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Best Sexual Podcasts: 15 Examples [2023]

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Sexual podcasts are one of the best podcast categories, but finding the right one for you can be troublesome.

Thankfully, there is a wide selection of sexual podcasts on the internet for men, women, and assault survivors.

Sexual podcasts typically cover a wide range of topics, including those that may be difficult to discuss.

These podcasts offer information on how to engage in sexual activities meaningfully and help people learn about the human anatomy.

What Is a Sexual Podcast?

A sexual podcast is a podcast that covers any topic relating to sex.

Many podcasts discuss many topics, including how to have sexual relations with a member of the same sex.

Some of these podcasts may also try to erase some stigma associated with same-sex relations.

Sexual podcasts can also help listeners get in touch with their bodies and help them learn how to satisfy themselves or others.

What Does a Sexual Podcaster Talk About?

A sexual podcaster might talk about how to have sexual relations with your partner so that both of you are satisfied.

These podcasters may offer plenty of advice and information on how to engage in a sexual relationship with more confidence and ease.

Additionally, some of these podcasters may offer a judgment-free zone to educate listeners on common ailments that can occur or how-tos for uncommon sexual situations.

Listeners can learn shame-free from these podcasters.

What Is Included on a Sexual Podcast?

A sexual podcast will include a lot of information and education.

However, you may find plenty of advice and anecdotes to help you and other listeners feel more confident about their performance in the bedroom.

Other Things You Can Find on a Sexual Podcast

You may also find other things on a sexual podcast, including tutorials, anatomical information, self-care tips, and other information.

  • Tutorials: Tutorials may be a little uncomfortable to hear, but they can offer you plenty of new experiences in the bedroom and help you please yourself and your partner.
  • Anatomical Information: Sexual podcasters will likely discuss a lot of information on anatomical information so that listeners know how to touch their partners.
  • Self-Care Tips: Self-care tips are common on sexual podcasts since self-care is a large component of good sexual health.
  • Warnings: Not enough people may know what not to do while in the bedroom, and sexual podcasts have no problem putting out PSAs. Podcasters often discuss these warnings to help you avoid a late-night ER visit.

Types of Sexual Podcasts

Sexual podcasts are one of many types of podcasts on the internet, and they all seem to fall into three categories. You may find plenty of podcasts for assault survivors, men, and women.

  • Sexual Podcasts for Assault Survivors: Sexual podcasts for assault survivors will focus on offering support and assistance for those suffering from abuse or a poor history of sexual acts.
  • Sexual Podcasts for Men: Sexual podcasts for men will help men break the mold of what it means to be a sexual man and assist with sexual identity.
  • Sexual Podcasts for Women: Sexual podcasts for women work to make women comfortable and help women understand men and their own bodies.

Best Sexual Podcasts: 15 Examples

The best sexual podcasts will offer information and a judgment-free zone for listeners and audience members to share their experiences.

Many of these podcasts may have audience members call in and share their experiences on the podcast.

How Many Sexual Podcasts Are There?

There is no shortage of sexual podcasts on the internet, but finding an authoritative one may be challenging.

Consider trying a few of the top sexual podcasts on this list to get the most out of your time and attention.

Sexual Podcasts for Assault Survivors

Sexual podcasts for assault survivors can help survivors explore their feelings and help them with intimacy.


screenshot of the oucry homepage

Outcry is a podcast about sexual abuse in the Jewish community.

Members of the Jewish community can find a safe place with this podcast and help themselves feel better by listening to anecdotes and stories about other survivors.

This podcast urges listeners to care for themselves and their loved ones as much as possible.

Finding OK

screenshot of the finding ok homepage

Finding OK is a podcast about surviving sexual assault and other forms of abuse.

This podcast addresses a wide range of circumstances and situations that can help you feel better and find peace with these situations.

Finding OK strives to offer recovery techniques and focuses on providing people with self-care tactics.

Touchy Subjects Podcast

screenshot of the touchy subjects podcast homepage

Touchy Subjects Podcast navigates everything that may be uncomfortable for many people to discuss, including topics like sexual assault and how survivors feel.

This podcast can shine a light on surviving sexual assault and give a voice to those who have suffered from this experience.

Listen to this podcast to find like-minded people who will make you feel safe and welcome.

Karmin Walker’s Podcast

screenshot of the karmin walkers podcast homepage

Karmin Walker’s Podcast is about everything self-help and mental health.

Although this podcast isn’t just about surviving sexual assault, Karmin Walker discusses a range of topics that includes many things that can destabilize mental health.

This podcast can help survivors of sexual assault navigate their pain and help them cope.

Destroying Depression Podcast

screenshot of the destroying depression podcast homepage

Although Destroying Depression Podcast is mostly about depression symptoms and conquering depression, this podcast touches on a wide range of topics that cause or make depression worse.

This podcast is an ideal place for survivors of sexual assault to be welcome and feel like their experiences are understood.

