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15+ Best Freelance Websites: Ranked & Reviewed [2022]

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When choosing a career path in freelancing, you are constantly on the hunt for the next client and gig.

Thankfully, resources are available to help you pin down these opportunities without much legwork.

One of the most simplistic and efficient ways to secure new work is through various freelance websites.

Our top pick for these needs is Upwork.

With many perks and a straightforward interface, it’s a great option.

However, there are many other websites available that we review below.

Quick Breakdown of Our Suggestions

The number of freelance websites is growing by the day due to the mass amount of gig workers looking for work.

We highlight our favorites in this guide for others to reference.

What Is the Best Freelance Website?

When it comes to the best freelance website, our nomination goes to Upwork.

With an extensive database of available jobs, the ability to rate and review both freelancers and clients, and a substantial customer support network, there is an abundance of perks that come with the platform.

What Is the Best Free Freelance Website?

Our vote for the best free freelance website goes to OnlineJobs.ph.

While this platform is primarily for virtual workers in the Philippines, it’s a wealth of quality jobs and opportunities.

For those individuals who are also digital nomads, having options like OnlineJobs.ph can help them secure work while residing in the country.

Seeking out a route to acquire new freelancing opportunities can be done in a variety of ways.

However, the most common avenue is done by the use of freelance websites.

People turn to these sites frequently as they are a great place to outsource content creation.

What Is a Freelance Website?

For those who work for themselves and are continually hunting to bring on new jobs and clients, a freelance website provides a job posting database for individuals to utilize.

Whether the opportunities are for graphic design, video editing, writing, or social media management, clients post their needs, and freelancers can decide to apply or not.

Why Are Freelance Websites Important?

Finding new jobs as a freelancer is vital to your success.

Without continual work, you don’t have income coming in.

Therefore, having resources available, such as freelance websites, cuts the job hunting time down while boosting your acceptance rate due to reviews and ratings left on your behalf.

Do I Need a Freelance Website?

While you don’t need a freelance website to onboard new work and clients, it is a beneficial resource to have in your corner.

Most freelancers experience periods of low workload, and being able to turn to alternate avenues can help alleviate anxiety during those times.

Features To Look For in Freelance Websites

When you check out all the different job platforms for freelancers available on the market, you want to be sure that you are signing on to the right one.

You must look for certain features to determine the correct fit for your work.

1. Resolution Processes

Unfortunately, some moments arise with freelancing where there are disagreements between the freelancer and the client.

A freelance website with procedures to resolve conflict is highly beneficial to both parties.

These protocols have the ability to take a tremendous weight off your shoulder when problems come up.

2. Invoicing Integration

One of the best things about using a freelancing website is the fact that you typically do not have to prepare a separate invoice and chase it down.

Most sites will provide an embedded form you can fill out and send directly to the client.

3. Communication Methods

In an attempt to keep professional boundaries and have an escape from work life after hours, many freelancers are hesitant to give out their personal phone numbers and email.

When looking for a top freelance website, look for one with built-in communication methods so you can keep all conversations on the platform.

4. Support

When your career takes place in your home, and you don’t have an external office to go to, it can become a bit lonely.

Having tools for working remotely, keeping up on the best practices for remote jobs, or having a support group available to discuss any issues that arise or to just chat with throughout the day can be hugely beneficial.

5. Minimal Fees

Most freelance websites come at a cost.

While there are free options, they aren’t as prevalent as paid sites.

If you are looking to sign on to one of the premium companies, be sure to investigate the fees they charge.

Typically freelancers will incur these fees when receiving payment or applying for jobs.

Best Freelance Websites: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

There are many freelance websites available online, with varying features and pricing structures.

Our research has narrowed down all options to provide you with our top choices.

We detail our favorite sites below to provide freelancers with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Upwork: Our Pick

screenshot of the upwork homepage

As a company, Upwork is known for having a strong focus on helping freelancers to secure work.

Not only that, but they have a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate.

You can find jobs in all categories, including scriptwriting, blogging, video production, and more.

Key Features of Upwork

Using Upwork comes with a lot of beneficial amenities.

Having been in operation for many years, the company can provide optimal service through tried and true methods.

