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17 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins for Rapid Site Design

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It’s impossible to overstate how crucial a website’s look and feel are to driving conversions.

Granted, SEO factors like relevance and site speed take greater precedence when building an online business, but if your WordPress site’s design doesn’t resonate with your target audience, your efforts will yield much lesser results.

Even if you’re not a design professional or don’t know how to code, you don’t have to give up on building a stunning WordPress website your audience will love.

Instead, you can rely on a WordPress page builder to help you do the job.

WordPress page builder plugins make creating a stunning website as easy as dragging and dropping elements on a page.

You can put a site together in minutes and wow your visitors with sleek interfaces for years to come.

If that sounds like a plan, keep reading to learn about the 17 best WordPress page builder plugins available this year.

The 17 Best WordPress Page Builders in 2022

These are the best WordPress page builders that make beautiful site design accessible to all.

Use one of them to build a slick WordPress website, even if you’ve never written a line of code or used design software.

1. Elementor

Key Features of Elementor

  • Elementor’s free version is feature-packed and has many templates
  • A vast library of extensible blocks for fast and easy editing
  • Supports translation plugins (e.g., WPML)
  • Free built-in hosting powered by Google

Elementor is one of the most well-known and widely-used page builders.

This free drag-and-drop page builder is one of the most beginner-friendly WordPress site-building plugins.

Its live editor makes building websites intuitive and straightforward, while its generous library of extensible blocks speeds up the process.

Elementor provides over 100 widgets and full website kits based on the free WordPress theme Hello.

You can use Elementor to build beautiful landing pages, portfolio sites, e-commerce stores, and other sites.

And every page you design is mobile-friendly and responsive.

This page builder has a huge community of developers behind it.

As such, it has thousands of third-party add-ons that enhance its capabilities.

Also, Elementor is open-source, allowing developers worldwide to improve its functionality with their code.

So you always have access to the latest updates and features.

One of the best features Elementor has is its built-in hosting.

Google powers the hosting side of this page builder, so you can host your designed website once it’s complete.

Naturally, your website will have the most secure and performant technology backing it.

As already mentioned, Elementor is a great page builder for building e-commerce stores.

Its WooCommerce integration means you can create storefronts that don’t just look beautiful but also drive conversions. 

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

Elementor is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a free plugin with loads of features.

In addition, the free Google hosting is enticing if you’re on a budget.

2. WPBakery

Key Features of WPBakery

  • It works with any theme, eliminating the need for theme-specific layout builders
  • Intelligent page builder makes the design process easier
  • Making responsive sites is as straightforward as flipping between screen widths
  • Over 50 content elements and 100 templates

The WPBakery page builder is a spin-off of Visual Composer.

This page builder plugin works with any WordPress theme, meaning designing a beautiful and responsive website is as straightforward as installing a theme, activating the plugin, and customizing your design.

Before plugins like WPBakery came along, you’d have to find a new layout builder whenever you decide to change your theme.

Thankfully, WPBakery’s compatibility with hundreds of WordPress themes eliminates the need for theme-specific layout builders.

If you’ve never written a line of code before, you’ll appreciate this page builder’s intuitive frontend editor.

The WordPress editor simplifies the design process with its drag-and-drop functionality, and you can use it to build unique page layouts by dragging your page elements around the screen. 

Also, this WordPress page builder plugin is intelligent enough to determine the elements you’ve added to your pages.

It’ll use different colors to highlight each page element to make the design process more navigable.

Meanwhile, creating a responsive site is as easy as flipping between different screen widths to check how your website looks on mobile and tablet.

Like other WordPress page builders, WPBakery speeds up the WordPress site-building process.

You get over 50 content elements (Facebook “like” buttons, message boxes, etc.) out of the box.

And if you need inspiration when building a site from scratch, you can use one of its 100+ templates as a jumping-off point.

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

If you plan to give your WordPress website a facelift every couple of years, WPBakery might be worth considering.

The page builder’s high compatibility with all WordPress themes makes it an appealing choice.

3. Brizy

Key Features of Brizy

  • 700 design blocks, 150 page layouts, and 45 pop-ups available (with the premium version)
  • Brizy cloud-provided domains and server syncing
  • Integrations with Zapier, ConvertKit, and other third-party marketing tools
  • Ultra-fast page speeds

If you want to build a website that can collect leads and connect with customers without hiring a developer or writing a line of code, look no further than the Brizy page builder.

