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15+ Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting: Ranked & Reviewed [2022]

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Setting up and running a successful business website can be daunting.

Luckily, many tools can help you manage content, storage, and traffic.

The most popular website service is WordPress, but you also need a trustworthy host for enterprise hosting management.

We rounded up over 15 of the best enterprise WordPress hosts to help you find the ideal hosting service for your business.

Play around with our Hosting Finder tool, or read our reviews and ranking of more than 15 enterprise WordPress hosting options.

Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed] (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Pantheon: Our Pick
  2. WP Engine: Runner-Up
  3. SiteGround: Budget Pick
  4. Hostinger
  5. InfinityFree
  6. Heroku
  7. ScalaHosting
  8. DreamHost
  9. Amazon Web Services
  10. RoseHosting
  11. Liquid Web
  12. G-Core Labs
  13. UltaHost
  14. Inmotion Hosting
  15. Cloudways
  16. Accuweb Hosting
  17. GreenGeeks

An Overview of Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Before we get into the specifics of our various recommendations, read the brief overview of enterprise WordPress hosting so you understand how important it is for your business and website.

What Is an Enterprise WordPress Host?

A web host is a hosting and management system that takes care of your website’s content.

The hosting service provides storage space and access to a website.

WordPress hosts specifically provide this service for WordPress websites.

An enterprise WordPress host can handle massive websites or multiple websites.

These enterprise plans, features, and capabilities are ideal for large or growing companies.

Why Is Enterprise WordPress Hosting Important?

Excellent hosting service ensures space for your content, and your data is saved and secure.

Web hosting performs backups and advanced cloud setups to file away all your content, so it’s easy to recover if something happens or locate it when needed.

Do I Need an Enterprise WordPress Host?

It depends.

Do you have an enterprise website?

If yes, then you definitely need enterprise hosting.

WordPress is the most trusted and widely used platform for websites, so using it is the best way to ensure a stable and high-performing website.

The Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting at a Glance

Further on, we provide you with a deep dive into many hosting platforms, but if you want the headline, below is a quick explanation of our top paid pick and top free pick!

What Is the Best Enterprise WordPress Host?

Our top pick is Pantheon hosting because they offer everything an enterprise could need to run a successful website.

We recommend Pantheon because it has outstanding environments for developers and high-performing hosting.

Overall, it has the most seamless hosting and guarantees uptime and security.

What Is the Best Free Enterprise WordPress Host?

The best free WordPress host is Hostinger!

It is the ideal service for fast-growing companies that want speedy and scalable service.

They have paid plans, but their free tier comes with a wealth of features and top-notch customer and technical support.

Features to Look For in Enterprise WordPress Hosting

When looking for the right enterprise WordPress host, consider what they offer.

The best features to look for in a host are discussed below.

1. Scalability

If you’re looking for an enterprise host, you have a large business that is likely growing.

Choose a host who can help your business grow seamlessly and efficiently.

2. Security

Your data could be compromised, stolen, or ruined if a host doesn’t offer enterprise-level security.

Security should be a top priority when operating a massive website and business.

3. Reliability

When reading reviews and browsing options, consider if they guarantee uptime and fast content delivery.

You want a host you can rely on to manage the hosting aspect of your website.

4. Developer-Friendly Environment

Different developer environments, like dev, can make updating your website easier for developers.

The best hosts will have a range of environments for developers.

5. Support

Understanding and navigating these platforms can be challenging.

If you’re not a web hosting and management expert, choose a service with attentive and knowledgeable customer support so you get your questions answered day and night.

Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Without further ado, below are our three top recommendations.

Pantheon: Our Pick

screenshot of the pantheon homepage

Pantheon is a WebOps platform designed to help larger businesses develop their site and grow as needed.

The services reach billions of people and can enable developers, marketers, and designers to craft the best website for their consumers so everything is secure and properly managed.

Key Features Of Pantheon

Pantheon has impressive features that cater to enterprise businesses.

Below is a brief overview of their best features for hosting and scalability.

