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TubeBuddy Free Trial: Length, What’s Included & How To Extend

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TubeBuddy is the one-stop site to build your youtube channel for success.

Many creators use this tool to bolster their channels and elevate their videos to the next level.

The TubeBuddy free trial helps everyday people gain the skills and tools they need to take their Youtube experience to new heights.

Keep reading to learn all about their free trial and what it will be like after the trial ends.

Free Trial Basics

You never know how well something works until you try it for yourself.

Free trials have begun to allow people to taste before they order something they cannot cancel.

The TubeBuddy free trial encourages users to see that their sites can hold up to our standards and will work.

Is TubeBuddy Free or Paid?

TubeBuddy does cost money.

You can start with a free trial that helps you understand what it does while also helping your channel.

TubeBuddy has three levels of membership that you decide between, and each one costs a different amount.

They are:

  • Pro ($3.99 per month)
  • Star ($7.60 per month)
  • Legend ($19.60 per month)

Does TubeBuddy Have a Free Trial?

TubeBuddy does offer a free trial with their extension.

This trial offers limited access to some of the services they provide.

Some services are only available with an actual purchase.

Their trial includes multiple features like their software which can help you find the best time to post your videos while running contests and encouraging subscribers to keep up with your channel.

How Long is the TubeBuddy Free Trial?

The trial is for thirty days.

However, if you already have an account, you can try the Legend or Star level for a week or two weeks, depending on the level.

The site allows users to experience a free trial of the next level with no added cost.

Does TubeBuddy Require a Credit Card to Activate a Free Trial?

TubeBuddy does not require users to input a credit card to begin their free trial.

However, once you start using the software, there will be an option to try the next level for free for a short amount of time.

At that point, they will ask for your credit card information.

How Much is TubeBuddy After the Free Trial?

The price of the subscription changes based on the services and level you choose.

The varying levels all included features, some the same, some not.

Depending on your subscription, you could be paying $3.99, $7.60, or $19.60 per month, which amounts to  $47.88, $91.20, or $235.20 per year.

What Comes with the TubeBuddy Free Trial?

The free trial includes a variety of the essential features of TubeBuddy.

It has some of the data and research tools as well as promotional, productivity, and video SEO tools to widen the number of people that see your channel and then subscribe.

What Comes with the TubeBuddy Free Trial?

The free trial does not allow you to try everything.

While many of their services can be tested in the free trial, some only allow limited access.

Most of the pro-level services can be tested in the free trial except for templates, SEO studio, and member perks, among other things.

Features You Can Test with a Free Trial

TubeBuddy lets users test their most popular features through the free trial.

TubeBuddy helps with everything from picking the right emoji to calculating the perfect time to release content to be seen by most viewers.

1. Click Magnet

Click Magnet studies why people see but do not click to watch your videos.

The feature works to find which videos will do best for your channel and what type of titles encourage people to watch your video more.

It will also suggest tweaks to videos to make them more watchable.

2. Retention Analyzer

It can be challenging to see what works with your content and what does not.

It is even more challenging to discover by yourself how to not only grab viewers’ attention but also retain them as subscribers to continue following your content.

TubeBuddy can do the hard work and research for you!

3. Best Time To Publish

It can be challenging to pick the perfect time to publish videos and content.

TubeBuddy analyzes your content through software and works with you to find the most beneficial time to release each video.

After the free trial ends, you can upgrade to have the software publish your videos routinely based on your schedule.

4. Channelytics

Channels need a lot to keep them going.

Videos need to post, content released, and subscribers encouraged to stay and invite new people.

Channelytics studies you and your rivals to help you make the best content that will gain the most attention.

5. Mobile App

While access is limited in the free trial, you can use their mobile app during the process.

All the higher levels have full access to the app which allows you to optimize your videos while on the go or away from a computer.

It will filter comments, keep an accurate number of subscribers, and has a video topic planner.

TubeBuddy Free Trial Limitations

Not everything is available to try in the free trial.

You will not be able to use any of the alerts or bulk options, such as bulk copy, delete, or find.

Most of the SEO optimizers are also not available in the free trial.

Is TubeBuddy Customer Support Included with Free Trials?

TubeBuddy’s customer support is available, though most problems are addressed in the helpful videos in the form on TubeBuddy.

The videos walk you step-by-step through almost any of the issues you can face.

However, there are official employees from TubeBuddy that can offer assistance when you need it.

How To Claim a TubeBuddy Free Trial

TubeBuddy makes the process of claiming their free experience as easy as can be.

After navigating to TubeBuddy by searching “TubeBuddy free trial,” it is as simple as three easy steps.

  1. Sign up by creating an account with TubeBuddy.
  2. After you have created an account and logged in, you need to add your channel.
    Make sure that you add every Youtube channel you want to optimize.
    You can add more than one.
  3. Begin exploring the site and learn how to improve your channel in small, easy steps.

How Do I Get The Most from My TubeBuddy Free Trial?

To get the most out of your trial, use as much as possible.

TubeBuddy offers tons of videos and learning material to educate you on how to run a successful channel.

