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How To Make a Facebook Frame in Canva: 2 Options

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How do I make a Facebook frame?

You must have wondered about it before, as Facebook frames are excellent for displaying what you stand for in your profile picture.

You can also share your frame design with other Facebook users if eligible.

So why not design your own in Canva before uploading it to your Facebook profile!

In this tutorial, let’s find out how to make a Facebook frame in Canva using two methods.

Does Canva Have Facebook Templates?

Canva has several pre-designed Facebook templates that perfectly fulfill the platform’s community guidelines. After adding it, you can customize the template to make it your own.

It is also possible to create Facebook frames from scratch on Canva using different elements like picture frames, text boxes, stickers, etc. 

What You’ll Need To Make a Facebook Frame in Canva

Profile picture frames on Facebook have become such powerful social media content that the platform has limited this privilege to only authoritative pages.

You can still create a custom Facebook frame with the following:

  • A valid username and password to access Canva. You can use the editing tool without an account, but having a Canva account to log in makes many features accessible.
  • A device to use Canva features. Canva is an online designing software that can be accessed using a web browser on a computer. The Canva app for Android and iOS is also equally powerful.
  • A reliable internet connection to connect to Canva. Whether you design on the web platform or the app, your device must be connected to an internet connection. The faster it is, the better.
  • A Facebook profile picture to insert into the frame. It can be your picture, logo, or any related photo you want to attach.

How To Make a Facebook Frame in Canva: Step-by-Step Instructions

Head to the Canva website on your browser or download the Canva app on your mobile device before opening it.

Hit the Login button and enter your credentials. This will save your design in the Canva library for future use and customization.

Option 1: Making Facebook Frames Using Canva Templates

Using one of the pre-designed Canva templates is the quickest way to make a Facebook frame.  

The frames are well-designed and fulfill the Facebook community guidelines to ensure approval.

Step 1: Find a Canva Template for Facebook Frames

Hit the “Create a design” tab from the top right corner of your Canva window. You must tap the large “+” icon in purple to get the same options.

Find and hit the “Facebook profile frame” from the list of premade canvases. You can type something like ‘Facebook frame’ in the search bar to find it quickly.

This ensures you have the correct dimension required for the Facebook profile picture.

Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 1.13.21 AM

On the Canva app, the template window will pop up as soon as the blank canvas opens.

The templates are accessible online under the “Design” tab on the left toolbar.

Find a template that aligns with your vision; look at the fonts, colors, profile picture placement, and such to make a sound decision.

Note that some Canva templates for Facebook profile frames are only accessible by Canva Pro subscribers, denoted by a crown sign.

Once you like a template, click or drag it onto your design canvas.

Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 1.21.20 AM

Step 2: Customize the Frame and Add a Profile Picture

You can customize every element on a pre-designed Facebook frame template. It includes color, shape, text font and size, animation, etc.

Adding or removing stickers, making them smaller or bigger, and applying different effects are also possible.

Click or tap on a specific element, and the editing tool will appear. Explore the tools and features to check what works the best.

Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 1.30.03 AM

Some pre-designed Facebook frames in Canva have a sample profile picture, which you can replace with your own.

Otherwise, add a picture frame from the “Elements” tab and reposition it to align perfectly. You may need to stretch or shrink the picture frame to fill the empty space.

Head to the “Uploads” tab and hit the “Upload files” button to insert your profile picture.

Once uploaded, drag the photo onto your picture frame element. This will fill up the entire space automatically.

Access the right-click menu and hit the “Send to back” option for the Facebook frame to appear over the picture.

This option is accessible from the three-dot icon on the app.

Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 3.11.57 AM

Step 3: Download Your Facebook Frames or Share 

The “Share” button or the sharing icon (on the app) offers various options to download and share a link to your design.

Hit the “Download” option and select JPG or PNG as your file type. Then, hit the download button again to confirm your action.

Otherwise, hit the “Share on social” option to schedule a social media post and upload your framed profile picture to Facebook directly from Canva.

Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 3.18.48 AM

Option 2: Making Facebook Frames Using the Frame Element

You can make a Facebook profile picture frame from scratch in Canva. However, this requires advanced knowledge of Canva.

The steps are similar to using a Facebook frame template, except that you would create the template manually.

Step 1: Find and Add a Frame Element to Your Canvas

Open the Facebook profile frame canvas by finding it under the “Create a design” tab. It is replaced by a large “+” icon on the app.

Head to the “Elements” tab from the left toolbar (on a computer) or the bottom of the screen (on the app).

Scroll to the “Frames” section or type the keyword in the top search bar. The available options should appear.

Choose a frame for your profile picture. You may want to select a circular frame, as that’s how the Facebook profile picture appears.

You can customize the frame size, position, and orientation to align with your vision and profile photo. Also, feel free to add other elements like stickers or a text box with messages, etc.

Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 3.21.01 AM

Step 2: Fill the Frame Element With Your Profile Picture

You can upload a photo or image from the “Uploads” tab or use a stock picture by searching for it on Canva.

The designing tool has numerous stock images useful for different causes or brands.

Next, drag your preferred picture and release it over the frame. The empty space of the frame should be filled up automatically.

Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 3.21.29 AM

Selecting the picture, you can use the editing tools to crop, enhance, or apply any effects.

Adding elements like text and stickers to enhance your Facebook profile picture frame is another way to make it unique.  

Once ready, you can download or share a link to your photo. As detailed above, you can also schedule a social media post to upload your profile picture on Facebook.

Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 3.26.40 AM

Pro Tip: Use Your Frame in the Frame Studio

If you are eligible, you can create a framed artwork in Canva and submit it to the Facebook Frame Studio so that other users can apply it to their profile picture.

You must not attach your profile picture. Instead, you must create a transparent background and follow other camera effects platform guidelines.

Canva has a one-click background remover for pro users.

Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 4.57.00 AM

If you aren’t a pro, you can download and make the artwork transparent using a free tool like remove.bg online.

Find the detailed instruction here to use the Facebook Frame Studio.

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Wrapping Up

Making a Facebook frame and letting others use it is incredibly effective for promoting a Facebook group.

It is also helpful for personal account holders to display their passion, character, and whatnot.

You can make a Facebook cover in Canva in two different ways, with the steps detailed in my guide.

Share your experience and feedback in the comments. Also, share this guide with your friends on social media to let them know.

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