This free tool is an all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to enter the world of online business.

You can use Brizy to build responsive websites and landing pages with lightning-speed load times.

As such, the Brizy builder is excellent at designing websites that drive conversions.

Also, it doesn’t take long to put sites together, and if you opt for the premium version, you get access to over 700 design blocks, 150 page layouts, and 45 conversion-optimised pop-ups. 

Additionally, Brizy’s global styling feature makes it easy to make changes to your entire website simultaneously.

This feature will help when you want to redesign your site, as you won’t need to make changes to individual pages unless necessary.

And its auto-save feature provides peace of mind by saving your changes as they happen.

If you want to do your site’s administrative tasks from one place, Brizy can help you with that.

Brizy’s cloud provides custom domains, subdomains, HTML exports, and server syncing.

Since Brizy operates on a “free forever” model, opening a Brizy account is all you need to do to access these features.

Brizy integrates with several popular online marketing applications, including MailChimp, Sendinblue, Zapier, ConvertKit, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, and more.

So if you want your website to be a marketing machine, you’ll appreciate these integrations.

Key Features of Brizy

  • 700 design blocks, 150 page layouts, and 45 pop-ups available (with the premium version)
  • Brizy cloud-provided domains and server syncing
  • Integrations with Zapier, ConvertKit, and other third-party marketing tools
  • Ultra-fast page speeds

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

Brizy’s integrations with online marketing apps and cloud-provided backend administration make it a strong contender for anyone who wants an all-in-one solution for their online business.

4. Visual Composer

Key Features of Visual Composer

  • Thousands of templates, content elements, blocks, and add-ons
  • Visual Composer Insights assistant for improving your site’s performance
  • Integrations with WooCommerce, Unsplash, and MailChimp
  • Tools for theme authors and marketing agencies

Whether you’re a web developer or you’re dipping your toes into online business for the first time, there’s a lot to love about Visual Composer.

As is obvious from its name, this page builder lets you build websites in a visual manner.

Its drag-and-drop functionality is intuitive, providing a hassle-free web development workflow.

This WordPress plugin caters to business owners, marketers, and designers.

However, online entrepreneurs, agencies, and even theme authors can benefit from using Visual Composer.

From landing pages to online stores and everything in between, you can use Visual Composer to build them all.

You’ll never be short of inspiration when you use this page builder.

The cloud-based Visual Composer Hub is a library packed with over half a million unique templates, content elements, add-ons, blocks, and more.

In addition to giving you a starting point, these elements speed up the design process.

Also, this SEO-friendly page builder includes a that feature other page builders overlook: an analysis tool called Visual Composer Insights.

This smart assistant provides insightful tips for boosting site performance and content quality, among other helpful functions.

As a result, you can improve your SEO ranking and achieve a higher conversion rate.

Visual Composer integrates with many popular online tools and platforms.

For example, you can connect to Unsplash for images and capture leads through MailChimp.

And if your site needs an online store, this page builder integrates with WooCommerce.

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

Visual Composer may be right for you whether you’re an online entrepreneur, marketing agency, or individual.

Also, you’ll appreciate this page builder if you aspire to be a theme author.

5. Oxygen

Key Features of Oxygen

  • Powered by clean, SEO-friendly code for faster site speed
  • Tons of exciting scroll animations to delight visitors
  • Huge array of fonts from the Google and Adobe libraries
  • Custom icon sets from Linear Icons and IcoMoon to beautify your website

Oxygen is a breath of fresh air in the crowded page builder market.

This page builder is built to make search engine bots happy, meaning it’s powered by clean and uncluttered code that promotes faster-loading site speeds.

Its developers attribute its speed to less CSS and JavaScript bloat than what you’d find in average competitor builders.

Described as a complete website builder by some of its fans, the Oxygen page builder puts beautiful and responsive websites at the fingertips of the inexperienced and tech-savvy alike.

In addition, its visual builder is intuitive, letting you drag and drop page elements wherever you need them.

This page builder provides many exciting scroll animations that will enthrall visitors to your website.

Like other page builders on this list, you get access to Google’s vast font library.

However, Oxygen goes a step further by providing fonts from the Adobe library.

