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Best Podcasts for Musicians: 15 Examples [2023]

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Anyone who loves music will adore listening to information on how music is made through podcasts for musicians.

These podcasts are one of the most popular podcast types and focus on music and how music is made.

If you want to know more about how touring and performing music is done, these podcasts can help.

Read on to learn more about podcasts for musicians and how to find a podcast for you.

What Is a Podcast for Musicians?

A podcast for musicians will have information about everything related to music.

These podcasts will usually discuss new releases, albums, and everything that goes into making music.

Some podcasts for musicians may discuss the details of touring and performing live in front of audiences.

Some musician podcasts may have guests, with whom they discuss finer details about what life is like as a musician and the process of making music with those who do it for a living.

What Does a Podcast for Musicians Talk About?

A podcaster who covers music and musician content will likely discuss everything related to music, including new releases and the best albums.

These podcasters will also talk about what makes a good album, song, or musical artist.

Most podcasts for musicians won’t cover personal topics in a musical artist’s life unless the content is directly relevant to the music that the artist produces.

What is Included On a Podcast for Musicians?

Podcasts for musicians will focus on a few things, but mostly on anything revolving around music.

These topics include song breakdowns, album discussions, and overall themes in music.

Other Things You Can Find on a Podcast for Musicians

Aside from music content, you can find a few other things on podcasts for Musicians, which are similar to music blogs.

  • Latest News: Most podcasts for musicians will stray from discussing personal details about artists, but some news about things that may affect future music releases may crop up on the show.
  • Tour Dates: A podcast for musicians will discuss the upcoming tour dates for top artists, including those they’ve had on their show before.
  • Tutorials: Many musicians who listen to podcasts will use tutorials from these podcasts to learn how to play instruments.
  • Songwriter Information: Songwriting content will crop up on podcasts for musicians a lot since many musicians will want to hone their songwriting skills.

Types of Podcasts for Musicians

Although there are hundreds, if not thousands, of podcasts for musicians, many of them fall into one of three categories: those for DIY musicians, stories and touring, and content for aspiring musicians.

  • Podcasts for DIY Musicians: Podcasts for DIY musicians will discuss how to make a career for themselves without needing a label or how to make music using unexpected tools.
  • Podcasts for Musicians About Stories & Touring: Podcasts about stories and touring will discuss the finer details about life on the road and what it’s like to tour with your band – all the hijinx and fun included.
  • Podcasts for Aspiring Musicians: Podcasts for aspiring musicians will talk about the best ways to get signed to a label and encourage you to stay motivated.

Best Podcasts for Musicians: 15 Examples

There is no shortage of podcast musicians that can discuss any facet of making music, touring, or daily life as a music artist.

While many of these podcasts are on Apple Podcasts, you can also listen on an Android device.

How Many Podcasts for Musicians Are There?

There are hundreds of podcasts for musicians on many podcasting platforms.

However, the top podcasts for aspiring, DIY topics, and touring musicians are few and far between.

Read on to learn more about the best podcasts for musicians.

Podcasts for DIY Musicians

The popularity of podcasts is taking off in every industry, including freelance music-making.

Podcasts for DIY musicians focus on how to build your brand and take a DIY approach to music.

DIY Musician Podcast

The DIY Musician Podcast is full of fun and exciting content and you can listen on an iPhone easily.

This podcast is one of the most popular music podcasts and the hosts love discussing how to establish and boost your music career without much hassle.

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to be a musician when you have this podcast.

Stereo Confidential

Stereo Confidential is a music podcast that helps beginning artists learn how to build their brands and make a living as a musician.

This podcast is available on most major platforms and typically covers everything from big artists to local, independent bands who remain largely unknown.

Stereo Confidential has no problem breaking down songs for deep analysis to help aspiring musicians learn.

The Music Biz Weekly

The Music Biz Weekly is all about marketing and learning how to better make a name for yourself in the music industry.

Although many artists may not be aware of how to market themselves, this podcast is there to help.

With The Music Biz Weekly, any artist can help make a name for themselves in no time.

The New Music Business

The New Music Business helps aspiring musicians learn how to do all their marketing and managing without relying on anyone else.

This podcast is one of the top-rated music podcasts and is an essential source of information for anyone wanting to break into the industry.

The Profitable Musician Show

The Profitable Musician Show is an essential podcast to help musicians everywhere learn how to build a strong foundation as a musician.

This podcast can help listeners figure out how to freelance, perform, and land live gigs that can open dozens of doors.

