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Jasper AI Free Trial: 10,000 Credits and 5 Days to Test Out the Service

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We’ve already made it clear that we love Jasper, one of the leading leading writing assistants that has become widely adopted by writers around the world.

If you’re looking for a powerful artificial intelligence service that can help take your business to the next level, you’ll want to check out the Jasper AI Free trial offer currently going on.

The company is widely adopted and growing like crazy, so if you’re in the market for an AI writing tool, there is no better time to check this one out than now.

Does Jasper Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Jasper offers a free trial. With the Jasper free trial, you can write up to 10,000 words.

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Earn 10,000 free words in Jasper when you sign up using our Jasper referral link.

You're LITERALLY minutes away from having mind-blowing results that work.

It's only $29 to start AND if you don't like it for any reason, the Jasper team will refund your payment 100% - no questions asked.

Better yet, the trial period includes access to all Jasper features and templates.

If you’re a writer, it even gets better, as the company has added even more content templates, making itself not only great for marketers but also people looking for AI story generators and more.

How Long Is the Jasper Free Trial?

This is a typical saas marketing promotion, but highly lucrative and effective for the company.

The trial lasts five days. Then it rolls over to a paid subscription.

Does Jasper Require a Credit Card to Activate a Free Trial?

Yes. While the Jasper free trial is free, it does require a credit card to activate the trial.

Although Jasper doesn’t charge during the free trial, they place a temporary $29 charge on your credit card.

The charge is a security measure, and it’s refunded immediately.

What Happens When The Jasper.ai Free Trial Expires?

If you don’t want to continue using Jasper AI after your free trial expires, there’s no need to worry.

Your account will simply be deactivated and all your content will be removed from the platform.

However, if you decide that Jasper AI is a valuable tool for your business and you’d like to continue using it, you can easily upgrade to a paid account.

How Much Is Jasper After Free Trial?

Jasper offers two pricing plans: Starter and Boss mode.

The starter plan is $29, and the boss mode is $59.

After your free trial, the subscription chosen during sign-up will renew if not canceled before the trial ends.

image 5

What Comes With the Jasper Free Trial?

The Jasper free trial includes all the features of Jasper’s paid plans.

So you can try out Jasper’s full range of features without committing to anything.

However, Jasper has two pricing plans: Starter and Boss Mode.

Each plan comes with a varying range of features.

So, depending on your chosen subscription, some features may not be available.

Starter Mode

Starter mode is perfect for users who write shorter content.

Based on your writing needs, you can write 20,000 words a month.

Features You Can Test With a Free Trial

Featured Promotion
jasper ai

Earn 10,000 free words in Jasper when you sign up using our Jasper referral link.

You're LITERALLY minutes away from having mind-blowing results that work.

It's only $29 to start AND if you don't like it for any reason, the Jasper team will refund your payment 100% - no questions asked.

1. 50+ Templates

Whether you need help writing social media posts or meta descriptions, you are sure to find what you need. Jasper has over 50 features for you to use.

2. 20+ Languages

Jasper reads and writes content in over 20 languages.

If you want a complete list of supported languages, check the Jasper website.

3. Chat Support

You can access Jasper Chat support anytime in the app.

There may be a wait time, but an agent will assist you within a couple of hours.

4. Supports Five Users

Whether you work alone or collaboratively, up to five users can access Jasper’s document editor to write content.

Boss Mode

If you write long-form content, Jasper’s Boss Mode is a better option.

You will receive 50,000 credits in words each month.

Also, Boss Mode offers all the features of the starter plan but with some added benefits.

Features You Can Test With a Free Trial

image showing an illustration of a robot and text describing Jasper Boss Mode
1. Jasper Recipes

The Recipes feature allows users to create a repeatable process for writing content.

This feature is perfect for writers specializing in a particular type of content.

In addition, recipes enable users to make content faster.

2. Jasper Commands

Commands allow you to tell Jasper what to write or to perform a specific task, such as “generate topic ideas.”

3. Plagiarism Checker

Jasper claims to write content that is 99.99% plagiarism-free.

But, no program is perfect.

