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Best Podcasts for Kindergarteners: 15 Examples [2022]

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Podcasts keep us company when we have work to do.

From comedy to fantasy stories, there are so many programs to keep people occupied.

kindergarteners can benefit a lot from listening to podcasts.

But how do you find programs appropriate for children?

Here are the best 15 podcasts for kindergarteners and caretakers alike!

What Is a Podcast for kindergarteners?

A podcast for kindergarteners follows the definition of a podcast but is for younger minds.

Podcasts for kindergarteners will illustrate a topic so kids will find it entertaining.

Many podcasts will also insert educational elements into the content.

What Does a Podcast for kindergarteners Talk About?

Just like any other podcast, a podcast for kindergarteners can talk about anything.

But most of these podcasts include educational components.

Above all else, these programs are meant to be engaging to the littlest of listeners.

Many programs use creative storytelling to impart valuable lessons.

Some podcasts might use historical events or myths to do the same.

What Is Included in a Podcast for kindergarteners?

Podcasts for kindergarteners cover a wide array of topics, so you will find one your kindergartener enjoys.

For instance, the host might cover Greek myths, historical figures, or fantasy characters like unicorns.

You could also find podcasters that use comedy or music to keep children engaged.

No matter what, the content will be tailored to a young audience so it’s easier to understand.

Other Things You Can Find on a Podcast for kindergarteners

Of course, every podcast is different, just like their older audience alternatives.

But you will generally find these elements in podcasts for kindergarteners.

  • Adventures: Many programs use exciting stories to keep your child captivated.
  • Education: You can expect these podcasts to include lessons for you and your children. A few make this the entire premise, and others sprinkle lessons into stories.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Podcasters understand their audience, and make episodes as engaging as possible. Hosts may use voices, challenges, and jokes.
  • Music: Some podcasts focus entirely on music, while others use it for dramatic effect. You may encounter call-and-response music or sing-alongs.

Types of Podcasts for kindergarteners

Various types of podcasts exist in the medium, even for younger audiences.

For this guide, we will sort them into different categories:

  • Best Podcasts for kindergarteners: The “best” content will vary between children. Programs like The Story Seeds Podcast and Aaron’s World capture young and curious minds.
  • Podcast for Kindergarten Students: Young, developing minds need engagement to help them develop. Podcasts for kindergarten students break topics down into bite-sized pieces perfect for children.
  • Podcast for Kindergarten Teachers: Adults understand the world differently than children do. These podcasts discuss big topics related to caregiving. Some may also give insights on how to foster kindergarteners’ interests.

Best Podcasts for kindergarteners: 15 Examples

Now to the meat of this discussion!

Here is a list of amazing podcasts your kindergartener will love listening to.

Some of these are even among the best podcasts of all time.

How Many Podcasts for kindergarteners Are There?

There isn’t an exact number for how many of these podcasts exist, but we can safely say there are a lot.

Children are becoming more avid podcast listeners.

That is excellent news for the many programs they can listen to on podcast platforms!

If your child has trouble sleeping or loves stories when on road trips, these are the podcasts for you.

Best Podcasts for Kindergarteners

Some of the best podcasts for young listeners involve story-driven narratives.

These examples may revolve around storytelling or use easy-to-follow narratives to explain complicated topics.

Hands down, kids agree that these are the best!

The Story Seeds Podcast

storyseedspodcast homepage screenshot 1

Is your kindergartener a creative thinker?

Are they artistic or imaginative?

Then The Story Seeds Podcast is the podcast for you!

Each episode pairs kids with professional storytellers to bring their ideas to life.

Celebrate the creative process and listen to a child turn their idea into a short story.

Warrior Kids Podcast

warriorkidspodcast homepage screenshot 1

It’s never too early to give your children valuable life lessons. Warrior Kids Podcast teaches kids to be strong and compassionate and to stand up for others.

This podcast focuses on indigenous stories in a way that young minds can digest.

It has won several awards and is a favorite with parents.

But Why

but why homepage screenshot 1

For the inquisitive kindergartener, But Why is the perfect space filler.

This NPR program aims to answer any question your child could think to ask.

Your child can also submit questions on the podcast’s website.

Be warned, a few episodes are more suited for older kids, and younger children may need an adult to help.


Tumble homepage screenshot 1

Math and science tend to be the sideline subjects, but they don’t have to be! Tumble, the science podcast for kids, is a well-regarded program for the most inquisitive minds.

Your little ones will get to scientific stories and discoveries from real scientists.

Given the subject matter, Tumble is the kind of podcast that adults can listen to with their children.

Fierce Girls

fierce girls homepage screenshot 1

Fierce Girls is all about showcasing the true stories of Australian women.

These are both empowering and engaging, perfect for adults and kids!

This program isn’t graphic, but you may want to listen to an episode before your child does.

Some stories are better enjoyed at higher grade levels!