  • Website Portfolio Management: Portfolio management is easy with custom upstreams, a central dashboard, and role-based access control. You can seamlessly build, manage, and scale the business across all domains and brands.
  • Agile Workflows: One of the top features is cross-functional collaboration, allowing more innovation, confidence, and faster delivery times.
  • Automated Security: Pantheon’s Autopilot is its security system that finds, tests, and applies updates with total safety.
  • High-Performance Hosting: Pantheon boasts high-performing hosting, offering lightning-fast content and delivery on a reliable network.
  • Serverless CMS: With the serverless CMS, users can develop a more complex and unique platform, offering a distinct customer experience that can scale.

Why Is Pantheon A Great Solution?

Our top pick for enterprise WordPress hosting is Pantheon because it checks all the right boxes for a large and growing business.

Pantheon has been around since 2010, offering robust portfolios to impressive clients, such as Dell, the Boston Herald, and IBM.

The software solutions and hosting are the fastest in the industry and work well when scaling your company.

No matter how large your business is, Pantheon has the tools and experience to manage your WordPress hosting with promptness.

Pros Of Pantheon

  • No Overage Charges: With Pantheon, there are no overage charges or setup charges to worry about.
  • Dev Tools: Pantheon’s dev tools are advanced and high-quality. They give your team a streamlined way to collaborate.
  • Great Environments: The ‘dev,’ ‘test,’ and ‘live’ environments are well-designed and easy for teams to use.

Cons Of Pantheon

  • Expensive: The prices are steeper than many competitors, so it is not ideal for companies on a tight budget.
  • Learning Curve: Users say Pantheon is easy to use once you know what you’re doing. It can take days or weeks to fully understand the hosting server.
  • Lack of Control: The managed WordPress hosting of Pantheon is highly functional and automated, but there is a lack of control over some features.

Pantheon vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

It’s hard to compare the other recommendations to Pantheon, as it has some of the most advanced features and an experienced team.

They offer flawless hosting service, although there is little customizability and control compared to other options.

They’re also significantly more expensive than many competitors.

Pantheon Pricing

For an exact price breakdown for enterprise plans, you need to reach out to Pantheon and get a quote.

However, users report the pricing for enterprise services starts at $10,000 a year but usually costs more.

Can You Try Pantheon For Free?

You can use standard Pantheon services for free when you signup for their Silver plan.

However, this is not suitable for enterprise-level sites.

There is no free trial for enterprise services.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Pantheon?

If you have a decent budget for your WordPress hosting, Pantheon is the best choice.

It has a robust suite of features and tools to help developers, marketers, and your whole team.

Plus, they know what they’re doing with enterprise platforms.

But if you want more control, meaning you do more work but pay less, the options below may be a better fit.

WP Engine: Runner-Up

wpengine homepage screenshot 1

WP Engine is our runner-up, offering comparable features to Pantheon but with a little more legwork involved.

It’s also one of the best platforms for developers, as it has a suite of developing tools and staging environments.

It’s popular thanks to its excellent support team and intuitive navigation.

Key Features Of WP Engine

The WP Engine features ensure your site hosting is consistently reliable and quality.

They have minor features to improve the user experience, but below are the top features.

  • High-Availability Hosting: A popular feature is the HA hosting setups, which host your site on multiple servers and maintain uptime even better.
  • Managed CDN: With managed CDN and front-end caching, WP Engine keeps your content and pages organized and copied, ensuring you never lose anything.
  • Security: The enterprise-level security gives users confidence their data will be safe.
  • Uptime Guarantee: The Uptime guarantee is backed by an SLA, meaning you’re promised consistent and reliable hosting with no lapses.
  • Tests and Reports: WP Engine creates speed tests, actional reports, and real-time updates and delivers them to you so you can track your site’s growth and performance.

Why Is WP Engine A Great Solution?

WP Engine is ideal for businesses looking for reliable support teams.

They offer white-glove service, making onboarding easy to understand and complete.

Technical issues are dealt with promptly and professionally.

They never give excuses or ignore reported problems, so you get top-notch customer service.

Pros Of WP Engine

  • Outstanding Support: Their support team and customer service are unmatched.
  • Guaranteed Uptime: One of the most important features, and why many people choose WP Engine, is the uptime guarantee, so your hosting is never down or compromised.
  • Version Control: Unlike Pantheon, WP Engine gives you more control over safeguarding features and backing up your content and pages, giving you more peace of mind.