Run as much of the software as you can as well, so you can see the difference before you used TubeBuddy and after so that you can mimic it after you no longer use TubeBuddy.

How Can I Make My TubeBuddy Free Trial Longer?

There is no way to make your TubeBuddy free trial last longer.

Once your free trial expires, you’ll need to upgrade to either the free version or one of the paid versions of the software.

However, you have choices based on what you need and your budget.

After Free Trial Ends

All good things must end, just like the trial.

After the trial finishes, you are either committed and will pay for it, continue to use the free version, or move on and find another alternative to TubeBuddy that could be entirely free.

Does TubeBuddy Automatically Charge Users After the Free Trial Ends?

TubeBuddy will charge you automatically after the free trial ends if you have put in your credit card information.

However, if you did not provide your information, you should not be charged.

Can You Cancel TubeBuddy After The Free Trial?

Yes, you can cancel after the trial ends.

Canceling is how you do not get charged if you want to enjoy TubeBuddy for as long as possible without having to pay.

You can also cancel anytime during the free trial if you wish to.

How To Cancel a TubeBuddy Free Trial

Canceling your TubeBuddy free trial can be very painless and is possible from the mobile app or desktop version.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to the Licenses area and click on Manage.
  3. Click on Cancel License.

Remember that you will still get charged if you passed into the next billing cycle.

How To Remove Card Details From TubeBuddy

Removing your card is very similar to the process of canceling your account.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to the Licenses area and click on Manage.
  3. Near the bottom left should be a “Manage card payment” button, click it.
  4. Navigate through and delete your card and payment information.

Is TubeBuddy Worth Paying For?

TubeBuddy provides a lot of information and services to elevate your YouTube channel.

The lesser levels are not too expensive, so really it depends on you.

Is the service worth paying money for?

Does it truly help your channel?

If the answer is yes, it is worth it.

It can be challenging to see the pros and cons of using software like TubeBuddy.

Thankfully, many people have tried it before and have discovered many issues for you.

Our TubeBuddy Review is just one source amongst many that can help you make up your mind.

What To Expect From a TubeBuddy Subscription

When you subscribe to TubeBuddy, you get access to their features, support, and community and use them for your benefit.

TubeBuddy subscriptions open your access to features you could not use in the free trial.

What Is a Free Alternative to TubeBuddy?

There are a few alternatives to TubeBuddy that you could use.

One great option is VidIQ.

VidIQ is very similar to TubeBuddy, offering many of the same features, although they do not cost as much.

Other Ways To Save on TubeBuddy Pricing

If you love TubeBuddy and know that it is the software for video SEO that suits you, then consider using a discount on TubeBuddy.

It is a reliable way to save a little money and still enjoy all that TubeBuddy can offer you.

If a discount is not the way to go, or it does not work for you, there are still plenty of ways to save and still enjoy TubeBuddy too.

You can consider promo codes or special deals.

1. TubeBuddy Promo Codes

There are plenty of promo codes out there that work on reducing the amount TubeBuddy costs.

One such promo code on TubeBuddy’s site is Lisensebuddy20 for twenty percent off.

2. TubeBuddy Discounts

A quick google search can provide tons of discounts that work with TubeBuddy.

Some may be out of date, but if you need a discount, there is a way to find one that can make it more affordable.

3. TubeBuddy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials

TubeBuddy does not ignore the fun on Black Friday or the occasional Cyber Monday.

Both are times when their prices are heavily reduced and are the perfect time to decide if you need new SEO software.

4. Is There a TubeBuddy Student Plan?

TubeBuddy does not offer a student discount or plan.

Students are simply like everybody else when it comes to TubeBuddy.

Other Free Trials to Check Out

If TubeBuddy was great, or even if you did not like it and want to try something similar but not the same, feel free to check out other software.

While VidIQ is an alternative option, so are Semrush, Ahrefs, and Nextiva, all of which have a free trial.

1. Semrush Free Trial

The Semrush free trial is a seven-day trial of competitor analysis, keyword research, and link building.

It focuses more on social campaigns with its SEO optimization.

2. Ahrefs Free Trial

There is no Ahrefs free trial, as many of their services can be used without paying for a subscription.

They have more premium subscriptions that cost money but to begin you do not have to pay for membership.

3. Nextiva Free Trial

The Nextiva free trial is labeled as a demo on their site.

Nextiva focuses on business less than Youtube.

It is perfect for active communication with customers and clients, though it cannot help much with your channel.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing ever makes perfect sense, so here are some frequently asked questions about TubeBuddy and its free trial, so you can improve your ranking on video search engines.

Is the TubeBuddy extension free?

The TubeBuddy extension is free.

It can also be added to the mobile app starting at the pro level.

Which is better, TubeBuddy or vidIQ?

Both services have pros and cons, so it boils down to your choice.

However, TubeBuddy offers more features in their free version than vidIQ, though vidIQ’s services tend to be more useful in optimization.

Wrapping Up

TubeBuddy provides a lot of information and some of the best SEO tools to elevate your channel.

While their free trial is great, it does cost money to enjoy other services.

TubeBuddy offers a range of pricing options based on the level of SEO software you want to use.

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