7+ Free Tools to Help You Increase Website Traffic Exponentially

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increase website traffic

It’s difficult when you’re just starting out with your this blogging journey.

  • No knowledge,
  • no connections,
  • no money.

And it looks like everything already costs an arm and a leg.
And people have just finished shutting themselves in their ivory fortresses, unwilling to offer a helping hand to the newbie webmaster; who’s just starting out on this exciting journey called “blogging” A.K.A.  Making Money Online.
Relationship building is a topic we’ll cover another day, but now I want to help you learn how to increase your website traffic.
In other words: by reading this article, you will learn about 8 free tools that can help you get boatloads of free traffic from Google.
Is that something you’d like to have?
Let’s go!

#1- Google Search Console – The “Mother” of all SEO tools

You shouldn’t call yourself a webmaster if you aren’t using GSC.
Because you’re really not.
You are obviously an aspiring blogger who’s just playing and not doing real business.
I say that because:

  • GSC gives insanely valuable data about website traffic,
  • it’s coming directly from Google,
  • and it’s borderline self-destructive to know about GSC, yet choose not to use it.

seo for bloggers

Note: If this is the first time you hear about Google Search Console, then you need to pause reading this article and look at the following guide:

This free tools guide will wait, and that article has everything you need to become a GSC ninja.
But the gist of it is this:
Google Search Console gives you a monstrous amount of free data:

  • What keywords you rank for and at what position exactly
  • Who links to you and how many times
  • How are your internal links spread out
  • What is your site architecture
  • It tells you if you have any duplicate metadata, and how to fix it

You also get the awesome ability to ask Google to come and index your new page right away, even if you’ve made only slight modifications (it’s called “Fetch as Google”, you can also read about it on the above-mentioned guide).

#2- Keyworddit – Using Reddit for Keyword Research

This little tool is a boon for your keyword research and increase website traffic because it extracts high-in-demand keywords from “the front page of the internet”- Reddit.
And as a bonus for you, most marketers have got their noses so stuck into the Google Keyword Planner that they don’t even know this tool exists, and if they did, they’d look down on it with disdain.

website traffic

It’s a bonus for you, but it’s up to you now to make them see how wrong they are.
Here’s how to use Keyworddit for keyword research
Step #1– Visit www.keyworddit.com
Step #2– Input your desired sub-reddit address from which you want to extract keywords.
For example, if you’re in the coffee niche, you’d put https://www.reddit.com/r/Coffee/

increase website traffic

Step #3– Extract keywords and use them as they are. Oftentimes you can find a gem or two right then and there, but I advise you to take another step and unearth a bunch more (easy) keywords.
You’re going to use KWFinder.
What is it?
It’s a freemium tool that can give you a slew of long tail keywords created from one seed keyword you feed into it.
Step #1Sign up and create a free account at KWFinder.
Step #2– Then choose one of the keywords out of the list you got from Keyworddit (we’ll use the phrase “too much coffee”).
And here are the results.

free tools to attract more traffic

KW Finder spits out 50 keywords that are long tail and related to the term “too much coffee”.
Don’t forget: We started our search from Reddit, while most other marketers never bother, so these keywords are hidden to them and open to you.
They’re untapped keywords 🙂

#3 – Keywords Everywhere

I have to confess beforehand.
I didn’t know about this tool right to the point when I started doing research for this post. But when I found it, I quickly fell in love with it.
Here’s the reason why…
Keywords Everywhere is an awesome Chrome extension that pulls keyword data from Google (from their Keyword Planner) and overlays it in the SERPS.
As such, you’re spared the trouble of checking the traffic potential of every keyword you’re interested in (a huge time-saver).Here’s how to get this awesome tool.
Step #1 Download the extension in Google Chrome
Step #2– Get the API key (they send it to you via email)

increase traffic

Let’s take it for a spin
I will go to Answer the Public and enter one of my favorite keywords “coffee”.
And as the results load, you can see how next to each one there’s a traffic estimate and CPC estimated cost (this shows keyword competitiveness).

increase website traffic

So this tool saves you time from manually checking each keyword, but also when you have too many keywords and need to prioritize, you can choose only the best and feel at ease for doing so.
Note: Keywords Everywhere is a great tool to help you increase website traffic, but it’s not perfect. Its biggest flaw is that it gets data from Google Keyword Planner. And they like to hide the real numbers and adore giving inaccurate traffic estimates.

#4- SERProbot – Check Where you Rank- Right Now

This is a tool I recently discovered myself.
And I want to say this right away so as to prevent you from making the mistake I made:
Checking up on keyword rankings should never be your main job. In fact, if you do it too much, not only will it not help you, but it’ll distract you and cause you to waste precious time and mental energy.
That being said, it’s important to have a general idea of how your rankings are doing and whether you’re falling or rising in the SERPS.
Because that’s the best indicator of whether your current SEO strategy is working or you need to shake it up a bit.
Here’s how to use SERProbot:
Step #1- Go to https://www.serprobot.com/serp-check.php
Step #2- Enter your domain name, without HTTP or https.
Step #3- Enter up to 5 keywords and click “check now”.
This tool will now scan the first 10 pages of Google and if you’re there, you will be reported and handed over to the authorities. 🙂
Note: Most free rank trackers are pure crap that can’t find you if you’re not in the first 3 pages in Google. SERProbot is different- it’s actually much better.
It really is accurate.

