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Domestic Discipline Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 15 Examples [2022]

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You’ve bounced a check or burned the roast.

Maybe you lied or yelled at your spouse.

If you’re in a Domestic Discipline relationship, what happens next could be a spanking or time-out punishment.  

While this lifestyle isn’t what most people would want in a relationship, some say Domestic Discipline has improved their marriages.

Some people like the DD relationship model so much that they blog about it.

If you’re interested in this lifestyle, whether from a personal or analytical standpoint, there is a market out there for DD content.

Continue reading for more information about this relationship dynamic, and the blogging tools needed to get your blog at the top of search results.

What is a Domestic Discipline Blog?  

A Domestic Discipline relationship has a head of the household, or HOH, and a submissive partner.

Most of the time, a DD head of the household is male.

However, there are DD relationships in which a partner identifying as female is the head of the household.  

The head of the household is just that, the ultimate authority in the home.

The HOH can control what the submissive spouse wears, who they can associate with, whether they can leave the property and their access to finances.  

When a submissive partner disobeys, the head of the household will then punish their spouse.

Spanking or paddling are the usual punishments but standing in a time-out corner and lectures aren’t uncommon.

Some say this is domestic abuse, but those in DD relationships say they are based on love and respect.  

Domestic Discipline blogs focus on the DD lifestyle and how to shift your relationship dynamic to Domestic Discipline.  

Domestic Discipline should not become domestic violence.

Those in a domestic violence situation should call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.  

What Does a Domestic Discipline Blogger Blog About?  

A Domestic Discipline blogger can write about their relationship or open their blog up for commentary from others in a DD relationship.

The importance of submission, family life, when it’s time for punishment, and family hierarchy can all be content fodder for Domestic Discipline blogs.  

What Is Included in a Domestic Discipline Blog?  

Domestic Discipline blogs are still blogs and will need to include the basics that most blogs have. These include:  

  • Meta Description: The meta description is the text that appears with Google search results.  
  • Header with Navigation Bar: This headline is the name of the blog and is usually stylized to be eye-catching. The navigation bar will include clickable categories of the Domestic Discipline Blog.
  • Main Content Area: This space is at the center of the blog and usually displays the latest post about Domestic Discipline.  
  • Sidebar with Favorite Content: The sidebar often has links to other posts on the blog but can also include a call to action or a way to subscribe to the blog and get email updates when there are new posts.
  • About: Many blogs have an “about” section that tells the reader more about who they are and why they’re an authority on the topic. Domestic Discipline blogs often have information about the blogger’s relationship.  
  • Information about DD: Include information on how you define Domestic Discipline and family structure.  

Other Things You Can Find on a Domestic Discipline Blog  

You may also see these in Domestic Discipline blogs:  

  • Contact: A “contact” page is part of most blogs. This often includes an email address or automated form that readers can complete to get in touch with the blogger or submit content for consideration.  
  • Footer: The bottom of the blog page can include items such as a disclaimer or Domestic Discipline blogs’ privacy policy.  
  • Merchandise: Some Domestic Discipline blogs include areas where items such as books and paddles are offered.  

Types of Domestic Discipline Blogs  

Domestic Discipline appeals to a niche blog audience, and within the DD community, even smaller niches exist.

Some Domestic Discipline blogs border on S&M, while others focus on faith and modesty.

Generally, Domestic Discipline blogs fall into one of these categories:  

  • Domestic Discipline Blogs for Moms: Domestic Discipline blogs for mothers and wives tend to focus more on the head of the household than on the children of the family. Wives write these blogs and tend to post about DD’s effects on their relationships.  
  • Domestic Discipline Blogs for Dads: Men’s Domestic Discipline blogs are written from the head of the household’s point of view and include information about punishments as well as the responsibilities of the head of the household. DD blogs for dads by dad bloggers are fewer than those for submissive partners.  
  • Domestic Discipline Blogs for Faith: Within Domestic Discipline, the Christian DD community, or CDD, can be an area of blogging interest. CDD couples believe that the head of the household has the responsibility to the submissive partner, also known as “taken-in-hand,” to be the authority figure of the home.  

Do Domestic Discipline Blogs Make Money?  

While Domestic Discipline blogs have a niche market, DD bloggers can make good money while writing about this often-controversial relationship style.  

Many times, bloggers write to create or advocate for something they’re passionate about rather than to make money.

Domestic discipline blogs could provide DD bloggers the opportunity to do both.  

Only about 5 percent to 8 percent of bloggers make enough money from their blogs for it to be their full-time income.

