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15+ Best Music Podcasts: 15 Examples For 2023

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If music is your life, you want to get as much information about it as possible.

The inside scoop on the bands you love, stories about life on tour, and the newest songs from hot performers are available online. Many music lovers put it all on podcasts you can download on your favorite platform.

Some podcasts are hosted by recording artists who either work in the industry or are pioneers in their field. Many shows are created by critics, journalists, or everyday music lovers. Here are 15 of the best music podcasts you can find.

What Is a Music Podcast?

A music podcast is a genre of shows that discuss topics related to the music industry. These can be podcasts about specific bands, the history of their music, or the meanings behind their songs.

These shows can also report news stories about modern music or deep dive into music history.

What Does a Music Podcaster Talk About?

The host of a music podcast can talk about a variety of topics depending on the focus of their show.

A classical music podcast may discuss the life of a famous composer and what the world was like in their time.

However, a top 40 podcast aims to report tour dates and album release information and discuss the latest news in the music world.

What Is Included in a Music Podcast?

Hosts of music podcasts are people who either work in the music industry or have a love and deep knowledge of it and want to earn a living through music-related affiliate programs.

The long-form discussion format of a podcast allows speakers to get deeper into a topic than what is covered in articles and television. Some of the things you may hear include:

  • Music Theory: Hosts discuss concepts and the methods involved in creating the music you hear.
  • Interviews With Musicians and Industry Professionals: Artists discuss topics and memories from their careers that you may not hear anywhere else.
  • New Songs: Many podcasts may get exclusive rights to debut a song before its wide release.
  • Concert Information: Bands and artists may release their tour information on a podcast before it is published to let you know what cities they will be in.

Types of Music Podcasts

There are multiple podcasts about every genre of music. These include podcasts dedicated to one band or artist, shows that analyze a particular period, and programs that interview artists of all genres. Some popular music podcasts are:

  • Podcasts About Classical Music: These podcasts take on the music from history’s greatest composers, such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin. They analyze the time the music came from and discuss how it is interpreted by symphonies today.
  • Music History Podcasts: Music history podcasts look at the stories behind the music you love. The hosts tell about the lives of the greats and talk about stories of their experiences in the industry and life on the road.
  • Country Music Podcasts: One of the oldest and most popular forms of modern music is country. It isn’t surprising that podcasts discuss everything about it, from today’s hit artists to everyone ever performing at the Grand Ole Opry.

Best Music Podcasts: 15 Examples

According to podnews.net, there are over 50,000 podcasts dedicated to music. You can find a show about almost any genre or music topic on your favorite podcasting platform, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

  • Music Podcasts: 43,222
  • Music History: 2,388
  • Music Commentary: 7,247
  • Music Interviews: 4,563

Podcasts About Classical Music

Classical music can feel out of reach to some people. However, there are a lot of podcasts that can help make it much more accessible to everyone.

Check out some of these podcasts based on classical music.

David Walliams’ Marvellous Musical Podcast

A screenshot of the marvellus musical podcast homepage

David Walliams’ Marvellous Musical Podcast makes classical music fun. Walliams takes you on a journey where you will discover music from famous composers. He also lets you in on tidbits of knowledge you won’t hear anywhere else, like Mozart’s love of fart jokes.

Sticky Notes: The Classical Music Podcast

A screenshot of the sticky notes podcast homepage

If you have loved classical music your entire life, you will like Sticky Notes: The Classical Music Podcast that takes you into the life of artists such as Sergei Diaghilev and Godowsky.

If you have never listened to a note of classical music, you will learn a lot and get a solid knowledge of many of its aspects. You’ll hear the music, interviews with scholars, and even pieces you may never have known about.

Classical Classroom

A screenshot of the classical classroom homepage

Have you avoided listening to classical music because you think it is too high-brow for you and you won’t understand it? You are letting yourself miss out on some of the best music ever heard.

Classical Classroom is a virtual course in music history and theory. Hear about some of the best pieces ever written and the best composers ever written.

Classical Fix

A screenshot of the classical fix homepage

Classical Fix from the BBC focuses on presenting classical music to people who don’t know it well. That means talking to guests and mixing a playlist with the classical music they think they will love. You benefit from hearing all of this gateway music that can usher you in the door of music appreciation.

Classics For Kids

A screenshot of the classics for kids homepage

Children love to learn. Classics for Kids is a great way to help them find information about various composers and performers. It is only a few minutes long, but you will swear they learn something every time you tune in.

Music History Podcasts

The music you listen to today evolved from the creative efforts of men and women throughout history. These podcasts take a look at the music of yesterday and discuss how it influenced what you hear now.

