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Parenting Blogs: Definition, Types, Income and 25 Examples [2023]

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No one can set you up for all you’ll experience as a new parent.

Kids can unravel all you think you know in this world.

Reaching out to family members for advice will carry you far, but not always.

Parenting blogs can range from specializing in parents, kids’ ages, and needs.

This article will dive deeply into parenting blogs, how to start a blog and give examples of the top parenting blogs of the year.

The Best Parenting Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Parenting Blogs for Parents with Difficult Children

What is a Parenting Blog?

In the 90s, online diaries started to pop up on the internet after authors used extensive HTML to create each page.

Personal pages became a big thing in sharing knowledge to help fellow humans.

The term ‘blog’ wasn’t used until after 1998 when these diaries became easier to create and fashionable to read.

More specifically, in 2002, parents-to-be, new, seasoned, and single parents had an in-depth resource for typical and not-so-typical situations and subjects that can affect parents or children during the growing and raising of kids.

What Does a Parenting Blogger Blog About?

Parenting bloggers blog about parent life and kids while focusing on specific angles where the blogger can be an expert in the subject.

For example, dad bloggers will focus on the point of being a dad raising kids, while moms might concentrate on the mommy angle, talking about breast care or how to handle postpartum.

What is Included in a Parenting Blog?

Parenting blogs offer unique information throughout all parenting stages.

For example, some blogs provide advice on pregnancy, toddlers, young adults, or any other parental situations that may cause motivations for starting a blog.

Broad-ranged parenting blogs will look at children’s ages, health features, educational activities, and outing ideas and offer community threads, similar to parenting podcasts, for parents to stay connected to one another.

Other Things You Can Find on a Parenting Blog

Specialty blogs will look deeper at specific characteristics of parenting making them incredible resources for parents.

Not every parent has a village to reach out to for advice, so having a community of other parents around the world available at their fingertips can be a lifesaver.

Here are a few other topics available on some specialty blog sites:

  • Discipline: A few helpful hints on handling meltdowns and temper tantrums.
  • Gear Guides: People share experiences with strollers, cribs, diapers, baby food, school bags, etc.
  • Parties: Parties are a big deal for kids!
  • Working Parent: Help working parents allocate their time between work and family.

25 Best Parenting Blogs

The internet is packed with Parenting sites.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from on the inner web.

New blogs hit the web each year, hoping to provide substance and help to parents.

Of course, some are more popular than others.

So, now it’s time to break down the Top 25 Parenting blogs into categories that might better suit you and your family.

Parenting Blogs for New Parents

New parents have lots of questions and fears, so this type of blog focuses in on the scary and exciting world of being a new parent.

From the moment a new mommy learns about her little bundle of joy, she will start researching everything from diet and supplements to the best cribs and car seats.

Having a one-stop, know-all will help ease the minds of new parents.

The Gentle Nursery

screenshot of the gentle nursery homepage

The Gentle Nursery focuses deeply on new life with a baby.

It’s an excellent resource for advice on products for pregnancy, new mommies, and babies.

Get an in-depth review on products and ingredients.


screenshot of the mamavation homepage

Mamavation is an excellent resource for clean-living parents.

The blog is an eco-friendly service to help parents remove unnecessary toxic products from their family’s home and lifestyle.

Belly Itch

screenshot of the belly-itch homepage

Belly Itch is a great place to get advice for soon-to-be parents.

The blog has outstanding categories for pregnancy, newborns, and raising little ones.

Lucie’s List

screenshot of the lucies list homepage

Lucie’s List is a popular site that advises new parents.

It focuses on maternal health, breastfeeding, babyproofing, and much more as you transition from maternity to mommy and daddy.

Pregnant Chicken

screenshot of the pregnant chicken homepage

The Pregnant Chicken blog is a place for new parents to learn about pregnancy, postpartum, new baby life, and how to care for your little bundle of joy, including products to help take the guessing out of what’s good for your new baby.

Parenting Blogs for Moms

Moms need there own educational resource for parenting since mommas tend to have many physical and mental changes through pregnancy and there after.

There are some subjects that moms don’t want to talk to dads about, but reading about other women going through the same thing can bring peace.

Blogs that cater to moms, specifically, can help a mom adjust to mom life and become victorious on the path of parenthood.

Honest Mum

screenshot of the honest mum homepage

Honest Mum is a blog based in the UK and Australia focusing on moms.

Raising kids is partly what this blog offers, but it also includes things solely for moms, including a Style section, so moms can still look their best.