So you can let your imagination run wild with the thousands of fonts both libraries provide.

In addition, you can make your web pages more interesting by picking from Oxygen’s custom icon sets.

Either use the IcoMoon icons or get them free from Linear Icons.

And if you want to add blur effects, its built-in CSS filters negate the need to pay for a Photoshop subscription.

Web developers will appreciate how much time this page builder plugin saves them.

Oxygen uses CSS classes to magnificent effect, letting you change styles for multiple page elements from one place.

Meanwhile, online entrepreneurs use the plugin’s WooCommerce integration to build high-converting e-commerce stores.

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

The Oxygen page builder is an excellent choice if you want to build a beautiful website.

The plugin’s massive font library, amazing scroll animations, and custom icon sets make it worth considering.

6. Page Builder Sandwich

Key Features of Page Builder Sandwich

  • YouTube and Vimeo embedding support for video media
  • Responsive mode feature for previewing your design on different screen sizes
  • An easy-to-use editor that emulates common word-processors
  • Parallax and video scrolling (with the premium version)

Page Builder Sandwich is a WordPress drag-and-drop builder on a mission to make building websites as easy as making a sandwich.

This page builder is a free plugin, though there’s a paid version with additional features.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Page Builder Sandwich, as you can build layouts in minutes using the page builder’s click-and-type, drag-and-drop interface.

Page Builder Sandwich’s editor emulates the ease-of-use word processors like Microsoft Word provide, meaning you save thousands of dollars you’d otherwise spend hiring a web developer.

In addition, this page builder has many features to speed up your workflow.

Some of the most notable ones are its undo function (for rolling back mistakes), its support for embedded media (which lets you embed YouTube and Vimeo URLs by pasting them), and a responsive mode feature for previewing your site on all devices.

Using Page Builder Sandwich, you can easily add Google Maps and geolocation to your site.

And this page builder provides many high-quality vector icons for inclusion in your design.

We also like that it doesn’t clutter content with shortcodes.

Meanwhile, adding widgets to your page is straightforward with Page Builder Sandwich.

You can access over a dozen full-page templates when you opt into the premium version of this page builder.

Also, it provides 40+ pre-made page sections (headings, our team, contact, etc.) for rapid site-building.

And if you need parallax or video backgrounds, they’re included with one of its subscription tiers.

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

If you’re a beginner, Page Builder Sandwich is an excellent WordPress plugin worth considering.

Its click-and-type interface makes it one of the most straightforward builders available.

7. Thrive Architect

Key Features of Thrive Architect

  • Pre-built conversion-oriented page elements (e.g., countdown timers) for driving conversions
  • 352 pre-made landing page templates for rapid conversion-focused page builds
  • Ultra-flexible column layouts for responsive, mobile-friendly sites
  • Easy application of hover effects to various page elements

Thrive Themes, the developer of Thrive Architect, created their page builder with business websites in mind, a conclusion you can draw from many of its uniquely business-oriented features.

This page builder has many pre-built conversion elements, like testimonials, lead-generation forms that integrate with popular email-marketing software, and countdown timers to create a sense of urgency.

As such, you won’t need to install third-party plugins to include these features on your WordPress site.

Besides its conversion-focused elements, Thrive Architect has a standard drag-and-drop editor function dubbed “click-to-edit.”

True to its name, click-to-edit simplifies the web design process to clicking, dragging, and dropping.

As if its drag-and-drop functionality wasn’t enough to speed up your page-building workflow, Thrive Architect provides 352 professionally-designed landing page templates.

This is the page builder to get if you want to build a sales page, opt-in page, or other conversion-focused web pages without writing a line of code.

Thrive Architect’s additional exciting features include its ultra-flexible column layouts, text overlays, and a vast library of custom fonts.

Also, this page builder makes it easy to apply hover effects to any page element.

And you can create backgrounds that span the entire screen width no matter the WordPress theme or viewing device.

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

Look no further than Thrive Architect when building business-oriented websites.

This page builder plugin has conversion optimization built into its DNA and integrates with many marketing tools.

8. Themify

The Themify builder is a free drag-and-drop WordPress plugin for building WordPress sites quickly. You have a live preview feature that works well with drag-and-drop functionality and makes web design accessible to people who don’t know how to code. 

