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Photography Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 15 Examples

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Photography blogs are among the most successful blogs because they can capture many aspects of life, beautiful or mundane.

These blogs are a compilation of snapshots of life, animals, and imagery that causes the audience to think and be amazed.

Photography blogs are all about capturing aspects of the world, including travel, food, and boudoir photos.

These blogs can make sizable income and provide its owner with plenty of traffic and attention.

Read on to learn more about photography blogs and see if you’d like to start your own.

What is a Photography Blog?

A photography blog is any blog that discusses and shares snapshots from the world.

Many people will share photos of their pets, animals they see at nature preserves, and historical locations.

Photography blogs can cover a wide range of topics, and there is no limit on what can be photographed and shared on a photography blog.

The most popular photography blogs focus on the happiness in life, like boudoir photos, food items, and locations everywhere.

What Does a Photography Blogger Blog About?

A photography blogger will discuss a wide range of topics.

Most of the time, a photography blogger will upload a photo they’ve snapped somewhere and discuss all the details behind the picture and what it means to them.

Readers of these blogs enjoy understanding how the picture was snapped and what the photographer had to do to get the shot.

What is Included On a Photography Blog?

Photography blogs will have advertisements, endorsements, and reviews, like almost all blogs on the internet.

Many bloggers may get a cut of ad revenue or participate in an affiliate program to earn some extra money.

Other Things You Can Find on a Photography Blog?

You may also spot other things on a photography blog, like tutorials, comparisons, and travel stories.

  • Reviews: Photography blogs will likely have plenty of camera equipment reviews and discussions on the best products to get the perfect shot.
  • Tutorials: A photography blog is nothing without a comprehensive tutorial on how to get the best snapshot possible. Many photography blogs go into painstaking detail to share this content.
  • Stories: Photography bloggers love to share their stories and may go into great detail about how they have captured their best shot and what they have worked hard to accomplish.
  • Recommendations: Some photography bloggers will offer top-tier book and equipment recommendations they know will give beginners the best jumpstart into photography.

Best Photography Blogs: 15 Examples

The best photography blogs will make the audience feel excited, happy, or intrigued by the content.

Tons of photography blogs exist, and they come in all different styles and sizes.

These blogs are the most popular and center around travel, food, and boudoir.

How Many Photography Blogs Are There?

Photography blogs are numerous, and there is little way to know how many exist on the internet.

These blogs cover many topics, but the most common photography blogs center around traveling the world, celebrating food options, and enjoying femininity through boudoir photography.

Food Photography Blogs

Food photography blogs will center around taking snapshots of meals, photos of preparing meals, or pictures of anything related to food.

La Tartine Gourmande

A screenshot pf the 
la tartine gourmande homepage

La Tartine Gourmande is a food photography blog about capturing the essence of a dish.

This blog offers high-quality photographs of different food arrangements and styles to help the reader understand the point of the post.

This blog enjoys discussing which flavors and scents go best together.

Drizzle and Dip

A screenshot of the drizzle and dip homepage

Drizzle and Dip is a food photography blog about South African foods that are sure to make the mouth water.

These photographs are crisp and clear, making readers feel like they can almost taste the dishes through their phone or computer screens.

Each photo is taken with a clean background that places the dish as the focal point.

Use Your Noodles

A screenshot of the use your noodles homepage

Use Your Noodles is an elegant and ethereal blog that showcases photography about their foods the most.

This blog focuses on using contrasting dark and light tones to help put the focus on the masterful creations produced by the blogger.

These photographs are likely to make any reader jealous and inspired to try their hand at these creations.

The Awesome Green

A screenshot of the awesome green homepage

The Awesome Green is a blog all about food, recipes, and photography.

This blog is a perfect place for food lovers and enthusiasts who love clean, crisp photographs of food.

Each photograph has a backstory and details about how the food was created so you can easily follow along.

Little Rusted Ladle

A screenshot of the little rusted ladle homepage

Little Rusted Ladle is guaranteed to make you hungry just by looking at the photographs all over the blog.

This food photography blog uses atmosphere and tone to ensure they deliver a set of photos that will make the audience want to get up and make an equally as stunning meal.

Boudoir Photography Blogs

Boudoir photography blogs focus on celebrating the female anatomy by showcasing its beauty with minimal clothing.

Boudoir blogs are never meant to be sexualized, but instead, a showcasing of feminine beauty.

Gloss Boudoir Blog

A screenshot of the glass boudoir homepage

Gloss Boudoir Blog has everything photography enthusiasts need to know about boudoir photos.

This blog will explain exactly what boudoir photos are and how clients can feel comfortable and shameless while taking photos.