  • Invoicing: As a user of the Upwork platform, freelancers can take advantage of their in-house invoicing system. This feature allows you to bill clients effortlessly without the hassle of external forms.
  • Support: Upwork offers an online community that freelancers can turn to in order to connect with other workers in similar fields.
  • Resolution: If you run into an issue with a client, Upwork has a system in place to find a solution.
  • Communication: In an effort to keep work and life separate, Upwork provides video, messaging, and phone call options for you to utilize with clients.
  • Fees: Although fees are involved in the transactions made through Upwork, it is on a tiered structure that decreases as you do more work with each client through the platform.

Why Is Upwork a Great Solution?

Having everything central in one location is one of the most significant advantages of Upwork.

Not only can you actively search for new jobs, but you can bill clients and communicate back and forth through the platform as well.

Additionally, seeking input from other freelancers on the site can help for insight and perspective.

Pros of Upwork

  • Customer Support: If you run up against any issues, many agents are available to help you through several different communication channels.
  • Job Variety: When you are looking for paid opportunities, you can find a multitude of different industries represented on Upwork.
  • All-in-one: Upwork allows you to perform all functions of freelancing on their website. Between job searching, communicating, and invoicing, you are taken care of on the platform.

Cons of Upwork

  • Connects: In order to apply for positions, you must use connects. These are available by purchase or while completing specific Upwork tasks.
  • Fees: While Upwork offers a tiered structure for their fees, the initial percentage is relatively high.
  • Platform Duration: If you secure a client through Upwork, you are required to stay on the platform with them for two years instead of working one-on-one.

Upwork vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

While Upwork is our top choice for the best freelance websites, some feel the fees need to be lowered.

However, there are many more features available with Upwork than other service providers, including resolution and mediation.

Overall, Upwork has more than you will see elsewhere, but it comes at a cost.

Upwork Pricing

There are two ways in which Upwork receives money from freelancers on the platform, through buying Connects and via the fees they take out of earnings.

  • Connects: In order to apply for jobs, you must use Connects. This fact may differ if a client invites you to interview for a position. However, to purchase Connects, the cost is $0.15 each, and they sell in various amounts.
  • Earnings Fee: With the tiered pricing structure that Upwork uses, you will pay 20% on all earnings up to $500 with a client. Once you surpass that amount, you will pay 10% up to $10,000. Following that mark, you will owe 5% on all earnings.

Can You Try Upwork for Free?

When you initially sign up for Upwork, you receive 40 connections to start your job search.

However, the company won’t waive fees on any earnings you collect.

You may receive invitations to apply for jobs.

If you accept those, you won’t need to use Connects to apply and may earn extra by doing so.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Upwork?

There are many advantages to using Upwork for your freelancing needs.

With many opportunities available and a support structure in place for any issues that arise, you become part of a community.

Although the initial fees can be high, the system reduces them as more projects are completed with a client.

Fiverr: Runner-Up

screenshot of the fiverr homepage

While one of the top freelance websites, Fiverr, started by offering services for only $5, the business model has adapted to provide jobs for varying fields and costs.

Although many freelancers start their rates low to bring in new customers, the price isn’t restricted to only $5 now.

Key Features of Fiverr

There are many positive attributes associated with Fiverr, which freelancers and customers appreciate.

As the company adapts to the latest trends, they start to include more types of gigs in its line-up, which recruits more workers and customers to the platform.

  • Self-Selection: When you freelance on Fiverr, you can pick and choose which areas you work in and what clients you partner with on jobs.
  • Levels: As a company, Fiverr offers different levels for its sellers to attain. When workers complete more jobs and receive high ratings, they rise in levels.
  • Customer Service: Fiverr offers around-the-clock customer service for both freelancers and customers.
  • Flat Rate Fee: For sellers, Fiverr charges a 20% flat fee for all successful sales. This amount doesn’t change over time.
  • Gig Creation: With Fiverr, you can create your own jobs and attach your chosen price.

Why Is Fiverr a Great Solution?

The autonomy that you experience with Fiverr is advantageous to many individuals.

You can put your jobs on the platform at a price you dictate.

With this structure, you can typically bring in gigs more steadily due to not having to apply for each one individually.

Pros of Fiverr

  • Learning Opportunities: Fiverr offers freelancers online resources to learn more about the industry and how to be successful.
  • Communication: Fiverr recommends all its workers keep conversations on the platform. Therefore, they have all forms of communication available online.
  • Resolution: If there becomes an issue between a freelancer and their client, Fiverr has steps to obtain a solution.

Cons of Fiverr

  • Ratings: As a freelancer, you rise in the search results based on your rating, which is impacted by the speed of communication.
  • Fees: When using Fiverr, you are subject to 20% in fees for each job you complete. This rate is high and doesn’t go down over time.
  • Scams: It is common to get scammers on the Fiverr platform trying to get you to commit illegal acts.

