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Best Podcasts For Kids: 15 Examples [2022]

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Do your kids spend too much time on screens?

Podcasts for kids are a fun and educational way to get kids off their tablets and mobile phones while still giving them the type of entertainment they crave.

If you’d like to introduce your kids to some podcasts you think they’ll enjoy, it’s best to start with some top-rated podcasts to get them hooked.

What Is a Podcast for Kids?

A podcast for kids is similar to any other podcast, but the content is specially created for younger listeners.

The host or hosts may be adults or children.

These podcasts are often just as high quality as those for adult listeners.

Podcasts for kids may feature shorter segments, fun sound effects, and other features to hold kids’ attention.

What Does a Podcast for Kids Talk About?

Podcasts for kids cover various topics.

Many are for entertainment, either telling stories or covering funny subjects, and others are more educational.

Many cover history and science topics.

While some cover general educational topics, others cover stranger and more interesting content.

What Is Included in a Podcast for Kids?

Podcasts for kids cover various topics, from serious to silly.

Some cover one subject per episode, while others have episode segments.

Podcasts are geared towards different ages, so some may be short and simple to hold the attention of a younger audience.

Others are more sophisticated for older kids.

Other Things That You Can Find in a Podcast for Kids

  • Surprises: Kids’ podcasts often have surprising elements to keep kids interested. It may be some sort of twist or even a surprise guest.
  • Kid Performers: Many podcasts, especially story podcasts, feature kid performers. Kid characters feel more authentic when played by children.
  • Sound Effects: Since podcasts are entirely auditory, sound effects can help hold children’s attention. Sound effects can also accentuate the discussion.
  • Music: Music is a great underscore, especially for story podcasts. It can help to set the mood and keep kids focused.

Types of Podcasts for Kids

There are many types of podcasts to check out, so you’re sure to find something to suit your kid’s tastes.

While you can find podcasts on almost every topic, many of the most popular fall into one of the three categories below.

  • Story Podcasts for Kids: Story podcasts feature a cast of characters performing a story. They often use sound effects and music to heighten tension and underscore emotions.
  • History Podcasts for Kids: History podcasts feature important moments from history. These podcasts can help kids in school and get them excited about history. Some focus on a particular period in history, like World War II, while others are more general.
  • Funny Podcasts for Kids: Funny podcasts for kids often have funny stories or jokes to keep kids listening. These podcasts are often fun for the whole family.

Best Podcasts for Kids: 15 Examples

vector graphic showing kids on one side of an image and on the other the words

Below are 15 of the best podcasts for kids.

How Many Podcasts for Kids Are There?

It’s nearly impossible to count how many podcasts there are for kids.

New ones pop up all the time.

Apple Podcast’s Kids and Family category alone features thousands of podcasts.

The best way to discover new podcasts for your kids is to listen to podcasts on many platforms.

Story Podcasts for Kids

Below are five of our favorite story podcasts for kids.

These engaging stories will get your kids begging to listen to just one more episode.

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

marspatel homepage screenshot 1

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel is popular with kids and adults alike.

It’s won several awards, including a Peabody.

The story follows Mars and his friends, a group of mischievous misfits, attending H.G. Wells Middle School.

When one of their best friends goes missing, along with several other kids, Mars and his friends get involved in the mystery that points to an eccentric billionaire.

Stories Podcast

storiespodcast homepage screenshot 1

Stories Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts for kids.

Each episode features a 15-minute bedtime story for kids of all ages. The production quality is high.

We like Stories Podcast because it covers folktales, fairy tales, and myths from all over the world. It also has original stories.

Welcome to Night Vale

welcometonightvale homepage screenshot 1

Welcome to Night Vale is a story framed as a news show.

It takes place in the town of Night Vale, where all conspiracy theories are true. Each episode depicts the goings-on in the area.

The story is part humor, part horror, and all fun.

Older kids will definitely enjoy it, and there are also novels that go along with the series.

Saturday Morning Theatre

saturday morning theatre homepage screenshot 1

Kids probably don’t know that podcasts have their roots in radio shows from over 100 years ago.

Saturday Morning Theatre is based on these radio shows.

The podcast features serialized stories for kids in the same vein as radio adventure shows.

Western, superhero, and mystery stories will enchant your kids.

Greeking Out

Greeking out homepage screenshot 1

National Geographic for Kids’ podcast series Greeking Out retells famous Greek myths in bite-size episodes.

The stories are told with kids in mind and are engaging.

The series has an accompanying website with games, videos, and more information.

History Podcasts for Kids

History podcasts make learning history fun and exciting for kids.

These podcasts present historical moments in an engaging way that’s easy for kids to understand.