Although the Themify builder works best with Themify’s themes, you can use it with any WordPress site. Also, Themify builder provides 40+ pre-designed layouts you can import and populate with your text and images, making building landing pages fast.

Themify’s builder has a handy undo/redo function that’s an excellent for experimenting. You can try different layouts and module inclusions without worrying the changes will be permanent. And if you don’t like what you see, you can revert to an older or newer version of your design.

One of this page builder’s best features is its Layout Parts. You can include them in the builder and use them on different pages of your website. And when you update a Layout Part on one page, it’s simultaneously updated on every page where it’s included. This feature is a time-saver that makes building page layouts more convenient.

You may also find the Themify builder’s animation effects impressive. The builder provides over 60 animations, like bounces, flashes, zooms, shakes, and more, which liven up your site, triggering when elements like pop-ups are present in the viewing area.

Key Features

  • 40+ pre-made page layouts
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Layout Parts for simultaneous editing across multiple pages
  • 60+ animations liven up web pages

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

Themify is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a free feature-packed builder. In addition, its Layout Parts feature will be indispensable to anyone who desires convenience.

9. Avada

According to its developers, Avada is “built with usability and performance in mind,” and over 800,000 people seem to agree. This WordPress page builder has garnered over 25,000 5-star reviews and is marketed toward beginners, marketers, and professionals.

You can use this user-friendly page builder to build layouts, headers, footers, forms, and other page elements. Avada’s Live Visual Builder makes designing intuitive, so you can let your imagination run wild. In addition, you can speed up the design process by using one of Avada’s 89 pre-made websites and over 120 design elements in the Avada studio library.

One feature that makes Avada beginner-friendly is its setup wizard, which provides a step-by-step explainer for how to build websites quickly and on the fly. It’ll show you how (and where) to change typography, colors, layout, insert website content, and other workflow functions you need to know.

Also, Avada integrates with WooCommerce, providing the tools you need to build a beautiful and profitable online store. Because this builder is designed using SEO best practices, you can build mobile-friendly online stores that convert customers on the move.

And if you’re constantly updating your website content in the database, you’ll appreciate Avada’s Dynamic Content feature, which automatically updates frontend page elements, like featured images, timestamps, page names, excerpts, etc., saving you the hassle of doing it manually.

Key Features

  • 89 pre-made websites and 120 design elements for a quicker design workflow
  • Setup wizard to get you up to speed as quickly as possible
  • Dynamic Content Functionality for automatic updates of frontend page elements
  • Integrates with WooCommerce for e-commerce functionality

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

Avada is one of the most beginner-friendly page builders, thanks to its setup wizard. Consider getting this plugin for its Dynamic Content Functionality and vast library of pre-made websites.

10. Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a fantastic drag-and-drop page builder that focuses on simplicity and functionality. It’s highly rated by thousands of happy users, with testimonials stretching back to its debut in 2014.

Some feature-packed drag-and-drop page builders tend to have cluttered interfaces. Cornerstone bucks that trend by offering a minimalistic and navigable interface. The page builder achieves this feat by dividing your workspace into two parts: the work and preview area. As a result, Cornerstone is clutter-free and a joy to use.

This drag-and-drop page builder has a built-in text editor that lets you edit text on the fly. You’ll appreciate this feature if you dislike having to flip to your website’s backend to populate your site with content.

Also, this powerful WordPress page builder has a vast library of elements and templates that speed up your site-building workflow. You can use it to build your own templates if you have a technical background. And it includes a built-in code editor that developers can use.

While Cornerstone works with any WordPress theme, its developers recommend using it with a particular theme called X. So if you purchase the X theme, you’ll get this page builder as part of the bundle.

Key Features

  • Minimalistic interface for quick and easy navigation
  • Built-in text editor for frontend content population
  • Built-in code editor for web developers
  • Bundles with the X theme

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

Cornerstone is a worthy page builder for anyone who wants to write content without having to flip to their site’s backend. Also, the plugin’s code editor makes it perfect for web developers.

11. Divi

Divi themes developer Elegant Themes describes its page builder as “the ultimate WordPress page builder.” Judging by the over 21,000 positive Trustpilot reviews, many website owners agree with that assessment.

The Divi builder brings drag-and-drop functionality to WordPress, making adding, deleting, and moving elements on the page incredibly straightforward. This visual builder updates your designs in real-time, making the design process intuitive. And since it’s naturally responsive, your designs will look good when viewed on mobile screens.