Cons Of WP Engine

  • Unclear Pricing: The pricing for enterprises is unclear, and they tend to hit you with confusing overcharges and fees.
  • No Email Service: There is no integrated email marketing or automation service, meaning you’ll need to use a different service.
  • Visitor Limits: They will charge you $1 to $2 for extra visitors to your site not included in your pricing plan.

WP Engine vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Compared to other recommendations, WP Engine is super user-friendly and intuitive.

The onboarding process is thorough and easy to understand, and the support team is always available with tips and information.

WP Engine is the best choice if you want extra help with your WordPress hosting.

WP Engine Pricing

Below are all the WP Engine pricing plans, but only the Advanced Solutions plan works for large companies.

  • Startup: $25 a month for personal or small websites.
  • Growth: $96 a month for growing small businesses or medium-sized businesses.
  • Scale: $242 a month for larger companies or fast-growing businesses.
  • Professional: $49 a month for professionals with small or personal websites that need extra features and security.
  • Advanced Solutions: $600 a month for enterprise solutions and advanced security.

Can You Try WP Engine For Free?

You can use WP Engine for free if your site is not live yet, allowing you to create and store content and pages.

Unfortunately, there is no WP Engine free trial for live websites.

Conclusion: Should You Choose WP Engine?

If you have no idea what to do concerning WordPress hosting and plan to scale your business, WP Engine has all the right tools.

The supportive WP Engine team can help you every step of the way and answer your questions or concerns 24/7.

Plus, the features are some of the best in the business, especially the guaranteed uptime.

SiteGround: Budget Pick

screenshot of the siteground homepage

SiteGround is our budget pick! While we highly recommend our top two picks above, they can be quite pricey, especially for businesses quickly growing on tight budgets.

SiteGround isn’t as popular as WP Engine or Pantheon, but in our opinion, it should be.

With excellent support staff, reliable hosting, and constantly improving platforms, it may not be so cheap for much longer.

Key Features Of SiteGround

SiteGround has a wealth of features, but the most loved features by customers are below.

  • Free Features: SiteGround offers a few freebies that are enticing and generous, including a free domain name, free SSL encryption, daily backups, and daily restores!
  • Account Isolation: On a shared server, SiteGround guarantees your account will remain secure and isolated from other sites.
  • Linux Containers: The shared hosting platform uses Linux Containers full of tools, templates, language binding, and more open-source features.
  • Server Restore Technology: They have advanced server restore technology, which protects all data during a transfer or glitch.
  • Automatic Updates: All Siteground, WordPress, and WP Plugin updates occur automatically and immediately.

Why Is SiteGround A Great Solution?

SiteGround is our top budget pick because they have several impressive features despite the low cost.

Their expert team can help you perfect your hosting situation, whether you have no idea what you need or are a web hosting veteran.

You can save money without compromising your hosting.

Pros Of SiteGround

  • 99.9% Uptime: While it isn’t a 100% guarantee, their 99.9% uptime guarantee is still impressive and reassuring.
  • Consistent Improvements: SiteGround is constantly rolling out new updates and features to improve its site.
  • Fast Support: The support team has advanced training and is always available to answer questions or concerns.

Cons Of SiteGround

  • Limited Web Space: The web space for each customer caps at 30GB, which can be an issue for large enterprises.
  • High Renewal Costs: SiteGround is cheaper at first, but the renewal costs are slightly higher than your first year, which is disappointing.
  • Exterior Requirements: For certain managed hosting features, you need to have GrowBig or GoGeek, straining your budget even more.

SiteGround vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

WP Engine and Pantheon can take an arm and a leg from a business budget, but SiteGround does almost the same level of hosting for a much lower price.

The reduced price makes people expect weaker security, fewer features, and inconsistent support.

However, SiteGround offers similar features and quality support as our top two picks, making it a fierce competitor in the industry.

SiteGround Pricing

  • StartUp: $3 a month for the basic features suitable for small or personal sites.
  • GrowBig: $5 a month for larger businesses that need more space. The largest companies will need more, but smaller enterprises could use this.
  • GoGeek: $8 a month for unlimited space and all the SiteGround features, ideal for enterprises.

Can You Try SiteGround For Free?

While there is no free trial of SiteGround hosting, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So you can try SiteGround for a month, and if you hate it, they will fully refund you.