Scary Mommy

screenshot of the scary mommy homepage

Scary Mommy is a blog that dives deeper into the heavier side of parenting, sharing stories of bizarre or challenging subject matters, including suggestions on what to do if your kid gets in trouble at school or how to work through anxiety.


screenshot of the motherly homepage

Motherly is an excellent resource for all stages of becoming a mother and raising your child.

It offers advice on pregnancy, parenting, and general life advice.

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you don’t have a life of your own.

Mom Generations

screenshot of the mom generations homepage

Mom Generations is a fantastic blog for moms raising daughters.

It has many cute hairstyle ideas for young girls while giving more in-depth details on fashion and beauty for mothers and daughters.

 Alpha Mom

screenshot of the alpha mom homepage

Alpha Mom plans to do just that; raise alpha moms while moms raise their children.

It has a category for every step of parenthood, including the college talks that will eventually happen down the line.

Parenting Blogs for Dads

Dads tend to do things differently, and that’s what dad blogs cater to in the long run.

Dads can have a lot on their plate but not know how to handle the responsibilities needed when co-parenting a child.

Blogs that specialize in dads can help fathers understand their child and their relationships better while showcasing the dad’s point of view in parenting.


screenshot of the fatherly homepage

Fatherly is a great source for dads to get toys, wellness, and parenthood trends.

The blog’s angle caters to men who are also dads since it looks at cars, ear hair, temper, and kids’ shows.


screenshot of the fathercraft homepage

Fathercraft focuses on products and reviews that are perfect for dad duties.

It offers the daddy diaper bag and the essential tools dad needs to be their child’s superman.

The Father Hood

screenshot of the fatherhood homepage

The Father Hood is a great place to hang out to find great content on being a new dad to becoming a seasoned father.

The blog also tackles the tough stuff on relationships and the workspace.

Blog of Dad

screenshot of the blog of dad homepage

The Blog of Dad is an Australian-based blog that looks at technology and games, which is perfect for any gamer dad.

In addition, the blog digs deeper into reviews on products needed around the house so you can be a hero on child-friendly gadgets.

All Pro Dad

screenshot of the all pro dad homepage

All Pro Dad is a favorite for dads who love the NFL since football pros contribute to the blog.

The highly-informative blog features fathers, just like you, giving insight into fatherhood and becoming your child’s best hero.

The content is beneficial when it comes to raising upstanding and genuine children.

Parenting Blogs for Parents with Difficult Children

Raising children has its difficulties.

No one said it was easy to raise a little one.

Children know how to test patience regularly.

And somehow, this adorable human knows how to push all the right buttons to drive you mad.

Blogs that focus on the difficult stuff can give guidance in how to handle challenges that your family might face.

Foster the Family

screenshot of the foster the family homepage

Foster the Family reminds us that beautiful families are not always biological.

Love and caring make a family. Unfortunately, some difficulties are faced when it comes to adopting and fostering kids.

The blog taps into some of the most trying and beautiful experiences when building a family in a non-traditional way.


screenshot of the kidadl homepage

Kidadl is a blog about inspiring and educating children. It’s believed that kids that lack attention may grow up lacking principles.

The blog gives suggestions on captivating attention, while providing content that shows how to interact with and encourage your child in unique ways as they build their values and personality.


screenshot of the bundoo homepage

Bundoo is a doctor-led blog that provides information on challenges through pregnancy and parenthood.

It’s a health-heavy blog discussing things like preeclampsia or children’s stress while being a fantastic resource for your child’s overall health and well-being.

It’s an excellent resource for the nervous parent to find peace of mind.

Parenting from the Heart

screenshot of the parenting from the heart homepage

Parenting from the Heart gets to the heart of the crucial development of children from birth to tweens and teens.

It provides content on newborn sleeping habits and children’s education as they grow.

It helps you find things that interest your children while raising them to be outstanding humans.

Rage Against the Minivan

screenshot of the rage against minivan homepage

Rage Against the Minivan is a humorous blog highlighting Kristen’s biological and adopted children.

There are categories like Social Justice and Travel, as she talks about diversity, manipulation, and daily schedules.

This mom bares just about all as she takes you through her parenting style.

Parenting Blogs for Education & Activities

Kids are like sponges.

They are learning even when you’re not paying attention.

Providing kids with solid education and mind-stimulating activities can help your child blossom into an incredible adult.

Creativity is good for the soul, so finding activities that they like can help build them into who they will become in the future.

Blogs that focus on the education side of life will give resourceful tips on creating family fun that expand a child’s mind.


screenshot of the picklebums homepage

It is an excellent educational blog for activities to do with your child.

It also shares content on tasty, healthy food for you and your child.

There’s also a section called Farm Tales, where it hits on more parental challenges, like when is enough screen time or how to handle bedtime rituals.