Sexual Podcasts for Men

Sexual podcasts for men explore common ailments or tips on improving their performance.

Men, Sex & Pleasure with Cam Fraser

screenshot of the men sexual pleasure with camfraser homepage

Men, Sex & Pleasure with Cam Fraser focuses on helping men understand that they don’t have to adhere to strict guidelines about masculinity.

Additionally, this podcast will discuss sacred and spiritual sexual practices that may be able to enhance the experience.

Men can feel comfortable listening to this podcast because it is delivered without judgment.

Sexual Heroes with Robert Black

screenshot of the sexual heroes with robert black homepage

Sexual Heroes with Robert Black discusses many aspects of sex that may be stigmatized and shunned.

For example, gay men may find it hard to find information online about sexual practices, but Sexual Heroes with Robert Black seeks to deliver this kind of information without judgment.

Sex Therapy

screenshot of the sex therapy homepage

Sex Therapy is a podcast that seeks to share information about everything sex-related.

Sexual health and practices are discussed on this podcast, along with anything that may seem controversial or stigmatized.

Sex Therapy is open with every topic it discusses and seeks to answer audience questions and concerns to make sexual life and health as positive as possible.

LifeLine 4 Men

screenshot of the lifeline 4 men homepage

LifeLine 4 Men is a podcast about male survivors of sexual abuse. This podcast offers a safe and healthy platform for male survivors to congregate.

LifeLine 4 Men will answer many questions about how to heal emotionally from a sexual abuse encounter for men.

Additionally, this podcast can help male survivors learn to engage sexually again without shame.

ManTalks Podcast

screenshot of the mantalks podcast homepage

ManTalks Podcast isn’t just about sexual topics, but many men have questions about sexual topics and may feel like they can’t ask anyone else difficult questions.

The host, Connor Beaton, works hard to ensure a podcast is a safe place for men to ask questions and receive answers that will make his audience comfortable and live a healthy sex life.

Sexual Podcasts for Women

Sexual podcasts for women explore the female anatomy and how to engage in a meaningful way.

Sex With Emily

screenshot of the sex with emily homepage

Sex With Emily is hosted by Dr. Emily Morse, who shares opinions, expertise, and advice on living a positive sexual life.

This podcast seeks to demystify and destigmatize sexual topics for women, although it may be uncomfortable.

Dr. Morse speaks in a kind and clear way that will make every listener feel welcome and unjudged.

Good Girls Talk About Sex

screenshot of the good girls talk about sex homepage

Good Girls Talk About Sex is a podcast that attempts to make sexual topics more understood and accepted—especially for young women learning about their bodies.

This podcast engages in deep conversations with a guest who are everyday women wanting to share personal experiences about sexual topics.

All listeners can feel welcome and learn something from this podcast.

Women Talk Sex by Pulse

screenshot of the women talk sex by pulse homepage

Women Talk Sex by Pulse is a podcast about pleasurable experiences and the situations that can arise when those experiences don’t go as planned.

This podcast seeks to help listeners make their sexual experiences as pleasurable and happy as possible by educating others.

Ask Women Podcast

screenshot of the ask women podcast homepage

Ask Women Podcast is all about things that women want and how to navigate the women in your life.

This podcast is about women, for women.

If you want to understand yourself and your body better, this podcast will have plenty of information about sexual topics to help you engage in a meaningful way.

Sensual Self with Ev’Yan Whitney

screenshot of the sensual self with evyan whitney homepage

Sensual Self with Ev’Yan Whitney focuses on allowing you to become your most sensual self.

This podcast is hosted by Ev’Yan Whitney, a doula who is dedicated to helping women embrace their bodies and souls.

This podcast is beneficial for pregnant women or those who need to treat their bodies with more kindness.

Similar Podcast Types to Check Out

Sexual podcasts are similar to other types of podcasts, including those about relationships, eroticism, and addictions.

  • Relationship Podcasts: Relationship podcasts give advice on how to engage in a healthy relationship that satisfies both partners. It often touches on sex as a topic point.
  • Erotic Podcasts: Erotic podcasts will discuss erotic acts. They explain how you can introduce more erotic sex into your life to enhance pleasure.
  • Addictive Podcasts: Addictive podcasts will discuss sexual addiction. They aim to help listeners navigate addiction to sex and substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have many questions about sexual podcasts, but this is the most common.

What is the #1 sexual podcast?

Sex Therapy is the number one podcast for sexual topics and can help listeners be more comfortable with sex topics.

Wrapping Up

Sexual podcasts seek to help listeners get more comfortable with sexual topics and navigate sexual assault.

These podcasts are rife with information and educational sources to help listeners be more comfortable and confident in their sexual preferences and choices.

Consider listening to one of these top 15 sexual podcasts to enhance your knowledge and understand sexual podcasts more. You may learn a thing or two!

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