Divi provides tons of unique page elements for full site customization. Also, it lets you save and manage an unlimited number of finished designs. As such, you can reuse designs across multiple pages, streamlining your workflow.

One feature we appreciate about Divi is its accommodation of global elements and styles. This feature lets you manage your website through site-wide settings. For example, you can change every instance of a color used on different elements of the page globally (i.e., from one place), eliminating the hassle of making time-consuming individual changes.

Also, Divi works like a time machine because you can jump back and forth to compare changes you’ve made to your designs. It also has over 2,000 pre-made designs, hundreds of modules, and 200+ website packs.

Key Features

  • Save your designs for reuse on multiple pages
  • Global element styles facilitate site-wide changes
  • 2,000+ pre-made designs for all the inspiration you need
  • A history feature lets you compare and roll back changes

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

Divi is an excellent page builder for anyone who wants to build websites quickly. If that’s you, you’ll want to take advantage of its save feature to speed up your workflow.

12. SiteOrigin Page Builder

The SiteOrigin page builder is one of the best free WordPress plugins for website building. It focuses on responsiveness, helping you create grid-based page layouts that look good on mobile devices.

SiteOrigin’s page builder plugin brings drag-and-drop functionality to any WordPress theme, meaning your content travels with you when your taste and website aesthetic changes. Also, you can rely on it to do the heavy-lifting of producing lightweight code that adheres to SEO best practices.

In addition, it supports standard WordPress widgets, like archives, categories, recent posts, and more. Thanks to the page builder’s live editor, you can easily move these widgets around the screen and see your edits in real time.

One feature you’ll appreciate if you worry about making irreversible mistakes is this page builder’s History Browser, which gives you peace of mind and free rein to experiment with layouts. You can preview any changes you make to your design and roll to older and or newer versions as needed.

The best feature of this free page builder is its lack of restrictions. You can use it with as many websites as you like without paying for an annual license. SiteOrigin pledges lifetime updates for this plugin, viewing their generosity as a way to democratize content creation.

Key Features

  • History Browser provides peace of mind and encourages experimentation
  • Available for use with unlimited websites (no annual license)
  • Responsive design and fluid grid-based layouts
  • Supports common WordPress widgets

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

The SiteOrigin page builder is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to reuse their builder on more than one website. Its lack of restrictions and annual license fee makes it difficult to pass up.

13. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is one of the best WordPress page builders available in 2022.

This drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin is a fantastic tool for freelancers, developers, WordPress users, and many more professionals. The over 1 million downloads attest to Beaver Builder’s popularity.

One attribute that puts Beaver Builder ahead of its peers is its license. While other page builders limit the number of sites you can use them on based on the license tier you purchase, Beaver Builder doesn’t. One license is all you need to use this WordPress page builder with an unlimited number of sites.

Also, Beaver Builder can build any site you need, be it a blog, landing page, membership community, or e-commerce website. It’s also SEO-friendly with great mobile responsive and fast loading times.

Beaver Builder also has its own theme, which works with WordPress Customize, giving you live previews of all changes made to the theme you’re working with. You can use the Beaver Builder theme to create layouts, templates, 404 pages, and individual page elements, like headers and footers.

And if you’re worried about losing your work, Beaver Builder has you covered. The page builder has an Assistant Pro feature you can use to store media files, theme customizer settings, and the like in the cloud for later use. You can reuse content saved by Assistant Pro on any WordPress site with its one-click import feature.

Key Features

  • No restrictions on the number of sites you can use it with
  • The Assistant Pro feature lets you store files, settings, etc., on the cloud
  • Beaver Builder theme creates templates, layouts, and so on
  • SEO-optimized code base for fast-loading websites

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

Like SiteOrigin’s builder (above), Beaver Builder works with an unlimited number of websites, making it particularly appealing to anyone who wants to build numerous websites on a budget.

14. SeedProd

If you’re interested in popular page builders that many website owners rely on, SeedProd is worth a look. This WordPress page builder plugin has been downloaded over 1 million times.

SeedProd features a drag-and-drop interface that speeds up website building. As a result, you can build web pages, landing pages, and even your own themes without writing a line of code in a fairly short time.