If you’re not convinced Jasper or want added peace of mind, use Jaspers plagiarism checker.

4. SEO Integration

Writing high-quality content faster is excellent, but it means nothing if no one sees it.

Jasper helps out get your content ranked on Google. Jasper offers SEO Surfer.

For a fee, you can integrate SEO Surfer into your Jasper subscription.

This SEO tool will make it easy to add the suggested keywords for your topic to your content.

5. Grammarly

Make sure you are clear, concise, and strong with the help of Grammarly.

Users can access Grammarly suggestions from the Jasper document editor.

Jasper Free Trial Limitations

The Jasper free trial has a few limitations.

First, it only lasts for five days.

Second, you can only write up to 10,000 words during the test.

Is Jasper Customer Support Included With Free Trials?

Yes. Jasper customer support is available, whether a free trial or paid subscription.

In addition, you can contact customer support in the app.

How to Claim Jasper.ai Free Trial

Claiming your free Jasper trial is simple and only takes a few minutes.

1. Visit the Partner Link

To sign up for your free trial, visit the partner link and enter your information.

You must visit a partner link, as the free trial is not actively promoted on their website on or around the Pricing page.

If you need a Jasper AI referral link, you can use ours here.

Once the link is clicked, you will be taken to a sales page and presented with a few separate package options.

screenshot showing the jasper ai free trial landing page screen

You should see a page that looks like the screenshot above, allowing you to claim 10,000 free words and start your free trial.

Select the button that says “Claim 10,000 words Free”.

2. Create an Account

The next page will ask you to create an account.

This is where you’ll enter your contact information and set up your username and password.

Alternatively, you can save time by selecting the option “Continue with Google” to use a Google account to log in and out.

jasper ai free trial create account

3. Verify Your Email

Next, you’ll need to verify your email address.

verify email screen on jasper ai free trial signup account

Once verified, you can log into your new Jarvis.ai account.

4. Pick a Plan

Here, you can select which plan you’d like to sign up for.

For now, just pick the option that says “Start Free Trial Now” and continue to checkout.

If you’re not sure which one to choose, don’t worry – you can always upgrade or downgrade later.

5. Complete Payment Details

The final page of the checkout process is where you’ll enter your payment information.

However, since you’re signing up for the free trial, you won’t be charged anything at this time.

Once you’ve entered your information, click “Start My Free Trial” to begin using Jasper AI.

You should now have access to all of the features of the Starter plan.

Once you’ve verified your account, you’re ready to start using Jasper AI.

If you decide that Jasper is a valuable tool for your business and you’d like to continue using it, you can simply upgrade to one of their paid plans.

How Do I Get the Most From My Jasper Free Trial?

When learning to navigate, getting the most out of a free trial can be difficult.

So here are a few ways to maximize your Jasper free trial and explore all its features:

Jasper Bootcamp

When you activate your Jasper free trial, Jasper has a 45 minute video that walks you through how Jasper thinks, explores and explains templates and features, and discusses how to get the best outputs from Jasper.

Watching the Jasper tutorial will ensure you understand how to use all of Jasper’s tools to understand better all Jasper has to offer.

Jasper Community

The Jasper Facebook community is an additional resource full of Jasper users who love writing assistants. Community members share tips and Jasper recipes.

They also offer content ideas and discuss ways to improve writing.

How Can I Make My Jasper Free Trial Longer?

If you’re like me, five days isn’t enough time to experience all the tool offers, let alone decide whether to buy.

Heck! It takes that long to learn the software.

So if that’s the case, you may wonder if there is a way to extend the Jasper free trial.

Unfortunately, Jasper does not offer any way to expand your free trial.

Once your free trial is over, your subscription will renew unless you cancel.

However, a workaround may help you get a little more time to try out the tool risk-free.

Jasper offers a five-day refund policy.

You could let the plan renew after the five-day trial.

Although Jasper will charge, you can cancel after the free trial.

If you cancel five days from the renewal date, Jasper will issue you a full refund—no questions asked.

So this gives you ten days to try out the tool.

After Free Trial Ends

If you’re nearing the end of your trial, you may have questions regarding the next steps.

This section answers what you need to do at the end of your trial.

