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How To Change WordPress Passwords Easily

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If you’re a blogger, you know that passwords are integral to WordPress security.

And it goes without saying that you will need a password to log into the WordPress Dashboard.

But.. changing passwords every now and then is critical to keep your website secure, so you’ll need to have a firm understanding of how to change WordPress passwords.

In this post, I will discuss various methods you can use to change your password, including when you are locked out of your account.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

What Is the WordPress Default Admin Password?

The default WordPress admin password is the password you must create while installing WordPress.

During installation, WordPress makes a default username called “admin,” which needs a password set by the installer.

You should change the default username and set a strong password to prevent malicious attacks.

How Do I Find My WordPress Login Details?

You can find your WordPress username and email from the WordPress Dashboard.

Simply navigate to Users > All Users to see all the usernames. You won’t get the password from here, though.

For a forgotten password, you must reset it from the WP login URL using your WordPress username.

Can I Reset My WordPress Password Without an Email?

You can perform a WordPress admin password reset without having access to your email using your cPanel, phpMyAdmin, and FTP.

These need admin access; ask your WordPress website’s administrator otherwise.

Some managed WordPress hosts can do this for you, too.

What’ll You Need To Change WordPress Passwords

Assuming you have an up-and-running computer with an internet connection, you only need a few more things to change the password of your WordPress website.

It includes:

  • The URL for WordPress admin access
  • WordPress username, email, and password
  • Access to your WordPress hosting provider’s control panel

You can perform a WordPress password reset even if you don’t have one or the other.

How To Change WordPress Password: Step-By-Step Instructions

There are various methods to change WordPress passwords.

You should change your password regularly regardless of how safe your browser is.

A migration usually requires a password change by default, too.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you must reset it to log in to your WordPress site.

I discuss three different methods to change or reset your WordPress password applicable to various circumstances.

Method 1: Change Your WordPress Password From the Dashboard

The quickest method to change your password involves using the WordPress dashboard.

You must log in as a WordPress admin and know your current password.

To change your password from the dashboard:

Enter your WordPress admin URL in the browser.

Log in to your WordPress website, entering your username and current password.

Screenshot 2022 11 11 at 5.27.34 PM

Head to Users > All Users from the Dashboard.

Select the WordPress username you want to change the password for.

Find the “New Password” section and click on the “Set New Password” button. It will automatically generate a strong password.

Screenshot 2022 11 11 at 8.54.03 PM

Click the “Update Profile” tab to update your old WordPress password to the new one.

To avoid using the automatically generated password, overwrite it with yours before updating your profile.

This method should work even if you are using a third-party WordPress theme.

You can also use the page to change passwords for your security plugins that require a secure password.

Method 2: Reset Your WordPress Password From the Login Screen

A password reset from the WordPress login screen is the way for forgotten passwords.

You will need to know your username or email address and have access to the email account.

The steps are:

Visit your WordPress website’s admin login page.

Click on the “Lost your password?” tab under the login section.

Screenshot 2022 11 11 at 6.21.26 PM

Enter your WordPress username or email, then hit the “Get New Password” button. It will send you an email with your username, site name, and a link to reset your password.

Screenshot 2022 11 11 at 6.21.51 PM

Open the email and click on the password reset link.

Screenshot 2022 11 11 at 6.31.12 PM

Enter or generate a new password in the following screen, then hit “Save Password.”

With email access, you can use this password reset method even if you don’t know the username.

Method 3: Change Your WordPress Password From the cPanel

Several methods are available to change or reset WordPress passwords through the Database.

Using phpMyAdmin from your WordPress hosting’s cPanel is the simplest among them.

Simply do the following:

Log in to the control panel of your WordPress hosting account.

Navigate to Databases > phpMyAdmin. Then click on the Database name of your WordPress site.

Screenshot 2022 11 11 at 9.22.54 PM

Find and click on the “wp-users” table.

Screenshot 2022 11 11 at 9.21.38 PM

Find your username on the following page, then hit the “Edit” button.

Replace the previous value with a new password in the “user_pass” row.

Screenshot 2022 11 11 at 9.18.11 PM

Choose MD5 as the function next to the “user_pass” column.

Click the “Go” button to save your new password.

Screenshot 2022 11 11 at 9.25.55 PM

You can use this method when you can’t access your WordPress dashboard or email account. As this is slightly advanced, take a backup before proceeding.

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Wrapping Up

An updated and strong password can protect your WordPress website from hacks and attacks looking to profit from your site.

Changing the WordPress admin password frequently enhances WordPress security.

Apply the methods discussed in my instruction to change or reset the WordPress password.

Please leave a comment if you run into any issues.

I will be happy to help with further clarifications.

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