshot of the #HCBiz Show! homepage

Hosted by Don Lee and Shahid Shah, #HCBiz Show! focuses on the healthcare business and, more importantly, how to make your way through it as a doctor.

Embracing the idea that you cannot be innovative until you truly understand the dynamics of running a successful healthcare-based business- Lee and Shah share a conversation to help align your message with what healthcare professionals need.

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

screenshot of the new england journal of medicine homepage

Known for its prestigious weekly peer-reviewed medical journal, The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) podcast features all the up-to-date medical information available in 30 minutes or fewer episodes.

The podcast episodes summarize that week’s journal publication and are ideal for the doctor that has limited time but wants to stay as educated as possible.

The podcast also presents interviews with doctors across the globe and provides editorials on clinical practices.

Straight Talk MD

screenshot of the staright talkk md homepage

Hosted by Dr. Frank Sweeny and his medical team, Straight Talk MD has no problem tackling controversial topics in the medical field like COVID, medical marijuana, and healthcare reformations.

Dr. Sweeny finds his voice when he concentrates on medical issues related to politics and public policy. Referring to himself as a “skeptic in all things,” Dr. Sweeny and Straight Talk MD attempts to find the underlying truth in all the subjects they cover.

The Doctor Paradox

screenshot of the doctor paradox homepage

The Doctor Paradox podcast, hosted by Dr. Paddy Barrett, focuses on the feelings of dissatisfaction that many have in the healthcare and medical professions.

And although this might not sound like an uplifting podcast to tune into on a car ride, The Doctor Paradox endeavors to understand the underlying reasons for these feelings.

More importantly, Dr. Barrett strives to reignite the passions doctors have seemingly lost.

Even though the last episode aired in 2016, the feelings of dissatisfaction remain in the medical profession.

The Doctor Paradox podcast is just as essential today as it was then.

This Won’t Hurt A Bit

screenshot of the this won't hurt a bit homepage

This Won’t Hurt a Bit is a perfect podcast for doctors and anyone curious about the less traveled side of the healthcare industry.

Hosted by Dr. Jess Mason and Dr. Mel Herbert,

This Won’t Hurt a Bit will leave you in stitches with their delightful and hilarious modes of examining the medical world.

It is a bit of science, a bit of history, a bit of the grotesque, and a lot of hilarity wrapped up in a quickly devoured medical podcast.

Medical Podcasts for Paramedics

Medics will appreciate listening to these incredible five medical podcasts for paramedics.


screenshot of the secondshift homepage

Billed as “infotainment,” SecondShift examines all things emergency medical. Co-hosted by paramedic and EMS trainer Mike Verkest and Dr. Ritu Sahni and brought to you by FlightBridgeEd.

The SecondShift podcast covers everything a paramedic would want with a massive emphasis on EMS advocacy.

Verkest and Sahni also take the opportunity to interview guests from all walks of life and cover nontraditional medical issues.

EMS Office Hours

screenshot of the EMS Office Hours homepage

EMS Office Hours is a live weekly podcast hosted by Jim Hoffman, Josh Knapp, and David Brenner that focuses on emergency medical services.

EMS Office Hours podcast often features guest commentators and concentrates on topics vital to paramedics and anyone in the EMS industry.

EMS Office Hours also loves to interact with listeners and encourages them to contact them via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

Inside EMS Podcast

screenshot of the Inside EMS Podcast homepage

Hosted by Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson,  Inside EMS Podcast is a weekly podcast that investigates subjects and problems important to members of the EMS community.

Blending Grayson’s experience as a critical care paramedic and educator with Cebollero’s wisdom as a former EMS chief-turned-executive, the podcast offers spirited exchanges and viewpoints into the lesser-known world of the paramedic life.

Within the Trenches

screenshot of the within the trenches homepage

Ricardo Martinez brings to the podcast Within the Trenches an experience like no other.

Martinez operated as a 911 dispatcher for 13 years and shares anecdotes and accounts from that time with listeners.

The podcast can sometimes be extremely serious and profound and, at other times, humorous and jovial.

Still, its underlying purpose is to inform and provide the listener with a proper education as to what happens during a day in the life of a dispatcher.

And while Within the Trenches might be a bit less popular than the best podcasts, it is worth the listen.

Medic2Medic Podcast

screenshot of the medic2medic podcast homepage

Debuting in September 2015, host Steven Cohen brought the Medic2Medic Podcast to listeners.

Geared toward Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers, medical supervisors, and people curious about EMS, Medic2Medic Podcast highlights stories of how individuals became interested in the EMS field and why that career course has meant so much to them.

With over 240 episodes to download, this podcast describes the fundamental reasons why people follow the path of heroes.

Similar Podcasts Types to Check Out

The genre of medical podcasts is expansive and ever-growing.

If the podcasts we noted do not spark your curiosity, you should check out the ones below.

  • Health Podcasts: If you want a podcast that features information about exercise, nutrition, and weight or one that dives deeper into specific health-related issues, check out our article about health podcasts.
  • Podcasts for Weight Loss: These podcasts highlight anything from diet and exercise to why you might not be shedding the pounds. Whether you are trying to shed 20 or 200 pounds, our article about podcasts for weight loss can help you find the perfect one.
  • Science Podcasts: If you are a philomath and love to learn, science podcasts are ideal for you. You can learn about anything that engages and interests you while continuing to advance your passion for knowledge and education.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing elements related to medical, with the words

What is the #1 medical podcast?

Most doctors agree that AMA Moving Medicine Podcast is the best medical podcast.

Do healthcare professionals listen to podcasts?

The simple answer is YES!

And with the current boost in medical podcasts available, the number of healthcare professionals downloading will continue to rise.

Wrapping Up

Medical podcasts have risen in listenership over the years for many reasons.

Whether you are an aspiring medical student, a seasoned practitioner, or an EMS saving lives every day, you are sure to find a podcast that fits what you want to know.

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