Fiverr vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

The primary difference between Fiverr and Upwork is that you don’t have to apply individually for jobs on Fiverr as you do the latter.

Essentially, you diligently log in to your account and respond to messages timely until the work comes your way instead of conducting frequent searches for new opportunities.

Fiverr Pricing

There is no cost to starting a Fiverr profile or listing your gigs on the platform.

However, once the client finalizes the work, Fiverr deducts 20% from the sale price for their fees.

Can You Try Fiverr for Free?

While you can create a profile on Fiverr for free and add your jobs to the site, you cannot try any of the services they offer freelancers for free.

For all completed assignments, Fiverr takes a fee of 20% from the sale price.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Fiverr?

As a company, Fiverr provides one of the most stable freelance websites due to the massive amount of traffic that comes through daily.

However, taking time off when using this platform, whether for vacation or illness, is problematic because it affects your rating and rankings.

Overall, Fiverr provides an excellent site for those just starting out.

OnlineJobs.ph: Budget Pick

onlinejobs homepage screenshot 1

For those who live permanently in the Philippines, using OnlineJobs.ph as one of your preferred freelance websites will benefit you greatly.

You will have access to thousands of open virtual positions from legitimate employers, which is free!

Key Features of OnlineJobs.ph

Typically, when you think about a budget pick for a service or product, you think you aren’t getting many premium features

However, that is not the case regarding OnlineJobs.ph.

  • Various Industries: When you sign on to be a part of the OnlineJobs.ph platform, you gain access to jobs in many different fields.
  • No Fees: Platform members do not have to pay any cost when creating a profile or applying for jobs.
  • Customer Service: As a freelancer, you have 24/7 access to online assistance.
  • Payment Methods: OnlineJobs.ph provides multiple ways for freelancers to obtain their earnings, including Payoneer and PayPal.
  • Well-Known Clients: Some of the biggest companies in the United States use OnlineJobs.ph, including Uber and Google.

Why Is OnlineJobs.ph a Great Solution?

Aside from the fact that membership on the platform comes at no cost to the freelancer, OnlineJobs.ph is ranked as one of the best freelance websites due to the massive number of jobs they have on their site.

Companies from around the world recruit through OnlineJobs.ph.

Pros of OnlineJobs.ph

  • User-Friendly: Those who sign up for a membership with OnlineJobs.ph will easily be able to navigate the site and find jobs.
  • Virtual: All the positions posted on the website are remote, and workers must fulfill them virtually.
  • Straightforward: With OnlineJobs.ph, what you see is what you get. They don’t have a complex platform, and there aren’t any hidden fees.

Cons of OnlineJobs.ph

  • Regional: In order to be a member of OnlineJobs.ph, you must reside in the Philippines.
  • Currency: When you get paid for your work through OnlineJobs.ph, you must agree to be paid in Filipino pesos.
  • Location: When you work for a company through the platform, you cannot leave the country or work while on vacation.

OnlineJobs.ph vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

While the other options we recommend are more lenient with location, pay, and travel, OnlineJobs.ph offers a highly reputable opportunity for freelancers who reside in the Philippines.

Their service comes with positive reviews, and large-scale companies praise those they employ.

OnlineJobs.ph Pricing

As a member of OnlineJobs.ph’s freelancer team, you pay no fees to create a profile, apply for, or work at the many jobs they advertise.

However, the employers who list the available positions must pay a monthly or annual fee to participate.

Can You Try OnlineJobs.ph for Free?

All services available for freelancers are free for members of the site.

Conclusion: Should You Choose OnlineJobs.ph?

If you reside in the Philippines and are looking for a reliable option for virtual work, you should try out one of the country’s most popular freelance websites, OnlineJobs.ph.

The name is well-known globally, and those who obtain employment through the platform are highly sought-after for their skill set.

The Best Free Freelance Websites Options

While we list OnlineJobs.ph as our top choice out of the free freelance websites available, there are many other options that one can consider in their search for the best fit.


gigworker homepage screenshot 1

Freelance workers take many forms.

Not only do you have those who occupy the role of freelance writers, but some individuals do visual arts or gig work like driving or personal shopping.

Having a place to search out many different freelance opportunities is always great, but having it come at no cost is even better.

Why Is Gigworker a Great Option?