A Little Bit of Momsense

screenshot of the a little bit of momsense homepage

A Little Bit of Momsense is an educational blog focused on moms.

The blog dives into food, travel, and a mom’s life with kids, while bringing priceless education to its readers.

Find great recipes, advice, and self-care practices to reduce momma’s stress and how to enjoy time alone and with the family.

Parenting Science

screenshot of the parenting science homepage

If the title doesn’t say it all, Parenting Science is an educational resource for parents that looks at facts regarding raising newborns, PreK aged, and growing children.

For example, the blog helps you find ways to soothe crying babies or learn if Permissive Parenting is detrimental to humanity.

This blog goes deep.


screenshot of the parents homepage

Parents are a super popular blog that has been around for many years.

It educates parents on a multitude of subjects.

For example, parents learn about food, allergies, and staying healthy when it comes to them and their children.

Confessions of Parenting

screenshot of the confessions of parenting homepage

Confessions of Parenting is a fun, educational blog that teaches games, jokes, and learning.

It takes a fun twist on lessons children need to grow from delightful children into well-rounded young adults while introducing humor and personality.

Do Parenting Blogs Make Money?

Yes. In truth, bloggers can make good money when blogging every day.

Although, it isn’t a get-rich-quick method by any means.

That’s because blogging takes time to build.

Growing a supply of content will in turn, win you an audience followed by sponsors and other opportunities of monetization.

Parenting bloggers who treat it like a full-time job can make a few to thousands of dollars a month.

How Do Parenting Blogs Make Money?

There are many avenues for bloggers to earn income streams associated with their Parenting blogs.

One of the easiest ways for a blogger to start generating income is through affiliate programs for bloggers that will pay the blogger anytime some buys something from the specialty link on their website or social media post.

Affiliate commission links might not generate a ton of money initially, but connecting with many different companies or products can add up over time, especially if you give a short review.

How Much Do Parenting Blogs Make?

The fact is that different types of blogs that make money can make upwards of $63,000 in a single month.

That’s because the baby industry is one of the top-grossing markets worldwide, and some bloggers have taken full advantage of what it entails.

Another tidbit is that mom bloggers make more than dads.

However, dad bloggers tend to have more humorous content.

Products to Promote and Sell on a Parenting Blog

When monetizing, there are revenue streams that are lucrative.

So here are some different ways to monetize.

  • Display Ads: Advertisers will pay high-traffic sights to display products in exchange for a fee. Be sure to negotiate a price and timeframe.
  • Write Sponsored Posts: Building a relationship with an agency that supplies sponsored content is a great way build solid reputations.
  • Sell Link Placements: Link placements can go onto existing pages that are already on the website.
  • Sell a Course: If you have a unique angle on how to make parenting easier or how to flawlessly burp a baby, selling a course could be an option.
  • Sell a Physical Product: Selling strollers or kids’ clothing on your blog can help you earn a good amount of money.
  • Sell a Digital Product: Selling a baby book or school planner to readers can help earn cash into the pot.
  • Offer Coaching Services: If your course has done well, it’s possible to take it to the next level by offering private coaching services.

Similar Blog Types to Check Out

It was challenging to narrow down the list since there are more than 25 fantastic Parenting blogs on the web, let alone numerous amazing blogs on other subjects that might touch on the parenting subject.

So, here are some similar blogs to check out when searching for parenting topics.

  • Blogs for Women: Blogs will include all-things women, including parenthood and self-care to make you feel your best.
  • Mom Blogs: Focus heavily on the self-care of mommies. However, Mommy blogs will undoubtedly touch on good parenting advice.
  • Teacher Blogs: One of the most overlooked blogs when trying to find excellent parenting advice. Teachers spend a third of the day with children, so their experience is paramount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions when discussing parenting.

vector graphic showing an illustration of parents with their children - next to which are the words

What is the most exhausting age to parent?

Move over terrible twos. According to a recent survey, eight years old is the most exhausting age when it comes to raising a child.

Although, seven years old wasn’t far behind.

What are the 4 stages of parenting?

The four stages of parenting are caregiver, cop, coach, and consultant.

The caregiver is the first stage in a child’s life, which transitions into the ‘No’ stage of life.

The coach is when you can encourage the child to be the best they can be, which is different from the consultant who helps guide your child to greatness.

Wrapping Up

There is the world of Parenting blogs neatly packaged for you, so you can resource the Top 25 Blogs this year while getting insight on creating a Parenting blog for yourself if you want to do it.

Parenting blog communities are stuffed with helpful information on raising kids.

Don’t be afraid to contribute your two cents because it takes a village to raise a child.

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