Conclusion: Should You Choose SiteGround?

If your business grows quickly and you need excellent WordPress hosting, SiteGround is a great pick.

You can scale and save money, keeping your budget in line without compromising your site’s functionality and quality.

SiteGround is the best choice for a business entering the enterprise level.

Best Free Enterprise WordPress Hosting Options

Looking for something free?

Below are our two favorite free enterprise WordPress hosting options.


screenshot of the hostinger homepage

Hostinger is a versatile platform that can do many types of web hosting and help you build a stunning website.

They offer a free hosting option via 000webhost.

The folks at Hostinger believe every business deserves a beautiful website that is stable, secure, and capable of scaling.

You get plenty of hosting space, and it’s a wonderful starting point for any growing company.

Also, they have better plans with low costs, starting at $1.99 per month and up to $2.99.

So if you decide you love the hosting and have a healthier budget, you can access even more features and help.

Why Is This a Great Option?

Hostinger is useful for businesses starting to scale who need help but aren’t ready to commit to a pricing plan of other hosting platforms.

They give you a domain name, 24/7 customer support, and fast hosting. And it can all be for free!

Drawbacks To Hostinger

The biggest drawback of Hostinger is the limited space.

The capacity is capped, so you can easily outgrow the hosting site if your business expands quickly, increasing the number of visitors to your site.

It also has a disappointing file manager, meaning you need to perform more manual backups and copies to protect your data and content.


screenshot of the infinity free homepage

As the name suggests, InfinityFree is completely free for users! InfinityFree has been around for over a decade and has generated loyal clients who are happy with their free hosting services.

Their hosting is fast, and they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, comparable with paid hosting sites.

Why Is This a Great Option?

As mentioned, they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about reliable hosting.

They also offer unlimited hosting, meaning there is no time limit and no limit on how many websites you can host.

They will also handle as many visitors as they can to help you be successful.

Some free hosting services require you to post ads on your site, but InfinityFree does not do this.

They also can host any domain from any extension.

This free platform is a great stepping stone for a business during a time of significant growth.

Drawbacks To InfinityFree

A notable drawback of InfintyFree is its inability to host dynamic websites.

So ever-changing content and more complex website builds are not suitable.

If you have a website developer, you should consult with them on whether or not InfinityFree is appropriate.

Your PHP Mail will be restricted, which is a downside for many users.

Lastly, InfinityFree will suspend or exile accounts that they deem troublesome, frustrating some users.

Notable Mentions: Other Enterprise WordPress Hosting to Check Out

While the options below didn’t make it into our top three picks, we still think they are great options to consider.


Heroku homepage screenshot 1

Heroku is a service-based platform from Salesforce, which operates on a managed container system.

The site takes a centric approach to WordPress hosting, optimizing software delivery and integrating workflows easily.

The platform caters to developers, operation managers, and more members of your team, so everyone has the tools they need.

Why Is This a Great Option?

Heroku has one of the most user-friendly and intuitive platforms, making it easy for everyone to access the hosting to support their website.

Users are generally happy with the hosting services from Heroku, especially the add-on and integration capabilities.

It is easy to use and deploy, so your website can function seamlessly.

Drawbacks To Heroku

Some people dislike the Heorku plugins, but that’s a matter of preference.

The biggest issue is the lack of reliable support.

Their support team will only help with the most basic issues and have a slower response time.

For people who expect to need significant help with the hosting service, Heroku is not the right choice.

Heroku Pricing

The Heroku website has a handy price calculator so that you can see the cost for your exact needs. They also have defined plans:

  • Free and Hobby: A completely free plan ideal for personal projects and hobbies.
  • Production: For $25 a month, you can use this plan for business-focused apps and smaller e-commerce sites.
  • Advanced: This plan can work for growing businesses, costing $250 a month and offering mission-driven applications and high availability.
  • Enterprise: Lastly, they have a customizable enterprise plan for large businesses, but you need to contact them for a quote.

Can You Try Heroku For Free?

Yes, you can use the Free and Hobby plan for no cost.

However, for enterprises, it likely won’t deliver enough space and features.