Ongoing History of New Music

A screenshot of the ongoing history of new musice homepaghe

Ongoing History of New Music is a popular audio music documentary series hosted by Alan Cross. He guides you through the landscape of music of all genres and talks about the music of the past and how it led to it.

From the origins of alternative rock or the history of the remix, you will learn something from this show.

A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs

A screenshot of a history of rock music in 500 songs homepage

A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs is hosted by Andrew Hickey, who takes you on a trip through time to hear how the music of the last century evolved. From 1938 to 1999, you’ll see how 500 songs show the way rock and roll was shaped.

Hit Parade

A screenshot of the hit parade homepage

Part music history and part trivia, Hit Parade podcast seeks to tell the story of the chart-toppers of the twentieth century. Chris Molanphy is a pop-culture author who analyzes the songs you love and what made them hits. He’ll also test your knowledge of music trivia along the way.

Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast

A screenshot of the Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast homepage

It is no secret that The Grateful Dead was among the most influential rock bands ever. Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast is the band’s official podcast that explores the music behind this progressive group.

Keep on truckin’ to the music you love as Rich Mahan and Jesse Jarnow discuss the history and mythology of Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead.

The Music History Project

A screenshot of the 
 Music History Project homepage

On The Music History Project, Dan Del Fiorentino brings a knowledgeable panel of guests to examine how everything involving music has evolved. Musical instruments, iconic performers, and even how music is sold have changed a lot.

Listen to the stories of how things started and how they got to be the way they are now.

Country Music Podcasts

Country music is one of the most successful genres of music ever. It is so popular that it has become an industry, and men and women have been flocking to Nashville for decades to become the next country music star. These podcasts focus on the music that makes you want to tap your boots.

Cocaine and Rhinestones

A screenshot of the cocaine and ehinestones homepage

Country music has evolved, but the pioneers of the early days are still revered as much as the newcomers. Every episode of Cocaine and Rhinestones looks at the men and women that made country what it is, including George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Johnny Cash, and Buck Owens.

Dolly Parton’s America

A screenshot of the Dolly Parton’s America homepage

Dolly Parton’s America is centered around the timeless legend who has stood on stage and sung with everyone from Porter Wagner to Miley Cyrus. Parton has made films, created charities, and launched theme parks. This podcast from Radiolab looks at the storied life of this piece of living history.

Whiskey Riff Raff

A screenshot of the Whiskey Riff Raff homepage

If you want to hear fans give their take on country music, look no further than Whiskey Riff Raff. Steve Gazibara and Wes Langeler talk about the crazy world of the musicians they love, from the legends to the up-and-comers.

Country Heat Weekly

A screenshot of the Country Heat Weekly homepage

Country Heat Weekly is hosted by Kelly Sutton and Amber Anderson and takes you into the world of country music every week. All of the top tracks, news, and interviews from Austin to Nashville can be found right here.

Granger Smith Podcast

A screenshot of the Granger Smith Podcast homepage

Do you want to hear what being a country musician is like straight from someone who lives the life? Granger Smith Podcast is hosted by a musician who candidly delves into his work, family, faith, and what it takes to stay grounded with careers like in show business.

Similar Podcast Types To Check Out

Once you have had your fill of music, you’ll find thousands of podcasts on many other subjects available for free at your fingertips. Here are some of the most popular types of podcasts people listen to.

  • Podcasts for Artists: Music is a form of art, but there are many other kinds of art in the world. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, or graphic designer, you’ll appreciate the wisdom and stories you can get from listening to these podcasts for artists.
  • News Podcasts: A lot is happening in the world, and with your busy schedule, you don’t have time to keep up with it all. News podcasts help us stay connected and give us information about the world we live in while we are on the go.
  • Poetry Podcasts: One of the ways people express themselves is through writing. Poetry has been used to convey thoughts about life, love, and the universe for centuries. Whether you like hearing about the poetry of years gone by, or the rhythm poetry of today, you’ll find something with one of these poetry podcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that are asked most often when discussing the best music podcasts.

vector graphic showing an illustration of music with the big block text

What is the #1 music podcast?

The most popular music podcast today is “Frosted Tips” with Lace Bass.

ach week Lance and his husband, Michael, take a look at the history of boy bands. From New Kids of the Block to NSYNC, you’ll hear where the boys are now and the story of their experiences.

Does Apple Music have podcasts?

Apple Podcasts is a branch of Apple Music where you can find the latest podcasts.

Wrapping Up

Music has always been a part of our culture. By listening to music from different eras, we get a snapshot of those times.

Regardless of what kind of music you like, some podcasts cater to your tastes and can give you the information and teach you the lessons you’re looking for.

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