There are many different things you can take from the Gigworker platform.

Not only can you search for specific jobs, but you can also find opportunities by company.

Membership is free, and you can also take advantage of the many learning resources available on the site.

Drawbacks to Gigworker

Although you can access many different gigs and freelance work, the site operates solely as a job search resource.

Therefore, you won’t find invoicing services or resolution assistance as a member of Gigworker.

All of those situations will take place with the specific employer.


a screenshot of the linkedin homepage

What initially began as a simple networking tool has morphed into a greater online presence.

LinkedIn now provides a multitude of services, including learning platforms and job assistance.

While the company offers space for individuals to seek out new freelance positions, they operate as a search resource only.

Why Is LinkedIn a Great Option?

Many professionals are part of LinkedIn, which provides significant visibility within your network when looking for new work opportunities.

Those in your circle receive a notification when you are looking for a job and can help direct you to open positions, whether permanent or freelance.

Drawbacks to LinkedIn

While Gigworker focuses on freelance opportunities, LinkedIn includes all types of employment.

Therefore, it’s necessary to filter all results to get to the options suitable for what you are looking for online.

This route can take more time than it does on other freelance websites.

Notable Mentions: Other Freelance Websites To Check Out

For those willing to spend some money to access top-rated platforms and sites, we have several notable mentions regarding online resources.

In the interest of transparency and wanting our readers to know all their available options, we highlight these sites below.


toptal homepage screenshot 1

If you decide to partner with Toptal, you will have access to freelance positions with high-end companies all over the world.

Many firms recruit through Toptal due to the level of prestige they hold their talent to in hiring.

There are many technological positions available with this platform.

Why Is Toptal a Great Option?

If an individual is looking to secure a longer-term placement with a top company, Toptal has the necessary connections.

You will find an array of opportunities ranging from developers, designers, management consultants, project managers, and more.

Companies such as Bridgestone, Motorola, Duolingo, and T Mobile work with the firm.

Drawbacks to Toptal

While Toptal offers the ability to partner with top companies in various industries, they are still onboarding you as a freelancer and not a full employee.

Therefore, you will not receive the benefits that such companies extend to their staff.

Additionally, you will earn less due to the fees paid back to Toptal through your pay.

Toptal Pricing

While it is free to make a profile on the Toptal profile and search for available positions, there is a significant amount that the company takes out of your earnings as a service fee.

At 20%, you are paying a hefty portion to participate in the Toptal program.

Can You Try Toptal for Free?

When trying out Toptal, freelancers can always create a profile for no cost.

Additionally, they can search through available positions and apply if they find a good fit.

However, when it comes to being paid for services rendered, the company will take a 20% fee out of your payment without exception.


a screenshot of the designhill hompage

With a focus on graphic design, Designhill provides all the branding and marketing images you need to get your business or website up and running.

As a freelance designer, you can dictate your terms when selling your creations, whether in a one-on-one context or an online shop.

Why Is Designhill a Great Option?

As one of the best freelance websites for creatives, Designhill allows artists to choose the ways in which they work with clients.

Additionally, you can set your own rates or challenge yourself by entering contests with other designers.

There are many avenues for advancing on the platform through their Pro Designer program as well.

Drawbacks to Designhill

There are a lot of advantages to using Designhill for your freelance work.

However, acquiring your first clients or drawing traffic to your ecommerce store can take time and effort.

Some creators believe the fees are too high and wish they could retain more pay.

Designhill Pricing

Signing up for an account through Designhill and selling your designs on the platform comes at no cost to you.

However, once you finalize the work and receive payment, you are charged a fee, which is a minimum of 10% of your earnings.

Can You Try Designhill for Free?

There is no charge to create a profile on Designhill, nor is there an additional cost to list your services and designs on their website.

However, following all successful sales, you are required to pay a minimum 10% fee on the price of your service.


screenshot of the simplyhired homepage

As a job search board, SimplyHired contains a massive amount of new freelancing opportunities for people to explore.

Prospective employees can also filter results by what they are looking for, including options that have flexible work hours.

SimplyHired brings in results from numerous job sites to give up-to-date options.

Why Is SimplyHired a Great Option?

The ability to drill down on a significant amount of job search results helps you find the perfect opportunities that fit your skill set and work requirements.

Bringing in jobs from around the world and other top-performing employment sites helps to provide a comprehensive database for freelancers.

Drawbacks to SimplyHired

With its primary service offerings, there aren’t many drawbacks to SimplyHired.