And if you don’t want to spend time building from scratch, SeedProd offers over a hundred pre-made templates.

Supposing you want to limit access to your site while taking care of administrative tasks on the backend, SeedProd provides built-in “Coming Soon,” “Maintenance Mode,” and 404 error pages. And its integrations with popular email marketing software providers (like MailChimp and ConvertKit) mean you can build an email list and manage existing subscribers.

Also, SeedProd is one of the most SEO-friendly page builders available. In addition to being responsive and mobile-ready, it’s lightweight and fast, thanks to the bloat-free code powering this page builder. And it integrates with ReCaptcha, offering protection against bots, spam, and fraudulent submissions.

SeedProd’s layout navigation is a feature you won’t see on most page builders. It acts as a mini-map of your page, letting you easily arrange page elements like rows and columns. And its integration with Google Fonts and accommodation of custom CSS mean developers complete the design to suit their needs.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of pre-made templates to save time and provide inspiration
  • Pre-built admin pages (like “Coming Soon” and “Maintenance Mode”)
  • ReCaptcha integration provides protection from spam and bots
  • The Layout Navigation feature provides a mini-map of web pages for easy navigation

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

SeedProd’s ReCaptcha integration makes it a must-see for security-conscious online entrepreneurs.

15. Themeum WP Page Builder

Themeum’s WP Page Builder speeds up the site-building process with its 100% drag-and-drop system. You can use it to build stunning and professional-looking websites without writing a line of code, making it one of the best page builders for people who don’t have a tech background.

One of the best features of this page builder is its flexible layout building system. The feature makes adding rows and columns incredibly straightforward.

In addition, you can easily adjust the size of (and padding) rows and columns to suit your preferences. Best of all, your final design will be responsive and look good on mobile devices.

Another incredible feature built into Themeum is its library system, which you can use to store design blocks for reuse on different pages of your site. The WP Page Builder library system saves you time otherwise spent building duplicate page elements from scratch. You can save your design element to the library today and use it on another page several weeks later.

To speed up your site design workflow, you can tap into WP Page Builder’s pre-made design blocks. All you have to do is drag and drop the block you need, and it’ll instantly appear on the page. WP Page Builder provides many blocks, most of which are individually customizable. And the page builder’s pre-designed templates make it possible to build your site quickly.

WP Page Builder provides over 30 add-ons, including forms, flip boxes, carousels, social media buttons, video pop-ups, and more. It also supports WordPress widgets, is fully translation ready, and enjoys adequate developer support.

Key Features

  • Library system for storing blocks for reuse on different pages
  • Pre-made design blocks for quicker build times
  • 30+ add-ons (forms, carousels, etc.) for interactive pages
  • Flexible layout building system for full control of size and spacing of rows and columns

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

People who want complete control over their site’s aesthetics will appreciate Themeum WP Page Builder. Its flexible layout building system offers unrivaled control.

16. MotoPress Content Editor

MotoPress Content Editor is a free WordPress page builder with drag-and-drop capabilities. It works with any WordPress theme and is fantastic for designing many types of web pages. Also, this page builder has loads of content modules and options for styling, making editing a quick and easy process.

A basic MotoPress Content Editor license grants you access to many of this page builder’s impressive features. For example, this frontend visual page builder provides tons of ready-to-use content elements, like sliders, social media buttons, accordions, tabs, and Google Maps. It even throws in WordPress widgets and raw HTML inserts.

In addition, this website builder supports many Google web fonts and integrates with WPML, a WordPress plugin that makes it possible to build multilingual WordPress sites. And if you don’t want to spend time tinkering with your website’s design, you can take advantage of the many pre-defined layouts MotoPress Content Editor provides upfront.

MotoPress Content Editor integrates with many third-party page builder plugins, so you can easily extend what the drag-and-drop content editor can do. These add-ons make website design with this page builder even easier.

Key Features

  • Packed with content elements and modules for a quicker workflow
  • Integrates with WPML for multilingual websites
  • Tons of pre-defined layouts for design inspiration
  • Integrates with third-party page builder plugins for additional functionality

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

The MotoPress Content Editor is the page builder for anyone who wants to build multilingual websites on the cheap.

17. Live Composer

The Live Composer site builder is a free, open-source WordPress builder with over 40,000 downloads. Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface that eliminates the need for coding skills, you can use it to create beautiful and unique page layouts.

