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How To Schedule A Post On Facebook + 5 Best Scheduling Tools

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Are you wondering how to schedule a post on Facebook? Scheduling a post on Facebook is a great way to save time and ensure your content reaches the right people.

You can plan strategically for your content, whether it’s a promotion, a special announcement, or a simple update.

Doing so will help maximize your reach, ensure your message is seen, and keep your followers engaged.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to schedule a post on Facebook. You’ll learn the best practices for creating a post, setting a posting time, and more.

By the end, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to make your Facebook posts stand out from the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Schedule a Facebook Post?

Yes, if you choose not to publish your post straight away on Facebook, you can schedule it.

To do this, press the icon next to the publish icon at the bottom of the page.

After that, decide when and on what day you want the content to go public.

Why Can’t I Schedule Posts on a Facebook Page?

Direct scheduling of posts on Facebook pages has been discontinued due to recent changes made by Facebook.

The “front end” of the page is no longer where you may schedule a Facebook post.

Although scheduling is no longer an option, you can post immediately from the box.

How To Schedule A Post On Facebook: Step-By-Step Instructions

To schedule posts on Facebook, you must first have a Facebook Page.

After you’ve set up your page, use this step-by-step tutorial to discover how to schedule a Facebook post.

Step One: Make A Fresh Facebook Post

After signing in to Facebook, go to the group you run by selecting Groups from the left-hand menu and selecting it from your Feed.

Write your comment in the text box after tapping “New Message.”

Screenshot 2023 01 11 at 7.16.40 PM

Step Two: Decide On A Time And Date

Schedule the post after you have filled it with information. Selecting the Schedule option will launch the calendar interface, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot 2023 01 11 at 7.16.53 PM

Many people utilize social media during work, commuting, and after work at home.

These patterns occasionally directly contradict and highlight how powerful Facebook is in daily life.

Through the Page Insights area of your company page, Facebook could provide you with suggestions for the optimal times to post.

Screenshot 2023 01 11 at 7.17.04 PM

The next step is to choose the day and hour the post will go live; Facebook or any third-party post scheduler tool will handle the rest.

Post when your Facebook audience is online and engaged.

This significantly impacts your campaign’s performance. The distinctions between a terrific post and a lackluster one are made by choosing the appropriate timing to go live.

Although there isn’t a set standard for how frequently you should post on Facebook, each audience will have a distinct pattern of behavior.

Take a look at your information and check out a few different schedules.

You’ll begin to notice certain distinct tendencies that have the potential to influence your future actions.

Step Three: Save Your Date

You can save your schedule after you’ve found the optimal time.

Keep a tight eye on your campaign analytics dashboard to evaluate how your scheduled posts stack up against your key social media KPIs.

Screenshot 2023 01 11 at 7.17.20 PM

By automating your postings, you can concentrate your attention on the trickier elements of your marketing plan.

Adjust your messaging and conduct minor A/B tests to assess the effectiveness of your posts among various audience segments.

Knowing if your social media plan is working as effectively as possible might be challenging. You have access to a wide range of data, but what does “good” look like?

As a result, it’s crucial to base each campaign’s targets on your business goals and determine the best time to post on social media.

If statistics indicate a different strategy is more effective, don’t hesitate to modify your scheduled posts.

The Benefits Of Scheduling Facebook Posts

Think about these five strong arguments for scheduling Facebook posts within your company marketing plan.

1. Automation frees up time

Plan your Facebook posts to stay on top of your social media publishing schedule.

The use of social media tools will bring a great deal of convenience to digital marketers who routinely manage several marketing platforms and content types.

When you schedule your Facebook posts, you can spend more time on your business’s creative side, such as content creation and branding strategy.

2. Uphold consistency and performance

Making sure you post regularly and maintaining the caliber of your postings is the key advantage of scheduling daily Facebook posts.

You are, in a sense, preparing ahead when you schedule your Facebook postings.

You won’t miss uploading something even if you are occupied because the posts are scheduled to appear automatically.

Additionally, you can produce more high-quality content because you spend time planning out your pieces in advance rather than coming up with ideas on the fly every time.

3. Expand your audience

As long as you don’t want to post outside business hours to connect with your audiences throughout the day, you can publish a post immediately on Facebook.

Posts scheduled for publication will automatically go live at times you specify.

It’ll seem as though you personally published it yourself.

You will be able to connect with more people who use Facebook throughout the day by doing this. Businesses with a global clientele and those located in areas where people live in different time zones will benefit most from this.

