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Writing Niche: Why This Is A Great Niche, Examples Of Success & More

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Writing is a rewarding creative endeavor, but perhaps you want to take your hobby further and turn it into a career.

Creating a website that focuses on writing and sharing tips with other writers can be a great way to simultaneously feed your passion and wallet.

A writing niche website can be a great way to get supplemental income, or if you attract enough of an audience, you can turn it into your full-time job.

What Is the Writing Niche?

Writing niches focus on the written word and have content focused on supporting others to write and publish their work.

For example, a writing website might focus on how to overcome burnout, portfolio advice, or tips about grammar and structure.

Unsurprisingly, writing is one of the best niches for bloggers, as it guarantees you can create quality content in at least one format your audience will be interested in.

Types of Sites Within the Writing Niche

There are several kinds of writing niches to consider for a new website or blog.

From sites that provide tips for getting published to blogs that seek to spark creativity, there are tons of possibilities.

1. New Writer’s Websites

These sites help writers get started with their craft and learn the ropes.

Even experienced writers can learn a thing or two about their passion, but most of the time, the greenhorns benefit the most.

If you have some experience writing yourself, you already know what new writers need to get started.

You can turn that knowledge into actionable advice and tips on mistakes to avoid.

2. Creative Writing Websites

Creative writing websites offer advice related to plots and characters, perfect for authors wanting to build better stories.

These are wildly popular and by far make up the most number of writing websites.

These sites can offer advice outside of writing, such as publishing and marketing books.

By and large, they are focused on advising writers on how to improve their copy.

3. Freelance Writing Websites

Freelance writing websites mainly focus on job advice.

A site dedicated to the freelance industry might feature tips on landing jobs and building a career.

In addition, they may have valuable advice for managing remote work, staying organized, and even tricks to simplify freelance life.

Building a freelance writing website is an excellent choice if you understand the industry and have experience.

You could even add a job board for freelancers looking for work.

Is the Writing Niche Profitable?

Some of the top-ranking writing websites have sizable monthly incomes.

For example, Creative Penn earns six figures for its principal author.

However, you won’t be making that right away, and if you want to choose a profitable niche, you’ll need to find a way to distinguish yourself from others in the writing market.

If you’re wondering how much money bloggers make overall, their incomes are often influenced by their niche and audience.

How Much Does the Writing Niche Pay?

The most well-established writing websites can earn over a million dollars through affiliate links and products, but that doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time to build an audience that trusts you and your online presence.

There’s no set time before you start making money off your website.

In the beginning, your earnings are likely going to be minimal, while any future income will depend on how much work you’re willing to put in.

Is the Writing Niche Good for Marketers?

It depends on what you’re promoting. Affiliate marketing works by building an audience that trusts your advice.

You’ll break that trust if you encourage the wrong product or service.

In that context, it’s best to only promote products you believe will help your audience.

Is the Writing Niche Good for Affiliate Marketing?

There are tons of ways to incorporate affiliate marketing into writing websites.

For example, software affiliate programs for writing tools are a smart way to monetize a blog.

Another popular marketing strategy is to monetize courses and educational content designed to improve writing skills.

Is the Writing Niche Good for Dropshipping?

Ecommerce in the writing niche is not as common, but still viable.

You can sell writing or electronic goods directly from suppliers, which could boost the overall income of your website.

Of course, if your website grows, you can sell your own branded products.

That kind of merchandise is profitable and builds loyalty with your audience.

It also gives you an extra source of income beyond dropshipping non-branded products.

High-Performing Products & Services in the Writing Niche

Niche products and services can do well if you find the right audience to tap into. Just remember that most people interested in the writing niche are looking for ways to improve.

So, the best niche products to sell are educational content and courses that promise to do that.

Products That Perform Well in the Writing Niche

Many sites in the writing niche provide guides, courses, quizzes, and even tools.

1. Writing Tools

Writing tools have a broad appeal as they can help budding authors address style, punctuation, and grammar, and identify passive voice.

Quality writing tools can also analyze text to boost engagement or generate long-form content.

If you have a writing tool, it could be the perfect way to monetize your website.  

2. Guides

Guides, ebooks, and how-tos can draw in traffic from marketers, aspiring bloggers, and unpublished authors.

These can be locked behind paywalls, such as subscriptions.

3. Courses

Educational courses focus on improving writing skills.

While many courses are free, you could monetize them by putting your materials behind a paywall.

