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Yankee Blogs: Definition, Types, Income and 25 Examples

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The New York Yankees are one of the most famous and successful baseball teams in America.

Founded in 1901, The Yankees have been the host team for legends like Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, and Babe Ruth.

They are still extremely popular and have fans around the world and in the modern world, one of the best ways to show your team pride is through a Yankee blog!

What Is a Yankee Blog?

Yankee or Yankees blogs are blogs that have something to do with the New York Yankees.

There are hundreds of Yankee blogs on the internet with different focuses.

With affiliate linking and wide viewership, Yankee blogs can make money from their viewers and paid partnerships.

If you’re a Yankees fan and want to know how to start a blog, you’re in the right place!

Yankees blogs are very popular among fans of the team.

What Does a Yankee Blogger Blog About?

There are several different kinds of Yankee blogs, all dedicated to different aspects of the sport and the team.

Some bloggers focus on team performance and statistics, while others are news and rumors blogs.

Most Yankee bloggers choose a specific niche that has to do with the Yankees and blogs about that.

What Is Included on a Yankee Blog?

Every Yankees blog is a little different, but there are several specific types of blog posts you might find on a Yankees blog.

Here are some of the most common posts you’ll find on a Yankee blog.

Yankees News

Of course, every Yankees blog will stay updated on the latest news about the team.

Whether these are season announcements, team switch-ups, or game scores, any piece of Yankees news will appear on a good Yankee blog.

This makes it easy for visitors to find any new information about their favorite players.


There are entire blogs focused on players’ statistics.

These blogs post current statistics and compare the current team to past teams and individual members.

Statistics blogs receive updates after each game with stats for each team member, focusing mainly on the game statistics.

They might also have trading stats and player history along with the game stats.


Yankees fans want to support their team publicly and privately, and that often includes wearing Yankees gear.

Blogs may advertise for a certain company or rate and review the official Yankees gear.

This is also a great way for them to monetize, as companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to market their products.

Game Analysis

Most fan blogs will contain in-depth game analysis.

If you’ve watched the latest Yankees game, you can follow an analyzing blog for a blow-by-blow of the athletes’ performance and how well they will perform in upcoming games.

You may also find some analysis of the Yankees’ rival teams and plays that the team could use to their advantage.


Everyone likes to keep up with the drama, and baseball fans are no different!

In addition to posting relevant Yankees-related news, many Yankee blogs keep up to date on the team rumors.

These are mostly trading rumors, but can also be rumors of retirement or suspension for team members.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Yankee Blog

Of course, these are not the only things you will find on a Yankee blog.

There are hundreds of aspects to every game of baseball and every baseball team.

Here are just a few more things you might see on a blog dedicated to the New York Yankees:

  • The history of the Yankees
  • The current schedule and roster
  • Scouting reports for minor league players
  • How to get Yankees tickets

Types of Yankee Blogs

Although most Yankee blogs will give you a variety of Yankee content, some will focus on a single aspect of the game or team.

Here are some of the most common types of baseball blogs:

  • Yankee Blogs for Yankees Community: blogs dedicated to fans of the Yankees that provides community and talking space
  • Yankee Blogs for Stats: statistic-focused blogs that update after every game
  • Yankee Blogs for Recruiting & Program Development: blogs that feature scouting reports, details on current players, and ideas for potential rookies
  • Yankee Blogs for Live Game Updates: blogs that offer pre-game and post-game analysis with a live stream or commentary of every game
  • Yankee Blogs for Team News: Yankee blogs dedicated to team news, on and off the field

Do Yankee Blogs Make Money?

Like any type of blog, Yankee bloggers can make good money through the number of views they receive and their advertising partnerships.

While not all Yankee blogs make large amounts of money, the top bloggers in the business can probably make a living from their writing.

Others may use it as supplemental income and some do it simply for the love of the game!

How Do Yankees Blogs Make Money?

Bloggers have a few set ways of making money, but the most lucrative is to find an affiliate program or partnership and promote their products.

