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Best Christian Podcasts: 15 Examples [2023]

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In today’s world, many Christian podcasts are available to help you learn, and follow the Bible’s teaching while trying to live a more fulfilled life.

In a modern world, these podcasts are excellent to help keep you uplifted and motivated to continue your Christianity.

What Is a Christian Podcast?

Christian podcasts are no different from any of the best podcasts one would listen to.

They cover many topics such as parenting, finances, and personal growth.

However, the main focus of Christian podcasts is their emphasis on Christianity.

They are centered around Biblical teachings, verses, and God’s love.

Christian podcasts are available to cover faith-based topics just like any other podcast.

They offer reminders of Christianity and help keep you on the right path.

What Does a Christian Podcaster Talk About?

The podcast is structured as any other podcast, but the podcaster will discuss the Bible, God and His love, prayers, and different Christian values during the podcast to tie the matters at hand back to Christianity.

Popular Christian podcasts are those where the podcaster discusses Christian growth, typically surrounding personal development.

What Is Included in a Christian Podcast?

Christian podcasts cover many topics in many different ways similar to Christian blogs.

They typically involve a host who may or may not bring on guests.

Many topics make it easy to find an excellent Christian podcast to listen to no matter what you are looking for.

They are perfect for times when you need the motivation to dive deeper into your Christianity.

Other Things You Can Find on a Christian Podcast

  • Devotional Podcasts: Podcasts cover a daily devotional or cover the entire Bible in a designated time frame.
  • Parenting: We all know parenting can be arduous, so along with discussing different parenting techniques and challenges, Biblical scripture and stories are also taught to help.
  • Personal Growth: Everyone is typically looking for ways to improve themselves, so these Christian podcasts offer Bible values and suggestions to add to your life to help improve yourself.
  • Motivation: Life is not always easy. These podcasts offer peace and comfort through Scriptures and prayers to help lift you up.

Types of Christian Podcasts

There are so many types of podcasts available that it can take time to know precisely what kinds of Christian podcasts you can find.

We have broken it down by specific listening material.

  • Christian Podcasts for Men: These podcasts discuss in depth a man’s journey of life and Christianity. From being a husband to a dad and more, these podcasts are geared toward a Christian journey of manhood.
  • Christian Podcasts for Women: These podcasts discuss living life as a Godly woman to parenting and excelling in your career, there are many podcasts to help the Christian woman navigate life and walk well in her Christianity.
  • Christian Podcasts for Kids: These podcasts discuss Biblical stories and shows. Alongside these great stories, kids learn more about God and His love to create a more profound and growing connection.

Best Christian Podcasts: 15 Examples

Here are our favorite Christian podcasts.

How Many Christian Podcasts Are There?

While we cannot narrow down an exact amount of Christian podcasts available wherever you listen to your podcasts, we know there is a significant amount.

With that being said, the options for Christian podcasts can become overwhelming so we’ve put together a list of 15 examples.

Christian Podcasts for Men

Christian podcasts for men come in all shapes and sizes about many different aspects of life.

From parenting to marriage and a journey of Christianity, there’s something for everyone.

1. Man Up God’s Way

screenshot of the man up God's way homepage

Man Up God’s Way talks about Jody Burkeen’s experience with finding Jesus Christ.

In this podcast, you will discuss how you can become a stronger Christian in your walk with God by being disciplined in multiple aspects of your life and living out the challenge that God has given you.

Not only will you hear from Jody, but you will also get the joy of hearing from several men who share their testimonies.

2. Men Thinking About God

These weekly podcasts offer a refreshing view of men’s daily lives and ways to grow in the Christian faith.

Phil Ridden helps to offer reflection and ways to draw closer to God in all that a man does and honor God with all that he is.

3. Pursuit of Manliness

screenshot of the pursuit of manliness homepage

Jarrett Samuels dives deep into this podcast, educating and challenging men to raise the standard of what society thinks it means to be a man of God.

The podcast focuses on three principles: follow, work, and invest.

You will understand how to lead those who follow you, surround yourself with the right people, and provide the effort needed to succeed in life and level up.

4. Legacy Dads

screenshot of the legacy dads homepage

The duo, Lance and Dante, will discuss what it means to be a man with genuine faith.

They focus on creating a sense of community that discusses complex topics such as marriage, parenting, and even leadership.

Lance and Dante dive deep into discussions to help you dig deep within yourself to understand and learn how you can balance your faith in the current society we live in today while continuing to lead your family in a legacy that will last a lifetime.

5. Real Men Connect with Dr. Joe Martin

screenshot of the real men connect with Dr.Joe Martin homepage

Sometimes we just do not know how to handle situations in life, and its time to heal our wounds from the past and learn how to move forward positively.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your marriage, take control of your finances, or become a better parent, this podcast will lay everything out for you to sort through and help you to seek change in a Godly manner.

6. Daily Rosary Meditations

ADS 1400x1400 v1

Daily Rosary Meditations teaches you how to meditate and establish a daily habit of prayer while discovering the truths of the Catholic Faith.

If you’re having a hard time praying and want a change of habit, join Dr. Mike Scherschligt as he tackles everyday living with God, what the scripture says, meditation, and a Rosary – all under 25 minutes! It’s perfect for your daily commute or morning coffee listening.