When a blog is monetized through Google AdSense, bloggers get about $2 to $5 per 1,000 page views.

That’s only one of the ways Domestic Discipline bloggers can make money.

Affiliate marketing sponsored posts, and offering coaching, counseling, books, and more for sale on your blog can result in rising income each month.  

How Much Money Do Domestic Discipline Blogs Make?  

Since Domestic Discipline is a controversial relationship style that many find disturbing, data does not exist on how many domestic discipline blogs there are or how much these Domestic Discipline blogs earn each year.  

Blogs earn money in part by page views, so very narrow niches such as DD may not have the broad audience needed for higher incomes.

Parental filters may also keep these blogs, especially ones that focus on spankings, from showing up on search engine results pages.  

Products to Promote or Sell on a Domestic Discipline Blog  

Bloggers often make money through products sold on their blogs, and that can be true of DD bloggers.

Products a DD blogger could promote or sell on a Domestic Discipline blog include:  

1. Relationship Books  

DD bloggers can sell or promote books about Domestic Discipline on their blogs.

Written by the DD blogger or other writers, books on the subject will be of interest to blog readers.  

2. Accountability Task Sheets  

Keeping the submissive partner on track is an important part of Domestic Discipline.

Accountability Task Sheets, either on paper or as an Excel spreadsheet, can be checked by the head of the household.  

3. Coaching and Counseling  

Couples new to the DD world may want relationship coaching or counseling.

Often CDD blogs will offer Christian counseling to couples in which one member is the head of the household and the other is the “taken-in-hand.”  

4. Courses  

A DD blogger could also offer couples classes focused on relationship dynamics and the responsibilities of each partner in the relationship.  

Best Domestic Discipline Blogs: 15 Examples  

vector graphic showing an illustration of a family holding hands with the words

Domestic Discipline blogs range from those that are about heads of household being the authority over everything at home to those that focus on spouses being submissive.

Some posts include testimonials of spouses who seem to revert to childhood in their dress as well as submitting to spankings or being sent to bed early for infractions such as forgetting to charge their cell phones.  

Other Domestic Discipline blogs focus more on punishment and veer toward S&M, although those who espouse a DD relationship say their rules decrease arguments and are more about the roles played in a relationship.  

How Many Domestic Discipline Blogs Are There?  

New blogs on myriad topics are launched every day, and those include Domestic Discipline blogs.

Because so many blogs are out there, it’s impossible to get an accurate count of how many Domestic Discipline blogs there are.

The number of blogs on all topics is more than 600 million and growing by the day.  

Domestic Discipline Blogs for Moms  

Most Domestic Discipline blogs written for women and by women are pre-approved by their heads of household, but there are some Domestic Discipline blogs written for women who are heads of household and deliver punishments for their spouses’ infractions.

Here are a few:  

1. Chronicles in Submission 

screenshot of the chronicles in submission homepage

This blog has details of the blogger’s life ranging from parenting to getting spankings and notes that her children have witnessed them.  

2. Domestic Discipline 

screenshot of the domestic discipline homepage

This blog has information for both partners, and it seems that both enjoy misbehavior and punishment.  

3. Ronnie Soul 

Written by a woman who claims to be happy with her spankings, this blog seems to promote the punishment part of a DD relationship.  

4. My Bottom Smarts 

screenshot of the my bottom smarts homepage

Calling spankings the “core of our relationship,” this blogger advocates for spankings because of familial roles and that she seems to like them.  

5. Alabama Mentoring 

screenshot of the alabama mentoring homepage

Written by a married man, Alabama Mentoring offers Domestic Discipline mentoring to young women.  

Domestic Discipline Blogs for Dads  

Often Domestic Discipline blogs for dads focus on being the head of the household and how their wives’ submission made their marriage happier since their wives no longer disagree with them. Examples include these:  

1. Domestic Discipline Online 

screenshot of the domestic discipline online homepage

This blogger offers mentoring for men or women who are interested in a Domestic Discipline arrangement in which the man is dominant.  

2. New Hope Psychology 

screenshot of the new hope psychology homepage

This blog details the structure of Domestic Discipline relationships and the responsibilities of both parties.  

3. DD head of the household 

screenshot of the DD head of the household homepage

This blog chronicles a man’s journey as head of the household in a Domestic Discipline relationship.

The blogger is honest about his feelings and provides intimate details about his relationship.  

4. A Domestic Discipline Society 

screenshot of the a domestic discipline society homepage

A blog that’s been around for more than a decade, this offers original posts and guest posts about the topic.

A Domestic Discipline Society holds that DD is the only way to have a peaceful home.  