4. Quizzes

Quizzes could focus on specific genres, famous authors, the history of writing, or even aspects like grammar.

Whatever you choose, incorporating quizzes into your site can be a fun way to engage your audience and educate visitors at the same time.

Notable Brands in the Writing Niche

A number of brands have built a stellar reputation in the writing niche:

1. NaNoWriMo

One of the most popular websites in the writing sphere began as a commitment between authors on the web to write an entire book of 50,000 words over November.

The result, NaNoWriMo, has attracted thousands of authors.

2. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is a creative writing website dedicated to helping writers improve their skills and find creativity.

Its authors have plenty of experience writing and know what writers need to improve and snap out of burnout.

3. The Write Life

The Write Life is another popular website in the writing niche that revolves around all kinds of writers and writing, creating a more generalized environment.

4. Helping Writers Become Authors

Helping Writers Become Authors focuses on publishing and providing guidance to writers looking to become authors.

The content centers on book writing and publishing, a smaller subset of the writing niche.

Services That Perform Well in the Writing Niche

The writing niche combines well with several services you could integrate into your site to generate more income.

1. Consultations

As you build your site’s authority in the writing niche, you may have the opportunity to translate that into consultancy work.

After all, if you’re seen as an expert, other writers are more likely to pay for your insights if they’re not moving forward with their work.

You could provide consultations through chat, phone, video call, or even in person.

2. Job Posting Boards

A job posting board where writers can look at available employment roles is a popular service.

It’s ideal for freelance and other writing niche websites focusing on employment advice.

Writers will return daily as they search for freelance jobs to apply to.

3. Publishing Help

Some websites help writers get published by connecting them with publishers or agents.

They also give invaluable advice for getting books published independently.

4. Podcasts

Not all content on a writing niche website has to be written, as videos, podcasts, and other forms of media are also popular.

Using a podcast can boost your profile’s outreach and allow you to engage with your audience on multiple platforms.

Plus, it can be another way to bring in income if you get sponsors.

Popular Affiliate Programs in the Writing Niche

Affiliate programs have the potential to be a steady source of income if you have the content and audience. Consider the following programs:

1. Jasper AI Affiliate Program

The Jasper AI affiliate program allows you to advocate for an AI content-producing program for writers.

This program would work best if you’re pitching to marketers or businesses wanting to save time and money, as it likely won’t fly over very well with creative writers or freelancers.

2. Hubspot Affiliate Program

Not all writers are natural marketers. They might have trouble setting themselves apart from the crowd or not have the time.

That’s where the Hubspot affiliate program comes into play.

You recommend it to writers who want to improve their online presence and will get a commission from each sale.

3. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Most writers can’t do everything. If they need help composing a blurb, drawing a cover, or anything else, you could recommend them through the Fiverr affiliate program.

You can even use this program to help build a niche website.

4. Upwork Affiliate Program

Upwork is another freelancing platform for professionals of all stripes.

However, it focuses on a more experienced crowd than Fiverr, where the quality can vary quite a bit.

You can suggest the site to creative writers or freelancers as another platform where they can search for jobs through the Upwork affiliate program.

5. GetResponse Affiliate Program

Email marketing has its challenges, but GetResponse can make it easier for authors with websites and other online media.

With the GetResponse affiliate program, you can recommend their expertise to your audience looking to grow their leads.

You get a small share of the profit.

Writing Niche Ideas

If you’re looking for more inspiration for the writing niche, here are some subsets within it that are unique and not oversaturated with the competition.

1. Deconstructing Writing Website

Sure, you see a lot of websites that tell you how to be a better writer, but you don’t find many that break down good writing to see exactly how they pulled it off.

A deconstructing writing website can analyze popular pieces of writing to showcase how and why it works.

Readers can apply the same lessons to their writing.

2. Character Writing Website

Instead of helping scribes improve their writing overall, focus on a specific sub-niche, like character writing, settings, or research skills.

That kind of specialized advice will draw in writers looking for more nuanced tips than those usually available on generalized websites.

3. Freelance Niche Writing Website

Focusing on one type of writer is another great way to stand out from the crowd.

For example, you could center your site on helping freelance SEO writers improve their skills and land gigs.

Doing so could capture a specialized audience dedicated to your content.

4. Comedy Writing Website

Instead of covering an aspect of writing, focus on the genre.

Having a website that explores the nuances of writing science fiction or comedy can provide niche content perfect for capturing a passionate audience.