Does Jasper Automatically Charge Users After the Free Trial Ends?

Yes.  You must cancel before your Jasper free trial ends.

Your subscription upgrades to the paid version of your selected plan.

Can You Cancel Jasper After Free Trial?

Yes, but keep in mind that your plan renews after your trial ends.

Jasper charges the monthly fee for your selected pricing plan.

However, Jasper offers a five-day refund policy.

So you have five days from the start of your Jasper subscription to cancel for a full refund.

How to Cancel a Jasper Free Trial?

Not satisfied with Jasper or before your free trial is over?

Cancel your Jasper free trial in the app in a few easy steps.

Here’s how to cancel your Jasper free trial:

  1. Log in to your account at jasper.com.
  2. Hover over your name in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Account Settings.”
  4. Scroll down to ‘Billing’ and click “Cancel Subscription.”
  5. Confirm you want to cancel your subscription.
  6. You will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

How to Remove Card Details From Jasper?

It’s easy to remove your credit card information from your Jasper account. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account and go to the “Billing” section.
  2. Click on the “Payment Method” tab.
  3. Click the “Remove” link to your credit card number.
  4. Confirm that you want to remove the credit card by clicking on the “Remove Credit Card” button.

Is Jasper Worth Paying For?

Yes. Jasper is worth paying the price if you write for a living!

Jasper offers many powerful features and templates, helps you research topics, and assists with creating outlines, so there’s a lot to explore.

Jasper also provides excellent customer support, so you can always get help when you need it.

For a full explanation of the features and benefits, check out our Jasper review.

What To Expect From a Jasper Subscription?

If you decide to purchase a Jasper subscription, you can expect to receive access to Jasper’s full range of features.

Jasper offers many powerful features, so there’s a lot to explore.

What Is a Free Alternative to Jasper?

If you’re looking for a free Jasper alternative, look at Frase.

Like Jasper, Frase is an AI writing assistant that helps you research, outline, and write content.

While Frase offers paid subscriptions, it allows limited use of its writing tools for free.

Other Ways to Save on Jasper Pricing

Here are some other ways to save on Jasper.

  • Jasper Promo Codes: As of this writing, Jasper is not offering promo codes, but they occasionally send promos to Facebook group members and email subscribers.
  • Jasper Discounts: As of this writing, there are no discounts; however, Jasper periodically emails discounts or posts them to their Facebook group.
  • Jasper Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials: As of this writing, Jasper has not provided information regarding Black Friday deals.
  • Is There a Jasper Student Plan? No. Jasper does not offer a student plan.

Other Free Trials to Check Out

If you want to compare the Jasper free trial to similar products, here are some other free trials to check out.

  • Conversion AI Free Trial: Conversion AI is the former name of Jasper. The Conversion AI free trial no longer exists.
  • Ahrefs Free Trial: Ahrefs is a collection of SEO tools that helps users research keywords, track website ranking, and build backlinks. Ahrefs is a great SEO tool suite that you may want to try. Unfortunately, there is no Ahrefs free trial.
  • Grammarly Free Trial: Grammarly is an AI tool that helps improve writing by offering suggestions for grammar, word choice, tone, etc. You can use Grammarly’s free version because there is currently no Grammarly free trial. However, you can check Grammarly occasionally as they offer periodic free trials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about Jasper and its free trial?

Check out the FAQs below.

Does Jasper offer a lifetime deal?

No. Jasper does not have a lifetime deal. However, if you’re looking to save, Jasper offers a discounted monthly rate and two months free.

Does Jasper produce plagiarism-free content?

Yes. Jasper claims to produce original and plagiarism-free content.

However, while Jasper is excellent at creating content, it is not perfect.

Therefore, you should always run your content through a plagiarism checker.

Wrapping Up

If you’re interested in trying Jasper before investing in the paid subscription, the Jasper free trial is an excellent way to explore all the features that Jasper has to offer.

Jasper is a powerful AI writing assistant that can help you with research, outlining, and writing content.

Although you may have reservations about signing up for a trial, the free trial allows you to use Jasper’s full range of features at no cost for a limited time.

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