5. Spanking Bloggers Network 

screenshot of the spanking bloggers network homepage

This blog offers a collection of bloggers who write about DD and spanking.

This blog has a big tent, so there are all sorts of blogs about punishment and spanking included.  

Domestic Discipline Blogs for Faith  

Within the Domestic Discipline sector are those who practice Christian Domestic Discipline.

These faith-based blogs are where families share their stories about relationship roles and punishment. They include:  

1. Christian Domestic Discipline 

screenshot of the christian domestic discipline homepage

This blog is minimalistic in design and serves as a forum for people in Domestic Discipline relationships as well as for the blogger, who is the submissive partner in the relationship.

Her posts are frank and explicit.  

2. Biblical Gender Roles 

screenshot of the biblical gender roles homepage

This blog offers its readers information on “dominance, dialog, and delegation” as parts of a marriage and portrays feminism as a negative force.  

3. Patheos

screenshot of the patheos homepage

A Christian website, Patheos offers blog posts about Christian trends including Christian Domestic Discipline and wife spanking, looking at the subject objectively.  

4. Got Questions 

screenshot of the got questions homepage

Another blog that looks at Christian Domestic Discipline critically is GotQuestions.org.

This blog holds that “loving physical punishment” should be reserved for children only and that wives should not be spanked.  

5. Learning Domestic Discipline 

screenshot of the learning domestic discipline homepage

This blog by a married couple, Clint and Chelsea, recommends punishing wives the way many parents punish their children – spankings but also time-outs, lectures, and being sent to bed early.

They note that punishments are not sexual.  

How To Become a Domestic Discipline Blogger  

If you want to start a Domestic Discipline Blog, there are a few key steps to take.  

1. Determine the Direction of the Blog  

As you decide what kind of DD blog you’d like to launch, do keyword research to uncover opportunities.

Popular search keywords will help you plan your DD blog.  

2. Select a Niche  

Within the DD world, blogs are written from numerous viewpoints.

The process of how to choose the right niche should include self-examination as well as a study of how the blog can be monetized.  

3. Select a Name  

Coming up with a blog name can be challenging.

First, focus on why you are writing the blog and who your readers will be.

That can guide you to the right choice of a blog name.  

4. Select a Blogging Platform  

Choosing from the different blogging platforms available can be difficult.

Check out the different blogging platforms to see which ones you’re most comfortable using.  

5. Register a Domain Name  

Finding the best domain registrar can make starting a profitable blog easier.

Some domain registrars also offer web hosting services.  

6. Get Web Hosting  

Web hosting for your blog is essential for having a blog that will open quickly to provide readers with the best experience.

We suggest managed WordPress hosting. 

7. Build the Blog  

Now the fun starts. Follow these steps on how to start a blog.  


Your blog will need a signature design that will make your blog stand out from the rest.

Install a WordPress theme to get the photography and design you want.  


WordPress Plug-ins will optimize your content and make features such as videos available for your blog.  

Essential Pages  

Web design calls for deciding the essential pages for your blog.

These can include an about page, a subscription page, and a home page.  

Produce Content for the Blog  

Creating content for your blog is easier in the beginning when the blog is brand new.

The challenge is often in finding more content ideas as your blog grows.

As you post, consider brand development and search engine optimization.  

Launch the Blog Publicly  

Launching a new blog for the first time should include a plan for content and development as it continues.

Share your new blog with others who are like-minded including other bloggers on the subject.  

Promote the Blog  

Ways to promote a blog include offering visitors a free email newsletter that will let them know when you post new content.

Your content should be geared to the interests of your readers.  

Similar Blogging Types To Check Out  

If a DD blog seems too narrow a focus for your blog, you may consider different types of blogs that make money.  

1. Mom Blogs  

Blogs for moms of children often include relationship advice in addition to parenting tips, recipes, home décor, and more.

Mom bloggers relate to other parents who are juggling household responsibilities, work, marriage, and raising children.

2. Lifestyle Blogs  

Motivations for starting a blog can include sharing your lifestyle with others.

Different types of lifestyle blogs offer information about healthy living, mindset, vacationing, relationships, and more, varying in content by the blogger.  

3. Relationship Blogs  

Blogs for people in relationships include tips on building a relationship based on love and respect, ideas for date nights, and ways to keep the romance alive.    

Wrapping Up  

Domestic Discipline is a narrow audience for blogging and one that, because of content, can be blocked by some servers.

A less-controversial topic could make for a more profitable blog and a broader audience.

However, those who enjoy a consensual Domestic Discipline relationship may want to blog on the topic for their pleasure.

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