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Digital Business Card App: Best 15 of 2023

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Have you heard of virtual business cards? They’re the new cool kid on the block, taking over from those outdated paper cards. Not only are they super easy to use and share, but they’re also way more cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Creating professional-looking virtual business cards has never been easier with various online platforms like LinkedIn, Vistaprint, and Canva. No more plastic waste or extra printing costs, just a smart digital card ready to be used for your business. 

So, say goodbye to boring old cards and hello to the future of networking with digital business cards, and we give you the 15 best digital business card apps of 2023.

What Are Digital Business Card Apps?

Electronic business cards, also known as digital visiting cards, are a modern and convenient alternative to physical business cards.

Why Are Digital Business Card Apps Useful?

One of the biggest advantages of a virtual business card is its ease of use. Unlike a physical business card, which requires printing, cutting, and distribution, a virtual business card can be created, shared, and stored electronically.

They’re easily updated and shared with new business contacts in a matter of seconds without additional printing costs.

What Are the Benefits of a Digital Business Card App?

Another benefit of a virtual business card is its cost-effectiveness for customers. Traditional business cards require both the cost of printing and distribution and the cost of paper and ink.

In addition, virtual business card apps are more environmentally friendly than physical business cards. They don’t require any physical materials, making them more sustainable.

There are a variety of online digital business card platforms available so without further ado, let’s get to our personal favorites:

Here’s How We Chose The Best Digital Business Card Apps

The methodology we used in choosing the digital business card apps for new customers includes considering the benefits of online digital business cards, such as ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability.

Additionally, we made sure to include a variety of digital business card platforms available and the features and capabilities they offer, such as customizable templates, contact management, analytics, tracking, and pricing.

AppNFC CapabilityCustomizable TemplatesNetworking & AnalyticsCRM IntegrationPricing
PoplYesYesYesYesPopl Pro: $7.99/month or $76.99/year.
HiHelloYesYesYesYesProfessional: $6/month and Business $5/year.
CamCardYesYesYesYesFrom $5 to $12. 
QRDYesYesYesNoFree plan at $0 a month, starter plan at $5 a month, premium plan at $15 a month, and white label plan at $35 a month
CanvaNoYesYesNoFree plan at $0 a month, Pro plan at $6.49 a month or $54.99 a year, and enterprise plan at $30 a month
L-CardYesYesYesYesFree digital business card plan and premium plans with limited options
HaystackYesYesYesYesFree plan at $0 a month, For Business plan at $7.85 a month and a For Enterprise plan that is customized according to the needs of the enterprise
Vcard PlusNoYesYesYesProfessional plan at $39.44 a month, Advanced plan at $13.15 a month, and Starter plan at $5.26 a month
BlinqYesYesYesYesThe first two digital business cards are free; a Premium subscription costs $2.99 a month if paid annually or $3.99 a month if paid monthly
V1CEYesYesYesYes$50 – $185
SwitchitYesYesYesYes$6.99/month (Free version also available)

1. Popl

A screenshot of the popl homepage

Popl is an all-in-one app with a user-friendly interface and various customizable templates, Popl makes it easy to create a professional and high-tech business card.

But that’s not all – Popl’s digital business card also includes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, allowing for quick and easy sharing of contact information with just a tap.

With the bonus of a Popl Dot, you can even share your digital card without unlocking your phone’s address book.

Popl’s digital business card offers a great mixture of physical and digital cards that solve traditional cards’ printing problems. With Popl, you can link your site, business description, contact information, email signatures, and many other key factors with just a tap!

The platform is compatible with IOS and Android, and you can customize your NFC sticker and your QR code with your company logo and other personal information. Plus, they have an affiliate program.


They have different plans based on your desired features and the number of cards you need. They also offer a free app version for new users to try the service before committing to a plan.

2. HiHello

A screenshot of the hi hello homepage

HiHello is the perfect digital business card solution for solo entrepreneurs of any business size. With a user-friendly interface and various customizable templates, HiHello makes it easy to create a professional and high-tech business card.

With HiHello, you can easily share your company name, email address, phone number, social media accounts, and contact details with just a few taps. Plus, you can customize the digital version of your card with a photo or logo to make it your own.

HiHello also offers networking and digital card analytics, contact details trends, CRM integrations like Zappier, and integrated business card scanners to transform physical business cards into electronic business cards.


HiHello offers a variety of plans to suit your needs; they have a free version and different plans based on the features you want and the number of cards you need.