For Yankees blogs, this might be tickets to the games, Yankees merchandise, or other sports-related products.

Every time a reader buys something through an affiliate link, the blogger makes money.

YouTube or video bloggers can also earn revenue through their streaming platforms.

If they have a certain number of subscribers or regular viewers, their videos will be prime real estate for advertisement, and YouTube may pay them to allow ads on their videos.

How Much Do Yankees Blogs Make?

The amount that each Yankees blogger makes depends directly on their audience size and what partners they choose.

Yankee blogs can make a regular salary amount or enough to supplement a traditional salary, but the amount varies per blog and the readership.

There are many different types of blogs that make money.

Products to Promote and Sell on a Yankees Blog

Affiliate programs for sports can promote and sell a wide variety of products, from sports merchandise to tickets and experiences.

Depending on the content and type of blog, a blogger can sell activewear and other sports-related items.

Products that a sports or Yankees blog might promote include:

  • Athletic gear
  • Sports equipment
  • Experiences and lessons
  • Tickets
  • Energy drinks or supplements
  • Team merchandise
  • Exclusive or autographed gear
  • Anything baseball related

With a good affiliate program, you can promote anything you like on any blog.

Of course, a Yankees blog will often perform better if it promotes sports or baseball-related items, especially if those products support the Yankees.

Best Yankee Blogs: 25 Examples

Now that you know a bit more about Yankees blogs in general, here are some of the best Yankee blogs available.

From community and fan blogs to strictly statistics-oriented sites, these 25 blogs cover most aspects of the team and allow fans to get all the information they need before every game.

How Many Yankee Blogs Are There?

Of course, there are thousands of blogs dedicated to the New York Yankees.

Many of these use affiliate links and aim to make money through their content creation, while others are passion projects that only post for themselves and other fans.

However, all of these blogs are dedicated to the same team.

However, not all of these blogs are as successful as others.

Some have been established for years and have upwards of a million followers, while other blogs are just starting and have extremely small subscriber lists.

Out of all of these options for Yankee blogs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

However, these are the top 25 blogs about the New York Yankees.

Yankee Blogs for Yankees Community

Of course, the first thing that draws fans together is the team itself.

However, after that the community makes many first-timers feel welcomed and part of something bigger than the franchise.

If you are a fan because of the community that surrounds the team, here are some of the best community-based blogs.

Pinstripe Alley

Pinstripe Alley is the largest and most popular Yankees community on the internet.

A screenshot of the pinstripe alley Homepage

It contains a little bit of everything, from team news to statistics.

However, the main focus is on the New York Yankees community and welcoming every new fan into the fanbase with proper knowledge and merchandise.

Unhinged New York

This website’s slogan is “All Yankees, All the Time.”

A screenshot of the unhinged new york Homepage

You know they are serious about the New York Yankees, but the fan community Unhinged New York also talks about other New York sports teams, including the Jets, the Giants, and the Rangers.

However, 90% of the commentary is Yankees-themed.

Bronx Pinstripes

Bronx Pinstripes is one of the largest Yankees communities on the web, with millions of followers and a website dedicated solely to the New York Yankees.

A screenshot of the bronx pinstripes Homepage

This blog offers opinion pieces, team merchandise, and team news in one place.

It’s an excellent example of marketing and blogs combined.

Yanks Go Yard

Yanks Go Yard is another excellent fan community, based on the New York Yankees and the surrounding teams.

A screenshot of the yanks go yard Homepage

With Yanks Go Yard, you can see statistics, rumors, news, and opinions about the team from professional bloggers, with a healthy community forum and robust comment section.

Bleeding Yankee Blue

Once you’ve looked at all the “official” best community blogs, it’s time to head over to Bleeding Yankee Blue.

A screenshot of the bleeding yankee blue Homepage

This site is run by an individual who loves the team and focuses on personal stories about the Yankees and the community surrounding it.

It’s a great way to be introduced to the fans of the Yankees.

Yankee Blogs for Stats

Each Yankee player has his own set of statistics, which changes every game.