4. Increased campaign effectiveness

An additional level of control is provided by personal social media posting, but it also has limitations.

For instance, roadblocks like hunger and sleep may keep you from connecting with people worldwide and in different time zones.

It’s challenging to manage an account around-the-clock without digital assistance.

You may publish content using automatic Facebook publishing whenever you want to reach audiences in different time zones.

Growing your audience also aids in achieving social media marketing KPIs like pageviews and shares.

5. Boost your productivity

Lastly, scheduling your Facebook posts might help you become a more effective marketer.

The American Psychological Association states that extensive research has shown that multitasking lowers productivity.

Even though it may not seem like much, jumping between writing a Facebook post and your other daily duties can cost someone as much as 40% of their productive time.

This is true even when the mental barriers are only momentary.

5 Best Facebook Scheduling Tools In The Market

It’s not easy to keep up with a rising social media presence. You must balance the generation of content with research while always monitoring and evaluating the success of your social media activity.

Social media management solutions could be beneficial in this situation.

They were created specifically to assist busy marketing companies in quickly planning, creating, publishing, and tracking their content on social media.

1. Sprout Social

Among the more well-known applications for Facebook post scheduling is Sprout Social.

It allows users to schedule videos and attach photographs, similar to the tools. You can tag these components for quick asset retrieval and restore them directly in the library.

Insights on both your sponsored and organic content are provided by Sprout Social as well.

You can track your audience engagement levels, count the number of followers you’ve gained, and assess the success of your content on Facebook.

Sprout Social includes a potent engagement tool and excellent scheduling tools.

Your social media networks’ communications can be collected in a single inbox that you can establish.

The single inbox makes it simple to communicate to followers and guarantees that no messages get misplaced in translation if a large staff is monitoring your social media efforts.

In terms of metrics, Sprout Social is unrivaled.

You can produce reports for your coworkers and clients using the analytics tool, which makes it simple to view crucial information like engagement and exposure.

Additionally, the social media listening tool can monitor brand citations online.

It provides everything a big corporation needs to quickly and successfully manage its social media efforts.

2. Later

Compared to other social media management tools, using Later is unique.

Its visual content calendar distinguishes Later as a special tool for Facebook posting.

The first step in producing a Facebook post is selecting your image, and the next is adding your content.

With Later, you can easily arrange a week’s content load in a matter of minutes by using drag-and-drop features to organize your feed.

Even if Instagram benefits from most of Later’s capabilities, it is still used to post information on Facebook.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of your content, interact with Facebook fans, schedule content, collaborate with team members, and gather and share information from any URL on the internet.

3. Buffer

Buffer fulfills every requirement for managing social media.

Buffer, a service for scheduling Facebook posts, enables you to create posts, work with your team, and integrate a workflow-based quality control process.

Buffer is a highly useful tool, although some might find how it’s set up a little perplexing.

You receive a trio of products that enable you to organize, work together, and post material to Facebook.

It allows you to participate in social media discussions from a shared team interface and provides social media performance information to monitor how well your material is performing.

4. Social Pilot

Social Pilot is quickly gaining popularity as the preferred social media management tool.

The key selling point of Social Pilot is how much more capability it offers at a more affordable price.

It has many of the same features as most social media management solutions.

A social inbox, statistics, and the capacity to mass upload social postings are a few of these features.

By combining RSS feeds and content curation, you can identify popular content and schedule it for direct upload to your account.

It also provides content suggestions to ensure you never run out of ideas for what to post next.

5. Hootsuite

Unquestionably, one of the most popular social media management tools is HootSuite.

Over time, they improved their services by including other social networking networks with clever integrations.

However, they have also made significant efforts to assist businesses in embracing their product, including developing training programs and certifications in strategy, social media marketing, and platform development.

It’s also quite simple to use HootSuite.

To get as much publicity as possible, you can employ paid advertising in addition to posting organic content and use their automated add solution.

This application enables you to curate content, schedule Facebook posts, monitor your brand, and use statistics to decide what material to develop and distribute.

It facilitates the automation of post scheduling, key performance indicators, team communication tasks, analytics, share reports, customizable workflows, onboarding, and spending on advertising to promote posts.

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Wrapping Up

It’s simple to oversee your content and the Facebook administration process overall when you schedule your posts.

It enables you to keep one step ahead of the competition by connecting with your target audience when they are most receptive and spending less time and energy manually arranging content.

We hope that our tutorial on how to schedule a post on Facebook has been helpful to you as you begin your campaigns. Let us know if you have any questions.

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