However, some feel that it takes a significant amount of time, even with filtering, to navigate through all the different job options.

Finding the best fit for your talents and needs can take some digging.

SimplyHired Pricing

There is no cost to signing up for a profile and applying for jobs through SimplyHired.

Additionally, the site offers free resources for job seekers, such as online resume builders.

These tools will help cement your position on the site and bring more traffic to your profile.

Can You Try SimplyHired for Free?

Individuals can use all the services provided by SimplyHired for free.

No fees are associated with creating a profile or searching and applying for jobs.

As one of the few free options available online for freelancers, many utilize the service to its full extent.


screenshot of the flexjobs homepage

As one of the top freelance websites available, Flexjobs has an extensive database of work opportunities.

One of the chief advantages of Flexjobs is being able to stipulate how you’re willing to perform your work.

Therefore, you can choose to find jobs where you can work anywhere in the United States or anywhere in the world.

Why Is Flexjobs a Great Option?

Access to legitimate freelance jobs worldwide can help you in your job search in an exponential way.

Being able to review options without visiting multiple websites is a time saver and can make a big difference in your overall job search timeline.

Drawbacks to Flexjobs

Unfortunately, the services at Flexjobs don’t come for free.

In order to access the database, you must pay a fee.

You can settle the charge on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

However, it can be a challenge for those who are tight on funds to come up with the required amount.

Flexjobs Pricing

When you are looking to purchase a job search service through Flexjobs, you have a few different options when it comes to making your payment.

  • One Week: $9.95
  • One Month: $24.95
  • Three Months: $39.95
  • One Year: $59.95

Can You Try Flexjobs for Free?

Although you cannot take part in a free trial of Flexjobs, you have the option of a money-back guarantee.

Therefore, if you aren’t happy with the service within the first 30 days of a paid plan, you can request a full refund.


screenshot of the 99designs homepage

As an offshoot of the company Vistaprint, 99designs houses creative freelancers available to work with clients seeking marketing or branding designs.

The company will match prospective freelancers with customers by identifying similarities in design and need.

Having this setup helps to grow your online portfolio.

Why Is 99designs a Great Option?

Residing under the umbrella of Vistaprint, it’s known that 99designs has a lot of traffic from business owners and individuals looking to brand their products or services.

With this large audience, the likelihood of having ongoing work is high.

For freelancers, knowing that you don’t have to search for the next gig provides peace of mind.

Drawbacks to 99designs

There are many amenities that creators appreciate about 99designs.

However, the high fees are highly problematic and cause many freelancers to divert their attention away from the platform.

While the designer and client matching program has its benefits, it comes at a high cost that isn’t always feasible for those starting out.

99designs Pricing

It’s essential to understand the fee structure associated with 99designs.

Initially, there are no startup costs.

However, once the company matches you with a client, you are charged a $100 introduction fee spread out over the first $500 in payments.

Additionally, you will incur a platform fee of 5-15% on all earnings.

Can You Try 99designs for Free?

Unfortunately, while you can create a profile for free on the 99designs website, there are no trial offers or initial discounts for designers.

Additionally, those seeking design services must pay a sign-up and membership fee.


peopleperhour homepage screenshot 1

With a platform similar to Fiverr, PeoplePerHour allows freelancers to create their own services, dictate their prices, and post them to their online forum for client review.

Additionally, freelancers can search for any available projects and submit an offer.

There are jobs available in all industries within the gig realm.

Why Is PeoplePerHour a Great Option?

Having the ability to assign your own rates comes with an immense amount of appreciation from freelancers.

Additionally, being able to market yourself in various fields on one website creates an efficient and streamlined process.

With access to thousands of clients, freelancers can secure work quickly and with ease.

Drawbacks to PeoplePerHour

When you create a profile on PeoplePerHour, you will receive 15 free proposals.

With these, you can submit job offers that you see on the website.

If you run out, you must purchase more to continue applying for positions.

Additionally, you must pay a fee out of your earnings.

PeoplePerHour Pricing

Outside of purchasing additional proposals, you will pay a fee when you collect your payments.

These costs vary by the amount you have earned with each client, similar to Upwork.

  • Below $250: 20% fee
  • $250 to $5,000: 7.5% fee
  • $5,000 and up: 3.5% fee

Can You Try PeoplePerHour for Free?

As a company, PeoplePerHour provides users with a free profile and an initial amount of 15 free proposals.

If you require more proposals, you will be subject to additional fees.

