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Retailer Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 15 Examples

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Previously limited to authors and advocates of particular causes or topics, blogs have recently spread to the retail sector.

Companies recognize the importance of content development and have begun integrating it into their websites and marketing strategies in an effort to broaden their online presence and raise knowledge of their upcoming retail operations and potential consumers.

What, precisely, do retailer blogs include, though? Below, we explore this emerging pattern and provide a trove of supporting evidence to help you get up to speed quickly.

What Is a Retailer Blog?

A retailer blog includes content written, produced, and put online by companies, typically on their official websites. The reason behind this is to expand their reach to new audiences.

Through SEO and keywords, the blog sites are able to become part of the index on top search engines, bringing new people to the website.

This endeavor aims to turn new website visitors into customers.

What Does a Retailer Blogger Blog About?

Retailer blogs have a lot of creative leeways when it comes to their subject matter. Some businesses may focus on a single product and discuss its history or development. Others may want to discuss the company’s origins or its present involvement in charity work.

Moreover, it is not uncommon to find websites that compile the best trends or products of the year. The featured goods in these articles will be accessible through in-text links.

What Is Included on a Retailer Blog?

A retailer’s blog will often have posts about the business and its offerings, as well as commentary on relevant industry and market developments, helpful hints for consumers, and details on discounts and special offers.

Retailers can find a wide variety of information on retail blogs, from customer reviews and testimonials to in-depth analyses of new products.

Other Things You Can Find on a Retailer Blog

Retailer blogs are an excellent resource for a wide variety of information. This blog often includes multimedia elements like movies, images, and connections to the company’s social media profiles.

In some instances, the blog will also provide a feedback or question area where readers can interact with the business and get a response. The following may also be included as additional components:

  • History and Mission: The company’s history and values as they relate to the sector of the economy they service may be the subject of some of the information you come across.
  • The Team: Blogs published by retailers often serve as platforms from which to celebrate the efforts of the company’s employees and its successes.
  • Sustainable or Ethical Practices: In the event that the company implements new procedures, a blog post will likely be published explaining the changes and the benefits they provide.
  • Return Policy and Shipping Options: Businesses often provide materials to clarify clients’ rules and shipping choices.

Best Retailer Blogs: 15 Examples

For both businesses and their clients and consumers, the blogs listed below are a gold mine of helpful information and creative ideas. In addition, they demonstrate the variety of subject matter that retail blogs may cover.

How Many Retailer Blogs Are There?

The true number of retail blogs is likely indeterminate since new ones appear and others disappear on a regular basis.

However, it’s safe to say that hundreds of active retailer blogs can be found on the internet right now, as many companies see the value of maintaining a blog as a way to engage with customers, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

Wholesaler Retailer Blogs

We’ve compiled a selection of the five best blogs written by wholesale and retail businesses for your perusal.


screenshot of the abound homepage

Abound, a wholesale distributor has launched an official corporate blog to promote the goods shown on their website. The company’s efforts have been fruitful because of its entertaining and engaging material, all of which center on different sorts of items.

Users and readers alike have praised the site for its wealth of content and high standard of production.


screenshot of the faire homepage

Wholesalers may find various items for resale on the website Faire. The “Faire Learning Hub,” the company’s official blog, features posts on the company’s products and services as well as insights from the community and professionals in related fields.

The blog’s ability to attract new readers and maintain their attention is a success due to the wide range of subjects it covers.

Wholesale Central

screenshot of the wholesale central homepage

You can find everything you need about wholesale products, vendors, and events at Wholesale Central. The site’s blog covers a wide range of industry-related issues, such as tax advice and recommended vendors.

Because of the high quality of its content, Wholesale Central has quickly become one of the most popular retail industry blogs.


screenshot of the tundra homepage

Many of the same products that can be seen on Abound can be found on the wholesale site Tundra. Nonetheless, each blog has unique information. Tundra offers marketing advice and suggestions, and it facilitates strategic preparation for seasonal stock items.

You can rely on the Tundra blog to provide you with plenty of helpful advice.


screenshot of the handshake homepage

Handshake is a wholesale company that offers unique products and merchandise for businesses. The Handshake blog provides insight into upcoming trends and promotional ideas for seasonal items.

With the incredible amount of information, it’s a breeze to formulate a successful plan for your company.

