8 WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Website Security

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WordPress sites can get hacked because it is the most popular CMS in the market. A badly coded theme or plugin can make your website an easy target. There are many ways to improve security of your website without learning programming or coding. In this post you will find some highly useful WordPress plugins that will help you improve your website security.

1. UpdraftPlus

Improve Your Website Security

This is a free WordPress backup plugin. The first step you should always take on a WordPress website is to install a WordPress backup plugin that automatically creates backups and stores them on Google Drive or Dropbox.
UpdraftPlus is very easy to use and install. Once you setup the plugin it will create backups of your website and transfer them to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. You can decide how often you want to create backups.
It is very important to understand that if you do not have a backup and your WordPress site gets hacked then it will be very difficult for you to fix it.

2. Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Mostly hackers try to attack the login page on your WordPress site by using scripts to crack your password. Clef will block this by adding a two factor sign in layer to your WordPress login.
You will need your mobile phone to login and once you login to one site it will automatically log you in on all your sites using Clef. You will not need to enter any pin code or password at all.
It is very easy to setup and is already used by more than a million WordPress sites. Improve Your Website Security today as hackers are searching for your flaws.

3. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is the most popular WordPress security plugin. It has a powerful website firewall which blocks most attacks on your WordPress site before they do any harm. It also runs scans on your website to detect malware, sql injection, and other harmful activities.
Wordfence uses their huge network to continuously update their database of bad bots, hacker ips, ddos attacks, etc. If a WordPress site using Wordfence blocks a malicious activity, then it automatically gets blocked on your site too.
The plugin allows you to block suspicious traffic on your own and gives you powerful tools to monitor your website security from admin panel.

4. iThemes Security PRO

iThemes Security Pro is a paid WordPress security plugin. If you are using iThemes Security Pro, then you will not need many of the plugins listed in this blog post because it automatically does so many things that other plugins do.
It scans your website for malware, detects file changes, enables two factor login, blocks brute force attacks, database backups, and so much more.

5. Sucuri Scanner

The Sucuri Scanner plugin checks your WordPress site for possible malware, viruses, trojans, sql injections, and backdoors. It is a free plugin offered by Sucuri which also offers paid WordPress security services like website firewall and malware removal.
This plugin does activity audit Logs, file integrity monitoring, remote malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, effective security hardening, post-hack security actions, and security notifications.
If your WordPress site is hacked then this plugin should be the first thing you should install to find out which files are infected and how to clean them.

6. Akismet

Akismet is not a security plugin as such but it monitors comment spam. It uses data from millions of websites from all over the world to catch bad comments submitted by robots, comments trying to inject SQL or JavaScript, comments from bad IP addresses.
Akismet keeps your WordPress site functioning when under attack by comment spam bots. Those bots automatically submit spam comments on websites and if there are a large number of them on your site trying to submit comments then your WordPress site will crash.

7. Htaccess by BestWebSoft

Htaccess file is a very powerful tool which allows you to block bad IPs and protect your website from brute force attacks. It can also be used to deny access to certain areas of your website.
But most users don’t know how to use it because it requires a custom structure. This plugin allows you to do advance htaccess editing from your WordPress admin area.

8. Really Simple SSL

Google is recommending all website owners to start using SSL or HTTPS. It is also ranking SSL websites higher than other websites.
SSL is a security layer which encrypts data transfer from server to the browser. This means hackers cannot listen to your data being transferred and this alone blocks so many security issues on your WordPress site. It is also recommended that you use SSL if you want to sell anything on your website.
Now you can get free SSL installed on your website using Let’s Encrypt. Really Simple SSL plugin just helps you easily setup your website to start using https instead of http.


Keeping your WordPress site safe and secure will save you from a lot of pain. It is not difficult to keep your WordPress site security up to date with the help of these useful security plugins.
There are few things you can do without using plugins like installing WordPress updates. Always update to latest version of WordPress, plugins, and themes. Another great tip is to use difficult strong passwords with letters and special characters.
Tell us which Improve Your Website Security you are using on your site in your comments below.

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