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What Is Content Writing? Definition, Types & Best Practices

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There are more than 600,000,000 blogs online today.

Learning content writing types and best practices can enhance writers’ understanding of helping clients that need content the most.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing involves composing articles related to the subject of a website.

Blog posts engage readers to remain on the website and find the information they need while browsing there rather than other websites.

Types of Content Writing Blogging

Many types of content are available to create.

  • SEO Copywriting: SEO copywriting involves utilizing Search Engine Optimization to help websites and blogs rank higher on Internet search engines.
  • Long-Form Writing: Long-form writing is any blog post or article that ranges from 1,000 to 7,500 words, which helps readers to learn about a specific topic more in-depth.
  • Email Writing: Email writing crafts copy for emails sent to clients that market products and services to them or correspond in different manners with them.
  • Social Media Post Writing: Social Media Marketers are savvy with social media post writing that enhances follower engagement and conversation on a specific post.  
  • Ghostwriting: Ghostwriting involves a freelance writer penning an article without receiving byline credit, which goes to the person that hired them.

Why Does Content Writing Matter?

Content creation engages audiences in browsing information and shopping for goods and services.

  • Connects Brands With Their Audience: Companies can learn about their audience based on content consumption trends. Rather than connect with consumers only when purchasing goods and services, they can interact with them by utilizing quality content.
  • Improves Audience Engagement: Audience engagement is needed to keep a following within a branded company. Consumers want to see that a company can engage with them in multiple ways other than pushing sales.
  • Drives Traffic: Blog posts drive traffic because they are short, to-the-point content pieces that get people browsing more of the website after reading about an engaging topic.
  • Helps With SEO: The more content a company posts that is SEO-optimized with the top keywords of the industry, the higher the website will rank in search engines to bring potential customers to a company website for sales conversions.
  • Builds Brand Awareness and Authority: Blogs present information to readers that build trust between them and the company. They enhance consumer awareness about the company brand as it gets promoted thanks to the blog posts on the website.

What Does a Content Writer Do?

A content writer develops topic ideas, forms a strategy, and creates content for different businesses.

If working with a client one-on-one, content writers can suggest different topic ideas tailored to the desired niche.

In creating these topics, the writer forms a content strategy that aligns with their overall vision of presenting information in written pieces.

Content writers are the backbone of the best content writing services in the industry.

When bloggers do not have the time or desire to pen a blog post, they look to content writing services to get the job done.

As multiple freelance writers create content for different clients, the editors and company team have the articles managed using a CMS.

Is Content Writing Hard?

Content writing is not hard once you get the hang of the demands and overall format.

Writing clearly and from the heart makes it easy to do.

What Skills Does a Content Writer Need?

To hire writers, companies desire them to have a specific skill set.

They must understand spelling, grammar, sentence mechanics, and other niche skills.

image showing an illustration of how to write an ebook

1. SEO Understanding

One target keyword should be in the copy at least three to five times.

Secondary keywords can appear two to three times each.

2. Adaptability

Writers must adapt to any assignment and compose it per the content brief.

3. Ability to Write in Different Tones and Styles

Some tones may be friendly, formal, informal, or sales-based.

Word choice defines the overall tone.

4. Marketing Knowledge

Content writing is essentially marketing in a friendly fashion.

The writing must persuade readers to take action.

Especially if the client desires a sales-like approach, the writer should know different ways to market a product.

5. Research Skills

Writers need research skills to find the information they need to create a high-quality piece.

Hence, they will look on different websites and academic journals throughout the Internet for quality sources that support their claims.

6. Creativity

Even if you are writing an informal blog post, content writers should be creative in all their endeavors when penning different pieces.

  • Try different search engines when researching information
  • Use varied vocabulary
  • Weave in puns to lighten up the copy with humor
  • Include statistics and information readers will find interesting

7. Time Management

Content writers must self-manage their projects timely so everything gets finished for all their clients.