Retailer Discounts & Savings Blogs

Everyone loves finding a good deal and saving money. Below are five of the best blogs to find incredible retailer discounts and savings.

Brad’s Deals

screenshot of the deals homepage

Brad’s Deals is a blog highlighting sales and discounts on goods and services offered by several companies. The material is updated throughout the day to reflect the best online and in-store deals.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

In a mix of education and deal hunting, The Krazy Coupon Lady is a website and blog that focuses on providing tips and strategies for extreme couponing, as well as a wide variety of coupons, deals, and discounts for a wide range of retailers.


screenshot of the deal news homepage

Like Brad’s Deals, DealNews offers a website that publishes the best deals for consumers and a blog that speaks to various topics in the savings realm.

Between knowing what time of year items are cheapest and how to find inexpensive gym memberships, DealNews has been highly successful in bringing this information to readers.


screenshot of the hip2save homepage

The Hip2Save website and blog often host exciting contests and promotions, and they also post daily bargains from various retailers. Customers are impressed with Hip2Save’s streamlined design and well-vetted discounts.

The inclusion of multiple social media channels helps to spread their word and cause.


screenshot of the deals finders homepage

You will find a diverse array of products with excellent sales prices when you explore the DealsFinders website and blog. The nice thing about this particular blog is that they detail the products they highlight, providing valuable insight for customers to consider before purchasing.

Retailer Blogs for Tips & Tricks

There’s an entirely different side to retail that we don’t often think about as shoppers but is critical to those behind the scenes. These retailer blogs cover it for us.

The Retail Doctor

screenshot of the retail doctor homepage

The Retail Doctor is a resource that provides guidance on all things related to retail management.

The site includes an infinite number of useful content for its readers and all present and aspiring retail managers, including retail training, merchandising, and recommendations for increasing consumer loyalty.

Retail Minded

screenshot of the retail minded homepage

Retail Minded is a directory of unique and valuable materials for anyone working in retail, with a particular emphasis on education.

The site also features news on developments in the industry, links to resources for company owners, and information about relevant conferences.

Retail Dive

screenshot of the retail dive homepage

Another top blog resource for those in the retail world is the blog Retail Dive. Through this website, you can learn about new trends, marketing ideas, insights and tips, and many other bits of valuable information. Visitors find this site to be beneficial throughout their retail journey.


screenshot of the retail next homepage

As a blog focusing on the technical side of retail, RetailNext offers insight into various software and applications that can help streamline different aspects of the work.

With a multitude of blog posts about many other topics, you can always find insight into your specific issue on RetailNext.


screenshot of the retailwire homepage

A visit to RetailWire will provide you with the most up-to-date information on the retail industry.

Between new software and applications that will alleviate pain points in the business to the benefits that mobile clinics provide, you can come away from your online visit with a great deal of knowledge and insight you didn’t have before.

Similar Blog Types To Check Out

In addition to retailer blogs, there are various other types of content available that you may be interested in as well.

  • Marketing Blogs: Many marketing blogs are available online that help companies tailor their promotional strategies and social media content for the best possible outcomes.
  • eCommerce Blogs: For those looking to start up their own online store, eCommerce blogs will come in handy for direction and insight as well as practical advice and guidance.
  • Restaurant Blogs: As a rapidly growing industry, the need for restaurant blogs is continually rising to help others start and manage their own eating establishments.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of retailer blogs with the words

Below we highlight the most frequently asked questions regarding different retailer blogs and their corresponding answers.

What is a Retailer Strategy?

A retailer strategy is a broad term that refers to a company’s plan for promoting and developing its chosen business route, products, and services.

A comprehensive plan starts before the business opens and involves, among others, choosing excellent sites for operation, selecting acceptable and quality merchandisers, and making pricing decisions.

What are the recent trends in retailing?

When it comes to retail, several trends have gained popularity. Online security, eCommerce, virtual customer care, in-store self-checkout, and personalized shopping help are just a few combinations.

These patterns will continue to shift in the coming years as new technology becomes available and customer needs evolve.

Wrapping Up

The retail industry is dynamic and challenging. However, retailer blogs have shown to be a valuable addition to the existing resources, both for new entrepreneurs and established enterprises seeking guidance and new perspectives.

In conclusion, as an owner, operator, or manager in retail, your success depends on your ability to take advantage of chances to expand your knowledge while you work. The blogs we include here are full of valuable and impactful information that will aid you on your journey.

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