5. Nonfiction Writing Website

Nonfiction authors have different needs from fiction writers.

Of course, that means you’ll need to be knowledgeable about the subject since the fundamentals of nonfiction writing are drastically different from creative writing.

Examples of Successful Writing Niche Websites

These are some of the most popular writing niche websites.

Each has its unique spin on the writing niche that sets them apart from the competition.

However, remember that the one thing they all have in common is that it took time for them to become the successes they are.

So, when you first start, don’t expect instant popularity.

1. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn has built a reputation as the place to go if you’re looking for creative writing advice.

However, that distinction was grown by experienced authors over several years.

The primary author of Creative Penn, Joanna Penn, is well-regarded, having several awards and books under her belt.

She’s been running her blog since 2008 and has built up an engaged audience.


DIY MFA provides articles and courses that promise to give visitors writing skills equivalent to a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Educational content is their go-to article, and the sheer amount of online writing courses they have is impressive.

With this unique spin, they attract authors who want to improve their writing but don’t have the time or money to pursue a traditional degree.

3. Terribleminds by Chuck Wendig

With a delightful spin of wry humor, Terribleminds by Chuck Wendig gives authors advice with plenty of dark and dry wit.

This quirky writing style balances being informative with entertainment.

4. Now Novel

NowNovel combines helping writing tips with an online writing tool.

As a writing tool, NowNovel gives authors plot points to go with their settings and characters, which can be one of the biggest challenges of writing.

In blog form, NowNovel features tons of tips centered on plot creation and other aspects of creative writing.

The tool and the blog complement each other and attract a wider audience than either would on its own.

If you have an idea for content and a writing tool, this unique blog proves you can harmonize the two to create something special.

5. Daily Writing Tips

As the name suggests, Daily Writing Tips features daily tips to improve writing.

By pushing out a different tip each day and offering other, longer forms of content, Daily Writing Tips keeps writers coming back for more.

The point is to provide steady, consistent content to build an engaged readership.

What To Avoid in the Writing Niche

You’ll want to avoid some common missteps when going into the writing niche, including website mistakes and promoting products or services you don’t believe in or are low-quality.

1. Too General

If your niche is too general, you might have trouble attracting visitors.

Choosing the right blogging niche is essential to success, so you’ll want to do keyword research for your niche to ensure your site has an engaging, well-defined focus.

2. Too Specific

On the other end of the spectrum are too-specific niches.

Suppose, for instance, your website targets authors who publish science fiction children’s books.

In that case, you might struggle to grow since this niche doesn’t have a substantial audience.

3. Only Offering One Kind of Content

If you only publish blog posts, you’re missing out.

Videos, podcasts, ebooks, guides, courses, and more are all critical for increasing audience engagement and promoting inbound traffic.

4. Too Much Marketing

You have to build trust with your audience if you want your marketing to be successful.

So, if your website is loaded with ads and affiliate marketing links, your audience might feel like you’re trying to sell them stuff rather than give them advice.

And if they don’t think you’re giving them solid advice, they’ll leave to a competitor that can.

5. Not Creating Quality Content

Quality content is the cornerstone of any blog.

Consistent, high-quality content is how you grow your audience and encourage them to keep coming back.

Similar Niches Worth Checking Out

The writing niche might sound all-encompassing by its nature, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t similar blogs out there worth checking out.

Doing so could give you ideas for future content, or you could even look to blend niches together to give your blog an even more expansive reach:

  • Evergreen Niches: If you want to create content that will get clicks days, weeks, and months after publishing, the evergreen niches might be for you.
  • Author niche: The author niche focuses on content for authors rather than writers of all kinds.
  • Copywriting Niche: Copywriters are widespread in multiple industries, meaning a copywriting niche with targeted content could have a broad audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Writing isn’t easy, but it can be rewarding creatively and monetarily if you do it right.

Keep reading for answers to a few more commonly asked questions.

What type of writing pays the most?

Technical writing is always in high demand, as authors need to be experts in writing and the field they’re writing for.

What types of writers are in high demand?

Typically, technical writers in the science and technology fields are highly sought after. Their expertise can translate into generous salaries.

Wrapping Up

Writing a niche website can be fun and profitable if you have an interest in the written word and want to share your knowledge with others.

There are multiple niches to choose from, and you can easily find ways to monetize your website or blog.

Whatever direction you take, be sure to follow the above tips and look for inspiration from other blogs to set yourself up for success.

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