You can try it for free but will need an Advanced or Enterprise plan to scale your site and host it successfully.


scalahosting homepage screenshot

ScalaHosting offers superior hosting performance comparable to Pantheon and WP Engine.

It is affordable but the features are impressive and advanced.

Like SiteGround, they consistently update their platform to improve it and enhance the customer experience.

This hosting site is one of the most popular among website developers.

Why Is This a Great Option?

ScalaHosting is ideal for many companies that have a team of experienced developers who understand hosting.

Their customer support team is helpful but not the most prompt or knowledgeable.

However, the free domain name, library of resources, 99.9% uptime promise, and rapid server speed makes it a top choice.

It also has automated backups which save 7 copies of your site in a developer-friendly environment.

Drawbacks To ScalaHosting

ScalaHosting only has a few downsides.

A top complaint concerns the all-in SSD performance, which is only available for VPS plans, therefore, not available for many WordPress hosting users.

Aside from this problem, the site does increase fees upon plan renewal and does not have an integrated website builder, so you need to build your platform elsewhere.

ScalaHosting Pricing

  • Managed VPS: $30 per month for optimized performance, security, and scalability.
  • WP Mini: $4 a month and ideal for single sites with low traffic.
  • WP Start: $6 a month for unlimited websites and most other ScalaHosting features.
  • WP Advanced: $10 a month for all ScalaHosting features without a managing service.

Can You Try ScalaHosting For Free?

No, Can You Try ScalaHosting For Free? Does not offer a free trial.

But they do have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their features and hosting services.


screenshot of the dreamhost homepage

DreamHost is a professional hosting site with a user-friendly platform.

They offer customizable plans, so you only pay for the hosting services and features your business needs.

It works with several types of hosting and various servers.

Overall, the company offers impressive functionality and affordable pricing plans.

Why Is This a Great Option?

It seems that all DreamHost customers agree on one thing: the interface is phenomenal.

Everyone reports that the website is easy-to-use, making functions and features available with a single click.

It also provides decent tracking capabilities, helping you monitor business and website growth and performance.

Drawbacks To DreamHost

The main aspect of DreamHost that is lacking is the customer service team.

The telephone support team is difficult to reach, as you may be on hold for over an hour before speaking with someone.

In addition, their technical support team leaves something to be desired.

They don’t fix issues promptly and sometimes don’t fix them at all.

DreamHost Pricing

  • Shared: $3 a month for one website, unlimited traffic, and a shared server.
  • DreamPress: $17 a month for one website, a free domain, 100k monthly visitors, and an integrated website builder.
  • VPS: #14 for unlimited websites and traffic, plus easy plugin installations and better customer support.

Can You Try DreamHost For Free?

There is no DreamHost free trial, but they offer a 97-day refund period.

If you don’t find the DreamHost helpful or easy to use, you can cancel within the first three months and get a full refund.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services homepage screenshot 1

With Amazon Web Services, you can build, deploy, and manage websites, apps, or other online platforms.

The Amazon network is secure and reliable, with plenty of opportunities and capabilities for scaling.

It has plans suitable for startups and enterprises, making it one of the most versatile hosting services.

Amazon Web Services has been available since 2006, but it still isn’t one of the most widely used options.

Why Is This a Great Option?

Amazon Web Services is a trusted service as they have the most compliance certifications of any other hosting platform.

They present an easy and affordable solution to website and content capacity issues.

The servers are speedy and agile, allowing for changing and integrated workflows between teams.

You also have the option to pay as you go, so you don’t pay for any services you don’t use.

Drawbacks To Amazon Web Services

The main drawbacks of Amazon Web Services are the frequent computer glitches and service limitations.

Amazon Web Services is dependent on your internet connection and must adhere to a set of limitations concerning images, volume, and snapshots.

The overage fees can also be staggering.

So if you don’t monitor your account’s traffic and functioning, you may get a hefty bill.

It’s also safe to say that Amazon Web Services likely mines your data and sells it, but most websites do this anyway.

Amazon Web Services Pricing

Most people agree that Amazon Web Services pricing is reasonable for what they offer.

But the pricing system is frustrating as you need to reach out to them for a quote based on your hosting needs.

You can use the Amazon Web Services pricing calculator or request a free quote from them.

Can You Try Amazon Web Services For Free?