As these stats change, they get compared to the greats of the past, from Babe Ruth to Mickey Mantle.

A stats blog is constantly being updated between games and has tons of content opportunities even throughout the off-season.

Start Spreading the News

With a title based on Frank Sinatra’s iconic, “New York, New York,” Start Spreading the News provides a home for all things Yankees and all things New York baseball.

A screenshot of the start spreading the news Homepage

This blog will give you an in-depth analysis and statistics of every Yankees player and every baseball game played by the team.

Yanks and More

Although this privately run Yankees blog doesn’t always focus exclusively on statistics (or the Yankees, for that matter), the stats that Yanks and More posts are always meticulously researched and exceptionally accurate.

A screenshot of the yanks and more Homepage

The owner also posts comparisons between the highest-scoring current Yankees and the greats of old.

River Ave. Blues

River Ave. Blues is one of the most popular all-around Yankees blogs and provides a great community for Yankees fans.

Because of its robust analysis and statistics, it is one of the best Yankees blogs for stats.

You can go to River Ave. for all of your Yankee needs.

MLB Team News – Yankees

Of course, the best place to look for any statistics is the official site for major league baseball.

A screenshot of the MLB team news Homepage

MLB Team News has a site dedicated to each team and constantly updates new stats on every player.

It’s not fan-run and is an official site, so it might not have the blogging feel you’d expect, but it will give you the most accurate and relevant statistical information.

NJ.com – Yankees

The New Jersey website has a surprisingly robust program for Yankees fans, stats, and lore.

A screenshot of the NJ.com-Yankees Homepage

With the NJ.com Yankees blogs, you can receive up-to-date news on statistics, comparisons, and much more.

It’s based in New Jersey, but for Yankees fans all around the country.

Yankee Blogs for Recruiting and Program Development

Yankees fans aren’t just interested in the current team.

They want to rehash old teams and look at the potential for future teams.

This includes a strong emphasis on recruiting and shouting from the minor leagues, which any program-focused blog will discuss.

The future of the team is just as important as the present for thousands of fans.

Pinstripe Prospects

Pinstriped Prospects is the leading private blog for discussion of trades, sign-ons, and team changes on the Yankees.

A screenshot of the pinstriped prospects Homepage

This blog focuses on what major and minor league trades the team could be making and how that would affect their current roster.

Bombers Beat

A screenshot of the bombers beat Homepage

If you’re a fan of the Bronx Bombers, you might want to know which team members might be moving up to the big leagues and joining the Yankees.

The Bombers Beat blog focuses on the Yankees from the perspective of Bombers fans.

The Bronx View

The Bronx View is one of the few blogs that look directly at minor league prospects throughout the New York City area.

A screenshot of the bronx view Homepage

With a focus on the Yankees and the Mets, the Bronx View highlights minor league players that could ascend to the major leagues.

The Greedy Pinstripes

The Greedy Pinstripes deal in MLB trade rumors, especially those that have to do with the New York Yankees.

A screenshot of the greedy pinstripes Homepage

Run by several mega-fans of the Yankees, this blog features trade rumors, game updates, and even a prediction guessing game that fans can join.

MLB Trade Rumors

Of course, the official MLB Trade Rumors site is an excellent place to go for any trade rumors.

A screenshot of the MLB trade rumors Homepage

This site hosts legitimate rumors and rookie updates for all the MLB and minor league teams.

All you need to do is search for the Yankees to get your fill of updates.

Yankee Blogs for Live Game Updates

Many Yankees fans don’t necessarily care about long-term statistics or what the team does off the field.

Instead, they are focused on the games themselves.

Most fans choose a few different types of blogs to follow, including live game updates for a pre-game prediction and setup, live updates throughout, and post-game analysis.

ESPN New York Yankees

Of course, the first place many go for live game updates on any sport is ESPN.

A screenshot of the ESPN New York Yankees Homepage

With the section dedicated to major league baseball, you can see any game updated as it happens.

The New York Yankees section of the ESPN MLB page updates frequently with minute-by-minute scores and hits.