Gloss Boudoir Blog also showcases real photos from clients of all body sizes, making them one of the best blogs to draw inspiration from.

Duluth Boudoir Photography

A screenshot of the duluth boudoir photography homepage

Duluth Boudoir Photography offers a boudoir photography experience unlike any other through its blog, photos, and information.

This blog showcases testimonials from real-life clients who have chosen this studio to enhance their boudoir photography experience.

These clients discuss how they have never felt so free and regal as when they experienced their boudoir photo session.

See this blog for stunning, eye-catching photos unlike any other.

Revealed Studios Blog

A screenshot of the revealed studio homepage

Revealed Studios Blog offers a wide range of blog posts on how best to take care of yourself and celebrate female anatomy.

In addition, each blog post comes complete with a stunning boudoir photo from the studio.

These photos and posts seek to aid women in their journey for total self-love and care.

AnyFoto Photography

A screenshot of the anya foto photography homepage

AnyFoto Photography is a boudoir photography blog that offers women the opportunity to embrace their bodies and transform into confident, sexy women without fear or shame.

This blog details every bit of that transformation and celebrates the ability to help women love their bodies and break free of societal standards.

Evgenia Ribinik Studios Blog

Evgenia Ribinik Studios Blog is all about boudoir photography.

This blog is run by a studio of the same name and owned by Evgenia Ribinik, who has a passion for boudoir photography and seeks to celebrate the female body with the world.

The blog has more than photos, and you can learn all about how to dress for a boudoir session and feel more confident than ever.

Travel Photography Blogs

Travel photography blogs are exactly what they sound like and focus on offering the audience a series of snapshots from travel experiences and adventures.


A screenshot of the travel freak homepage

TravelFREAK is a travel photography blog that hosts tons of travel pictures and discusses all kinds of adventures.

This blog will discuss things like the merits of backpacking, the best travel accessories, and the lessons the blogger has learned after a decade of intense travel. TravelFREAK is a one-stop blog for all your travel-related questions and photography.


A screenshot of the nomadasayrus homepage

Nomadasaurus is all about hardcore adventures that many people can only dream of experiencing.

This blog is run by Alesha and Jarryd, two travelers who love going to different locations and landscapes for the most eye-catching pictures they can manage to take.

This blog never has a dull moment and has some photos from Antarctica!

Hand Luggage Only

A screenshot of the hand luggage only homepage

Hand Luggage Only is a travel photography blog about taking the bare minimum with you on your adventures and encourages other travelers to try and enjoy the present moment.

This blog has tons of listicles and reviews about the best places to visit in each state and tips on how best to travel.

Kirsten Alana

A screenshot of the Kristina Lana homepage

Kirsten Alana is a travel photography blogger with an eye for life and style.

This blogger travels the world and brings beauty to even the most mundane aspect of traveling.

Kirsten Alana lives in Los Angeles but has worked in more than 50 countries, all of which have been photographed on her blog.

Stuck In Customs

A screenshot of the stuck in custom homepage

Stuck In Customs is a travel photography blog that discusses travel to all kinds of locations in the world.

This blog is operated by Trey Ratcliff, who not only visits and photographs locations everywhere but also gives his opinion on camera equipment and gear.

Similar Blog Types to Check Out

Photography blogs are unique, especially since each blog can focus on a different thing to take photos of and showcase.

These blogs are similar to photography blogs and can help you understand them more.

  • Marketing Blogs: Marketing blogs are rife with the best information on how to market products and draw new buyers.
  • Design Blogs: Design blogs focus on designing products, places, or things. Design blogs can help readers understand style and help them make captivating designs.
  • Business Blogs: Business blogs enjoy discussing the intricacies of running a business and how to make the best business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers can help you understand photography blogs more and help you decide if a photography blog is right for you.

vector graphic showing an illustration of photography with the big block text

What is the best photography blog?

The best photography blog will depend on what type of content you’re looking to read.

Tutorials and tips are best from Behind the Shutter while travel content is best from Nomadasaurus.

Who is the number one photography blogger?

There is no one best photography blogger since there are too many categories of photography.

Some of the best photography bloggers include Scott Kivowitz, Kristen Kalp, and Anton Gorlin.

Wrapping Up

Photography blogs are abundant and come in many shapes, styles, and sizes.

These blogs are a perfect place for those seeking beauty and charm.

The most common type of photography blog is that about travel, food, and boudoir.

Each photography blog style is captivating and showcases the beauty in the world we share.

Consider browsing our top 15 photography blogs to get a better understanding of what photography blogs are and if you want to start one.

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