Yes! Amazon Web Services offers a free tier, usually available to startups.

The free tier is likely useless for expanding enterprises, but you can check out the free tier to get a feel for the platform and what it offers.

They also have rotating deals, so you could get a year of Amazon Web Services free or receive a short-term trial from customer service.


screenshot of the rosehosting homepage

RoseHosting is a 100% managed Linux hosting solution using NVMe servers.

They use a customer-driven approach, focusing on user feedback and making changes accordingly.

The company has been around since 2001, and its core objective has always been to create exceptional hosting solutions using premium equipment and impeccable reliability.

What makes them different is the commercial Linux virtual servers they use exclusively.

Why Is This a Great Option?

RoseHosting is a perfect choice for many businesses.

It promises 99.99% uptime and enterprise-grade SSD storage systems.

It allows users to build a beautiful website directly on their platform using SitePad.

The 24/7 customer support makes it easy for users to solve problems and understand the site better.

You also get significant help with certain tasks, like site migration.

This service ensures no data or content is lost in the move.

Drawbacks To RoseHosting

Some people don’t see this as a drawback, but RoseHosting is a US-only data center, so you can’t host globally.

While the features are excellent, there are limited resources aside from the customer support team.

The services are also priced higher than competitors, who offer more features and capacity.

RoseHosting Pricing

  • SSD Basic: $7.15 per month for a single domain, 4GB of storage, and a fully managed account with free weekly backups.
  • SSD Business: $13.45 per month for five domains, 10 GB storage, and unlimited email accounts for campaigns.
  • SSD Ultimate: $22.45 per month for 20 domains, 20 GB of storage, and extra features like a personal IP address.
  • SSD 1 VPS: $24.95 per month for 1 CPU core, 1 GB of memory, and extra help from the technical team.
  • SSD 2 VOS: $49.95 a month for double the cores and space as the plan above.
  • SSD 4 VPS: $74.95 a month for3 CPU cores, 4GB memory, and extra capacity for your fully managed account.

Can You Try RoseHosting For Free?

No, you cannot use Rosehosting for free.

There are also no free trials or guaranteed refund policies.

Liquid Web

A screenshot of the liquid web homepage

Liquid Web is a private cloud hosting system from VMware.

They try to keep WordPress hosting as simple as they can for users so that navigation and pricing are clear and easy.

The system is fully managed with VPS hosting from the Storm Platform.

It offers high-availability database hosting that even newbies can understand.

Why Is This a Great Option?

A few aspects of Liquid Web make it a decent option.

First, it has a wonderful reputation, so many people trust websites that use this hosting service.

They have a professional and reliable support team who are always available and extremely knowledgeable.

The user interface is impeccable.

From the administration panels to the portal management, everything is straightforward and clean.

They also have a reasonable range of servers for dedicated hosting.

Drawbacks To Liquid Web

The pricing for Liquid Web leaves something to be desired.

The plans seem to change in price for small reasons, like changes in traffic or various hosting types.

For example, WordPress hosting with Liquid Web is more expensive than Woocommerce hosting.

In general, it isn’t the most affordable option, but it’s also not the most expensive.

Liquid Web Pricing

As mentioned, the prices vary based on the hosting source but below are the prices specifically outlined for WordPress hosting:

  • Spark: $13.30 a month for one site, a website builder, unlimited email accounts, monthly backups, and generous storage.
  • Maker: $55.30 per month for more than double the storage and sites, plus extra features.
  • Designer: $76.30 a month, ideal for designers managing multiple sites.
  • Builder: $104.30 every month for 25 sites, 100GB storage, and added security.
  • Producer: $209.30 a month for twice the sites and storage as the Builder plan.
  • Executive: $384.30 for 100 sites, 500GB storage, and all the features available.
  • Enterprise: $699.30 a month, ideal for larger businesses with fast growth.

Can You Try Liquid Web For Free?

No, they offer no free plans, trials, or refund guarantees.

Even More Options to Check Out

But wait, there’s more! To show you what other options are out there and how they compare to our favorites, check out more hosting services below.

G-Core Labs

screenshot of the g core labs homepage

G-Core Labs is a comprehensive service with international capabilities.

They offer a wide range of services, including hosting, content delivery, streaming platforms, network CDN, and more! They have high-speed hosting, prompt and reliable content delivery, and flawless tech support.