The Best Podcasts for Kindergarten Students

Children are learning a lot when they begin kindergarten.

These podcasts are great supplements for your child’s lessons.

Some programs can flesh out their knowledge and prepare them for higher grade levels.

Here are some of the best podcasts for your young students to listen to.

Aaron’s World

Aarons world homepage screenshot 1

Dinosaurs are one of the first things that kids latch on to after learning about them.

Aaron’s World teaches children about their favorite dinosaurs and other prehistoric facts.

The podcast was made by six-year-old Aaron, who kept the program running for five years!

Listeners can enjoy larger story arcs across standalone episodes.

Brains On

brainson homepage screenshot 1

Another science podcast, Brains On! is an educational program perfect for imaginative kindergarteners.

Much like But Why, it answers any questions your child may want to be answered.

In addition, this program had a series called “Smash Boom Best.”

Two things would be pitted against each other, and your child got to choose their favorite.

The Music Box

the music box homepage screenshot 1

For kids who enjoy music, The Music Box is a great choice, and even adults can enjoy the easy-to-digest lessons.

Each episode breaks down a musical concept to a basic level.

Your child can also enjoy interactive elements to stimulate their learning.

Animal Sound Safari

animal sound safari homepage screenshot 1

Were you a fan of The Magic School Bus?

You’ll want to show this podcast to your child!

In the same spirit, Animal Sound Safari travels around the world to learn more about animals.

Your child can also enjoy animal-related tales and characters!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Good night stories homepage screenshot 1

Based on the book series of the same name, you can’t miss Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

Each episode explores the experiences of women throughout history.

Storytelling takes the forefront of each episode, making each episode informative and fun.

This podcast is one you and your child will enjoy!

The Best Podcasts for Kindergarten Teachers

If you teach kindergarten students, you may need help in the classroom.

These programs can keep your students occupied or pair with what you’re teaching them in class.

They might even teach you how to round out your lessons.

Here are some of the best podcasts you can use in class or listen to on your own.

Peace Out

peaceout homepage screenshot 1

School can be stressful for students, especially as they progress in grade level.

Peace Out teaches your children how to relax and meditate.

Many episodes use storytelling to help kids decompress as well.

You could even use the podcast for story time!

Anorak: The Happy Podcast For Kids

anorak the happy podcast for kids homepage screenshot 1

Aside from publishing the Happy Mag for Kids, Anorak produces this podcast!

The Happy Podcast for Kids has stories entertaining for adults and kids alike.

Episodes often line up with magazine issues, perfect for class handouts.

Sit down and explore each educational episode by yourself or with your students.

Short and Curly

shortandcurly homepage screenshot 1

For parents and teachers, this podcast is a thought-provoking and informational program.

Short and Curly has classroom resources for teachers to use with their students too.

Each episode is a head-scratcher, with plenty of comedy to keep your kindergarteners entertained!

The Preschool Podcast

The preschool podcast homepage screenshot 1

The Preschool Podcast is an excellent option for teachers wanting to support their students.

The show can help prepare you for your classes or give you new ideas.

Professionals in early childhood education impart their lessons with heart and insight.

Parents can find support with this podcast as well!

Creative Kindergarten

creativekindergarten homepage screenshot 1

Creative Kindergarten promotes creative thinking while teaching teachers new tricks for class.

It’s an ideal resource for teachers that love using classroom activities to inspire students.

Whether you’re a new or experienced teacher, you can take away something from Creative Kindergarten.

Similar Podcast Types to Check Out

We might not want to admit it, but children won’t always be kindergarten-age.

Parents and teachers will have to learn and adapt as their children grow.

With that in mind, these are some other podcast types you and your kids can enjoy as they mature and develop:

  • Podcasts for Kids: Children of all ages can enjoy podcasts for kids. Some hosts will write episodes with older children in mind. Others make programs meant for growing kids as they get to higher grade levels.
  • Educational Podcasts: Educational podcasts are great for students and teachers alike. They can boost your child’s learning, or teach them new things about interesting topics.
  • Parenting Podcasts: Any caretaker can enjoy parenting podcasts. Hear stories and learn new activities from other parents and caretakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about podcasts for kindergarteners.

vector graphic showing an illustration of the best podcasts for kindergarteners

Are there any podcasts for toddlers?

Absolutely! These podcasts are primarily story-driven and use engaging voices.

Programs like Sesame Street and Disney also have related podcasts.

Where can I listen to a podcast with a toddler?

Some programs are not available on all podcasting platforms.

Just snuggle up with a blanket and some snacks to enjoy your child’s new favorite podcast.

Wrapping Up

Have you found any podcasts for kindergarteners perfect for your little one?

This list gives you enough content to fill your child’s elementary school years.

You can also use this to teach your child step-by-step how to listen to podcasts.

With this selection, you’re bound to find the perfect podcast for your kindergartener!

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