The Profitable Musician Show also reveals some of the best marketing strategies to get aspiring artists noticed.

Podcasts for Musicians About Stories & Touring

Podcasts for musicians that tell their stories about touring and other anecdotes are always a good time.

Inside Music Podcast

screenshot of the inside music podcast homepage

Inside Music Podcast breaks down daily life for musicians who make music as a living.

These anecdotes are often directly from musicians who spend their lives performing or traveling the world to do live shows.

Inside Music Podcast also offers insight into how music trends are changing and how listeners can get ahead of many changes.

Song Start

screenshot of the song start homepage

Song Start is a great podcast for learning where the best place to begin your music career should be.

This podcast discusses everything you’ll need to know to be safe and secure while touring and traveling.

These stories can help you avoid significant pitfalls that many musicians have suffered so you don’t have to.

Lead Singer Syndrome

screenshot of the lead singer syndrome homepage

Lead Singer Syndrome is all about offering stories and anecdotes about life as a musician and the types of hijinx that go on while traveling and performing.

This interview podcast can help listeners understand what happens while performing and how to learn from other musicians.

Music + Talk

screenshot of the music and talk homepage

Music + Talk mixes music analysis with interviewing, talk, and discussion on how life as a musician typically goes.

This podcast is all about discussing the intricacies of making music for a living and how listeners can adopt the tips, tricks, and techniques that other musicians use.

Music + Talk will share some of the most recent music trends.

Tour Stories

screenshot of the tour stories homepage

Tour Stories is a podcast that discusses all kinds of stories from musicians who have gone on tour.

These stories usually have a lesson or a moral, but some of these stories can be sad or scary.

Listen to Tour Stories at your discretion – although there is always something for you to learn.

Podcasts for Aspiring Musicians

Podcasts for aspiring musicians will give you and any other listener a boost of motivation to the dream.

The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast

screenshot of the music industry blueprint podcast homepage

The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast is one of the top-rated podcasts for aspiring musicians because it is full of techniques, tips, and tricks listeners can use to further their careers.

This podcast is honest and offers straightforward help for those chasing their dreams.

And The Writer Is…

screenshot of the and the writer is homepage

And The Writer is… offers a meticulous look into how to write catchy, meaningful songs that resonate with others.

This podcast has hundreds of listeners daily who flock to the program to learn the best ways to succeed in their songwriting goals.

Unstarving Musician

screenshot of the unstarving musician homepage

Unstarving Musician is a podcast that offers a wealth of experience and marketing tips to help aspiring musicians achieve their dreams without too much fuss.

This podcast will make every listener feel empowered and capable of forging a bright future in music.

Songs and Writers

screenshot of the song and writers homepage

Songs and Writers is a place where songwriters come together to discuss their writing process and how musicians can write inspirational content.

Songs and Writers talks about everything from the rules of songwriting to the creative spark that comes with writing songs.

Gig Gab Podcast

screenshot of the gig gab podcast homepage

Gig Gab Podcast talks about the best ways to land live performance opportunities and gigs.

Landing a live gig can be one of the hardest parts of being a musician, but Gig Gab makes the process a little easier.

Whether you’re a gig veteran or brand new to the live music scene, Gig Gab will have helpful tips for you.

Similar Podcasts to Check Out

Podcasts for musicians are similar to other podcasts in different genres.

Artists, novelists, and music lovers may enjoy the following podcasts.

  • Podcasts for Artists: Podcasts for artists break down different trends in the art world and discuss the most influential artists to hit the scene. These podcasts will discuss new and old artists alike and help listeners better understand the creative world and process.
  • Story Podcasts: Story podcasts weave intricate details together to create a stunning web that captivates an audience.
  • Music Podcasts: Music podcasts break down songs and discuss how music songs and presents from the perspective of the listener.

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers can help you understand more about podcasts for musicians and other areas of interest for musicians.

What is the #1 podcast for musicians?

The #1 podcast for musicians trending now is Song Exploder.

This podcast discusses music and deconstructs the process of making a song to fully understand the message.

Is there a Tinder for musicians?

Vampr is one of the best Tinder-like apps that helps bands find members who can help them expand their network.

Wrapping Up

Hundreds of podcasts for musicians can offer you insight into how music is made, touring is organized, and how to make music with everyday objects.

Additionally, these podcasts can keep you entertained and feeling motivated to start your podcast for musicians.

Consider what podcasts for musicians focus on and what your focus will be.

Will you prefer to discuss music notes, touring, or how to make music?

The possibilities are endless!

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