If you watch the game live, you can hear the commentary as well.

Lohud Yankees Blog

Lohud is a blog that has several sections, all focused on New York.

A screenshot of the Lohud Yankees Blog Homepage

The Lohud Yankees blog is written by Chad Jennings, an expert sports and baseball writer who has covered the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees for years.

He writes the Lohud Yankees blog with live updates.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a nationwide blog that gives live updates on teams from the major leagues of every sport.

A screenshot of the Bleacher Report Homepage

You can see game updates for your favorite football, basketball, and baseball teams on Bleacher Report.

Of course, they have a section dedicated to the New York Yankees.

YES Network

With the YES Network, you can receive live updates on games from any New York team.

A screenshot of the YES Network Homepage

The YES network covers the Yankees, Nets, Liberty, and several other local teams.

They also offer live score updates as well as a live stream of every Yankees game.

You can keep it local with the YES Network.

New York Post – New York Yankees

What better news source for live game updates than one near the stadium itself?

The New York Post always sends reporters to Yankees games and posts the scores and updates live throughout the innings.

Their sports experts will analyze the game before, during, and after, usually both on the website and on social media.

Yankee Blogs for Team News

Of course, fans follow the Yankees to keep up with the news of the team, both on and off the field.

To see how the best team news blogs are run, follow these five news blogs.

They focus on the most popular team members, possible trades, personal stories and updates, and injuries.


screenshot of the Yankee blue homepage

One of the best instant RSS feeds for team news, Yankee.blue is a website dedicated to the news and games of the New York Yankees.

You can learn about the team updates, injuries, statistics, and victories by subscribing to Yankee.blue.

You’ll receive an email update every time the feed changes.

Sports Spyder

Although not directly dedicated to the New York Yankees, Sports Spyder has a section for every MLB team.

screenshot of the sports spyder homepage

This website gets news directly from the teams and is often one of the first places to find news about team members, both on and off the field.

Subway Squawkers

For documentation about a timeless rivalry, Subway Squawkers is the place to go.

screenshot of the subway squawkers homepage

This blog has archives for over a decade and is constantly up to date with news about the Yanks, the Mets, and their ongoing rivalry.

It’s easy to miss this blog, as it’s part of a larger sports website.

However, this is a Yankee treasure trove of information.

Uncle Mike’s Musings

Uncle Mike has been a staple of New York Yankee blogging since 2007.

screenshot of the uncle mike homepage

He writes mostly on the Yankees but scatters some of his team news and thoughts with his other sports teams: the New Jersey Devils, London club Arsenal, and the Rutgers University team.

Lady at the Bat

screenshot of the lady at the bat homepage

Although it’s not quite the traditional Yankees news blog, Lady at the Bat is an excellent source of Yankee news and information from a female perspective.

If you want a slightly different take on the team and the news, this blog, founded by Bernadette Pasley, keeps up to date with Yankees news with refreshing and vibrant views.

How to Become a Yankee Blogger

If these blogs inspire you, you might be wondering how to best start a blog.

Well, to become a successful blogger, you have to follow a series of steps and have the right motivations for starting a blog to ensure that you can start your own and make money from it.

Determine the Direction of the Blog

It’s great to think about how you can make money from your blog, but you should always write about what you love.

You will be able to write longer and find more joy in your research.

To determine the direction of your blog, you can do keyword research to uncover opportunities.

By researching the most popular keywords within your franchise or sports team, you can discover exactly what type of blog the fans want.

Select a Niche

Even if you love everything about the Yankees, you can’t write about everything.

Online blogs must have a niche or specialty to engage readers and stand out.

If you’re wondering how to choose the right niche, consider what you know most about the Yankees, what blogs already exist, and what works well with affiliate marketing.

Above all else, find a niche that you love!

Select a Name

Of course, any good blog must have a name.

When you choose the name for your blog, think about your style, what might attract followers, and what your niche is.

However, coming up with a blog name can be somewhat difficult.

Once you come up with your name, you’ll be able to move forward with confidence.