Live Composer makes it incredibly easy to build a professional website. You can start with a blank canvas or use one of the Live Composer-specific themes. Also, you no longer need to install a visual composing plugin, as Live Composer updates your design directly in the frontend.

If you use WooCommerce, you’ll appreciate this page builder. It integrates with the popular e-commerce platform, letting you customize checkout and my account pages for a yearly subscription fee.

In addition, this page builder has many premium extensions, like contact forms, advanced custom fields, responsive mega menus, and more. So if you’re an online marketer, business owner, designer, developer, or professional and want to promote yourself with a portfolio website, Live Composer is a strong contender for the job.

Key Features

  • It integrates with WooCommerce for e-commerce stores
  • Packed with premium extensions for interactive sites
  • Can create any site, including portfolio sites
  • 30+ modules provide unlimited styling options and combinations

Who this WordPress Page Builder is for

Use Live Composer to create your portfolio website or e-commerce storefront. Its premium extensions and WooCommerce integration will bring your ideas to life.

Choosing a WordPress Page Builder – What to Look For

When choosing a WordPress page builder, you’ll need to consider the following factors for quick and hassle-free website building.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Avoid page builders that don’t provide drag-and-drop functionality as standard. This feature is essential because it makes WordPress website design accessible to the non-tech-savvy.

Without drag-and-drop functionality, a page builder loses the core of what makes these plugins worth using (and, in some cases, purchasing): intuitiveness. 

Live Edits

Live edits are another indispensable feature a page builder must have. If drag-and-drop functionality makes building your WordPress website intuitive, live edits are what make the process satisfying.

Look at it this way: when you move things around the page, you want to avoid having to open a new browser window to inspect the changes. Otherwise, your workflow will be incredibly tedious.

Meanwhile, when the web page updates in real time, you can access your changes and make design decisions quicker, speeding up your workflow.

High WordPress Theme Compatibility

One of the best things about building WordPress websites is the variety and flexibility themes offer you. With the thousands of options available, you’re not tied down to one theme and can change your site’s look and feel in the future.

For the above reason, you need to consider a WordPress page builder’s compatibility with WordPress themes. It’s best to choose a plugin that works with any WordPress theme to save yourself issues down the line.

SEO-Friendly Code

WordPress page builders are powered by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, i.e., the building blocks of the web. Therefore, these markup and programming languages can (for better or worse) affect your site’s SERP ranking, depending on their use.

If a page builder needs thousands of lines of code to function, it could result in a site taking longer to load. Slow site speeds are a no-no in SEO, so choose a page builder powered by a bloat-free code base. 

Pre-Made Templates

If you’re new to website design, you may need a clearer vision for your site. Where that’s the case, pre-made templates can give you the design inspiration needed to start building your site.

In addition, pre-made templates can speed up your design workflow by giving you something to work with. Rather than building your site from scratch, you can make minor tweaks to your chosen templates and have your site live in minutes. For the above reasons, ensure you choose a page builder with many pre-made templates.

Content Elements and Blocks

Content elements, such as Facebook “like” buttons, pop-ups, accordions, and so on, are what makes websites interactive. The majority serve the purpose of driving conversions, so they can be essential for your website’s goals.

Meanwhile, some page builders save you time and effort spent creating page sections like testimonials, Google Maps geolocation, contact forms, and more. Prioritize page builders that provide tons of content elements and page blocks for a faster web design workflow.

Third-Party Integrations

Finally, if you want your website to double as an e-commerce store or capture leads, your chosen WordPress page builder should integrate with third-party software.

Many of the page builders on our list integrate with WooCommerce, bringing the popular online-shopping platform’s functionality to your website. Also, integrations with lead capture software like MailChimp and customer relationship management software like HubSpot will make building an email list and keeping in touch with your audience incredibly easy.

Wrap Up

WordPress page builders level the playing field by providing an intuitive means of building websites without coding knowledge. Their drag-and-drop functionality lets you arrange elements on your web page as you see fit, meaning anyone can build beautiful WordPress websites quickly.

A page builder should have many pre-designed templates to get your creative juices flowing. Other essential features you should look for in a WordPress page builder include integrations with third-party software, tons of content elements, an SEO-friendly code base, live previews, and compatibility with all WordPress themes.

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