There are no free trials or waived fees for members of PeoplePerHour.

Even More Options To Check Out

Due to the ever-increasing demand for both gig workers and jobs, the number of freelance websites is expanding by the day.

With all of the resources available, it’s easier than ever to find employment that speaks to your skillset and experience.

We list a few more of the top options below for your review.

We Work Remotely

weworkremotely homepage screenshot 1 1

As one of the most comprehensive job search boards available online; We Work Remotely specializes in promoting opportunities available for freelancers and those wishing to work from home virtually.

You will find many industries on the platform that speaks to various expertise levels.

Several large corporations utilize We Work Remotely’s services to find top talent for their available positions.

The platform also provides free resources to aid in your job search.


servicescape homepage screenshot 1

Many gig workers have successfully used ServiceScape as their top choice in freelance websites.

ServiceScape provides opportunities in writing as a freelancer, editing, design creation, and more.

Many clients visit the site to work with top-rated freelancers, and many workers appreciate the ability to expand their portfolios.

One downfall with ServiceScape is that you must split your earnings with the company.

Additionally, you only receive your payments once a month.


A screenshot of guru homepage

As a well-known company for its user-friendly platform, Guru allows workers to sign on as freelancers or search their online database for job opportunities.

While you will find many available positions, not all of them are of high quality.

Therefore, you have to weed through the lists to find legitimate options.

While Guru offers four different payment methods for their users, you also incur a fee for each job you finalize.


screenshot of the freelancer homepage

Although the company website comes with a lot of traffic, not all are thrilled with Freelancer.com.

While many opportunities come in various industries, the company’s policy is that a client doesn’t pay until they are 100% happy.

With this in place, a freelancer may not collect earnings for quite some time.

Additionally, they will likely be on the hook for unlimited revisions on one job.

However, some freelancers have used the platform successfully and continue to use it today.

Therefore, weighing your pros and cons before signing up is vital.


behance homepage screenshot 1

When you put as much effort into something as creators do, you naturally want to show off the result of your work.

Behance offers this opportunity through its platform.

Clients can search for specific types of art or design and can connect with the creator to have custom jobs done on their behalf.

Alternatively, clients who utilize the Behance platform can list their jobs or requests on the online board.

Interested designers can submit a quote or proposal for services.


solidgigs homepage screenshot 1 1

As a different type from the other freelance websites, SolidGigs does the job search work for you.

Instead of tracking down clients or job opportunities, you enter what you are looking for, and SolidGigs goes through its databases and partner sites to find ideal clients.

This service does come with a fee, which you can pay monthly or annually.

While this additional cost may not be feasible for some, it opens many doors for job seekers.

Other Products Relevant to Freelance Websites

While the focus is typically on finding the right freelance jobs, more items that are vital to a worker’s success.

Many of these resources cater to specific types of gig work or to productivity tools that help a person to be successful.

  • Websites for Remote Jobs: There are many positions available that are fully remote. While these typically took the form of freelance or temporary jobs, they are now offered more frequently as permanent options.
  • Freelance Writer Sites: When you choose to embark on writing in your freelancing career, finding new jobs can come with specific nuances. Having quality writer sites to turn to can help alleviate any stress associated with the process.
  • Blogger Jobs: The use of blogs for marketing has risen in recent years as their impact on SEO has become more evident. Finding databases that speak to blogger jobs, in particular, brings more opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best freelance websites comes with a lot of uncertainty.

Knowing what features to look for and what companies are legitimate can be a challenge.

Which freelancer site is best for beginners?

Our top pick of Upwork is not only the best choice, in our opinion, but is also an excellent option for beginners.

The user-friendly platform allows you to navigate the site with ease.

Additionally, the premium features help you to find success quickly and easily.

What is the easiest freelance job?

There is no direct answer for the easiest freelance job as it is specific to each individual.

Overall, the easiest freelance job will depend on a person’s talents and what work they can get done efficiently and in a high-quality manner to make a profit.

Wrapping Up

When searching for the best freelance websites, you will uncover a massive amount of resources available online.

Each site has its own layout and plan, with some being free and others charging a fee.

For those looking for a website with premium features that cater to freelancers of all levels, Upwork is the best option and can help you learn how to start your freelance writing career.

However, if you are trying to find a more budget-friendly resource for finding good-paying positions, OnlineJobs.ph is a better fit.

What are your go-to freelance websites?

Let us know which ones you have used in the comments below!

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