free tools for traffic

#5- GTMetrix- Fixing Website Speed today, for a Better Tomorrow

Yeah, you read that right.
Website loading speed is becoming an increasingly important ranking factor for Google, and as time goes by and as people get used to faster and faster, Google’s tolerance level will drop.
Make sure they don’t drop you too.
GTMetrix is a free tool that lets you check your site’s speed for both your home page and any individual page.
This tool is simply awesome.
Because it’s free, and because they give you listed out things they found slowing you down (and in order or importance no less- impressive); and the solutions for those problems.
Here’s the result for one of my pages:

increase your website traffic

Here’s how to use GTMetrix:
Step #1– Go to the testing page and paste the URL of the page you want to check
Step #2– Note all the things GTMetrix reports as weighing you down. In my case, there’s hardly anything to fix, since I’ve already taken care of it; and then go about fixing them all, starting with the biggest culprit fist.
Pro tip- I suggest combining the report with another awesome tool from Google- PageSpeed Insights. The difference between the two is that GTMetrix loads your site as the actual visitor would, and PageSpeed loads your HTML.
So it’s best to unite the two of them.

#6- Portent SERP Preview

This is a useful little tool that shows you how Google will display your site in the SERPs. For CTR reasons you need to make sure your Meta titles, URL’s and descriptions look neat, tidy and enticing as… the course word I won’t be tricked into writing today:)
It’s a free tool that helps you do just that, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie. It’ll actually warn you if you go overboard.
Here’s how it looks for this post:


#7- Free backlink checker from the Hoth

This is actually one of my favorite free SEO Tools. If you’re serious about increasing your website traffic, then you need a backlink tool. The problem is that they’re all so expensive, especially for beginner bloggers who don’t have that kind of money to spend.
If that is your situation-worry not. This free tool is great for those who are just starting out.
How about an example?
Let’s say you want to rank for keyword “RankBrain”, the first natural thing you’d do is to look at the SERP competition. But not just look. You need to “look” as in- dig deep… into their backlink profile.
So we’ll take Brian Dean’s guide on RankBrain for example and run it through the HOTH’s tool.
And here’s what we got
Note: This tool is free, and free= limited.  It’ll show you only one link per domain, but really that is all you need for an outreach campaign.
Because if someone linked to Brian’s post three times, you can’t just approach that person and ask them to link to you three times.
But for one link it is ok to ask and the Hoth’s free backlink checker helps you do that.
How to use this to your advantage?
Assuming you have an awesome guide, the next thing you must do is let other people know about it.
Here’s a script you can use:
Hi “Name,”
My name is “your name” and I’m a long-time reader of your awesome site.
This is a quick email, just to let you know I noticed you link out to Brian Dean’s super guide on RankBrain; I have a similar resource that might be worth a mention on your page.
Want me to send it over? it covers A, B, and C that Brian’s doesn’t.
If yes- great! If not, that’s fine too. 
Best regards,
“your name”
And that’s how you do email outreach that gets results.
These were the 7 tools to increase your website traffic. There are a thousand more, but I chose these 7 because it is a magical number.
You know what else is magic?
Helping people out and offering as much value as you possibly can, so…

#8- Moz SEO Toolbar

This Chrome extension helps you quickly gauge the SEO of any page on any domain. And with it, you can check the competitiveness  of an SERP’s you’re trying to get in.
I talk about it in detail below, but first, you need to sign up for a free Moz account.
Once you do, go to this page and download/install the extension.

increase website traffic

Now that we have it let’s turn it my blog’s home page for a demonstration

Increase Website Traffic

You can see that the home page which is always the strongest, has the PA of 29 and DA of 23, which is a superb result for a two-year-old site.
Now let’s do a Google search for RankBrain.

free tools to increase traffic

Oops, this keyword is not one you should try to rank for. The first page is packed with heavy weighters and new sites have no room to compete.
So, do you see how powerful this was? The way Mozbar helped you?
Just by glancing over the SERPS you learned that you should not try to rank for the keyword “RankBrain”. This saved you a tonne of time, money, and a heavy blow on your confidence (when you don’t rank like, ever).
Mozbar is my second most used SEO tool, right after Google Search Console:)

#9 – Sitechecker.pro Backlink Checker Tool

If you struggle with website backlink profile, this free tool is your perfect solution.  It helps to check the link of domain or exact URL only in a few seconds. Every SEO specialist constantly monitors backlinks which refer to the website, because one little mistake can cost you a fall of traffic and clients lost.

What will you get using backlink checker by Sitechecker?
  1. The information about nofollow / dofollow attributes. As you know Google ranks only dofollow backlinks, so you will have to track whether links with keywords will pass the link juice to your website.
  2. Anchors. If you don’t want to find your website under the Penguin algorithm, you have to check whether your anchors are not spammy. It is an important thing because competitors just waiting for you to make the wrong move.
  3. Donor parameters. Search engines love websites with high domain rates. Check if that is true for your site.


These 8 free tools to increase website traffic tomorrow… are free for you to use today.
It’s hard being a newbie blogger and running your first, bootstrapped business. No money, no friends; just cold business in a world where everyone seems like they know a secret you don’t; and have a business you don’t.
And they care not whether you succeed or fail.
But you care.
And your success is a journey composed of many steps. One of those steps is using free tools to increase your website traffic.
I gave you 8 here. There are many more and when you master these 8, drop me a line in the comments below, and I promise to point you to other new tools you can learn to use to your advantage.
Don’t forget to share this post and leave the comments down below.
See you around!

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