Select a Blogging Platform

Once you have all of your personal information down, it’s time to choose a blogging platform.

Whether you use a free or paid subscription, your platform will be how you reach your audience.

There are multiple different blogging platforms available for you to choose from.

Many blogs use a platform that works with their promotions and products.

Register a Domain Name

Blogging platforms will usually allow you to create a custom domain.

The best domain registrars will register you as an official site and allow you to create your blog.

Get Web Hosting

Before you can start posting on your blog or personal website, you need a web host.

This is a difficult part for many blogging beginners, but we suggest managed WordPress hosting.

It’s the easiest way to secure a web host and start your blog.  

Build the Blog

Once you’ve set up your blog, you can start to build your actual website.

This involves a little bit of web design, but with a good web host and blogging platform, you can begin to design your blog.


If you’ve chosen WordPress, you can simply install a WordPress theme and edit it to suit your needs.

WordPress (or any other web host or domain server) has hundreds of different themes to choose from, any of which can be customized and made personal.

You can include your own photos and edits as well.


The basic theme is crucial, but once you’ve completed your theme design, plugins are the next step.

WordPress plugins can help you set up payment portals, affiliate links, special settings, and more.

There are hundreds of plugins available to help you properly design your blog.

Essential Pages

A blog is about more than just a series of posts.

You will need several essential pages for your blog, from a Home page to an About page.

These usually include information on you and your blog’s niche, as well as access to all of your affiliate links and promoted products.

Pages are crucial to help your blog become more readable and relevant to your audience.

Produce Content for the Blog

No matter what your niche is, including content that provides assistance and knowledge to Yankees fans is your number one priority when creating content for your blog.

It’s helpful to have a small archive in place before you launch your blog so potential subscribers can see what type of content you will put out.

Launch the Blog Publicly

Now that you’ve designed, hosted, and stocked your blog with some quality content, it’s time to officially launch it.

Launching a new blog doesn’t have to involve a ceremony or excessive fanfare, but you want a little bit of publicity to attract some initial followers.

Share your new blog on social media and in any fan groups you may be a part of.

Promote a Blog

Once you launch your blog, you can start creating and posting content on a regular schedule.

While a blog will grow organically, there are multiple ways to promote a blog, including paid ads and word-of-mouth advertising.

Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

If you are interested in starting a sports blog and aren’t sure whether a Yankees blog is the correct type, you can also look at some similar themes for blogs.

You can use all the steps from above to start blogs in these areas, but you’ll focus on a different area of sports.

Cubs Blogs

If you are a Chicago fan, try starting a Chicago Cubs-based blog.

Blogs about the Cubs can make just as much money as Yankees blogs and sell or promote many of the same products.

If you live in the Midwest or have a lot of followers who are Cubs fans, this might be a good choice.  

Fitness Blogs

Of course, you don’t have to choose a specific sports team to base your blog on.

General fitness is a great option for sports buffs who want to try the blogging world.

Blogs about different types of fitness, including baseball and other sports, are a great way to promote products and make money.

Coaching Blogs

If you would rather help people make their fitness goals and discuss various coaching methods, a blog about coaching might be a good choice.

You can relate some posts or a series of posts to your favorite sports coaches and teams but focus mostly on coaching blogs and tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Yankees and their answers.

Including these answers in your own blog content might be just what you need to get started!

Who is the most famous Yankee?

Although the Yankees have many famous players on their former roster and in the Baseball Hall of Fame, the most famous Yankee of all time is Babe Ruth.

With 714 home runs and a successful 22-year career, Babe Ruth is one of the most famous baseball players of all time.

Who is the most famous Yankee announcer?

Although the players are what makes the game, announcers are crucial for those listening in or watching.

Mel Allen was considered “the Voice of the Yankees” and announced games for more than 25 years.

Wrapping Up

Whether you end up starting and running a blog about the New York Yankees or just enjoy the existing ones, there are plenty of ways you can learn more about your favorite team.

Running a blog might be a bit of work, but it’s a great way to earn some extra money while engaging with your interests.

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