Some companies ask for a turnaround time of two to three days on long-form articles.  

8. Grammar and Vocabulary Skills

Grammar involves placing punctuation in the correct places. Periods go at the end of sentences like this one.

Lists have punctuation if listing items like cakes, cookies, and milk.  

9. Editing

While some writing companies have an editing team, content writers should edit their work as much as possible before submission.

Reading through each sentence out loud can help with the editing process.

  • Remove redundant vocabulary
  • Change passive voice to active
  • Check grammar and punctuation
  • Remove wordiness

10. Communication Skills

Communication is the backbone of writing.

What ideas do you want the reader to know? Make it clear and specific.

11. Social Media Understanding

Social Media Marketers understand how long a social media post should be to increase overall follower engagement.

Too many words could bore and disengage them.

What is the Format of Content Writing?

The format of content writing is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Headings with main topics
  • Subheadings with supporting details
  • Conclusion

How Much Do Content Writers Make?

Depending on the types of writers and the platforms for which they write, content writers can make as little as $9.40 per hour to as much as over $62 per hour.

image showing how much money do bloggers make - illustration on a screen for this post on bloggingtips.com

How to Start Content Writing

Started as a content writer by working for content mill companies.

As you increase your portfolio with writing experience, you can move on to finding work from different clients not affiliated with companies to get a higher payout.

How Do I Become a Content Writer With No Experience?

Starting writing as a freelancer with no experience has become easier than ever as online.

With more than 70.4 million freelance writers online, it has become a booming industry.

1. Take a Course and Hone Your Skills

Websites like Udemy have content writing courses that can help you hone your writing skills.

No matter how long you have been writing, you can still learn something new with online courses.

2. Learn SEO

Learn about incorporating important keywords into your copy to increase your experience.

Most content writing jobs ask for writers to have SEO experience, so getting this practice early is essential.

3. Solidify Grammar and Vocabulary Knowledge

Sometimes as writers we can type away and forget all about grammar in the heat of the moment.

Continually enhance your knowledge of grammar and up your vocabulary skills to vary your writing capability.

4. Build a Portfolio

Keep past articles inside a portfolio so you can show future clients.

The more varied articles in your portfolio, the more that new prospective clients can see your writing style from your past work.

5. Work for an Agency

Work for a content writing agency to help you get your start in the industry.

While you may be paid a lower wage, continue working hard and you will find higher-paying clients.

6. Find a Job Platform

If you cannot find a content writing independent contractor agency, you can also work for a company that pays a W2 job.

How Do I Choose a Topic for Content Writing?

Choosing a topic for content writing can be challenging, but narrowing down what readers want to learn about can be the first step in selecting one.

1. Ask Clients for a Topic

Usually, clients will assign writers a topic.

In the event they do not, a writer can inquire a client what subject they need to write about.

2. Do SEO Research

Conducting SEO research using the Google keyword platform can get you as the writer and the client started on selecting a topic.

3. Think About the Customers’ Needs

What do the company’s customers need to know the most?

Take this into account when creating content so it’s devoted to their needs.

4. Check Out Competitor Content

As you develop a topic idea, browse competitor articles related to the same topic for inspiration.

Of course, do not copy directly from them, and remember to create original content.

5. Join Trending Conversations

Login to Quora or other question-and-answer platforms to contribute to trending conversations and discover what people want to know from reading content in your industry niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about content writing.

vector graphic showing an illustration of what is content writing

How do I practice content writing?

Practice content writing by picking a topic and writing about it for a specific blog to use as a sample.

This works especially if you do not have a portfolio developed yet.

What are the topics for content writing?

There are many topics for content writing that span multiple industries.

Think technology, food and hospitality, parenting, gaming, lifestyle, home decorating, and more!

Before You Go

Content writing spans different types and applications.

As it increases in demand in the online industry, there are low barriers to entry into the writing niche.

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