The Past and the Curious

thepastandthecurious homepage screenshot 1

If you’d like to make history entertaining for your kids, The Past and the Curious is a great start.

It tells some of the untold stories from history.

The show is quick-witted and features some inspiring moments along the way.

Quizzes and original music accompany every episode.

History Storytime – For Kids

historystorytime homepage screenshot 1

Each episode of History Storytime gives kids a quick summary of a notable person or event from history.

It’s perfect for younger kids and can be a supplement to elementary social studies.

Kids will especially love that it’s narrated by two little girls who create the podcast along with their father.

History of the World

historyoftheworld homepage screenshot 1

If your older kids love history or need a better overview of important events, then History of the World is a great option.

Episodes are longer, allowing for more details about each event.

Each volume covers a notable era, like the Prehistoric World and the Medieval World.

Middle and high school students may want to use these to cram for a history test.

Who, When, Wow

who when wow homepage screenshot 1

Who, When, Wow is a history podcast that takes viewers on a journey through the unsung heroes of history.

Each episode tells a story from history that kids likely haven’t heard of.

We like this podcast because it shines a light on historical figures who often don’t show up in history textbooks.

It helps kids learn about the women, people of color, and other minorities who played important roles in the past.

Time for Lunch

time for lunch homepage screenshot 1

Time for Lunch is an offbeat podcast that dissects the history of everyday food and cooking items.

We like this podcast because it gets kids thinking outside the box.

Kids will enjoy the fun stories that reveal the histories of rolling pins, pasta, okra, and more.

Funny Podcasts for Kids

Most kids love to laugh, so these five funny podcasts should do a great job of tickling their funny bones.

This Podcast Has Fleas

podcasts has fleas homepage screenshot 1

This Podcast Has Fleas is produced by WNYC, known for Radiolab and other famous podcasts.

It’s two podcasts in one – one run by a dog and another by a cat who can’t seem to get along.

Each episode finds the animals in a slice of everyday life along with the other pets in their household.

The Story Store

the story store homepage screenshot 1

The Story Store is an interactive comedy podcast that delights young listeners.

For each episode, kids submit their story ideas.

The creators take these ideas and turn them into full-fledged stories.

The results are usually hilarious, and each episode ends with discussion questions.

Comedy Club 4 Kids: Radio Nonsense

Radio nonsense homepage screenshot 1

Comedy Club 4 Kids is a traveling stand-up comedy show for kids ages six and up.

Its podcast, Radio Nonsense, also features stand-up comedians.

The show gives kids an opportunity to write in with their favorite jokes, topic suggestions, and questions for the comedians.

Food Crimes

food crimes homepage screenshot 1

True crime podcasts are among the most popular, but most aren’t appropriate for kids.

Food Crimes is a funny spoof on these podcasts.

For each episode, kids bring their food crimes in front of a court.

What follows is a mock trial with a funny verdict.

Kids will beg for more of this silly podcast.

Red School Bus

red school bus homepage screenshot 1

Red School Bus is another interactive comedy podcast for kids, and it’s fantastic for older elementary and middle school children.

Kids can submit their funny and embarrassing stories.

The hosts then share the stories.

Kids will love hearing stories from other kids and will maybe feel better about their own embarrassing moments.

Similar Podcasts To Check Out

If you’re looking for podcasts for kids, you may be interested in some of these similar podcasts.

  • Podcasts for Teens: Podcasts for teens cover various topics that are relevant to teens. These podcasts are closely related to kids’ podcasts but are slightly more mature.
  • Educational Podcasts: Many kids’ podcasts contain educational content. Educational podcasts are usually geared toward older listeners, but many are also appropriate for children.
  • Positive Podcasts: Podcasts for kids are often uplifting and help kids navigate the trials of childhood. Positive podcasts also contain inspirational content for older listeners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about podcasts for kids? We have answers!

Should kids listen to podcasts?

Podcasts have many benefits for kids beyond entertainment.

Kids get a chance to improve their auditory learning skills, which is crucial for classroom learning.

Podcasts also improve critical thinking skills and can be beneficial to struggling readers.

Do podcasts have age ratings?

There is some concern regarding podcast age ratings because there’s no universal rating system.

Podcasts are given an explicit rating when they contain cursing or other adult content.

However, many podcasts have content that’s inappropriate for children, yet aren’t explicit enough for the “E” rating.

Check online to ensure appropriateness.

Wrapping Up

Above are 15 great podcasts for your kid’s listening pleasure.

These podcasts are sure to educate and entertain your child and are a great alternative to screen time.

If you’ve never listened to podcasts before, follow these instructions for listening to podcasts to maximize your experience.

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