However, their diverse portfolio means they are not 100% focused on web hosting. They also have a lack of intuition in their website design, limiting flexibility in website building and a confusing administration panel.


screenshot of the ultahost homepage

UltaHost is one of the newer hosting platforms, so it’s not well-established in the market yet, but has enticing features and reviews.

They offer plenty of free perks, like daily backups, SSL, NVMe SSD storage, fast and helpful support, and site migration.

It’s functional in four countries and is fairly easy to use.

The downside is the high price tag for enterprise users.

UltaHost doesn’t have the trusted reputation and large customer base of many competitors.

Yet, their prices are higher than some of our top picks.

They also have limited disk space, especially for the cost.

Inmotion Hosting

screenshot of the inmotion hosting homepage

Inmotion Hosting is a high-powered VPS hosting platform with fast and reliable services.

The speed is the main draw to this hosting option, as it is impressively fast.

Many of the features work to improve the speed of content delivery and backups, allowing your website to run smoothly at all times.

The downsides of Inmotion Hosting concern the pricing and customer support.

They charge for each backup and add-on, so even if your monthly fee for the plan is low, the charges add up quickly.

It’s also missing some of the advanced features other recommendations on our list offer. Speed is their top priority.


screenshot cloudways affiliate program homepage

Cloudways is a smaller, less-known hosting platform, but they deliver high-performing hosting and support.

They focus on simplicity, making every aspect of signing up and maintaining your website easy.

Even the pricing plans are simple, and they avoid complex overcharge policies.

They also offer a free trial! But many are disappointed that it’s only a three-day free trial, not allowing much time to see how the platform performs.

They also have a smaller less-responsive support team, but not the worst customer service in the industry.

Accuweb Hosting

screenshot of the accuweb hosting homepage

AccuWeb Hosting claims to be the fastest, but the reviews and data say otherwise.

Nevertheless, it’s a decent hosting option, especially for people looking to scale their small businesses.

The platform is easily scalable, helping small or medium businesses grow seamlessly.

A few complaints about AccuWeb concern the initial setup and limited space.

VPS pricing also doesn’t include cPanel, which is inconvenient for many developers.


screenshot of the green geeks homepage

GreenGeeks stands apart from competitors because it focuses on being eco-friendly!

This value makes them a fast-growing company, as people don’t want to contribute even more to the pollution caused by the internet.

However, with eco-friendliness comes a few compromises, such as content delivery speed and capacity.

GreenGeeks has plenty of desirable features, like PowerCacher technology, 99.9% uptime, a free domain name, a cPanel interface, free enterprise-level SEO tools, and more.

The platform constantly updates and improves as they perfect its hosting services.

Other Products Relevant to Enterprise WordPress Hosting

If enterprise-level WordPress hosting isn’t exactly what you need, one of the related products below may suit your needs better.

  • Dedicated WordPress Hosting: With dedicated WordPress hosting, you get an entire server for your site alone, offering more security and capacity than Cloud or VPS hosting services. This is the difference between dedicated and cloud hosting.
  • Fastest Web Hosting: Many of the recommendations on this list are speedy, but if you’re looking for the fastest web hosting, you can explore some other options that may not have enterprise solutions.
  • Cloud Hosting Services: We discussed a few cloud hosting services above, but if you want more options unrelated to WordPress, you can check out other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about WordPress.

Can WordPress be used for enterprise?

Absolutely! WordPress is an ideal option for enterprise businesses because it is trusted and established in the industry.

WordPress is a reliable and high-performing choice for enterprises.

Is WordPress good for large websites?

While WordPress was a small blogging platform once upon a time, it has expanded considerably, offering enterprise-level project capabilities and mature management.

It’s easily the best choice for managing larger websites.

Wrapping Up

The web hosting options for WordPress can be overwhelming, and for an enterprise, you need to ensure the host is reliable and fast.

We feel Pantheon checks all the boxes for what an enterprise host should be able to do.

From scalability to security to customer support, they provide everything you need. WP Engine and SiteGround are also dependable hosts for enterprises.

With a massive business, you simply can’t manage your own hosting, but you can trust our top recommendations to help you and your business succeed and grow!

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