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QVC Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 15 Examples

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The American QVC TV shopping channel stands for Quality, Value, and Convenience.

This is one of the original influencer platforms. Launched in 1986 as a broadcast TV network offering viewers televised in-home shopping.

Today, QVC TV broadcasts and online social media influencers offer in-home digital shopping.

Interested in starting an eCommerce business by blogging in this niche?

Let’s learn more about a QVC blog and the definition of eCommerce.  

What Is a QVC Blog?

A QVC blogger post is no different from any other blog post. This is a show-and-tell journal. The emphasis will be on the influencer recommending an available product from Q ( QVC blog).

Using their established blog website, bloggers can highlight their personal style. These journals will lead shoppers to buy the product, particularly fashion items.

These posts’ writing style is informal, personal, and engaging. Posts tell a story and may include advice and suggestions. This is usually about using fashion items, beauty products, or home appliances.

These products are available to shop on Q to create an income stream. This helps the blogger to grow their website in the eCommerce niche space.

What Does a QVC Blogger Blog About?

There are so many shopping categories available on the Q shopping site. The QVC blogger will be looking to make money by advertising to their readers.

This influences the online shopper to buy through the blogger’s affiliation with QVC.

Telling great stories about QVC’s available brands forms trust and loyalty.

What Is Included on a QVC Blog?

The whole point of the blogger’s site is to draw followers in and create a relationship. These blogs usually include creative images of popular products. The style of the blogs is typically like you are writing in a journal.

The blogger achieves this by giving personal testimony. This is in the form of a story, personal opinions, and by creating empathy with the reader.

These blogs have the power to influence customers’ purchasing decisions. Ultimately the blog must satisfy the reader or viewers’ needs. Customers need to feel that their purchase decisions will be the correct ones.

In describing an item, the blogger will use emotive content to describe the product, such as:

  • Fashionable colors.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Cutting-edge production technology.
  • Latest user technology or improved design.
  • Value for money offer of that product.

To earn money, the bloggers’ website must affiliate with QVC. Which is through their partnership program with Impact. This affiliation provides market-leading performance-advertising campaigns.

The blogger increases earnings by promoting QVC’s unique products to their established audience.

Other Things You Can Find on a QVC Blog

The blogger will also typically include links to relevant information, such as:

  • Recipes: When discussing recipes, include dishes that use an appliance found on QVC.
  • Product Specifications:  Review technical data when discussing a home entertainment system.
  • Manufacturer’s website: This gives the readers more insight into brand information.

Best QVC Blogs: 5 Examples

Below are the best five examples of QVC blogs.

How Many QVC Blogs Are There?

There are over 1000 plus discussions that you can search on the QVC forums/blog search page. By using the search function, the shopper will be able to find their desired topic.

The story has a little twist with the QVC blogs and forums platform. In October 2021, QVC pulled the plug on its online forums and blogs.

Speculation points to QVC shutting down the forums. This was likely due to lots of complaints posted during the COVID pandemic.

The company moved its blogs to Facebook, much to the disgust of the blogging contributors.

Not more than a week later, QVC reversed its decision. They opted to keep their forums and blogs section open, possibly because of the deemed damaging outcry from the online community.

QVC Blogs for the Best Products

Below are the best QVC product blogs.

Best Splurge Christmas Gifts

A screenshot of the eest splurge Christmas gifts homepage

10 Best “Splurge” Christmas Gifts written by Shawn Killinger.

Shawn takes the reader down the road of nostalgia back to her childhood to share her memories. She offers recommendations on Christmas gifting.

Best Beauty Products

A screenshot of the beast beauty product homepage

Best Beauty Products by Sandra Bennet.

This takes you on a quick behind-the-scenes tour of the QVC Beauty Quest awards.

This was to announce the best makeup brand and work towards selling niche products. 

To create a sense of excitement, the readers took a tour of the often hidden behind-the-scenes of the award ceremony.

This helps to create high interest in the products.

Dr. Perricone Products Pack a Punch

PerriconeProductsPackaPunch homepage screenshot 1

Dr. Perricone Products Pack a Punch by Mary Beth Roe.

The author shares how she noticed herself looking older with her readers.

She wanted to do something different to see if she could slow the aging process down.

By sharing her fears of aging, Mary establishes a relationship with the reader.

Growing old and the obvious loss of our youthfulness is a fact of life we all have concerns about.

Mary shares the benefits and her experience with this product that QVC has to offer.

Calista Tools Interview

A screenshot of the 
Calista tools Interview homepage

Carylon Gracie Interviews Maria McCool of Calista Tools to get the lowdown on getting a shorter hairstyle.

By using her hairstyling experience, Maria offers readers recommendations on their hairdressing products.

She goes through her hairstyling experience step by step.

From longer top layering to the color foils, Maria takes the reader on a hair styling journey.

What a great way to engage and showcase products available on QVC.

Cella Jane Loungewear

A screenshot of the cellajane homepage

Cella Jane demonstrates how to wear a simple piece of clothing, such as the caftan, in her blog on loungewear.

Jane expands on the virtues of this comfortable multi-use loungewear. She is appealing to her audience’s soft, feminine side. She does this with images of her wearing this item, not in a studio environment but in her own home.

The mood and the relaxed atmosphere portrayed gives the reader a glimpse of what they can have.

The blog had successfully created a demand for this caftan. The sold-out status of this clothing item shows how successful QVC blogs can be.

QVC Blogs for Forums & Networking

The blog below exemplifies the use of QVC in forums to spur communication between readers.

Expert Answers

Expert Answers provide valuable answers to consumers’ problems with their Bluetooth speakers.

This blog is in an easy-to-follow Q and A format. It engages readers to follow and find answers to their technical questions.

With over 46000 views, this blog has resonated with buyers seeking more information.

Similar Blog Types To Check Out

With such a wealth of information available on the internet, a blogger must stand out from the crowd.

Finding a topic you are comfortable discussing is the key to success. We look at some similar consumer-related blogs worth consideration.

  • eCommerce Blogs: An eCommerce blog often includes online seller-focused articles. The content promotes the sale of products or services. eCommerce blogs offer information on online marketing strategies. These tips and tricks are a hub of information for online businesses to glean an advantage.
  • Fashion Blogs: Fashion blogs are very diverse, focusing on anything fashion-related. Examples include sprucing up clothing or what Selena Gomez’ wore this week is popular. Workwear styles or even sharing the history of major fashion brands such as Levi jeans.
  • Blogs for Women: These will have advice about relationships, wellness, fashion, and parenting. Blogging on these topics will lead the reader to connect to an online shop or service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Fortune 500 company, Qurate Retail, Inc. owns the QVC brand, which reaches over 200 million households.

They do this through their TV, eCommerce sites, digital streaming, and social platforms.

This means that followers show a very high interest in the affairs of the brand. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions.

vector graphic showing elements related to online shopping, with the words

Who is the most popular host on QVC?

With no shortage of popular hosts, Google reveals David Venable as the most popular host ever.

He offers valuable cooking tips and advice on the latest and coolest kitchen gadgets. His infectious personality, and gadgets like the Happy Dances, made him a favorite.

What happened to QVC’s blogs and forums?

In October 2021, QVC announced the closure of this online page with no real explanation. All they said was: “Important Update: QVC’s Blogs & Forums page will go away 11/2.”

The negative reaction by customers resulted in reopening the platform a week later.

Wrapping Up

An ever-increasing demand for online shopping will drive eCommerce-related content.

Bloggers wanting to increase their earnings should partner with retail giants like QVC.

To enhance your blogs and increase your earnings, there is one thing you need to do. Talk about your area of expertise with passion

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