3. Cam Card

A screenshot of the cam card homepage

If you’re a small business looking to transition from paper to digital business cards, CamCard is a great option.

One of the key features of CamCard is its ability to easily synchronize your different devices (tablets, computers, and cellphones) and integrate with Salesforce CRM.

Additionally, it supports 16 other languages of cards and has a paper card scanner to capture paper cards and turn them into beautiful digital business cards. The camera integration to use it as a business card scanner is a standout feature.


Regarding the pricing, CamCard offers a free trial of $0 a month and a plan of $7.99 per user. It’s best to check the CamCard website for the most current pricing information and to compare the different plans to find the one that best suits your needs.

4. QRD

A screenshot of the my qrd card homepage

If you’re looking for a QR code-friendly digital business card, QRD is worth checking out. One of the key features of QRD is its QR code designer, which is included with all the subscriptions, even the free ones.

It also has a 5-minute card feature and enterprise solutions that can meet the needs of different businesses. Additionally, it has a QRLock screen feature that’s user-friendly and easy to understand.

QRD has a design-focused digital business card builder! The QR design tool and a good UI design help you create cards in a few minutes. It’s one of my most recommended tools for creating virtual business cards with this code and managing your contact details.


Their electronic business card option comes with a free plan at $0 a month, a starter plan at $5 a month, a premium plan at $15 a month, and a white label plan at $35 a month.

It’s best to check the QRD website for the most current pricing information and to compare the different plans to find the one that best suits your needs.

5. Canva

A screenshot of the canva homepage

Canva is a great option for those looking for beautiful images and designs in their digital business cards. It’s a perfect tool for creative people who want to create visually stunning digital business cards.

One of the best features of Canva is its free plan, with only an extra charge for more designs or images and a bulk creation feature. If you’re already familiar with Canva, you’ll have no problem creating a digital business card.

Canva is great for personal use. It’s one of the most feature-rich digital business card options for free. It’s all digital; no need to print business cards. However, it doesn’t allow CRM integration, business tools, email list-building tools, or phone agendas.


Regarding the pricing, Canva offers a free plan at $0 a month, a Pro plan at $6.49 a month or $54.99 a year, and an enterprise plan at $30 a month.

6. L-Card

A screenshot of the L card homepage

L-Card is worth checking out if you’re looking for a digital business card app that integrates easily with most contact and email providers.

Its ease of use is 100%, UI/UX is 100%, and Templates are 90% making it a perfect app for creating digital business cards.

One of the key features of L-Card is its business card scanner which is integrated into the app to capture physical business cards quickly. It’s also one of the digital business card apps with more digital templates on the market.

If you’re not the most creative or don’t have much time, you can use one of the predefined templates to make your digital card and turn it into a contactless business card. Additionally, L-Card has a free digital business card plan.


L-Card offers a free plan at $0 a month, a Business digital business card plan at $4 a month, and an Enterprise digital business card plan that is customized according to the needs of the enterprise.


A screenshot of the hay stack homepage

Haystack is a great overall tool for creating and managing digital business cards, and it excels at tracking open rates and interaction with your Digital Business Card.

One of the key features of Haystack is its ability to accurately scan all the information from a paper card and add it to your contacts list.

This is an easy electronic business card solution, so it’s ideal for those who want to convert paper cards and upgrade their social media platforms.

Haystack digital business card UI/UX is focused on teamwork capabilities. In other words, it has more features for creating and sharing digital business cards with the whole organization.

It also has functional CRM software capabilities and API integrations to help you share your business cards more effortlessly.

The app is available on IOS, Apple App Store, or the Web and is free for individual use.


Haystack offers a free For Business plan at $7.85 a month and a For Enterprise plan that is customized according to the needs of the enterprise.

8. Vcard Plus

A screenshot of the Vcard plus homepage

VCard Plus, also known as QR Generator Pro, is a great option for those looking to add and manage QR codes on their digital business cards. With a user-friendly interface and the ability to customize your card with your logo, branding, and various virtual backgrounds, it’s a great choice for beginners.

The app also allows you to easily share your contact information with others via a unique QR that smartphones can scan. However, it should be noted that the app’s main focus is on QR codes, and it may be limited in terms of other technologies, such as NFC.


Pricing options include a Professional plan at $39.44 a month, an Advanced plan at $13.15 a month, and a Starter plan at $5.26 a month.

