Blog Inspiration: Where Is Your Muse Hiding?

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blog-inspiration Magical and mysterious are words often used to describe the spirit or power that inspires artists, musicians and poets. According to Greek mythology that power was the domain of the muses, the goddesses for the inspiration of literature, arts and sciences.

Others see the concept of muse as being an internal mindset. Whatever your view, it is sometimes difficult to spark inspiration and creativity.

What happens when you try to write your blog post and cannot find your muse?

Finding your muse is often the most difficult part of tapping into the imagination, inspiration and genius that lives within each us. Your life is river of muses. The trick is making the time and finding the patience to look deeper into your environment, experiences and your relationships to unlock new patterns in your subconscious mind.

Finding your muse is a quest we live out every day. In telling your own stories, you focus on the things that make you happy, sad or that motivate you to take action.

Sometimes inspiration for writing comes to you accidentally and other times you are more deliberate in your efforts, using a variety of processes to sift through your life, identifying what you like, what you don’t like, things you want to accomplish, dreams that you have, and the people or places that inspire you. In other cases, inspiration comes to you through crisis, chaos, fear or tragedy.

Many times, the best inspiration comes to you when you are fearful or living a chaotic and unpredictable life. Chaos is often described as the science of surprise. It is in those moments of greatest internal chaos and surprise that you begin to actually take note of the underlying patterns and gain unique insights that propel your creativity.

Think about how often, working on your blog, you face tight deadlines and are in the final minutes or seconds without a plan or deliverable and suddenly inspiration hits and it all comes together quickly and magically. When you are forced to break your typical thinking patterns, you rely more heavily on your subconscious mind to solve difficult problems with “new and creative” thoughts and approaches your conscious mind was unable to grasp.

I have found many of the following activities really helpful in finding my muse, inspiration to move forward and to write my best blog posts:

  • Take A Hike or Spend Time Meditating With Nature

Taking time to be immersed in nature and really observe it not only helps to calm your mind, it helps your body relax and feel better and feeds your soul with beauty. It helps you see things from different perspectives and opens up your thought processes, rather than confining them to a set of rules, regulations and processes. Being able to see things in different ways and to notice patterns and connections stimulates your senses and your mindset to become more innovative and creative.

  • Spend Time in Crowded Places

You’ve probably heard the saying “Love is all around” and airports, train stations and malls are great places to observe and feel love and emotion of all types. Being in an area where people are actively engaged with each other helps you to plug into the power of your emotions for inspiration, be it love, anger, joy or sorrow.

  • Work Your Body, Rest Your Brain

A lot of people find their muse in the gym. Working out tests your physical and mental endurance. When you break through your own physical and mental limitations, you often find a new and deep well of inspiration and creativity for your blog.

  • Spend Time With a Child

As adults, we fall into a pattern of knowing what others expect us to think. If you are in need of a fresh perspective there is nothing better than discussing things with a child. Their curiosity and frankness can be an eye opener as well as a brain opener. It is a great way to plug into a totally different mindset and find inspiration to write your blog.

  • Listen to Music

Listening to music is a great way to stimulate inspiration, motivation and action. Favorite melodies that have a tempo of between 60-90 beats per minute will help enhance your mood, help you to meditate, clear your mind, inspire artistic expression and even improve daily task performance.

Music allows you to escape and “get out of your own head” for a while and focus on your memories and emotions which are both powerful stimuli for inspiration and creativity in writing.

  • The Magic of Doodling, Word Associations

Doodling and word association are a type of pure magic when it comes to stimulating creativity and inspiration. When you doodle, your subconscious takes over. It can be amazing to see what you draw when you really aren’t thinking or focusing on anything in particular. Word associations work in the same way. If you are feeling stuck, start with a word and as quickly as possible start writing down words that come to mind. Do not think about why the word came up, just record it and after you are done, reflect on the words. This kind of activity breaks patterns of thought and helps your subconscious take over, and bring to the surface things you may not be able to focus on consciously. It is a great way not only to stimulate creativity but to solve problems. Just one word can inspire you, lead you on a path of discovery, or solve a problem.

  • Attitude

We probably all struggle with negative attitudes from time to time and negativity is perhaps the single greatest impediment to inspiration and creativity. Positive self-talk is the antidote to negative thoughts. Saying positive things to yourself and finding the things you love most about yourself, your family and your life can be a powerful tool in stimulating your subconscious mind to come up with new and exciting ideas, inspirations and motivation to take action or to write in new style.


Inspiration, creativity and motivation lie all around us and within us. When you are feeling empty or stagnant, it is really important to know what types of activities trigger inspiration and creativity for writing. Understanding that creativity is often blocked by your normal thought patterns is the beginning to unlocking the secrets of activities that break down those patterns.

Learning what activities trigger your personal creative processes comes through experience and experimentation. Do not be afraid to try new things. Actively develop an arsenal of activities that break down your normal thinking patterns and encourage your subconscious mind to bring to the surface those new thought patterns we so often refer to as “inspiration.” With time and patience, you will be able to create a well-spring of inspiration to fire your creativity.

Kelly Ray is an inspired blogger. Her passions are writing and tourism. Her main muse and unlimited source for inspiration is nature with its beauty of shapes and colors and she is always glad to share her ideas with her audience. Check her blog for more tips about writing and inspiration –

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