Christian Podcasts for Women

Being a woman can be difficult, but being a Christian woman can take on a whole new meaning.

From everyday life to gentle reminders of who you are in God’s presence, these podcasts for women will help boost your confidence and strengthen you.

6. Risen Motherhood

screenshot of the risen motherhood homepage

In this parenting podcast, Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler discuss the challenges and topics relating to motherhood.

They offer a Christian perspective regarding these topics to offer a fresh view of what motherhood looks like when handled with Christianity.

They enjoy their time together and offer honest, relevant advice and topic coverage that you will feel you are discussing parenting with your best friend when listening.

7. The Happy Hour

screenshot of the happy hour homepage

The Happy Hour is a podcast with a unique, fun spin.

This podcast has no set agenda or topic, as every topic is available for discussion, no matter how big or small.

Jamie Ivey will make you feel like part of a community while you listen to her and her guests discuss topics, express their opinions, and better understand Christianity.

8. The Next Right Thing

screenshot of the next right thing homepage

Emily Freeman offers a space where you can help your mind and soul rest while getting advice on how to do the next right thing.

This podcast is excellent for people struggling with making a decision or constantly second-guessing it.

Finding a way to learn how to make decisions and feel at peace is important in everyday life.

9. Living Proof

screenshot of the living proof homepage

Living Proof is a Christian podcast that offers encouragement and is inspiring to help women be the best versions of themselves.

While offering teachings through the Bible, Beth Moore provides relevant advice and Biblical teachings combined to create energy and motivation for women.

10. Set Apart Girl

screenshot of the set apart girl homepage

In Set Apart Girl, Leslie Ludy sets out to inspire women to lead a more Christ-centered life.

To do so, she teaches ways to live with more purpose and devotion in your daily life to impact every facet of your life.

Christian Podcasts for Kids

If you are looking for ways to help teach your kids about God, the Bible, and His love, then we have some of the best podcasts.

11. Kids Bible Stories Podcast

screesnhot of the kids bible stories podcast homepage

Jessica White reads Bible stories that engage and teach kids about Jesus and his Word.

Not only are kids learning about the Bible story, but Jessica also gives them ways to apply the lesson in their everyday lives.

12. Paws and Tales

screenshot of the paws and tales homepage

In this fictional story, the woodland creatures featured in the Paws and Tales learn how to rely on God in everyday life.

They experience fun adventures that engage kids to continue listening as well as offer educational lessons that kids will learn from and understand how to take with them and use daily.

13. Adventures in Odyssey

screenshot of the adventures in odyssey homepage

Focus on the Family created Adventures in Odyssey to teach lessons of faith, kindness, and courage and the story follows the cast throughout different adventures and tribulations they face.

Kids will learn how to apply the Bible to their lives through different situations and circumstances while having fun learning how to do it.

14. Doughnuts and Devos

screenshot of the doughnuts and devos homepage

Marifaith is set on a mission to show kids God’s love, truth, and joy.

The podcast is set up to help engage kids and teach them about Jesus.

In doing so, they will grow in faith and become firm and steadfast in the Bible.

15. Truth Seekers: Bible Stories for Kids

screenshot of the truth seekers bible stories for kids homepage

Sherilyn Grant uses Bible stories to teach kids about God.

Through Bible stories, she reveals the wonders and works of God as well as His plan and love for us.

This podcast is excellent for helping kids understand the goodness of God and uncover the truth about Him and His word.

Other Notable Mentions

1. Compelled Podcast

Compelled Podcast homepage screenshot

Compelled Podcast (https://compelledpodcast.com/) shares inspiring stories of people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus Christ.

These stories demonstrate how Christ’s love can conquer any challenge and bring healing, restoration, and hope to those who seek Him.

With real-life tales of overcoming obstacles like shattered relationships, infertility, loss, and addiction, Compelled provides a much-needed reminder that God is able to redeem and restore, no matter the situation.

The podcast’s professional narration, sound effects, and music create a captivating and immersive listening experience that truly stands apart.

Similar Podcast Types to Check Out

These Christian podcasts surround the Christian faith and provide mostly everything a Christian is looking for.

If you aren’t sure this is what you are looking for, you might be interested in:

  • Podcasts for Men: There are podcasts for men available that do not discuss Christianity but offer a sense of manhood and empowerment.
  • Podcasts for Women: There are several podcasts for women available to discuss what it is like to be a woman in today’s world.  
  • Podcast for Kids: There are podcasts for kids that offer education on many different topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many Christian podcasts available there are bound to be questions surrounding your options.

vector graphic showing elements related to Christianity, with the words

Is there a Bible Study podcast?

There are numerous Bible study podcasts. Depending on what you are looking for or what you would like to study in the Bible, you can find what you are looking for.

Who is the most well-known Christian podcaster?

It’s hard to narrow down to just one well-known podcaster, but Focus on the Family is a well-known organization that offers several podcasts for men, women, families, and children.  

Wrapping Up

We know life tends to put us on the harder paths and we can become confused, overwhelmed, and lost from time to time.

That’s where these Christian podcasts come to offer counsel and relief.

From guidance, to help connect with your spiritual self, to even some fun, these Christian podcasts are sure to do the trick.

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