9. Blinq

A screenshot of the blinq me homepage

Blinq is an app for digital business cards that’s incredibly easy to use and has a great user interface. Its strength is its QR technology, which is fast and reliable.

It’s one of the best cad apps for iPhone if you don’t want digital business cards. With Blinq, you can share your card by getting people to scan the QR code in your Blinq app or add it as a widget on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

It’s great for realtors, nonprofits, lawyers, and accountants. The app has icons for payments, such as PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp, so you can use your card to get paid faster.

Additionally, the company takes security and data protection very seriously and is currently engaged in SOC2 certification.


Blinq’s Premium monthly subscription costs $2.99 a month if paid annually or $3.99 a month if paid monthly. Blinq Business costs 2.99 a month if paid annually, 3.99 a month if paid monthly.

10. V1CE

A screenshot of the v1ce homepage

V1CE is a digital business card app service that offers a wide range of designs and materials for its electronic cards, making them one of the most visually appealing options on the market.

With an easy-to-use platform and a user-friendly interface, creating digital business cards with V1CE is a breeze.

The platform doesn’t require any subscriptions or apps and has no restrictions on shipping. Additionally, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and the ability to update information in real time.


The pricing for V1CE digital business cards can range from $50 to $185, depending on the material and design of the card.

11. Beaconstac

A screenshot of the beaconstac homepage

Beaconstac is a digital business card app solution that offers a balance of features and prices. It’s easy to use interface and has a wide range of templates.

With Beaconstac, you can avoid card printing, track your scans in real-time, and create multiple cards. It’s also great for customization, with the ability to customize QR codes to suit your needs.

Additionally, it’s shareable on multiple platforms and has robust security measures, making it one of the most secure digital business card solutions.


Some of the drawbacks include the limitations of the Starter plan and the fact that it’s heavily focused on QR codes, making it a bit more challenging to find other features you may want to add to your digital business card. They offer a 14-day trial period and plan to start at $9 a month.

12. Covve

A screenshot of the covve homepage

Covve App is a personal CRM (customer relationship management) tool that helps users stay in touch with potential clients and personal contacts, easily swap contact information, and participate in networking events.

It offers features such as smart follow-up reminders, taking notes on new contacts and communications, news affecting contacts, and an NFC tag for organizing and grouping contacts and phone numbers or even a text message.

This NFC Cards app is mobile-first and requires no setup and download. Freelancers, small businesses, and mid-size and large enterprises commonly use it. It’s available on the web, Android, and iPhone/iPad platforms.


The pricing for Covve App starts at $12.99 per user per month, with a free digital business card plan available. Users have reported that the app offers good value for money.


A screenshot of the spotio homepage

Spotio is a cloud-based sales tracking solution to assist businesses with lead capturing, resource tracking, sales pipeline management, and more.

The solution suits businesses requiring door-to-door canvassing or a mobile device-based solution to manage field sales teams.

Spotio allows field reps to collect data on their mobile phones, with every new lead automatically time-stamped to prevent double entry, and all changes are tracked in real time.

The app offers contact management, lead management, interaction tracking, lead capture, data import/export, lead segmentation, activity dashboard, and more. It’s ideal for all social media links in one place.


The app is available across four pricing plans, with the lowest starting at $39 per user per month, and it can be accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices.

14. Dibiz

dibiz homepage screenshot 1

Dibiz is the best digital business card app for companies and professionals to design and send digital business cards to others.

It offers simple creation within minutes, showcases work through rich content such as photos and videos, and updates the card easily through a user-friendly dashboard.


Dibiz is available for the cloud and can be integrated with Facebook and WhatsApp. It starts at a price of $60 per year.

15. Switchit

A screenshot of the switchit homepage

Switchit is a platform for digital business cards that allows users to create and share contactless digital cards.

Users can upload or record video content to captivate attention, share digital business cards through various platforms, set reminders and alerts for follow-up meetings, and easily manage contacts.


The app is available for Cloud, iPhone, iPad, and Google play store and is designed for professionals needing a tool to create digital business cards on the fly without pesky sign-up forms. Pricing for the app s arts at $6.99 per month, and a free version is also available.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, digital business card apps are a convenient and efficient way to share contact information and business plans in today’s digital age.

A business card app replaces a paper business card, reduces clutter, and allows for easy updates and sharing of information with a simple tap or scan.

As technology evolves and more people adopt digital solutions in their personal and professional lives, we’ll likely see even more digital app solutions popping up. It’s a good idea to adopt this technology to stay ahead of the curve and stay connected.

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